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My name is Merilyn Flor I ve been going to octapharma since June 29 the 1st time I went I got paid the correct amounts I had an incident that the girl who was taking out the needle hurt me when I got home my arm was super bruised I went a couple days later and the girl said I could not be seen bc my arm had still bruises I went 3 days straight in a roll and could not donate but when the bruised went down I continued on going.. On my last visit which was yesterday the front girl who weighs me I asked her how much am I supposed to get today she said $90.00 which I was under the impression that it was 90.00 after I donated the girl who takes off the needle said I was getting 65 I ask to speak to supervisor. He said there is nothing they can do about the money . And gave me 2 express pass and sent me on my way.. when I donated I feel good I can help save someone but when I am told one thing and turns out to be something else.. it upsets me, not to mention it was clearly octapharma fault so I'm claiming my $90.00 I received $65.00 I'm requesting my $25.00 be given to me because ur employee hurt me I complained to the manager on duty so why am I being the one to pay the price.

Thank you in advance,

Marilyn Flor