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The first time I every tried Omaha Steaks (4 years ago), it was a gift sent to me. The fillet mignon was tender and easy to cook, and the taste was good. However, since then something has happened to the quality of the meat, and size of the steaks are smaller. My recent order I found the sirloins to be 3 oz each! The hamburger patties were very greasy and smelled bad when cooking. The bacon wrapped fillets are around 4 oz, which is very small. You need two or three of them just to equal a decent size steak. I figured out the price per pound with shipping for their steaks comes to something like $30 per pound!! Also, they hound me to death with calls to my home at least once per week, sometimes more. and they send mailings to me constantly...even though I told them to stop! It's very annoying to be bothered constantly by this company. I won't be ordering from them again. I can find really good steaks locally for around $10-$12 per pound and not have to deal with being harassed by the butcher when I'm at home!


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      Aug 05, 2012

    In case you haven't noticed, beef has gotten mondo expensive. Hamburger is now 3 to 4 dollah a pound. And guess what. They're warnin ya that they intend to increase the price of it further. Never mind the excuses (we've been raising beef for 100 years or more - but even a solar storm somehow screws up their ability to raise em and slaughter 'em).
    Expect your next shipment to include ribeyes about the size of a Kennedy half dollah.
    Things are tough all over. Get with it. Get a second or third job if you want steak.

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      Aug 05, 2012

    Learn to spell correctly if you're going to reply to posts with your snotty remarks. It's spelled DOLLAR, not DOLLAH. And, yes $3 or $4 a pound for hamburger doesn't have anything to do with $30 a pound for tiny steaks. Get with the program. And, what are these excuses about "solar storms" or whatever? Are you for real? Just like gasoline prices are the reason food keeps going up. But, even when gas prices go down, the food prices still go up. There's always an excuse for any company to raise prices it seems. Just keep jacking up the prices and give the consumer less product and worse quality, and maybe you'll end up going out of business soon. I'll post the truth about any company who's ripping people off, so you "get over it" and "get with it". This is what this site is designed for. Also, I won't be expecting my next shipment to be steaks the size of silver DOLLARS, because I wont be ordering them again! Are you not getting it? If I want $30 a pound steaks, I'll go to a local store for half the price, hand pick them and not have to pay shipping and wait a week for some small, frozen steaks to arrive...and I also won't have my butcher calling me every week at my house and sending me mailings twice a week, trying to sell me more steaks! PS - I don't need a second or third job to buy steaks either. I have sufficient funds to buy any steak I choose. I choose NOT to buy Omaha Steaks because they are small and over priced...but I guess it's all because of solar storms right?

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      Aug 11, 2012

    Dollah D-O-L-L-A=H. What's wrong with that?
    Never been da ceetie 'troit?

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