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Resolved cancellation notices

I continue to receive notices from Norton that my account is being cancelled. The problem arises from my purchase two months ago of a new computer. With the purchase I received a trial 60-day (?) service of a Norton package. However, I had already purchased a Norton anti-viral package August 20, 2009 on my old computer. Please transfer 6 mos continuing service to me for new computer, so I will not lose Norton service!!!
Order summary 1 Extended Download Service License Certificate Download $9.99
Order Number: [protected] 1 Norton360 Version 3.0 Upgrade Windows XP/XP Pro Vista Download $59.99 Sub Total $69.98
Product Name: Product key: Product Serial number:
Norton 360 Version 3.0 TKFXM3JCCMF3GK2VV6C88WTR2 6JWYW8MFH8MJ
Duke Zeller [protected]
IVA Rentals Inc.

Resolved norton360 free 30day trial

I was having trouble with my pc and I saw a deal online for a "free 30 day trial"it said try the 30 day free...

Resolved cannot redownload norton 2009, though purchased

sir, i have purchased norton 2009
i have uninstall it and now i cannot find where can i install it from..
please i just require 2009 norton edition download file.
Mayank Suri
my email id is my.[protected]@hotmail.com
order details below

Symantec Software (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l.
26, boulevard Royal
Office No. 227
L-2449 Luxembourg

Invoice Number: [protected]
Order Date: 17-Aug-2009


Bill to:
Mayank Suri
29 Amaltas Marg
Dlf Phase 1
Gugaon, Haryana 122002


Subscription Renewal Service
Quantity: 1
Norton Internet Security 2009 Subscriptions US$49.99


Processing Fee US$0.00
Tax US$0.00
Total: US$49.99


Symantec VAT Number (European Union): LU23124018
Symantec (Australia) Pty., Ltd. ACN: [protected]
Symantec Corp. US Federal Employer Tax ID#: [protected]
Symantec Corp. Canadian GST registration number: [protected] RT0001

Resolved unauthorised billing for norton product

I cancelled my subscription with Norton a long time ago, and on Dec 28th 2009, they just deduced $69.00 off my Credit Card. I am very upset about this. Please can you undertake to get this money refunded to me. the only information I have is this number [protected].

I live in Singapore. My email address is [protected]@gmail.com

I would appreciate your help in this.

Kind regards,

Sandra Lauf

  • Pr
    Prabodh Gupta Jan 17, 2010

    I had also purchased Norton Afntivirus last year but didnot find it very convenient to download, hence, i had removed it i.e. uninstalled it from my system. Now, Norton has charged me £69.00 without any notification to me or without taking my permission on my credit card. This is ridiculous. Norton Antivirus should be taken to court for doing such things.

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  • Pr
    Prabodh Gupta Jan 17, 2010

    This repeat charging without any notification and permission from customers is illegal and should be stopped.

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  • Lo
    LonghornMom Aug 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Norton is also charging my checking account without authorization and notification, even after I cancelled last year when I saw unauthorized charges to my account (for which I never received the product). Another has posted that Norton anti-virus is actually a virus and resulted in a destroyed computer. It's amazing that this scam is able to continue for so long. I guess all I can do is close my checking account to ensure that I won't be charged again next year.

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  • Kr
    krispix318 Aug 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just renewed my subscription with Norton. When you install it (or renew it), they automatically set you up for automatic renewal. I'm thinking this stays in place whether you have the software on your system or not. All I did was sign in to my Norton account (not sure the exact site...just Google "my norton account") and one of the main tabs says "Automatic Renewal" and turn this option OFF.

    If this is what caused your card to be debited, this is in no way a scam. The directions were spelled out clearly when I renewed my subscription and I had to check that I read the terms and conditions before I renewed. Make sure you actually read these things before using your card online.

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Resolved was chared twice for some product

I renewed my subscription for Norton antives and was chared twice for the same renewel and a charge of 50.35...

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Resolved fraudulent renewal charges

I recently found a charge for "Norton Annual Renewal" on my Visa statement. The phone number [protected] i...

unauthorised charge


My bank account shows an unauthorsied 'annual renewal' charge of £39.99.

I buy Norton internet securtiy from PC world each year so do not understand why an automatic charge has come out of my account.

I would ask for a refund on this occasion and cancel any renewal policy you seem to have me down for.

Can you please respond to fiona.[protected]@pb.com

  • Th
    thel Jul 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Norton/Symantic on your my norton account has a setting called automatic renewal. check to see if this is checked. if it is then legally your bound by the auto-renewal contract and they can decide if it is a refund or "user mistake" issue.

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Resolved fraud/scam

Mr Steve Norton does not provide the service of Credit repair. He takes your money upfront and then bill...

Resolved never rec'd software or refund

I ordered Norton 360 Antivirus software online on 3/3/09. I sent Global Collect a check for $134.98. Check cleared on 03/05/09. I never rec'd the software.

Subsequently, I ordered Norton 360 online and paid for it with my credit card.

On July 2, 2009, I sent a letter with copy of canceled check and original invoice to Global Collect BV. There has been NO RESPONSE.

Please advise.

Alan Duncan

Resolved fake email received


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Commercial and Personal Loans with a very Minimal annual
Interest Rates as Low as 2% within a 1 year to 50 years
Repayment duration period to any part of the world.

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Our loans are well insured for maximum security is our priority.
Norton Finance is a leading online provider of finance.

If you need a consolidation loan, we have many flexible
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Interested Persons should contact me via E-mail:

Lender's Name: Mr.Mark David
Lender's Email:[protected]@yahoo.com.hk

Fax Number:
Personal Number:
Amount Needed:
Loan duration:

Best Regards
Schermer Tammie S.
Online Advertiser @ Norton Finance Company (NFC)

  • Ia
    iamdz Oct 31, 2009

    I just received one also with the name of Financial Loan Company but same basis just different name (Denny Amos)...beware! They are looking for your personal information.

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Resolved I was double charged

9/28/09 check crd purchase 09/26 norton annual renewal [protected] ca 486827xxxxxx9808 [protected]? mcc=5734 121042882da01 $69.99

09/28/09 check crd purchase 09/26 dri*symantec www.myord.com mn 486827xxxxxx9808 [protected]? mcc=5734 121042882da01 $69.99

I was double charged for the renewal on my norton virus protection. please send me a check for $69.99

Resolved overcharged

I ordered a Norton 360 anti-virus product online - sold by Symantec. When I received confirmation that my product was shipped and charged to my account, I looked all over for shipping information and was only able to locate DigitalRiver.com. I was unable to contact Digitalriver.com, nor was I able to contact anyone at Symantec as the websites provided no phone number or e-mail address and kept reverting to the original menu. I called Norton California - only to be directed to another number aimed at selling you more products. I called a 24 hour number at midnight and was put on hold for 21 minutes, with no response other than funeral music and instructions to continue staying online. I then clicked on the refund button, only to be redirected to the main menu again.

Norton is supposed to be a reputable company. There were many similar e-mails complaints online on the Symantec website. This is a scam and it is worth reporting. Any major well known brand, that does not provide a means of contacting customer support nor delivers a product that was purchased, or means to get a refund when not delivered should be investigated.

  • Ca
    Can no one be trusted? Sep 20, 2009

    I had no problems with Norton last year, the last three months have been terrible, especially the last month. If you look at their webiste, you will find email address for people in media relations. Try them, I did just that, but still waiting to have my issues resolved. I still have 230 days left, but would rather cancel and lose the money. Good Luck!

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Resolved taking from bank account

I have received bankcard statement and norton have taken out on the 24th august the annual fee for internet security protection for another year. This is a mistake because I did not give my permission as I was not going to renew this year. I cancelled norton internet security on 4th September 2009. The point being I did not give my permission to take $79.99 out of account no [protected] so would you please reimberse this amount back into my account as soon as possible as I no longer use your product and did not give permission for this to be taken. Thankyou
Yours sincerely Mrs Ann Hope

  • Wi
    William Dailey Feb 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    REMOVE MY NAME AND ADDRESS from this website


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  • Wi
    William Dailey Feb 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    REMOVE- Posted: 2008-01-28 00:00:00 by William Dailey

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  • Wi
    William Dailey Feb 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please remove - William Dailey and - Grand Rapids, Michigan from This web site http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/unknown-c46055.html

    Thanks Bill Dailey

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  • Lr
    LRF Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Double Billed by Symantic/Norton for software renewal. I am through with these people after this subscription period. You call and the machine volunteers to return your call after 11pm. What crap

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Resolved auto al

Over 3 years ago I switched isp to qwest dsl. from that time forward I have had a new email address. I no longer needed my antivirus provided by norton symantics problem is... norton symantics continued to bill me for their antivirus which I no longer used. I did not know or was unaware that I was on auto renewal. two years ago I contacted capital one to complain about the charge from norton. they removed it. last year it happened again and capital one closed my account and reissued me a new card and account number. three weeks ago I was billed again by norton symantics on my new account and not only one charge but doubled charged! I contacted capital one and they sent in a dispute and yesterday by mail informed me that norton contested both charges. now I have to send in a hard copy letter to capital one to dispute it again. they need my norton account and activation date... ya right, after over 3 years I have that... not! norton symantics bills through a bank and they can get your new account number and continue to charge you even for services you don't receive apparently. norton claims to notify you via email for renewal... but if like me you have changed isp, you don"t receive it! be careful, norton is under handed and gets away with ripping you off through this renewal system... and double charges too.

Resolved charged for order too many times

i odered norton antivirus accidentally twice on aug.3, 2009.immediately i contacted norton and a service rep. went online and installed it correctly telling me he deleted all but one charge foe 39.99.now my citi mastercharge shoes charges of 5.99, 39.99, 3.99, 49.98 and 58.98.all charges but 39.99 should NOT be on my bill.

Resolved online storage

Before the recent update of my Norton 360 to my newer version, I had to deal with the dreaded pop up disrupting other programs I was running to warn me about the pathetic low level cookie issues, that Norton itself told me were not a threat. I no longer get those pop ups, now that the new version is installed, hurray!!! you say, but they have replaced that annoying pop up with another, this one telling me about the horrors of not backing up my programs/hard drive/etc., also letting me know I should buy some online room to store these back ups, well I back up what I need onto other drives myself, I don't need a program to keep pop ups reminding me to use there program and unless they offer 5tb of storage at $9.99 a month, which I'd pay for, they might as well give up!

  • Ca
    Can no one be trusted? Sep 20, 2009

    I feel your pain. Been through that, actually one of their techs. set up the backup storage for me, and after a few months, I tried in vain to contact them, as I could not delete the storage. Even sample wall paper and music was stored!!! Bright!! I used them for a whole year, but the last three months have been hell. I'm thinking of cancelling, after my ### session with escalations dept. on Monday.

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Resolved poor customer service

I bought Norton 360 about a year ago ($90). It installed great, but would not update. I emailed (and emailed and emailed...) asking for help, yet received NONE! I did everything the tech support guys told me to do, but it still would not update. I eventually took it to a professional and he was able to get it to work (at an additional cost of $75). I asked Norton to please extend my subscription since it had not worked for about 6 months. The Norton folks told me the subscription would be extended, yet it wasn't. I emailed, called and wrote letters, and heard nothing but "please fill out this survey to rate our work since we solved your problem."

Never, EVER buy Norton. Their customer service STINKS!

  • Mr
    Mrs K Pritchard Aug 30, 2009

    They advertise that if you buy their product then it will prevent viruses..so why when I got a virus did they charge me £114.99 and the very next day I had a warning flash up on computer saying VIRUS????

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  • Mr
    Mrs K Pritchard Aug 30, 2009

    Their advert says buy our product to stopo viruses getting through, so why do I buy this and then get charged £114.99 to t=remove a virus, which came back the very next day???

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  • Wi
    William Norton Jul 02, 2012

    I have Comcast which comes with Norton; it's part of the monthly charge we pay Comcast I guess.
    I set my computer to an earlier time recently to try and deal with what seemed like bad virus problems that Norton couldn't seem to fix. The date I set my computer to, by the way, was just about two weeks ago. This seemed to cause problems with my Norton Security Suite.
    I was prompted to install Norton's UPDATES but it couldn't install "all" updates. I had an error message that stated I had no IP address. I must have had or I wouldn't have been online and I was online. When I tried to do a "Quick Scan" on Norton it wouldn't let me. I tried repeatedly with the same result. This seemed to be due to the fact that Norton couldn't install all updates. Every time I tried to do a Quick Scan the screen superimposed another Norton screen about installing the updates and "one click settings" . I tried this a dozen times with the same result.
    I called Comcast, which assigns you different IP addresses routinely since Norton error message stated I had no IP address and was told by the Comcast rep that I should contact Norton and I was given a Norton Help telephone number. I called Norton but when I heard their recorded message stating that all assistance was "chargeable" I hung up. Why should I pay for help with what seemed to be a problem on their system?

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Resolved double billing

I was charged twice for renewing my Norton Antivirus one year at a cost of $44.99. I also noticed an additional charge I do not recognize which I will explain below. My order number for the renewal was VAB33006539. Transaction date was 7/29/09. I then notice a second charge of $44.99 from a site called myord.com which I did not authorize on 7/30/09. There was also a charge of $19.95 from a website called privacymatters123.com that I did not authorize as well. It occurred on 7/30/09 also. I would like to know why my card was billed for these extra charges and I expect them both to be refunded back to me. I did not authorize them! I am going to dispute both charges with my bank.

Resolved you charged me twice!!!

I want you to refund my account ! you took out of my Debit card twice for my virus protection! and fraud ha...

Resolved cancelled but was billed

case #[protected], I downloaded a trail version so that I could get the product on my third P C. On June 24th I cannceled the trail version because I had used my first product key No. I was told that was a way to do it and a credit would be issued. Today I got my bill from visa and it has two billing, one for 131.98 which I owe and will pay, the other was for 114.99 which was to be credited off. Please let me know if I can go ahead and pay the 131.98 and that you will get a credit to my card company this month so I won't be charged interest.
Thanks for your help in this matter.
Rev. Wayne E. Rader