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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved lucky draw

i had received a message from orange in my mobile that you have won the 750.000.00 pounds in the 2013 Orange Int'l mobile draws and to claim i have to sent my name and mobile number in [protected]
how can i get those prize is it true or not??/ if true the following are my details.
name: Bishwaraj yonjan
mobile number : [protected]
email address : yonjan.[protected]@

  • Di
    Dinoslayer Jun 14, 2013

    i had received a message from orange in my mobile that you have won the 750.000.00 pounds in the 2013 Orange Int'l mobile draws and to claim i have to sent my name and mobile number in [email protected]
    how can i get those prize is it true or not??/ if true the following are my Details
    Name:Dev Prasad Dahal
    [email protected]
    Thank U

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  • Di
    Dinoslayer Jun 14, 2013

    Lol Lets See What Happens Real Fake

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Resolved bad service

My name is mohamed abdel mawgoud, my number is [protected], my complain concerning two actions:
1.I asked to change my system to mobinil control 50LE from December, 13th 2012 and it is not activated till I called customer service on January 17th, 2013 after 43 mints of arguments and talking to customer service head, activate the system
2.By January 27th, 2013 the same line is dead (customer service) mentioned that the problem will be solved within ( 24 hours), after discussion 33 mints without any result ( spoke with miss.Kristina Ragheb) &(Miss.Menna ali customer service head)
It is not acceptable to have this manner from professional company (to have Dead line)

  • Mo
    Mohamed osman78 Mar 16, 2014

    The company stopped my 3G service suddenly, without warning or notification, when contacted customer service, they are not answering my questions and they were argued and arrogant and they were unable to provide me a clear answers

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Resolved poor customer service

My name is Tamer Mesharafa [protected] . I have been a loyal customer for 15 years to Mobnil I have given my mother a mobinil number under my name [protected] and for the last 3 month trying to convert her number to Vodafone because she moved to a villa on the Alex desert road where the network for mobnil doesn't work.
I have repeatedly explained to speed up the process because she is an old lady and if God forbid anything should happen then she should have no problem in making an emergency call .
Unfortunately the request from Vodafone was declined 5 times . I made sure that I paid any outstanding bill even paid the upcoming charges. Despite 110 agents are very polite but not very helpful because they don't have authority to find why Mobinil keeps rejecting by explaining that it is a different department . I think Mr. Magdy Gabra should like any person in charge of customer service makes sure that the agent keeps filtering the complaints but eventually should reach a person who can solve any emergency problems.
A Miss Lamis Mahmoud working at Mohandisin branch (who should one day hold a managerial position) after making some calls found out that the reason for the rejection was that my name was misspelled at mobinil so she changed it .
a week has gone and still the line was not changed . I called 2000 they informed me that request from Vodafone was expired . I informed them that this was the fifth time I go to vodafone and threatened that I will change my line also to Vodafone if my complaint doesn't reach a senior executive who can help and make a decision on how to solve this catch 22 dilemma .

  • Ha
    hany nabil Jan 07, 2013

    i am hany nabil client from about 13 years i am complaining about my usb from more than one year without any action, i am calling first class 2000 without any serious action i am wondering why ?very poor customer service, very poor solutions ...i am suddering from i am paying monthly around 600 or 700 egp as a monthly bill for very poor services ...i need an action to solve this mobile is 01222181751

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corporate sales / complaint handling

Dear All,

I faced a problem with Mobinil Egypt as I asked to divert my line to be business line and get another prepaid line but I confirmed that my line does not divert till getting the prepaid business one. Although that, my line was transferred without informing mr from almost two weeks, moreover, they suspended my existed line as the Sim Card with old IMSI without checking if that will affect in my business or not . I am really upset from that. Then the complaint handling team called me and I was astonished from the handling way of A SENIOR SPECIALIST!!! named Jasser Hussein as he was talking without trying to listen to my complaint also his aim was closing the complaint no more !!! Really i am speechless from that !!!

Resolved contract cancellation

I signed up at orange telecommunications about 5 months ago and have been incredibly deceived ever since. When I called into the customer service store to cancel the contract – as they were not providing the service as promised – I was told that the duration of my contract was one year and it could not be terminated before that time. Needless to say I felt trapped by a contract whose service I was dissatisfied with and therefore couldn’t begin anew contract with a rival telecommunications provider as I can not afford to pay for two connections.

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Resolved no services provided

Internet Services agreement signed by the end of January 2011 and no services provided so far (April 2011).

No justifications, no explanations, no compensations, no answers. The customer services pass the buck from ones to others with no solutions.

Think twice before work with Orange

  • Fr
    franciscopalacios Apr 08, 2011

    Welcome to the club, I am another victim of Orange services. I am sorry

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  • Ga
    gaurav83s May 02, 2012

    Totally agreed, I signed the contract in Starting April just because the lead time promised to me was the least among the other ISP in luxembourg, 3 weeks. My connection is installed on 19th April and after that it has not worked even a minute logged case, visited orange shop but seems like nobody is interested in solving my problem they are just passing mails between departments with no use. 0% customer satisfication, Pathetic customer service

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  • Pi
    PiotrM Jan 29, 2015

    Fully agreed, 10 wks waiting to be connected, then the Internet worked for 4 days, crashed. 3 wks later no solution, no assistance, nothing.. Avoid at all costs!

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terrible customer service

In my opinion Orange offer cheaper handsets on pay as you go but you will pay the real price of the phone if you ever have to use their customer service in person, to be fair it is not so bad on their helpline but 'customer service' in their Dundee Overgate shop is truly appalling. When i had lost a phone the helpline sent me out a replacement sim card, however when i went to the shop to buy a new handset i was told i would have to buy a £20 top up which would be credited to a different sim which i did not need as there was already credit on my replacement sim card sent from the helpline. They refused to sell me the handset without the new sim and top-up, on top of this it took abut 2 weeks to receive the replacement sim card. When i argued that i had lost a phone and was going to buy a new phone and orange would still have a customer etc i was greeted with a barage of verbal abuse.

In the end i went to another orange shop in Dundee outside the wellgate and they helped sort the mess out, orange have since closed this shop that helped and left the other one open. After this sour experience i decided to unlock my orange hanset and go back to Virgin who i never had a problem with but left because i was won over by the cheaper orange handset. Moral of the story - don't be tricked into cheaper handsets!

  • Co
    Collins Dec 05, 2008

    I left Orange broadband 3 years ago, now I would like to join 02 broadband but found that orange had placed a tag on my line, I've called them four times each time them sayin within 7-10 days the tag will be removed, it was not!!! the last time I called them they put me on hold for over 10mins, then put the phone down on me! Every thine I call it costs around £3!!! WHAT CAN I DO? Can any one help me please? Other wise i will have to call OF.COM.

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  • Ja
    jamiebobster Dec 11, 2009

    I appreciate your frustration, I had a similar problem.

    To get it sorted out I called Orange and had a chat to them, explained exactly what was happening and told them what I expected to happen. They said they couldn't do a few things (give me free line rental for 12 months (suppose if you don't ask then you don't get!)) but as they knew how frustrated I was they managed to get the line sorted out.

    Whenever I speak to a company I remind myself that they are just human! Much of the time they do just want to sort things out though unless you contact them directly (again ;) ) then they don't always know that you're angry!

    Let me know how it goes!

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  • Ja
    Jay Feb 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My good friends call me Jay. On Wednesday, 5th January 2017, I decided to switch from Pay as you Go to a wonderful Pay Monthly deal which included me paying absolutely nothing for up to four months because of my amazing phone fund given to me for being such a great loyal customer.
    On Wednesday, 5th January 2017, I phoned orange. The customer service representative told me assured me that I will receive my phone, a Blackberry 8520 (Black) on the coming Friday, 7th January 2017. By Friday, I waited hours for my delivery, and phoned up to check (08000790420). To my amazement, “The phone is out of stock. There is no delivery coming to you yet. I have now put the order through. You will receive your phone this coming Monday”.
    By Monday, 10th January 2017, I waited for my phone. I waited, got impatient and phoned in order to be given a specific time to expect delivery if possible. Again, “The phones are out of stock. You couldn’t have possibly been told that you would receive a delivery today. There is nothing on the way to you. I cannot tell you when you will be guaranteed a phone as we do not know when a phone to expect deliveries”. I phoned another customer service representative. I spoke to “Steve” on Extension 47260, if I remember correctly and another on 62427 afterwards. I was then advised that they were finally in stock. Both versions; silver and black. I then telephoned orange again at about 4pm, and was told to expect my order between 9am and 5pm on Tuesday, 11th January 2017.
    It is now 13:35hrs, Tuesday 11th January 2017. There is no phone. I phoned orange again, and they tell me the phones are still out of stock, and there is no phone coming to my address today or any time soon. WHY HAVE I BEEN REPEATEDLY LIED TO? Why all this distress. Up to this past week, I have always referred to Orange as the perfect network.

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claim to prize

to mr.peter hetcher
sir we have won aprize of 1, 000000usd from orange telecom, when the money will be transfered from your bank to our account
halifax bank asked us to submit international passport but we didnt have any passport
proof of winning and
we lives in india how can we submit it to your bank in u.k
suggest us.

Resolved very high bill due to carelessness

i was asked by mobinil to pay for my first monthly bill that was supposed to be by only 25 LE as i did not exceed the 5000 minutes for a free number that i am fully sure that i confirmed that number to one of customer service agents on 18.12.2010 at 9.05 AM
But when to pay, i was told that you should pay more than 300 LE
and still waiting a message from them to cancel the over amount for that previous free number.

Resolved oberon media scam

My 12 year old son applied for a" free game" from the News Of The World paper, simply text "YES" to a number...

Resolved referral to debt collecting agency with no notification

wish to complain about the way Orange Home referred me over to a Debt Collecting Agency.

In October 2009 my family wanted to go over to Talk Talk which meant that i had to cancel my orange broadband. I had an email from Orange saying that my account was cancelled on the 16th October and that no further bills would be generated. As my account was on Direct Debit the wording of this email gave me the impression that my account was clear and I did not owe anything.

You can imagine my surprise when I received a letter from Direct Legal and collections last week approximately six months later informing me that I had to pay a debt of £17.61 immediately. I did ring up and tell Direct legal and collections that I had no notification from Orange home that I even owed this debt If I owed it fair enough but why did Orange Home not inform me at the time when I cancelled broadband. Direct Legal and collections said that Orange Home should have sent me notification about the debt but they were not really interested in why no notification had been sent. I also sent Direct Legal and collections an email where Orange had stated in writing that my broadband account had been closed on the 16th October and no futher bills would be generated but they were not interested in what I had in writing from Orange.

I was rather mystified why Orange Home referred me over to a Debt collecting agency without any notification of this debt and why did they tell me no further bills would be generated and then refer me over to a debt collector.

I did email customer services about two weeks ago but as to date no reply. Have also written letter of complaint which will be posted tomorrow but do not expect to get any joy. Needless to say I will not be recommending Orange Broadband. I think it would have been far more courteous if Orange Home had written to me in the first place to inform me about the debt before referring me over to debt collector.

I did pay the debt because I wanted a peaceful life and I wanted the debt collection agency off my back think how many others have Orange Home done this too i wonder.


Resolved beware!

Dear winner,

This is to inform you that have been selected for a Cash prize of 1, 000, 000.00 (One Million Great British Pounds). The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection system(ESS) from a database of over 230, 000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world. The Orange Telecomunication Email Promotion and The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).

To begin the processing of your prize you are to contact your claims officer through our accredited Prize Transfer agents as stated

Dr. Tim Ozodim
Email: [protected]
Tel: +[protected]/+[protected]

You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as
soon as possible.

1.Name in full :
2.Address :
3.Nationality :
4.Age :
5.Sex :
8.Present Country:

If you do not contact your claims agent within 7 working days of this
notification, your winnings would be revoked. Winners are advised
to keep their winning details/information from the public to avoid
fraudulent claim (IMPORTANT) pending the transfer/claim by Winner.
Congratulations once again.

Resolved ridiculous

When your 18 month contract runs out they will sign you up automatically for another 18 month without even asking you. not only that but when I enquired about an upgrade on my existing phone they told me because i had recently already renewed my contract it would be £100 quid, all because i didnt phone them until a week AFTER my previous contract ended, a contract which they renewed without my permission!

not only that, but do not ever under any circumstances let them put you on hold, 1hour initial hold to get through to the customer services, 30 min to get through to the department that deals with contract renewals and 15 minuits to get through to the department that deals with handset upgrades!! i spent more time on hold than anything! absolutly rediculous.

not only that but since this happened i have had them charge me twice for the same month, refuse to replace a stolen handset on their insurance (despite clearly saying they do) and ring me up at least once a week to try and get me to upgrade DESPITE the fact that i know from the above fiasco that itll cost me £100!!

Resolved awarded $3,000,000

I have received an SMS on mobile saying that Orange-Mobile has awarded your mobile no PIN $3, 000, 000 in...

Resolved agreements and internet speed

Dear Sirs,
1- I have upgraded my internet service to to 2Mbps for a drop to 1Mbps when the max download is exceeded.
Orange Jordan refuses to recognize the agreement and drops the speed to 128Kbps by some decision of one of its managers.
I have tried to solve the problem with them for the past 2 months; no manager will talk to me, they do not answer telephones, I am fed up with Orange management here in Jordan please help.
2- I pay for 2 Mbps speed, and after carrying out speed test on the internet, all of them gave under 1 Mbps.
They have given some stupid answers to our controlling authority after I complained to them about Orange.
Orange is not serving its customers with honesty.
I decided to leave by the end of September to another service provider, and I will lodge a complain with the Anti-Corruption authorities to open an investigation about Orange -Jordan
Imad Yared
King abdullah II Fund for Development
Mobile: [protected]

  • Ja
    jamiebobster Dec 11, 2009

    Firstly bear in mind that the speed actually reaching you will never be as fast as the quoted figure. The 2Mbps quoted will be what Orange is willing to provide though the actual speed shown from a speed test is down to the system once it leaves Orange, ie where you are on their network will affect how fast the data actually is for example.

    Why isn't a manager willing to help you? Have they given you their final decision that you're not happy with? If there's anything the company can actually do for you then I'm sure they'll be able to sort it out.
    Regarding your service being dropped to 128, they should be able to drop your tariff price to reflect this if you ask them.

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Resolved faulty bill

Dear customers of Mobinil,

As one of the old customers of this provider, I'm going through very bad experience now.
Let this letter of complaint be a warning to all of you and a kind of guide to those facing the same problem.

Briefly, my line was cut without warning for exceeding the credit limits. I've got the detailed bill and together with Mobinil agent we found mistake in calculation of internet data. We filed a complaint.I was told my bill will be changed at the end of the month. But to open the line I should pay 2000EGP. I paid.
At the end of the month I got a message warning my line will be cut for the same reasons. When i went to the same Mobinil agent, the team leader refused to help me. He said the invoice was correct and I could complain to whoever i wanted.
Shocked with such rude and unprofessional attitude, I called 155. It's the National telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), specializing on such cases. My complaint was received. Within 14 days my case should be sorted out. The personnel in this agency surprised my with their high efficiency and quick respond.
I don't know why Mobinil can't correct my invoice when the mistake is so obvious, just simple calculation mistake. I've god the proof and going to fight for my rights.

Summarizing the above, if you have got any problem similar to mine, please DO NOT keep quite. Fight for your rights.
Please dial 155 and you will find qualified specialists to help you.


Cairo, Egypt

  • Be
    Beemen Beshara Oct 30, 2009

    I have a similar problem
    First, I got a high bill, about 200 pounds (usually I pay less than 100). Upon investigation, I found that I has the so called 'Group Service' added to my line without me asking for it. The service is 150 EGP/month.
    I placed a complaint on Sep 18th, and I was also told that the problem will be solved by the next bill and that I'll get my money back.
    At the end of the month I got the line cut so I had to pay.
    The next bill (1 Oct) I got the bill with 150 EGP as subscription for Group Service, I called customer service again again and the problem was not solved. After several calls, some customer service agents told me to just pay the amount of money related to my calls and the line won't be cut. I did so, but now at the end of October I got the line cut again. I called again and I was told that the problem will be solved in 24 hours. now I am waiting 24 hours, but I am pretty sure that nothing would happen (as what the case always is). Anyway, seems I have to call the NTRA and hopefully I get this solved
    DAMN Mobinil

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  • Ke
    kerdany Dec 11, 2009

    Dear Ekaterina,

    I have a problem with my Mobinil data line bill as well, my data line package gives me a limit of 3GB for 150 EGP a month, after exceeding the limit, each 1MB should cost me 0.25 EGP.

    After receiving a bill of 561.86 EGP, I asked Mobinil bills customer service for the total MBs used, they told me that this information can't be provided unless I get a detailed bill report (for a fee of 23 EGP).

    I requested a detailed bill report to find the reason for the problem, I got a 64 pages report with no total for the data MBs used.

    Moreover, I found that the extra data used is calculated on the rate of 0.01EGP per Byte used, which means -with a simple calculation- that each Megabyte costs 10.48EGP (not 0.25 EGP).

    I placed a complaint and called them a couple of times asking for some qualified support personnel to call me in order to discuss the issue and have it either sorted out, or have them convince me that i have any misunderstanding.

    I've been haunting them for a week now, and the only response I get is that "We've revised the bill and it's correct" and I'm told that some qualified personnel will call me later, and of course, no body calls me back.

    @Ekaterina: Thanks for the tip about the NTRA complaints number, that will be my next step. How did things go with you by the way, did your problem get sorted out already or not?

    I'll be fighting for my right.

    Hany el-Kerdany

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  • Ek
    Ekaterina Mar 17, 2010

    Dear Hany,

    Nothing is solved up till now. As I've found out NTRA can only advice Mobinil to pay attention to my case, but they can't force them to pay me back. So I went to course. Once we informed the company about my intention, Mobinil offerd me 50% discount on hte bill if I close the issue. Can you imagine? It's ridiculous.

    So I went to court. The case has been open. But court hasn't taken any desicion. My husband told me it can last for years, normal practise in Egypt.

    Anyhow I'm not going to give up. Still have a hope to sue the company for all this headache i'm going through.



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  • Be
    Beemen Beshara Mar 17, 2010

    Hi everybody

    Well I managed to get them solve my issue after a large number of calls with customer service. It is of honesty to admit that it has been solved now

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  • Su
    Susan Glover May 07, 2010

    Not sure if this is relevant. I am with Orange in UK and he is on Mobinil. But I am having severe problems texting/calling my nephew in Cairo from UK- he goes to the University of Cairo but lives in Tokh City - NONE of my messages get delivered - 'problem with network'!

    Anyone else experiencing this! Does this work OK if you are messaging/calling if you are IN CAIRO?! When I do visit Egypt my 'Orange' usually automatically connects into Mobinil!

    Problem has been intermittent over several weeks - but now been unable to send/deliver ANY messages from UK for about 3 weeks (dated 7th May 2010) Susan Glover

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Resolved scam or fraud

i frist recived an sms from mail2sms stating i had won money in orange mobile lotto uk. they provided a phone no & email address. i sent an email, they replyed as for name, address, age, sex, home & mobile no etc.
i complained on this site, 5 months later i recived an email from malinda asking the same thing.
the only information i have gained is another email name, still none the wiser if a scam or fraud,

  • Fi
    Find Dec 17, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    I got a message from Orange Telecom regarding winning the contest of DECEMBER INTERNATIONAL 2009 . They have sent the money through a Carrier to DELHI INTERNATIONAL and calling me to submit the excise duty that is 250 GBP that is around 19, 500 Rupees. What should i do now. They given me information of Natwest bank and Foreign Remittance Department.
    Thanking You,

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Resolved phone fraud

I received a sms from a number telling me my mobile number has been confirmed as a winner of March 2009...

Resolved bad service

I moved house as part of my uni course. I moved my internet over to my new address on the 1st of July and after many failed attempts by both BT and Orange to connect both a home phone line and my broad band finally on the 13/09/08 the internet was up and running. After chasing the issue down continuously over the past 5 days i was told that i would not be eligable for compensations as I had not chased up the issue continuously for over a week. This seems and odd policy that I was not made aware of and as a service provider surely I should only being paying when they for fill there title and provide me with a service. I was also made to phone numerous customer service numbers and premium rate technical helplines which gave me the wrong information on numerous occasions.

  • Ar
    Arek Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Customer service never answer when i really need help.That my first contract with orange.And i'm sure last!!!

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deactivating the line without warning

Let me introduce my self first my name is Amr shama I'm on of mobinil customer since a long time now, I would like to inform you with the un acceptable & improper attitude from mobinil customer service toward me. Without tension I forget totally to pay my bill for August and without warning they deactivated the line for me, then I called C.S. to open the line and I will pay my bill on last Tuesday, and they activate it for me actually and after a while some girl from C.S. department call me and apologized for deactivating the line without informing me and that if there's any problem and if I'm still upset or not and I told her no problem and that I'm so busy to pay the bill, and I will promise to pay it on 5th of September but she said ' that's ok sir I'm not calling u for that I just want to make sure that your not up set from us" then yesterday they deactivated line once again and once a gain I called the c.s. to know what's wrong but some one " not professional' at all answered me in a rude way and told me that they will not reactivate it again and that's final.

Just let me ask you if Mobinil will not keep there words how I suppose to trust this network again. Any way sorry for the inconvenience and I guarantee that I will not bother you again cause I'm for sure will go for Etisalat.

  • Po
    pody Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i want to know the name of this number (0185237848)

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Gohar Jan 23, 2009

    I have gone to the Mobinil branch in Maadi three times in the last two weeks and every one of the three times I went there was an excuse not to serve and they have not been friendly at all. Despite every time I called 2000 and made an arrangement with them before going for the service I need. The last time I have gone is around 5pm on the 23rd of January 2009. Unfortunately, the service was unavailable this times excuse was that the network at the branch was knocked down. I am very sorry but I will cancel my line permanently and move to another provider.

    Mohamed Gohar,
    Phone# 0122101116

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  • Mm
    M.M.M.M.M Jun 13, 2010

    If you are busy ya Mr..., you can send anyone else to pay you ..and if there is someone not professional that is not mean that all is the same ... All of us have his false, you yourself do wrong sometimes .. anyone one do wrongs often .

    the other person ... the service is not just for you .. it's for 25 Million person, you must be respect the conditions, and if you went three times and didn't have your service, the problem is you not them Man .

    M.M 0161612105

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  • Ma
    MaramAbouria Jul 14, 2010

    hey, i have a new mobinil no. ... and other vodafone .. i used to dail *150# in vodafone so i can get the last no. called me there something like this in mobinil ??? Thanks,

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  • Mo
    MohammedYousse Dec 08, 2014

    Mobinil mobile phone internet very slow and bad service

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  • Pe
    Petrica Iamandi May 03, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought 3 Sims card a month ago from airport shop and the seller don't entered my dates in the system. Now am abroad and can' t connect my Sims card in any network because seems that is a problem with roaming and the mobinil operator told me that can't do any service such like refreshing my Sims sard because that the Sims card don't are in the system. 0what can I do in this situation? How long time is activated a prepay sim card if I don't recharged?

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