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Octapharma Plasma - Plasma donation

I’m submitting this complaint because I went to donate plasma last week with no issues. I went today 7/4/2023 and I wasn’t allowed. The nurse who checked me in saw that I had a splint on my finger. I explained I had got it caught on my dog leash an about a month and a half maybe even 2 months ago. I only wear the splint so I don’t accidentally hit my finger. The nurse went ahead and told me I couldn’t donate even though I had just donated last week. I spoke to the manager and he said the nurse noted I couldn’t move my finger and wasn’t healed. She basically lied on my file notes. The manger couldn’t show me the “policy” on a jammed finger and how that would affect my donation. The manager was rude and then went ahead and kicked me out of the plasma center in front of everyone. I don’t appreciate the treatment and I don’t appreciate a nurse lying on my file about my jammed finger.

Desired outcome: Delete the false notes on my file that way my finger is not moveable , not healed or whatever she lied about. I have proof my finger is fine.

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