NYSEGconstant short power outages every day lasting less than 1 minute surges

C Nov 14, 2017

Been having an issue with short power outages every day since at least June of 2017. Power goes out and back on, shutting down TV, clocks, washer & dryer, water pump, and computer causing a reset of everything. These power "surges" outages are causing problems with new washer needed electrical panel replaced, water well pump (needed to be replaced), temperature gauge on oven have to restart oven temp (temperature failing needed replacement and needs replacement again), computer running slow, immediate problems with computer transactions lost (paying bills and power goes out, making order and it goes out - loosing data recorded)FIOS needs to restart (had to replace cable box and router this past year). Besides this being aggravating it is causing issues and costing money on all the above items. Service has been out and it is not our personal box or internal issues - it is street wide issue. This is unacceptable and outside line secure issues need to be addressed. If not resolved, group legal counsel will need to be sought out for reimbursement of damages these outages continue to cause.

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