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Complaints & Reviews

crashes my car while I am waiting for inspection hyundai

My mother and I went to # 1 Cochran of South Hills for yearly inspection and we went to get some air from the waiting room.
We saw that my car was in accident. The bumper damage I took pictures, because James Dean Manager I think was not going to tell me that his employee Paul wreck my car. I brought my Hyundai Elantra cash from this same place. Mr. James Dean has bad attitude, told me to move my car off the lot but I did not, and his Boss at Monroe ville have not been polite or think from
April 11, 2008 to April 16, 2008 to think this was no inconvenience to my daily life. Today they want me to pay for my inspection. This is same place where going to pay and be happy I receive my property back and I am still inconvenience from college and work.
I thinking are they treating me badly, because racist or bias of my skin!

I lost money, father and mother seeing what they were going to do with my car.

  • Rh
    Rhett May 02, 2009

    It's not that I agree or disagree. And I can see from your writings that you may "not be from around here". But if you want my sympathy or encouragement, your really need to explain your situation a "little more betterer".

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  • Jb
    jboxton Dec 15, 2010

    Did you see the the warning to check text spelling before submitting comment? Sheesh! Good thing it didn't say to check grammar as well or you wouldn't have been able to get your comment posted. Learn English!

    0 Votes

I will never buy a nissan vehicle again

It is not only about this day, but the entire process I have experienced owning this vehicle. I bought it NEW...

faulty new car!

I'm typically not one to complain but... On 3 March, 2008 my family took delivery of our new family car...

premature rusting of lower window mouldings

bought my pathfinder model 1999 1/2 in 2002 upon my request my nissan dealer agreed to replace all of the window moulding (scraper) that were already rusting (only 3years old ), and now 5 years later there all rusted again and caused body damage because of rust leaks.
is'nt amazing that a vehicule that is supposed to be of high quality ( priced high) does'nt make any better mouldings and that in the vehicules lifetime will have been replaced 4-5 times ? at $115.00 each could nissan do anything for me,
not encouraged to buy another...nissan product
thank you for your time,
best regards

faulty parts

At the beginning of January I was driving my new 2007 Nissan Versa on the 401 outside of Milton. It was an...

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used car

i bought a vw from them the first week engine light went on. it was in and out of shop 5 times, i have the...

poor quality!

My 2005 x-trail's serpentine belt broke at 67, 000km while driving outside of Seattle. When it broke it...

customer service complaint

I am writing to inform of a recent experience of mine that falls into the category of "poor" Customer Service...

no respect for customer!

I have a serious problem with a Nissan Murano that I brought from a Lichtenburg/Mafikeng dealership in January 2006. I have had problems with the Dealership, presented same to Nissan South Africa but my complaints have fell onto deaf ears. My car has had engine problems and lately radiator problems and since July 2007 I have driven my car for 2weeks only in November. I have communique that I need to share with you in detail to show you that Nissan is no more Shift Expectations but ### Expectations. No respect for customer/consumer rights!

  • Se
    sekano Feb 21, 2011

    accident and no airbags with Tiida nissan

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  • Se
    sekano Feb 21, 2011

    accident and no airbags

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  • Mu
    Muhamed Tahir Aug 21, 2013

    I bought a new vehicle which Nissan Atlantis or Nissan South Africa can't solve to date I asked for the vehicle to be replaced or refunded .Atlantis Nissan told me it was a small problem and said "its a problem on the Np200 which the coil has a problem and its nothing major" ever since purchased the vehicle I have been travelling to Nissan back and forward which has been now more than 8 months and spoken to Nissan South Africa many of times still nothing is done, which I need a vehicle and now I don't have vehicle due to Nissan South Africa and Atlantis cant resolve the problems(cutting out and jerking ) with the Np200 .This Np200 has costed me more than anything else which Nissan South Africa is not paying me for time and petrol to take the vehicle up and down. I don't have a vehicle as Nissan south Africa requested it to be at the dealership it has been almost 3 weeks . If it was nothing major why am I suffering for more than 8 months with a new vehicle which Nissan Keep testing it by driving it around and nothing is resolve or isn't replaced . I will never recommend a Nissan to Anyone due to the problems with a new vehicle I have been having and suffering far to long .

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  • Sh
    Shachar1 Feb 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We deal with IC nissan in kempton park gauteng. The lady judy govender are very dis respectful, artogant, rude in dealing with us as a cleaning company, i spoke to the manager who said he is busy and referred me to the workshop manager, the manager refused to give me details to escalat our problem, we service our company car there but judy is rude to my staff and to me as a business owner, she has no customer care and management are running away in dealing with the issue we will not go there again. Nor will we buy a nissan vehicle again for the company she lies and will even say we are not technical, she is very busy and there is a staff shortage and she has a lot of work to do we are going to refer this issue to the ombids man to make a ruling on what happened to the vehicles engine and to get an independent person to check as we were told there are no guarantee on a job of 16-000 on the engine that broke again after 2 months and a new engine must be put in theresa clase. [email protected] and the manager at this branch is not interested at all to listen to the problem nor to assist in the matter

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bad quality product!

I went to buy a used car from advantage nissan. I asked if the car was ever hit or anything like that. They...

kept part of my deposit!

Returned honda with defected hood. Executive nissan kept 3000 dollars of my deposit. They said they had the right to keep my money because hood was defected. It was not my fault car hood was not straight. They should have seen that before they sold it to me.

  • Re
    Really? Jun 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You bought a used vehicle, did you not see the dent in the hood? When buying a used car you can negotiate items to be fixed but otherwise the car is cosmetically as is. Why should they be forced to make a used car new for you after the sale has been completed?

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scam and cheating!

I have a one year old Nissan Sentra around 18000 miles. A sensor light came on the dash of my car. I called the local Nissan Dealership to ask how to reset the light. I was told to put 35 pounds of pressure in my tires and if the light did not go out bring into the dealership. I had my tires inflated to correct pounds of pressure but light would not go out. I carried the vehicle into the dealership for further diagnosis. The dealer drove my car out of my sight and returned in two minutes with the light off. He handed me a bill for $42.00 saying that he had to put more air into my tires and was charging me for labor. I did not authorize him to do any work--only to diagnose what should be done. I was not informed ahead of time to expect such an unreasonable bill. Upon receiving this bill--I called my father on my cell phone. My father discussed the bill and the service person hung up my cell phone on my father. At this point he REFUSED to return my cell phone and also to release my car to me unless I immediately paid this hefty, unreasonable bill of which I never authorized work to be done. At this point I told the service person to give me my cellphone and car keys or I would call the police. He then laid down my belongings and I left without paying the bill as he ran after my moving car.///The next day, I returned to Nissan to complain to the service manager, Charlie Nappi. I was further treated very unprofessionally and told never to return to this Nissan dealership again. I was treated this way because I did not purchase my vehicle from this particular Nissan dealership and because I service my own vehicle elsewhere.

  • Le
    Leigh Apr 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree 100%. I just took my 2000 Nissan Sentra in with the check engine light on. They diagnosed it and said it was a Mass Air Flow Meter and it would be $701.00 to fix. We picked it up to decide what we were going to do with it and I could barely get it home. My husband found a broken part under the hood and when we went back to talk with the "service manager" we were yelled at by another service guy and the manager never apologized and basically said tough and slammed my hood and then told us good luck! They put my life in danger by replacing the broken part with another bad part. It made my car worse than before. Charlie Nappi is a joke of a manager.

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  • Co
    Cori Brantley Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently bought a Nissan Versa from upstate and was in Florida at the time of purchase. Not only did Charlie Nappi make sure that every step of my purchase was completely painless, but he also met me personally to show me the ins and outs of the vehicle. I have been back to the dealership since then and find him to be a completely reasonable person. It is his job to make sure that things run correctly and I have never had an issue. When people get cars worked on they often think they are going to be screwed from the very beginning. This has been true with other vehicles I have had. However, I find that anyone who may have a problem with the service, or the people working on their vehicle should give them a little credit...if you could do it then you would, but people who work have got to get paid, and if you dont want to pay them then don't go there. There not trying to screw you, they aren't replacing one part with another bad part, and there not going to hold your freaking cell phone hostage (who does that?). I think you two are a perfect example of irrational people...and if you don't want the new part broke then don't ###ing break it yourself to get your money back.

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  • Ru
    Russel George Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think upstate automotive is one of the best car dealerships i have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I have talked to Charlie Nappi directly and he has always been nice to me. I think that your complaints are unwarranted.

    0 Votes
  • Je
    Jen Grosseman Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think upstate is awesome...how could anyone say other wise?

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  • Ca
    catgirl Jan 25, 2009

    Upstate Automotive is no longer a good business. When you buy a car and pay cash for it, you expect to receive your title. Beware, you may not! Also, they charge this stupid fee they call procurement fee, they may call it a administrative fee. WHATEVER, RIPOFF!! Go on down the road or better off to another state...Over half of the dealerships in Anderson, SC are scammers. ALWAYS check with the Better Business Bureau to see what rating a dealership has.

    0 Votes

the biggest joke in the car dealer industry

"To take our customers to an unprecedented level of satisfaction - Therein lies the success of Waterloo...

dishonest service department!

These guys charged me for work that they did NOT do. Another garage confirmed this. They are horrible. Thi...

leasing and product quality

I leased a 2004 Nissan Altima,
when I got to the 60k the dealer said I had to change the rotor and pads cost about $700 only for front break. Later my battery died about 62k milege and the tires needed to be change.
comparing to other cars that I had with same driving it is very low quality, I change the pads on Toyota about 80k, same as the battery and tires lasted.

Service department are very pushy on selling you their products. tried different dealership of nissan and all are the same.

Nissan Canada rules on leasing

I wanted to return the car 4 months earlier and pay till end of my lease end. Nissan wants to charge me $500 penalty on returning my car early.(It is very understandable Volvo, Mercedes,Toyota,Honda,Bmw does not have penalty fee if you pay till end of your lease term as i dealt with them before)

Business Manager where I leased the car admited this is redecules rules of nissan and it is a big rip off.

Nissan sales person are not very educated on leasing and financing packages neither their manager. I have been told i can return the car anytime I want without a penalty and asked them to cross over the extra fee's . they said it is negotiable when I am ready to return the car now I got traped.

Normaly a company who loosing money they are geting agressive on their non-sense rules and wants additional fees.

Even you can Not have the car lease take over by third party if 6 months or less left on your lease agreement.(it could be the same with other manufacturer too)

Now I am not happy with Nissan and do not recomend their product to anyone.

  • Ja
    jack blumer Jan 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On the plus side>>superb handling and accident avoidance

    On the negative side >>absolutely ridiculous that you still
    make cars with side mirrors that do not fold, this is a technology that has been around for more than ten years

    In fact I have this feature on my 1998 Maxima

    Not having this feature on my 2005 Altima has resulted
    in many broken mirrors , particularly on passenger side,no doubt broken by pedestrians.

    Can this feature be installed on my present ALTIMA (2005)

    It would also be nice if you could improve the riding quality
    (slightly softer ride and less ROLL

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  • Am
    Amjad Aziz Feb 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Subject: Complain against bad behaviour of Nissan dealership at “WEST END NISSAN EDMONTON”
    Dear Sir, I feel disgusting and wondering that what the behavior of such a big company is.

    My name is Amjad Aziz. I have Nissan Sentara 2001. My car was broken last summer in June. Iam living in a town name WHITERCOURT. I towed away my car to city and the nearest dealership for Nissan is “WEST END NISSAN” Edmonton. I was sitting there for the whole day but they didn’t find the fault .They advised me to come again in the morning. I went next morning , SUPERVISOR NAME “SUSAN SHAH” was there she told me that your car didn’t fix yet so I borrow a rental car for you on behalf of Nissan when your car will fix then you will put this car back to rental guys. My car was fixed in 14 days and I visited there 3-4 times there and keep remembering the supervisor that I got rental car on Nissan behalf. Now rental guys phone me that Nissan didn’t pay the bill and you will pay the bill. I went there couple of days ago, then I met the sales manager,

    He is very rude and ill-mannered person. SUPERVISOR “SUSAN SHAH” left the job so he refused to pay the bill. He told me that we don’t have rules and regulation to pay your bill.
    Customers don’t know the rules and regulations but yours employees knows the rules, if somebody says like this then they keep their words. Rental guys “BUDGET RENTALS” they charge me 445$ on my credit card.

    My Name: Amjad Aziz
    Phone: 780-706-3171
    License: EKV773
    Nissan Sentra 2001

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Service charged for work not done

I Purchased an under warranty Nissan Xterra, when a week after purchasing it the airbag light came on, it...

nissan altima transmission and nissan of usa cust service

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the quality of Nissan. I bought a certified used 2005 Altima with around 30,000 miles on it. At around 60,000 miles it needed a new transmission. It now needs another transmission only 40,000 miles later. That's 100,000 miles and 2 transmissions. This is NOT the quality car I thought I read about. The dealer also was nice enough to inform me that because the transmission was only warranteed for 12 months/12,000 miles, that I will be charged for the new transmission. What is that all about? I know cars can have issues, but not as frequent as this. I was told the CV Seal leaked, and that all the transmission fluid leaked out. The mechanic said this is rare. So if it's so rare, why won't Nissan stand by their product, and try to make a customer happy? I'll tell you why; because they don't care enough about one customer in the mix of millions. I have called Nissan of USA and logged a complaint about this. Hopefully someone will approve Nissan paying for my new transmission. If they do really care about ALL their customers, and their reputation, I will see results. Needless to say this incident has left a bad taste in my mouth in regards to Nissan and the so called “quality” of a certified pre-owned car.

ripping off customers!

I had a 2002 Nissan Sentra. The engine light went on when I went over 50k miles, which made it impossible to get a state inspection. So I brought it to Michael Jordan Nissan and paid over $350 for a rear O2 sensor. Later I found the part online for $118. The engine light remained on and I was told that I had to drive for 75-150 miles to 'recycle' the ECM.

When I returned, having driven nearly 500 miles with the engine light on the service staff expressed shock as they had recorded the light as off when the 'repair' was completed. I left it at the dealership all day again. Was told that the ECM (emissions monitor) was bad and needed replacement. The part would be ordered and I would have to return to leave it at the dealership for a third day.

Apparently the ECM was broken such that it always reported a bad rear O2 sensor. Coincidentally, of course, the rear O2 sensor was actually bad. Right. Of course, I have no way of knowing if the ECM unit was actually defective either.

Here's the really fun part - while waiting for the first attempt to diagnose an engine light a salesman approached me. I was thinking about a new car so I scheduled a test drive for a used 350Z. After enduring ham-fisted sales techniques with good cheer (e.g 'wow, you drive real good') it was time to find out the price. There was no sticker price and apparently you can't just ask.

We went into an office and the salesman made a 'phone call'. Then he through a fit over how low the price was for a couple of minutes before disclosing the price. The act was so over the top that it was hard to keep a straight face. Also, the price was several thousand over blue book. Everyone else in the region was selling the same car for several thousand under blue book. When I balked he left to bring in the 'sales manager'.

I had to wait over 15 minutes in the deserted dealership office. Then I had to refuse for 45 minutes as the sales manager forcefully demanded that I purchase the car then and there, while the original salesman stood blocking the door. They had the keys to my car, so I was stuck. I had to repeatedly ask for my keys in order to leave. For example, me: 'can I have my keys', salesman: 'sure I go get them' [doesn't move], sales manager: continues forceful demands that I sign documents.

I should have been more angry at the time, but it was comical. However, I am very upset about spending over $350 and two full days, on a $118 part which wasn't actually defective, before just giving up and selling the car, expired inspection and all, to Carmax.

I've learned that the foam casing of the ECM unit is acidic and damages the ECM board after 4 years or so, causing this problem. Nissan issued a recall on the foam, but this didn't prevent Michael Jordan Nissan from ripping me off (the ECM board was still under warranty).

I got tired of driving a car which couldn't pass a state inspection, so I now drive a BMW. Only a fool would do business with Michael Jordan Nissan more than once.

  • Ro
    Robin Kearney Jan 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought a 2005 Nissan altima, car stop in the middle of the highway, want started until it get ready. Took it to MJ Nissan, service person told me it was a recall, do not worry we will fix it, right - different day same problem, I hate his car every morning I wake up and go outside, I hope its gone.

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  • Ro
    Robin Kearney Feb 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought a 2005 nissan altima from Michael Jordan Nissan, this company is the worst- my 2005 nissan stalled, they cannot fix it, now-I have a car thats worse nothing, and car payments, I hate this car, and Michael Jordan nissan, this car is a deathtrap and they cannot find out whats wrong with it, some five star service department. RECALLS for many years to come.

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    SAMMY Apr 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Se
    Sekova7 Nov 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Micheal Jordan Nissan chargers I and my wife 228.00 dollars to reprogram our keys (THAT WERE GIVEN TO US OTHER DEALERSHIP). We bought the Nissan from a dealer in Apex NC.
    The spare key (after hanging on the wall for 4 years) was needed because the original keys were locked in the car.
    The spare key( given by the dealership) scrambler the computer of the anti theft system.

    We were charger 100.00 dollars for the tow!
    98.00 dollars for the diagnostic!
    We were charged 49.00 to have our keys reprogrammed!
    With all that, our passenger side mirror cover was tooken off to revival the cars vin code and the cover wasnt PUT BACK!
    But Micheal Jordan Nissan was more the happy to offer the order a new on and have it painted for 150.00 dollars( HOW NICE!!!)

    In short the Manager was very rude and even called the police on us after (we said we weren't going to pay for a new mirror cover) it was reviled that the keys were from the dealership in Apex NC.
    Even tho the complaint was our mirror cover was missing!!!

    The Ahole dealership Manager was Rick Simonette.
    And his email is [email protected]

    That piece of crap was very rude and nobody should ever by a Nissan from Micheal Jordan Nissan while he is manager!

    0 Votes
  • Na
    nancyt Oct 07, 2009

    When I read complaints like these, I always wonder why the complaining person doesn't take any responsibility for the problem. It's usually both owners' communication and dealers' negligence that causes bad service. I bought my 2008 Versa from MJ Nissan and have had it serviced there ever since with no problem. The purchase experience was great because I had numbers from internet research and knew what I wanted and why. Also, I walk to McD's or Target or Sam's during my service appointment, and they call me on my cell phone when it's done.

    If a salesman starts into go into the "routine" anywhere, I simply stop him immediately and say, "If you don't stop acting and start being genuine in this negotiation, I'll leave right now." And I wouldn't let someone standing in a doorway stop me from going to the service department and demanding my keys.

    Passive-aggressive behavior never works in business deals.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Chukster Oct 12, 2009

    I left a deposit for a new Nissan Altima on July 29th. 2007 i was told that the car I was looking for had to be flat bedded in from a dealer in Ga.and that $275.00 was added to the selling price to reflect this.Then on Tuesday July 31st. late afternoon or early evening I received a call from the salesman there stating that the car in Ga. was no longer available, but he could get a similar one if I wanted with a few less options that he could install at his dealership from a Baltimore/Washington area dealer. I told him I'll get back to him, which I did on the same day about 2 hours later. I told them to please cancel the order at this time and refund my deposit.Please note that agreement states that order is subject to availability, delivery, and for any reason customer can cancel order any time until delivery was made to consumer, and deposit will be refunded. On Weds. Aug.1st. I received a voice mail from this dealer saying no problem which I have saved.

    Then on Friday Aug 3rd my wife returned a call to the dealer and was told take your time but I already have the car here that is was driven down from the Baltimore/Washington dealer. The salesman then told my wife that they would not be refunding the deposit.Please note I never ever authorized anyone to drive any car anywhere.

    $275.00 was added into selling price so the original car would have no mileage, I canceled order before they ever had the car, and I would never buy a new car that was already driven! All I want is for this dealer to act in a faithful way and refund my deposit like we agreed upon!

    0 Votes

llack of service and lack of goodwill on the part of nissan north america

Nissan North America P.O. Box 685003 Franklin, TN [protected] www.nissan.com We own a 2002 Nissan Altima...

warranty issue!

I purchased a new 2004 Nissan Maxima with the best warranty possible. I spent over $3000 for this "peace of...

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