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2:29 pm EDT
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Case: [protected] Queja enviada el 31 de Mayo del 2023, la recibieron e indicaron que nos contestan a mas tardar en 28 dias habliles) . NUNCA ME RESPONDIERON A MI QUEJA ! Esto fue lo que envie el 31 de Mayo: Queja por incumplimiento de los vuelos de avión de San Antonio, Texas a Atenas, Grecia El motivo de este mensaje es por el tremendo estrés y perdida...

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12:59 am EDT
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Dear Norwegian Cruise Lines, I wanted to express my extreme disappointment with how I was treated by your staff and company after being physically assaulted by another female passenger 3 days into our recent Hawaiian Cruise. Background My husband and I booked this cruise with our two children on the Pride of America to celebrate our 20th Year Wedding...

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1:25 am EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Starbuck cabin policy

Dear Norwegian Cruise Lines,

I am writing to express my extreme frustration with your policy requiring all guests in a stateroom to purchase the Starbucks coffee package, even when one guest has a medical condition preventing caffeine consumption.

My partner has a heart condition, as documented by their doctor, that means they cannot safely drink any caffeine. However, we have been unable to book our upcoming back-to-back NCL cruises without being forced to buy a 2-person Starbucks package.

I have pleaded with your representatives to make an exception or accommodation for documented medical restrictions, to no avail. As loyal NCL customers, we are incredibly disappointed by the lack of flexibility and empathy shown regarding this issue.

Requiring us to pay full price for a service that one guest medically cannot use is unacceptable. Surely some compromise can be made when there is a legitimate dietary limitation? Your unwillingness to even consider making an exception in cases like ours is extremely frustrating.

We want to continue sailing with NCL, but this experience has caused us to question if NCL actually cares about guest satisfaction and needs. Please reconsider your stance, as this policy feels discriminatory against those with medical conditions. Offering at least partial package refunds or credits when appropriate documentation is provided would go a long way.

I hope we can find a reasonable solution, as we have greatly enjoyed NCL in the past. But without some flexibility on your policy, we will need to reluctantly look at other cruise lines that are more accommodating of guests' dietary restrictions. I look forward to your understanding response. Res/N. [protected], [protected]


David Bourke

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6:15 pm EDT

Norwegian Cruise Line Flight arrangements.

The purpose of this email is that I am very angry with what has transpired with our cruise consultant Eric Lopez. If you will read the email below you will see that I specifically asked that Eric give my brother and I both flights that would arrive in Athens on October 6. This did not happen as a result of inaction of Eric. My husband and I got the correct flight to arrive on the 6th and we do not understand why my brother, Jay, did not. I have not been happy with the performance of Eric and am extremely reluctant to use Norwegian in future cruises. We have been loyal customers of Norwegian, but will most likely switch to Royal Caribbean.

Walt and Linda Steel # [protected]

Jay Smith #[protected]

Best regards,

Linda 😊

From: [protected]

To: [protected]

Cc: [protected]

Sent: 4/20/2023 6:50:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Subject: Greece/Israel Cruise

Hi, Eric,

I have been talking with Jay and we both agree we would like to fly into Athens on October 6 to spend the 7th exploring Athens before we start the cruise on the 8th. Could you arrange our flights for that? Also could you arrange hotel rooms for us as well? Our reservation number is [protected] Thanks for all you do.

Linda 😊

Desired outcome: Please change my brother's flight arrangements so that he can arrive on October 6th instead of October 7th like I had requested.

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6:14 pm EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line NCL Cruise

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER WITH ANY CRUISE LINE. I am a very experienced cruise passenger. When I was younger, I swore that I would never do a cruise because I didn’t think it was a good fit for me. I liked traveling to places and really exploring.

A fluke incident, a vacation I had scheduled had to be canceled due to a hurricane My travel agent talked me into taking the cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. NCL. I was hooked. What a great way to be able to see a lot of places on one trip. If I found a place that I really liked, I could go back and spend a lot more time there.

I was self-employed for many years, so I was able to go at a moments notice which allowed me to grab some very inexpensive trips, which is how I was able to take so many.

Norwegian cruise lines was my go to cruise line since I cruised with them first and that’s where I had gotten hooked. During my fifth and sixth cruise, Norwegian started to have many big issues. They were having a lot of mechanical problems on the shipsI was on. In one case, the air conditioner wouldn’t turn off in our cabin and there was no other cabins, so I literally had to sleep under everything we could towels and blankets, etc.

I began to try other cruise lines. I’ve cruised with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America, Costa Princess, and a couple of smaller cruise lines that are no longer in existence. During that time we managed to see many many places, especially in the Caribbean.

Due to financial limitations I had to take a break from traveling for a while, For our anniversary last year, I decided to go ahead and book a cruise for my wife and I. I was being very selective in trying to find a cruise that went to ports that we hadn’t been to before, so we could see some new places and that’s pretty hard to find now for us.

Coincidentally on Norwegian cruise line, I did find such a cruise. There were four stops. 2 ports that we already had been to, and enjoyed, and 2 that we had not been to so we were excited for that, I had a long conversation with the booking agent told him about my prior experiences and some of the service and mechanical issues. He assured me that they had really tidied up their operations and that everything ran smoother now. So I took the chance and I booked the cruise. We were supposed to leave in late July 2022.

About 45 days before the sailing date, they sent me a notice that they had canceled the two stops that were new to us, and that they were not going to substitute additional ports. I immediately contacted them and said I would like for them to cancel. They refuse to cancel it. Then I asked if they could credit what I had paid towards a different cruise in the future so that I could find perhaps something that would be more exciting. They refused to do that.

Needless to say, I was extremely frustrated and tried to contact management without success . Shortly before our scheduled cruise, our daughter was involved in a very serious accident and lost part of her arm. I immediately notified Norwegian through their customer service email since nobody would answer the phone and no one responded with any kind of information for me. I then also sent more e mails and requested to add my daughter to our trip so that she could go with us and rehabilitate at sea. They did not respond to us in any way, shape or form. I just finished paying off that trip, and that’s what triggered me to write this review. I have sent emails to every department of that company up to and including the offices of the vice president and president. Not one time have I received any kind of response whatsoever.

As a result, I will be posting this review everywhere I can to help warn other people not to book trips with Norwegian cruise lines I have, since discovered that this is a very common practice for that and that they routinely put out cruises that appear to be very unique. Then once they get a lot of bookings and then they cancel the more unique stops. So please if you are planning a cruise anytime soon, please book with anybody else, but do not spend your precious money and your vacation time on this horrible horrible company.

Thank you for reading my boring story. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Desired outcome: Full refund. Nd compensation for flights

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10:04 pm EDT

Norwegian Cruise Line Customer service

In April of 2023 I booked a trip to Alaska with several family members to be taken in Sept. 2023 on the Jewel from Seward to Vancouver. My brother and I opted for NCL to book our air to Anchorage and transport to Seward,we understood the ground transfer would be motorcoach and told the agent we wanted the train transfer instead and would pay the extra charge,she told us that when we received the air details we could make the ground change. We payed and confirmed the cruise package. We got the air details in mid July and realized our flights arrived at 3pm and we needed to be in Seward by 7pm on the 11th,the train runs at 645am that day. The air plan was unacceptable for several reasons, we would not be able to take the train and as a disabled veteran of Iraq,I did not want to fly on 9/11 for any reason. We called CS NCL on 8/7/2023 to ask for a change to the flights and was told we could only change within a 75 day window and there was nothing they could do.We did not have the flight details within that window to make a change, and the call was sent to a supervisor,after 30 min. waiting on hold for no one to answer we called back and repeated the whole problem again and finally got a supervisor...Crystal,she was rude and told us we should have read the fine print and basically it was too bad we wanted a change, there was nothing they would do. I called the airlines and confirmed there were flights and seats open on the 10th...and they were cheaper.I read the fine print that night and noticed the required check in at the dock 2hrs prior to departure or I could be denied boarding. My flight lands at 3pm and the ride to Seward is 3+hrs away,that is not much time for the unforseen to happen and I could be denied boarding and forfeit my trip. We called NCL again on 8/8/2023 and got Dianne, She was more than rude,curt,arrogant and mean spirited.She mentioned several times the change would cost alot of money and I asked for the amount, she refused to tell me, She raised her voice many times and when I had taken enough abuse from her, I asked respectfully to speak to her supervisor and was told No, and she then hung up on me.

I have never taken a cruise before but have traveled the world and have never been spoken to in such a horrible disrespectful manner, unacceptable. I payed my money and made a reasonable request and was treated terribly,were this not a once in a lifetime trip with family I would not be going.We are still 30 days from departure and I am regretting my choice of NCL already. Is there anything available to repair this damage?

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8:29 am EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Vibe Beach Pass

Norwegian does not offer sufficient information about additional amenities other than drink, internet, and dining packages. I sailed on Norwegian Prima this past February after purchasing online Dec. 2022. At no time did I receive any correspondences about costs, availability, or process to purchase additional amenities or services. I recently purchased another cruise on Viva for this coming December. A big mistake! I have run into customer service not being consistent with information they provide. I spoke to 6 people from Norwegian's customer service within 24 hrs and was given multiple reasons for message 'not available to book'. I was also given instructions on how to proceed. None of which was helpful. All it did was cause sleepless nights, disappointment, and frustration that has turned into anger and disgust. As of right now I plan not to cruise with Norwegian until they fix this massive problem with vibe beach pass access and booking other entertainment.

Desired outcome: Speaking with a Norwegian representative that has knowledge about process for purchasing entertainment and the authority to offer amenable options for resolution.

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2:18 pm EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line I booked a room with balcony then changed

Reservation # [protected]
Ship NGL escape
Sail 7/30-8/6
Paid $1292.92

The reason for my complaint is that there was an issue with 2 of the people in the cabin which ended with me being moved room I originally was in room #14276 balcony and bigger then I was moved to room #5707 interior no balcony very uncomfortable not what I paid for I need to get refunded / reimbursement for the inconvenience I was put thru I felt discriminated like I was not heard by your crew and I had no choice but to move room and in order not to make my time worse I moved I don't feel like I should be charged this much if my trip

email [protected]
phone [protected]
Ashley Alecio

Desired outcome: I need to get refunded / reimbursement for the inconvenience I was put thru I felt discriminated like I was not heard by your crew and I had no choice but to move room

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10:15 pm EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Not able to switch cabin due to category

Reservation #: [protected] Embarkation: Oct 08, 2023

New York, New York Disembarkation: Oct 15, 2023

New York, New York

Payment Status: Completed

Pre-Pay Service Charges

Ship: Norwegian Escape Stateroom: Balcony Stateroom

We booked a cruise and found out after we are paying about $1200 more than my inlaws. Our Room turns out had a larger deck causing the price difference when we tried calling NCL we were advised they could do nothing since all the rooms in our booked category were sold out, but the rooms category that would put us in the same prices had availability ?

Their suggestion was, to call back weekly in hopes of price adjustments (ok our cat is sold out so what would they adjust?)

The person we spoke to kept trying to pawn this off as a good thing, its only good for NCL you mess the customer over, same thing with room credit it applies only to the 1st person booked not the other person so unless both parties are doing a tour its a useless credit.

Very sad that service has been declining in the cruise industry and continues to decline faster not offering improved customer experience only increased expenses .

Mard r

Desired outcome: We should be able to change room or like the other rep suggested get a credit for the difference

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4:36 pm EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise credit

Greetings, I really hope you can help. I booked a cruise for 9/2020 for my mom and 2 children [protected] and [protected]. It was cancelled a few times due to pandemic. In 11/2020 my mom passed, though I still had the cruise booked for 4/2021. It was cancelled again, then you required the vaccine and/or be masked and my cruise agent didn't know when it would be lifted. So, the agent told me I could cancel due to the circumstance and still receive my cruise credit of 25% on a future cruise. After the horrible 2 years and losing 8 relatives I rebooked in 11/2022 I asked about the cruise credit at the time of booking and told them my circumstances and they said they would check as they said I had to use book 12/2022. I said I thought I had to book the cruise by 12/2022, not sail by 12/2022. So then the person put me on hold and said it shouldn't be an issue and took my information, so I booked the cruise. This time I booked 2 rooms, not one. I hadn't paid my balance till the day before it was due as I was awaiting the credit. I called my current cruise agent (very nice) and she told me how to file a customer complaint, but I needed to pay by the next day to hold the room, I paid in full of course I was sure NCL would do something due to the circumstances and because I was led to believe it wasn't an issue.

I filed the complaint, and I received a NO I wouldn't get the 25% credit or the 10%. I am so upset about this as I was told it was not an issue. Otherwise, I would've just moved the cruise out a bit. I was too depressed after losing a young nephew, 2 aunts, an uncle, my mom, my stepdad, my god mom and my younger brother.

I am doing this trip now for my mom who passed, it was on her bucket list to go to Alaska, and it is my honeymoon and family trip that we need. I am asking that you make an exception and give us a on board cruise credit, upgrade us or something for all the mis communication. Can someone high up please look into this for me and my family. It was a hard time for everyone these last few years, and I can only imagine the struggles NCL went through. Just hoping you can show some compassion and understanding as the agents I had spoken to told me something that didn't occur.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this matter.


Belinda Hughes Arbogast

Desired outcome: To receive the 25% cruise credit or an equivalent on board credit. Or upgrade room for us to have access to the private spa.

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Update by Belinda0821
Aug 15, 2023 12:26 pm EDT

Still no resolution. Why can't you just call and talk to someone? It's all done by email and complaint form. Terrible customer service.

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3:50 pm EDT

Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Cruise Line Complaint

I put my vacation in the hands of NCL and they told me that they would book everything, not to worry. 1) First of all, the plane reservation was made the same day the cruise left, and they never asked me if I wanted to travel the day before in case of any unforeseen event. 2) The unforeseen event occurred, they delayed the flight and after a long time canceled it, we called Norwegian more than 3 times and they always told us (my sister and my daughter) that there was no problem if we arrived before 5:00 pm., that we could board the ship. 3) Finally, we got a flight that took us to Seattle, the staff on the plane helped us get off first, and we ran all over the airport (my parents are almost 80 years old, and also my mom with knee problems and replacement of both hips) they had to do their best effort by walking fast to get out of the airport so they can arrive before 5:00 pm and board the ship (as they told us when we called NCL) 4) The transport from the airport to the port was not waiting for us at the airport, even though we inform them (NCL) which flight we were arriving on and the arrival time, therefore we had to pay 2 taxis ($140, because we were 5 people with suitcases) and to be able to arrive before 5:00 pm and be able to board. 5) We finally arrived at the port around 4:30 p.m. and we were going to enter through the correct door, but a person from the port told my daughter that it was the other way, she ran with her backpack on top trying to get in on time, but later another gentleman from the port told her that it wasn't that way, that was where we were initially were going to enter, but when we went to get in they didn't let us. Sarah (port's manager) said that they closed at 4:30 pm and that we could not enter. We explained to her that the NCL told us that we can get in before 5:00 pm, but she didn't let us get into the port. 6) We had to pay another taxi ($73) to go back to the airport and try to get a flight to Juneau to embark there. 7) From 4:00 am when we were at the airport until 9:00 pm, my parents (almost 80 years old), my daughters, and I could not eat anything, 17 hours without eating trying to solve everything to get to the cruise, which finally did not let us board in Seattle. 8) After that chaotic two days and once we were in Juneau on Tuesday, July 11th when we entered the ship, we reported what happened, we hoped for some compensation, but it was not like that. We could not participate much in the ship's activities because most of the time we were in customer service dealing with to solve the inconveniences due to the bad information that they gave us from you. 9) Most of the questions that I asked customer service, they couldn't answer, they don't have information about simple questions, and the only person who took the time to give us any answer to the questions asked was Wade Hawkins, my review for him is a 100% quality customer service. 10) After all the problems we had on the first day, instead of receiving compensation in any way, on the last day they made us be ready at 5:30 am for the disembarkation, which finally started an hour later, and additionally for more or less 110 people who were in the same situation they only brought out snacks for around 10 people, the coffee and the snacks ran out almost at the beginning. Practically, we had to wake up at 4:00 am and disembark without breakfast, additional we had to get out of the port where everything is closed at that time. 11) And to finish the transportation from the port to the airport that we had paid for, we could not take it because we had to get out of the terminal port very early and Customer Service didn't know how we should inform the transportation that we were outside since we were not in the group with the other people that had also paid for transportation. To add to all that, our flight was scheduled for 11:00 pm, which meant we had to stay at the airport for more than 15 hours. These are the reasons why I rate my experience with Norwegian as HORRIBLE.

Desired outcome: "Transportation refund", "2 Cruise missing days Refund"

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11:42 am EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Denied onboarding to alaska cruise

I am a first time cruiser and have no idea about the rules and regulations of the cruise. So, to make sure from my side I have called the NCL customer care 4-5 times to confirm on documentation and other requirements needed. Please see the details below.

Cruise Booking Date: 3rd June 2023

1. Couple of calls were made on 3rd June and spoken with Dawn to inquire about Cruise, Visa and other related documents. I told them if I need a Canada Visa please cancel my request as it will be tough to obtain it in 4 weeks before travel. The NCL member after almost 30-45 mins of discussion confirmed that the documents that i need is a valid passport with more than six months expiry and valid USA visa. They told me that I should be good at traveling.

2. Again I called the NCL customer care number on 4th June (spoken with Justice/Dawn) and told them about my situation and verified that I can stay onboard on ship during Canada Port Day as I have no intention to visit British Columbia.

3. Later I have also inquired from Gloria (NCL person assigned to my travel) about my situation and visa need, she also didn't raise any red flag. I also tried calling the VISA cell team a couple of times but no one picked unfortunately.

My concern is - Why did neither of 3 persons I have contacted for verification/queries raised a red flag about Canada Visa or I can't stay on ship during Canada port day? If one of them had raised this issue I would have canceled the cruise as it's very tough to get a canada visa in 4 weeks. Instead I have been assured by your team that I am good to travel with current documents.

I understand that there is some lack of awareness on this from my side but I believe the NCL should educate and train their customer center team members on this issue. Any customer who is NON US personnel reaches out to them, they should raise a flag on Canada visa need and also inform them that they can't stay on ship during Canada port day.

I believe there is miscommunication from your side and due to that I have suffered a lot. This cruise I have booked for my wife's birthday on 18th July but due to denied onboarding all our plans are ruined. NCL staff on pier 66 handle us very rudely like we are offenders and did all this purposefully. The biggest shock was that my 7yrs old daughter was crying profusely due to the chaos in front of the NCL crew and no one had the courtesy to even offer water to my daughter/wife. I was hooked on calls during that time with NCL customer care. This incident has made us feel emotionally, mentally and physically stressed, apart from monetary losses occured due to unnecessary travel to Port, parking and excursion bookings from 3rd party.

Still NCL US experience team is denying any refund or compensation.

I understand NCL visa/passport guidelines for the customer. But what about NCL guidelines for their customer care team members and appointed agent for respective customers?

1. Why don't they have enough information about these guidelines?

2. Why didn't they raise a red flag when I asked 3 of your team members about my Visa situation?

3. Why didn't they cancel my reservation? If a Canadian visa was necessary?

4. Why didn't they inform me that I can't stay on cruise during Canada port day?

Is your team driven by greed and to make sure reservation will remain intact only? No responsibilities towards the customer providing accurate information and if they don't have then route to the concerned team?

Also, I have seen more families having the same issue and were denied onboarding the same day. I am not sure if they had the same issue as mine but can check with them if needed. May I ask you?

1. What Is NCL Cruise doing to make sure such an incident will not happen again?

2. Why does an NCL appointed agent when calling a customer is not enlightening the customer about VISA readiness/requirements?

3. How many such customers in the last 2-3 yrs have faced similar issues?

4. Does NCL have any responsibility toward their customers or is it just pay and use business?

If NCL have any doubt about the pointers I have mentioned above please refer to the calls/recording/transcript NCL might be having on the calls made on 3rd, 4th June. Please look into my case and let me know the next step. If needed I am willing to take it to the next level as I still feel I tried my best to verify things/documentation from my level. If 3 NCL team members told me I am good to travel I didn't have any reasons to look further.



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10:50 pm EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Fraud of promised offers with norwegian and hard rock casino biloxi

Received offer through casino and norweign. Offer was free airfare and free bar, free special dinning, free wifi and free excursions. Had 3 days to get to boat so paid for my own airfare. Got to boat with flyer and offer and they only gave me 150 min wifi. Joy and ishsa said my flyer meant nothing and I proceeded to have miserable prison like cruise. They also canceled 3/6 excursions.

Desired outcome: LAWSUIT FOR FRAUD

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10:05 am EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Description of package

Our trip was planned through a travel agency for Sept 8 - 18th 2023 and described as a 4 day land adventure prior to the sail date, with this included a bogo on the airfare. There is NO full description of what the land package is even after I asked multiple times of the agent and the airfare is booked by Norweigian. Due to this total lack of information I am really dissatisfied with the cruise line. I was so excited for this trip and with all that is going on it ow may not be as fun as I anticipated. NCL definitely needs to have better communication with their customers as I can't believe I'm the only one that feels this way. I had no say in the air except which airport I wanted to leave from yet had I been able to speak with someone I could of better times just going to another local airport, also as stated it is a 4 day LAND package however due to the flight times it now is become a 2-2 1/2 day LAND package and this is not what I paid for. I try to speak to someone and I'm just put to another department and nothing is resolved and cust reps don't seem to know what is going on. I'm so frustrated right now.

Desired outcome: I would like to be able to update my flight status to better travel times from a different airport and I would like to know exactly what the land package information on sights and all that is going to be seen

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9:54 pm EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Refund

Ivy Weingardt
613 Michelline LN
Northbrook, IL 60062
July 8, 2023
Harry J. Sommer
President & Chief Executive Officer, 
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. 
7665 Corporate Center Dr
Miami, FL 33126
Dear Mr. Sommer

I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration regarding the events that transpired during our recent travel plans with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). On July 1st, my family and I boarded a flight from Chicago to Copenhagen with a layover in Brussels, intending to embark on the NCL Dawn for a highly anticipated 10-day British Isles cruise. We had booked two interior cabins for our family under reservation numbers [protected] and [protected]. However, due to the mishandling of our travel arrangements, we were unable to enjoy this long-awaited vacation.

This cruise vacation held a special significance for us as it was intended to celebrate my elderly mother's 83rd birthday. As devoted NCL customers who had diligently saved for this trip over the course of five years, we were looking forward to creating unforgettable memories and enjoying quality time together as a family aboard the NCL Dawn. Unfortunately, despite booking our cruise six months in advance, we received the flight confirmation a mere three weeks prior to our departure. This last-minute notice left us with little time to prepare for any potential contingencies.

To our dismay, Norwegian Cruise Line arranged a transfer flight without accounting for any possible delays or providing us with adequate time between flights. Consequently, when we arrived in Brussels, we found out that we had been bumped from our connecting flight. We immediately initiated numerous phone calls to our travel agent, Jeanne Langlo of Complete Travel, as well as NCL and United Airlines in an attempt to resolve the situation.

Regrettably, after hours of frustrating communication, we were informed that our only option would be to take a grueling twenty-hour flight that would have us join the cruise five days into its itinerary. Despite expressing our concerns, no satisfactory alternatives were offered, leaving us with no choice but to cancel our cruise aboard the NCL Dawn.

During our extensive conversations with the NCL representatives, which spanned approximately ten hours, we agreed to cancel the cruise. However, we made it explicitly clear that we needed to retain our airfare in order to arrange our return flight home. Subsequently, we spent an additional two hours on the phone with a United Airlines representative, who assured us that there would be no change in the price for our return flights.

Shockingly, the very next day, we discovered that our reservation had been inexplicably deleted without our consent. This distressing revelation led to a moment of despair as we realized that two members of our family had been arbitrarily removed from the flight, while the other two remained. Desperate to rectify the situation, we were compelled to rebook the exact same seats on the same flight at an exorbitant cost of $6823.40 Furthermore, we were burdened with the additional expenses of meals and lodging during the unforeseen delay.

Considering the extensive series of mishaps, miscommunication, and the substantial financial burden imposed upon us, we find it imperative to request a complete refund for the missed cruise, flights, food, and lodging. We believe that this compensation would serve as a fair resolution to the immense inconvenience and disappointment we have experienced.

We trust that Norwegian Cruise Line values its customers and is committed to providing excellent service. We sincerely hope that you will consider our situation with empathy and take appropriate action to address our concerns promptly. We eagerly await your response and a favorable resolution to this matter. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.


Ivy Weingardt

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12:33 am EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line Flight reservation

Booked a cruise last year to visit Italy and Greece in early August 2023, including flights to Rome from New York. Months ago, I called NCL because I wanted to come into Rome early so we could 1) make sure we're on time for boarding and 2) are able to do sightseeing in Rome. Done and done. Everything was easy. Then I get my flight itinerary and it has us arriving in Rome the day of the cruise and coming directly home after. I called NCL back and explained that the flights were incorrect as we were coming in early. No mention of the change of dates were on that reservation.

Turns out the person I originally spoke with put the departure date change on a cruise we're taking in 2024 instead of 2023. We got everything switched; however, now it's fewer than 75ish days before the trip. I specifically asked the NCL representative if they would honor my change request and rebook flights. He said yes and that I had to call a different department to request the flights be changed. When I called the team that handles flight reservations, I was told that the flights would be adjusted and that it would take a while before I got new flight information. Fine with me! As long as get it before the trip I'm golden.

So today, fewer than 30 days out from our cruise, I get a call from NCL saying they've denied my request to change flight dates because the request was made fewer than 75ish days before the cruise. My response was that I called well in advance of the cruise; the NCL rep I spoke with put my request on the wrong trip. How is that my fault? The woman just said that the higher ups handed this decision down and I could call the resolution team tomorrow to see if they have a recording of my previous calls to NCL reps. There was nothing she could do.

At this point, we've booked hotel and three tours in Rome. I'd rather have NCL tell me they can't update my flights before I made arrangements to be in Rome early. Plus, I've missed boarding on a cruise before due to delayed flights out of New York (which happens often). I do not want that to ever happen again!

I'm so disappointed in NCL customer service. I'm a new NCL customer. This will be my first trip with them and I booked multiple cruises with them over the next few years. Given how they've handled this situation, I may cancel them if I can't get this worked out.

Desired outcome: I'd appreciate my flight date changes (depart Aug 2 instead of Aug 4) be approved and resolved. I'd also appreciate an onboard credit for the stress and extra work they're making me do. Customer service would be helpful to customers.

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11:33 am EDT

Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian guest relations, staff etc


My name is Debra Canney. My adult children and I cruised on the Norwegian Bliss the week of July 17 with a group of 15!

I would like to SPEAK to someone about the discrimination my daughter faced pretty much daily!

My daughter, Samantha, has Down Syndrome and was repeatedly asked to leave the casino despite being 20. She was not allowed back into the club which she left to go to the bathroom, despite being 20. I had to go looking for her outside the club when she did not return in a timely manner. She was very upset!

I went and spoke to Guest services on multiple occasions trying to come up with a plan to avoid this however it continued to be a problem. We were sent chocolate covered strawberries an insult to Sam since she has an aversion to strawberries!

I was told an email went to ALL so this would STOP it only got worse resulting in another trip to Guest relations.

Sam was patted down while reboarding after getting off the boat without my consent also the pat down was by a male! She has a device in her chest so she cannot go through metal detector! I had my back turned grabbing our backpacks when this happened.

What is Norwegians definition of assault?

Lastly, our excursion was canceled last minute with no other options available, so we DID NOT get an excursion and the weather did not permit seeing the Fjords. In general, a horrible experience and we have cruised Norwegian multiple times!

I have emailed the Guest Experience Coordinator twice without resolution or a follow up call. My case number is [protected] my phone number is [protected].

Desired outcome: I would like financial compensation (i.e. a refund) and a formal apology to all involved!

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9:03 pm EDT

Norwegian Cruise Line Food services

Unfortunately we could not board for an unforseeabke accident in the port of Miami. We were able to board 9 plus hours later. There was no buffet served to us late boarders. You have us a $50 credit per person. We were hungry and tired. U cleared the pool deck for the evening b even gbough we just got on board. Very sad way to start. Secondary the food was very bad. At the up stairs buffet. But it was basically the same good in the Irish restaurant or taste and savior as well as the dining room. There was no room left on the buffet floor for us to eat. Were you not prepared for all of us. Plus the food was terrible. What a big disappointment. $5000 plus later I could nog even get a bottle of water unless I of got it. We have sailed NCL before but this is our last time. I will share this with others. We r retired and to didn’t $5000 on a cruise like this is very sad. If we cruise again it won’t be NCL. Just to remind you the good was horrible. ! Probably the girsg cruise I’ve been on that I lost weight. I’m sorry to say this. But we we enjoyed your cruised before. Never again. Donna Lupinski

Desired outcome: Justification

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6:03 pm EDT

Norwegian Cruise Line Cancellation by the system

My explanation of NCL cruise cancellation.

I booked a reservation with NCL #[protected] for 10-day tour (July 13 – July 23, 2023) starting and ending in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was fully paid in March 2023; I added some extras - excursions in June 2023.

On June 28th , I received an email advising to start the check-in – they said in the email that it would save time on July 13th - cruise departure day. Around 3 pm, I started the check-in process using NCL online, entered some required personal information, etc.

While I was entering the information, I saw a protection plan offering, which seemed reasonable to me, so I selected this plan and proceeded by paying with my credit card. The transaction did not go through, the card was declined. I tried one more time with the same result and decided to call the NCL representatives a little bit later. I did not think that it was a big deal since that was an extra offering.

When I opened my mailbox around 5:30 pm, I saw three contradicting emails:

1. Declined Credit Card Notification (dated June 28, 3:30 pm), recommending choosing another credit card.

2. Confirmation letter (dated June 28, 3:42 pm) describing all the booking components of my reservation. Everything seemed okay according to this email.

3. Cancellation Confirmation Letter with due amount 364.60?, (dated June 28, 4:41 pm).

When I called NCL around 6 pm and spoke with customer service representative [edited], he could not understand what exactly happened, and he contacted his supervisor [edited], who tried to reinstate the policy and unfortunately could not do it on her end. She contacted another department (directly the ship) and promised to get back to me ASAP.

On June 30th, I called NCL again, spoke with Sebastian and then with Joanna, supervisor of Department of Consumer Research, the supervisor was absent. Joanna reassured me that the supervisor is working with the Norwegian Star Department directly and will get back to me on Monday, July 3rd with an answer.

On July 1, the supervisor called back and left a message that there is no inventory available on the ship, so the reservation is cancelled. I called back the number she left for me [protected]), was on the line for two hours with hours with customer service representative, who offered to replace the existing cruise tour by another one, starting in Reykjavik on July 23 and ending in Tromso, Norway on August 4th. That was her only one offer and I had to decide by 9 pm. Meanwhile, I had 4 other reservations lined up and linked to this trip including the airline tickets and was frustrated and unsure of what to do.

I decided to take this offer hoping that I will be able to cancel my tickets and get another set of tickets for the new dates. But the new air tickets were way too expensive, much more than the money we would lose on the cruise tour itself, the itinerary included many transfers/stops on the way from Tromso to New York - that would be too difficult for both of us, especially for my husband, who is 86.

We are very upset with the whole situation and this NCL’s cancellation. This crucial and unfair automatic rejection by the system caused loss of money, rising blood pressure and anxiety, and moral distress for us. I truly believe that any cancellation should be done by direct people contact, not by a system, where computer program is designed to benefit the cruise line.

I hope that you can help me to resolve this issue - we want NCL either try to reinstate the original trip or offer us a full refund for the trip.

Desired outcome: Reinstating the original trip or full refund for the original trip.

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4:20 pm EDT
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Norwegian Cruise Line NCL

Alaskan Debacle

Reservation #: [protected]

Reservation #: [protected]


SAILING: 2-Jul-2023 to 9-Jul-2023



So in 2021 we booked a massive 21 day trip with NCL to Alaska. For the first part of the trip we booked the above referenced 2 rooms. We are traveling with 3 children, so we booked a balcony and the room across the hall. At the same time we booked this cruise, we also booked


SAILING: 10-Jul-2023 to 17-Jul-2023




Reservation #: [protected]

In April of 2023 I noticed that I had no transport between Seattle (where the Encore disembarked) and Vancouver (where the Jewels embarks) so I called NCL to arrange travel. The only option was a flight between Seattle and Vancouver, which was booked and charged to me without my consent. As soon as I received the new confirmation, I called to cancel the flights. Apparently, when canceling the flights (booked just a few minutes earlier without my consent) The agent canceled my entire reservation and then rebooked me without telling me that the room had changed. My reservation number did not change and I was not notified.

It was not until last night while sharing my room numbers with a friend also traveling with us that I noticed the 14234 had been changed to room 15234. Our rooms, that were supposed to be across the hall are now on different floors! I have been trying to work with NCL, but they will not do anything about it…. Not even allow me to change rooms with my friend- 14258 which would only be a few doors down. I want to room near my husband and not have our rooms be on separate floors, which is what I booked and had paid in full for

Desired outcome: To get to room with or near my family

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