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Sat at the table in Findlay ohio asking for once more thing of breadsticks and waitress kept saying the GM was there and she could not give us any more breadsticks. Very disappointed in this and not sure if I ever want to go back to any Olive Garden again if they treat customers like this. The first time I asked she said she would be right out with some. After about a half hour still none so I asked againa nd then that’s when she said that about the GM being there. Sure hope we can resolve this issue cause I’ve loved Olive Garden for a long time, very valuable customer. But if it’s somwthing like this and it is a simple fix, if I doesn’t get taken care of I won’t be back. Thanks for your time.


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      Oct 22, 2017

    I don't feel there's anything wrong with asking for more breadsticks. They are complimentary with the meal. But one also needs to be reasonable as to the amount.

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  • P
      Oct 22, 2017

    This sounds like one isolated experience. No longer visiting the restaurant because one time you did not get more of something that is already free sounds like an overreaction. They certainly don't owe you anything as compensation if that's what you're looking for. An apology is at most what you should receive.

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