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My minor child had the ability to order movies and a paid PPV wrestling match on a school night in which is his bedtime...yet they do not want to credit me these unauthorized charges...I am sorry but to my knowledge we had to call and verbally order and addition made to our contract...where is it that have been deceived my this cable company with the in-acknowledgment of such a procedure of policies existed...I feel my rights have been violated...They say they have no way to prove I didn't order this yet. Being my entire history on/off 16 years I have never ordered a PPV event ever! It is just bad business for a company to allow a minor to press some buttons on a remote and charge up a is unethical bad business...Since my situation I have come to learn another mom friend endured the thing when her kids has some "special" children over the house...yet that mom paid the bill w/o complaint...since she is extremely busy at work...I would like to know how these companies...get away with unauthorized charges...since I have come to learn...that netflex endures with similar practice's...perhaps this is where optimum learned to make more money for themselves...also since our kids used to do this with ITUNES and download apps...every since legal stepped in to represent the general public ...ITunes is now forced to give a credit or refund (thank you) Now...I want legal representation for me and all who suffer these bad business practices I want signed acknowledge from the owner who puts this equipment into their homes and then gets an outrageous bill for something in which the owner was not aware of even being a could they take advantage of changing their requirements to ordering paid movies from a clicking on a remote and expect you to just yield to the bill? This is unethical bad business this should not be tolerated...I protest and seek legal help for me and the other 100, 000 customers that were taken unknowingly as extra services was only approved by calling ...our children are not to blame since they are is these terrible corporate inventors who think they can wezzle their way into an extra buck...please legal prepare the paper work...we are going after them!

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