Optimuminternet - tv hookup

C Nov 16, 2019

Nancy Feldman
8:49 AM (7 hours ago)
to Charles

The service we received was "disgraceful" and did not even rise to a level an "uncivilized level." The woman we spoke to not only did not have the savvy to help us, but after realizing her own incompetence, she put us on hold "for a minute, " against our wishes. 40-minutes later, we were disconnected, Then we were disconnect. Despite her having our phone number, and despite her assurances to call us, she did not. On top of that, this woman hardly spoke or understood English. Wouldn't that be one of your criterions for giving customer service for English-speaking customers? She was also rude and had a demeaning attitude. I hope you have a venue to look this person up on are our account. She should be FIRED!!! On top of that my wife and I called back on seperate lines to complain and resolve the problem. My wife was told that "nothing could be done - the system was down." At the exact same time, after hearing what was told my wife, I was told by another agent on our other line, this was not true, as the agent was directly looking at the system while we were talking. To top it off, the last agent (out of 3) assured us that a technician would come to our house during a 7-8pm window on Sunday. The next day we received a call stating that the technician would come from 10am to 7 pm. Which one is it?? Would you wait 9-hours on a Sunday for an incompetent company to never come?

In sum, a 40-minute hold, no call back, a lie and multiple stories about the time when a technician would show.. told Needless to say, after a subsequent phone call to a more helpful representative, our problem still is not solved. SHAME ON YOU OPTIMUM!

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