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My situation occurred in February of 2021 I moved to a Newtown and optimum was then called sudden link they were the only service provider for my apartment complex when I first initial initiated business with them I chose to opt on a home phone Internet service and also cable I later found in about two months that the cable provided was not adequate enough for the price so I canceled about two months later after that I canceled the phone service because it was an old phone number that I kept getting bad calls from Mind you I am a work from home single parent mother so I had a income that was based solely on reliance for my household when I chose sudden link I was very disappointed with their service because it was blotchy I kept having bad pockets within the service there were days where there was no service and again I was paying top dollar for the top speeds that was a requirement for my job about eight months had gone by with this lapse in service but bill being paid in full and there was nothing that suddenly did about it they would send out the same technician who then moved into my apartment complex and had the same issues himself fast forward to today I have moved away from the property that I was living at and has been gone for about five months I called optimum in March to cancel the service they told me that it was canceled I wouldn't have to worry about it fast forward to May of this year when I received a text message saying that I had a total of over $400 that was due when I looked into it it was for a missing modem for the Internet and for a past due balance for service mind you I discontinued the service back in March today is Thursday June 29th I received a phone call telling me that a technician was on their way to resolve my issue again I'm not sure where the miscommunication came in but I no longer stayed at that property oh not to mention after the eight months of service in October I lost my job because of sudden links lapse in service for about a week I have gone through hell I ended up having to go to court because I did not have funds to pay for my rent due to me losing my job because of optimum now they are still continuing to harass me about a past due balance where it was their company's mistake for services that I no longer should have been receiving I don't know who I need to talk to about this but I'm looking into finding a lawyer! Not only were their bills paid but I lost my job I lost pay I ended up getting kicked out of my home with my daughter all by myself and they continued to harass me about charges that are not my responsibility run far if this is your only service provider! When I spoke to a representative this past Monday he told me that the balance was because of the missing modem I received a confirmation email on Wednesday stating that they received the equipment and that the credit would be back on my account then I got a text message saying that I owed a hundred and fifty nine dollars do you want to know what they told me that balance was from? they told me the past due balance of $19.77 had accrued all these late fees and now I was due a $140 to this company I am beyond irate at this point because I'm being harassed I have every single receipt that I need to prove that they have caused me nothing but trouble I have a book pamphlet from my job of why I got fired because I did not have adequate Internet service which was suddenly links issue now all of a sudden they're optimum. Since they will not conduct business in a proper way I will find someone to sue them because in my eyes I feel like that's what they want from me at this point they caused me so much pain and suffering from losing my job losing wages and having to be put out and taken to court because of not being able to pay my bills on time!