Olive Gardenemployers

D Aug 07, 2018

I recently was employed at your rockwall tx location i quit my job do to certain management issues regarding managers sleeping with staff managers repeating in confidence information to other employees not being managment and most of all your manager Raquel who blew up on me in front of a lobby full of people then when i tried to descalate the situation she proceeded follow me into the nale restroom not once but twice i did not keep this to myself. I never made a formal complaint but its logged in direct emails to the gm i did not complain because i could not afford to lose my job. In recent months i have been diagnosed with stage 1 heart failure and have had 2 deaths in the family in the almost 4 years working for this location i never once had an attendance issue i closed this restaurant down almost 90% of my time working there in the past 3 months i have had alot going on and the management git Increasingly unwilling to see reason with my health issues on top of this and what i mentioned above i decided to quit not only that a employee of mine was sexually assaulted by a dmo worker by the name of jamie she reported it and nothing was done she also quit and was told because she left out the fact she was in the parking lot after her [censored] from her statement by the gm that nothing could be done. The management at this location breaks laws and hires illigals for the kitchen which is why i think they do nothing . The only manger there worth a damn that actually cares about the employees and follows rules is Charlie. I will be hiring a lawyer and proceeding with charges against Raquel esquabido for following me into the male restroom i will be suing...this is just a small list of what goes on and yes while irrelevant to my case things like allowing people to work drunk and on drugs rehiring people that serve minors alchol (which u can find the comment qbout that situation on google reviews i was also present for) these things will work in my favor.

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