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We went to K-mart and we saw what we thought was great deal for Olan mills pictures . We went On a sunday at 4 Pm did not get our pictures taken till 6:00pm with a fussy 1 yaer old and two teen girls that was not an easy task. We were rushed through the pictures . They came out horrible some arent centered right you can see the background more than you can see us, another picture my head is overshadowing my husbands face and another picture my babys legs are sticing way up in the air...the complaints are endless and on top of it I would up spending 100 dolars more than they said I would need and you know I would not have minded if the pictures were good, but they are NOT!!!


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    stephanie eaves May 05, 2014

    Dose anyone know whats going on with the slettlment. Do we get a chas sletment for the whole thing or what gping on i got my cpupon bit do i get a cash settlement ?

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    LillysMom345 May 16, 2011

    I just started working for Olan Mills, and I am in my 4 week training period. I feel comfortable in the camera room and I have over 5 years of experience working with infants and young children, so I love that part of the job. It's the sales end I wasn't as prepared for. I know sales is a "skill" that you learn, but I don't enjoy it, and I can't fake that I like it either. I tried selling Mary Kay last year, and hated it because I felt like I was annoying people, and with the aqusitioning, that's what i'm afraid of. I also will be working the studio alone, and I am a little intimidated by it. I am just really unsure of what I should do. I don't know if I should see the rest of the training through, or just tell them I don't want to waste their (or my) time and hope they can find a better fit for the entire job.

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    paint it black Apr 16, 2011
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    bad apples??? Upper management are bad apples and no they don't only make checks every 2 weeks. They can print a check for the customer whenever they want to. Olan Mills will be upfront with you only on things you need to know how long have you been there wait you will see what I mean!

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    paint it black Apr 14, 2011
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    I am looking for a contact info for Olan Mills himself. I worked for Olan Mills for sometime and I thought it was a great place to work until i got a new manager and she has made life hell I would like to let someone know. If anyone can find that info and give it to me I would be greatful! thanks

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    Lashonda Prince Jan 07, 2011
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    Well Mary Leopard. To sit and insult these hard working women is ugly on your character u must be from or know or even be making your money off the backs of over worked employees n I see yall stand together off of over worked labor .I take pictures a lot my son enjoys them and when it has come to u bringing your own props that's sad. One person to take pics while phone ringing kids can't keep steal cause they are boxed in like a animal customers in line trying to pick up orders and u sit there on your little key board degrading these women. Honestly u ever realize u call to set a apt and the answer machine picks up . Cause there is only 1 person working these women proved to the company they have earned there position in olan mills and what do they do they fire people to hire people with less experience and less pay. And push till they quit so they won't have to pay unemployment.u are apart of the problem not the solution and the economy is getting worse so when its your job on the line will u say the same for your job they let u go cause of the recession and hired someone with less experience for little pay but they still a good company and they must have let me go for my attitude hell no u won't u might try learning HUMILITY I take better pics of myself rather some new 19 year old that took the job to have a summer gig and there's women who needs to feed there kids and pay rent but hey a big company only care about what tax right off they can make and buying a new house now how u feel Ms.Leopard have u ever heard the story of a man name Jhon henry

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    LaurenFairchild888 Dec 05, 2010

    A little off topic, but I found this forum while trying to locate old pictures Kmart took of my son. Our pictures were destroyed in a fire years ago and I'd like to give my son pictures of him from when he was a little kid. Anybody that can help, please let me know. [email protected] Thanks

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    LaurenFairchild888 Dec 05, 2010

    Wow. I read your complaints with interest. Too bad a company that has touched so many Americans' lives is accused of treating its employees so badly. For the girls who gave so many years of dedication to Olan Mills, please try to start your own studios! If I had a loyal customer base, I know they would follow me anywhere. Good luck to you. One door closes, two more open.

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    southernblonde Nov 06, 2010

    Actually, mary leopard, I too have worked for Olan Mills for 8 years. I have worked in many different studios, and every studio and every district has the SAME ISSUES: overworked, underpaid. Studios are disgusting, outdated, same props have been around for literally 20 years. We never get new backgrounds. We have been threatened to be fired if we did not clock out for a full hour for lunch, even if we never got a lunch at all. If you think I'm the exception, consider the fact that Olan Mills settled a lawsuit in August 2010 to the tune of more than $3 MILLION, for this exact reason. Google it.
    Ever since Mr. Mills is no longer the CEO of the company (hasn't been for years), lots of very bad choices have been made. For one, the choice to go into KMart stores. Also, they only want ONE employee per studio, unless there are a MINIMUM of twenty appointments scheduled to be photographed... not including the dozen or so people who are scheduled to pick up there portraits. We are supposed to book appointments at least every 15 minutes, shoot 30 plus poses per sitting, and show and sell them; answer the phone and schedule appointments, and try to squeeze reorders out of everyone who is picking up their photos. Obviously this is humanly impossible, so the result is LOTS of angry customers who want to complain to a district manager. However, we are absolutely NOT allowed to give out their phone numbers. When we mention these overscheduling problems to management, we are told "OH well, they will just have to wait." They NEVER deal with the complaints. I too have around 50 merit awards, gallery prints, online gallery portraits, and many awards where I had the top sittings, sales and average for my entire district, for the entire year. I have only stuck around because the health insurance is great. Olan Mills has lost countless great employees because of their ridiculous policies.

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  • Ma
    mary leopard Nov 03, 2010

    i feel like you all are a select few that have had bad experiences. the company has been in buisness many years and has established credit all over the country. try and keep ur negativity else where just because you did not like your job. every job no matter where has obstcales u must face and over come. however when u are negative it shows up in your work. well good luck in your lives and quit putting down a very good company.

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  • Ca
    cactusoly Oct 19, 2009

    My wife is going through the same crap. She has been with them for 10 years with multiple merits and a gallary print. She has a loyal customer base. She is being screwed over with labor hours because she needs so many sittings to allow for the part time person to work 15 hours with her yet the "outtrainer" for the area's labor hours go against her studio because it is a high business studio and the outtrainer never works in her studio. They are double and triple booking the studio and even booking during her lunch breaks. My wife is working through her breaks unpaid because she is afraid of getting fired. She bringspaperwork home unpaid. She has to use her personal cell phone to call out of area customers because the studio phone wont call long distance.

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  • Ta
    tambramarrie Jul 16, 2009

    I understand what you went through, as an exemployee please keep in mind it is the companies fault. they treat us good employees so bad we have no choice but to leave.

    we are made to work 10 to 12 hours with no breaks but yet told to clock out so it looks like we took one.
    They book us every 15 min ( in some studios every 10) and we dont set our schedule they do from the web and an apt center.
    they dont return our calls ( the employees) so we can proplerly handle customers problems but they ignore us so we cant do our job and we are the ones getting screamed at. I myself broke rules just to make sure i had the highest customer satisfaction and although im not their am still getting customers tracking me down wanting to know if im photographing elsewhere so they can still be photographed by me.
    we had to photograph 32 poses for every customer and sell them in 15 min if we tried to shoot less poses we were threatened with being fired. at christmas they double and triple book us so we have 2 to 3 customers every 15 min.
    as for the extra sheet we were told to tell the customers it was a surprise extra sheet when in fact we ordered it at the end of every order at evey easter and christmas. WE ARE THE ONES TO CHOOSE WHICH ONES COME BACK.

    I wish i could photograph for you and show you how i treated my customers and why they are googling me and tracking me down on facebook and myspace just so they can still be photographed by me.
    I treated my customers with respect and understanding.

    I even bought my own props my customers loved it. because olan mills gave us crap to work with

    It is only gonna get worse because all of us good ones are quitting.
    here is what they did to me that made me leave .
    I have been working for olan mills a total of 10 years. one year the first time and 9 this time. when I came back the second time, olan mills begged me to come back and I agreed on the condition I got the studio I have been working in for the last 9 years ( the only one currantly not in a kmart in 1 quarter of the US) I have been the top photographer for them for the whole 9 years and customers wont come in unless im there. I never call in, work sick, I dont even take my vacations and I bonus and reach my goals before anyone else. I work right thur my lunches and even clock out like i took one so they don't get a fine from the labor board.
    Today after all day of them acting all nicey nicey the big wigs 20 min to closing tell me they need to discuss something with me. so we all sit down and they start by saying that today was my last day at my particular studio. that they are moving me to a kmart ( which to me is a stabb in the back and a demotion.) that i had a choice of the cheektowaga closet sizes studio or the west seneca studio which is the worst in the ares ( the customers are rude and it is alot farther away and the kmart employees are rude it has the least oppertunity of bonusing. I was told this was from the corportate that they are makeing changes in the traditional studios and they want to make a fresh start and that it isnt that I did anything wrong. I have 6 sittings on tomarrow that requested only me to photographe and they wouldnt even let me calle them and let them know i wouldnt be there they said that they wouldnt really miss me that if they did they would tell them i would be at another studio. I was devasted. I told them it was unfair and they said either I chose one of the other studios or I dont have a job. They demand my key to the studio.
    I called my hubby to come get me from work, and when he picked me up I told him what happened and I was crying very hard. He was so mad he told them off and told them I quit and to go F**k themselves and I too told them I quit I took most of my stuff out of the studio with me. We left. I am angry and devasted.
    I am also proud that my hubby supported me especially knowing how much we needed my job.
    I just cant believe that a company that would treat the employees that work the hardest and bust thier ### the most and are the least demanding with such little respect and with so little regard.and stabb them in the back so badly. the bosses didnt even fight for me. I was litarly the top sales person in the Zone, my studio was the first to reach its goals and not only reach them but exceeded them.
    I had earned 95 merit awards and 8 gallery and 3 merit finalist awards and this is how they treated me
    ps they are currantly being sued in florida and california for employee treatment here is the link


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  • No
    noyb Dec 29, 2008

    I agree, it is an awful place to get pictures taken and to work! I was hired in Sept as a full-time photographer. It wasn't bad until about the end of October when I realized that neither of my managers had ever finished high school and the computers are all dial up connection. No high tech equipment at this corporation.

    1. You are not getting your portrait taken by a professional. This is someone desperate for a minimum wage job.
    2.The scheduling around holidays is not realistic by any means. They double book appointments in some hidden office in cyberspace.
    3. The appointment in front of you has a child (or 5) who will not sit down, who are tearing the studio apart and are screaming hysterically while the parents are glaring at you to do something about their out of control child(ren).
    4. In the meantime, someone is yelling impatiently at the front desk that they are only there to pick up pictures. How long does that take?!
    5. You are the only employee at the studio so you go to accommodate this person hoping the people with the screaming children will calm down with a break.
    6. The phone rings as the person who is picking up their pictures looks at them and says out of the 148 pictures they were promised to get for $10, or whatever, they are missing their calendar.
    7. You try to ignore the phone while you plug in the info about the picking up customer into the sloooooowwwww computer.
    8.You make a call after the phone stops ringing and you end up re-ordering the photo anyway. This takes about another 10 minutes on the slooooooowwww computer. Also, you can't just order it, you have to go through a couple other software programs to get to it.
    9. They go away saying they're gonna call your supervisor.
    10.You go back and take pictures of the 'people' waiting in the camera room.
    11.The next appointment is ready to come in but the people who had their pictures taken 1 1/2 hour ago are back to view theirs.
    12.They come in and there is no room to sit so they hang on the back of your chair while their toddler crawls around on the filthy floor pushing buttons on the computer tower.
    13. You start to show them what you have and they either don't like anything (not obligated to take anything, could have a re-shoot) or they say they like it and want to order it. In the meantime, remember that toddler?, the computer goes down and you spend another 10-15 minutes trying to get it back online.
    14. Do you see where we could get a little backed up here?
    15. I cash them out, they hand me a $100 and I don't have enough change. I have to close the drawer and go to the KMart service desk for change. Picture, if you will, a long line of unhappy KMart customers you have to get up the nerve to barge in front of.
    16. Why did you order and pay for pictures you saw and didn't like? If someone had held a gun to your head, I wish I knew where they stashed it cause I would have used it on myself around Saturday mid December.

    Anyway, after finally getting an apartment because of this full time job, they 'laid me off' due to the economy. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to be out of that hell hole. I just gotta scramble to get another job now or get evicted.

    By the way, bring your own blankets and toys. You never know who puked or peed on them last.

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