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Complaints & Reviews

warranty issue!

I purchased a new 2004 Nissan Maxima with the best warranty possible. I spent over $3000 for this "peace of...

poor quality product!

Last month I purchased/leased my 3rd vehicle from Nissan Canada in the last 3 years. With the strength of the...

Resolved the biggest run around from nissan north america!

We purchased a Maintenance Plus plan when we purchased our new car 2004. We traded that car in 2006. Still to this day we have not been refunded the remaining balance on our maintenance plan. Dale Martens was supposed to contact Nissan North America to obtain our refund for us. We called numerous times to speak with someone who worked parttime and never wanted to return our phone calls. Then I got frustrated and spoke to Dale Martens and he insisted that I talk to this parttime person, even though I told him I could not get him to return my calls. Then Dale Martens hung up on me! After that I started calling Nissan of North America. They told me that they had sent the money to Dale Martens in November of 2006 and that I needed to wait 6 weeks to do a search.

Every since then I have gotten the biggest run around from Nissan North America about trace and where my money is. What a JOKE!

ripped me off!

I sold Advantage Nissan of Bremerton WA A 2005 Toyota Mixtic on July 25 2007 and Nissan did not pay car off until Sept 7 2007 as a result there was over drafts because my bank still took the auto payment of $375.00 Aug 1 2007 and again on Sept 1 2007 a total of $750.00 out of my pocket!

Beware people!

bad post-sales service!

Yep, ABC Nissan should be voted the #1 rip off place. I bought a new car, they were all nice to me (answer my calls and questions) till I made the payment, then the rip off orgy started, I took my car and ran away, now looking for a good mechanic to get my usual check ups and maintenance done.

ABC Nissan promised me so many discounts and gave me none, they are blatant liars. Their service/sales rep never ever return my call.

  • 09
    09 maxima Apr 17, 2009

    went in to have an oil change on my new 09 maxima. they said it was ready/done, went out to my car and damage was done to it. it needs new lower and front panels as when they put it up on the rack...incorrectly...it did major damage. they were going to let me drive away with it that way, saying thats the way it was suppose to look. very disaapointed...you buy a new, nice car and then they act like they are doing you a favor to fit the damage. the entire front of the car will have to be repainted...after putting on the new parts.

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  • Mo
    monica montoya Oct 08, 2009

    I bought a new 09 altima at abc nissan paid cash, paid for extended warranty and skyway. was lied to as to when the skyway would be installed had to wait 2 months then i finally had to call and demand my money back for it. they assured me that they would do everything to make me happy so as not to give my money back. so once talked over i agreed to 1 year of free oil changes and full car wash. i took my car in today for the oil change and so called full car wash. when it was done i went out to my car and saw that my rims were still really dirty and i asked didnt my car get washed and they responded by saying "yes it did" i pointed out the tires and not to mention none of the inside was even touched. they then said "oh all we do is run it through the car wash we don't scrub it, do the tires, or the insides". as i know it wasn't his fault, because the coupon said complimentary oil change and car wash. so i then thanked him for nothing and went to the sales and asked to speak with nicole the customer service director which by the way is very rude. well all she said was if you want to wait another 25 minutes i will be happy to have them wash it again but it would only be the outside the tires and a vacuum. i then told her that i had already spent over an hour there for just an oil change and the run through car wash. and she simply said, with no care in the world. " well it does say oil change and car wash". i then told her yes it does but that was not the agreement. it was for a oil change and full car wash. then she simply again, told me well you will just have to take it up with the person you spoke with for the agreement. and by the way she was one of the persons i spoke to. all i have to say is i am so tired of getting the run around from this business that i just dont want to even spend anymore of my time dealing with them. needless to say i had 3 potential customers for then also to pay cash, but now that is all out the window. well i think they lost alot more then i did. i will never shop for a vehicle with them again.

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  • Mu
    Muthukuma Mar 07, 2010

    03/5/2010 I have been charged atleast $500 for 3 times in past 1 year. They come up with something and ask my permission to the repair. This time I said no to all their items and asked them to do just the maintenence service. The guy (Phil) then called me and told that the door opening from within the car is not working and asked me $450 to fix it. I immediately found their fraud. The door opening was just fine for the past years since I bought the car and even before leaving the car for service. I just told them to return my car and said a BIG GOOD bye to them. Looking for a good service cente for my car. . There is anothe GUY by name JEsus. He is of same type tooo.. He recommended tire change..I just accepted it due to his name. He delivered my vehicle with a 3rd grade tire (some yokohima brand..) and gave the car to me without even balancing the tire and rotation test. I had to take my car back again to the service center and still couldnt do those missing service items.
    Dont go that thief shop. They either rip you off by false service items, if you say no to their items, they just remove something from your vehicle or just break something and try to charge for their FAKE repairs.

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Resolved no customer service or bad service!

I recently purchased a pathfinder 14 months ago. Brand New. I have always had the oil changes and tire rotations done at the dealer as well.
I recently had a flat, I took the car just up the street and was informed that because the tires were always over inflated they all needed replaced. Bald in the center only. Long story short. Of course, Nissan denied all responsibility and continued with lies from jesse in the service department and his boss as well. They offered no apology nor something to adjust the situation that they as a service department had obviously had done. They informed me this was just routine and that most tires on a suv were normal replaced 20 -25 thousand miles. Although when i called a sales person I was told 40-45. So not only will they deceive you in sales beware of there service department. They were careless in their service, customer care and the all over dealings with a former customer. I would never recommend them or this dealership to anyone whose looking for a true partnership with the dealer once you drive off. Beware. They will lie and not follow through.

Owner of this place. Kevin Mcgowen, service guy Jesse Parker.

  • An
    Angry Customer! Nov 14, 2009

    North Texas Nissan Of Grapevine has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. They are the ones who gives "Used Car Salesmen" their stereotype. The used car sales manager is the rudest human being I have ever encounted in my life and had the audacity to throw out that he was a "Christian" and would never make a wrong deal. Well 2 weeks after purchasing my car I am still dealing with him because he sold me a vehichle that was not what he told me it was, and he does not keep his word about any promise he makes. This is not even the tip of the iceberg! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALERSHIP, SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!! The way the economy is right now they should be treated customers like they are royalty!!! Horrible customer service! I cannot say enough bad things to even come close to what I think about this dealership and the way they run their horrendous operation.

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Resolved deceitful practices

My husband and I visited Russ Darrow Nissan in Milwaukee this summer. We went specifically for the 0% financing promotion. We spoke with salesperson and he took us to the '08 Altima Coupe. After taking a test drive, discussing the financing option and giving a price, the salesperson went to "make a deal" with the finance dept. An hour later he returned with full-price offer and said because it was an '08 that they COULDN'T DEAL ON THE PRICE AND THAT WE SHOULD GRAB IT NOW WHILE THEY STILL HAD IT IN STOCK! We ended up walking out of the dealership and 2 minutes later he calls us on our cell telling us he has discussed with his manager and they can meet our price. We agreed that we would buy the car if they would meet our price and drove back. We sat fro another hour after we signed the sales offer - and again he came back with an offer at close to the sticker price. He said that they just couldn't go as low as we wanted. We got up again, got to our car and he runs out to say that they have reconsidered - and will sell us the car at the requested price.

Then the lying began! We met with the finance agent and looked over the numbers (the interest rate was not shown at this point). Somehow they were charging us too much and my husband found where they charged us double for the same fee. She revised the contract and again the fee was charged twice (but this time they moved the fee and included it under another fee). Believe it or not they did this 2 more times, moving the duplicate fee or adding it into some other charge in order to hide it. The final straw was when the contract, all correct in the cost of the car, included 7% interest - not the 0% promotional rate! And we were told that the 0% was only for '07 cars and that 7% was the BEST they could offer. The manager was called in and he finally got the interest rate down to 5% - the BEST they could offer. We left without buying the car - and contacted another Nissan Dealer who could not only sell us the car for the price we desired, but offered much better customer service . We were also told that this wasn't the first time they heard of such dealings from Russ Darrow Nissan.

  • Ru
    Russ Darrow Sep 29, 2011

    We are very sorry to hear this please contact me at [email protected] to allow me to assist in anyway possible. We value ALL OF OUR customers and will go above and beyond to help

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  • Ce
    Celeste Salvadori Jan 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will NEVER purchase a car from Russ Darrow Nissan because they are a bunch of liars who like to steal from the elderly, and take advantage of them! If they did this to my Dad, who knows how many other elderly people they have taken advantage of! I was there with my Dad when he told them he didn't know whether or not he could afford to pay how much cash they were asking for a used Pontiac G6, and didn't want to go the financing route. The used car manager, Brenden told my Dad in order to hold the car for up to 5 days (make sure it wasn't sold to someone else), just to give them a couple of hundred dollars, until he was able to figure out his finances, which would be refunded if he couldn't afford to purchase this car. This was on Friday, December 16th 2011. My Dad told them to charge $200.00 to his Discover card, and by Monday, December 19th 2011, he would know whether or not he had enough cash in his account after subtracting money out for taxes owed to the government. I have given money to a dealership before to hold a car, and they gave me my check back when I couldn't afford the car. Same goes for apartments I have rented.

    When my Dad went to the used car dealership on Monday, December 19th to tell them he was going with a lower price car that was within his budget of $10k, and to refund the $200.00 to his Discover Card, Brenden--used car manager disappeared for 20 minutes. When he came back, he told my Dad they only had the ability to charge his card, they didn't have the ability to refund his card, and would mail him a check for $200.00 which he was suppose to receive by the end of the week. Up to this point in time (December 31, 2011), my Dad still has NOT received a check in the mail from them. I've worked in retail long enough to know if you can charge a credit card, you can also refund a credit card. They took advantage of the fact my Dad is elderly, and didn't know they were lying to him to keep his money. I plan to report this dealership to the WI BBB for deceptive practices, taking advantage of the elderly. They employ deceptive practices, and are a bunch of sharks waiting to steal! There's also a Federal Law on Elder Abuse, and not taking advantage of them. And to think, my Dad has previously purchased a car from Russ Darrow.

    DO NOT give them any money to hold a car you are thinking about purchasing because they will NOT honor their word of giving you your money back!!!

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  • Br
    brking81 Nov 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    We are writing this review in hopes that you set aside the excitement of a new purchase and think logically before spending your hard earned money on a vehicle at Russ Darrow Nissan in Milwaukee (Russ Darrow). WE DO NOT HOPE YOU MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS WE DID. Unfortunately, we have learned the hard way and we are left dissatisfied with the entire process and all levels of management and personal. We now know the NEVER come back to Russ Darrow and tonot let ANYONE play any classic games we all have heard about that happens at dealerships like this one.

    When asked if the vehicle had Satellite Radio the salesman said “yes”, but was unsure how to make it function within the car. UPON FURTHER INSPECTION, AFTER THE PURCHASE, THE VEHICLE DID NOT HAVE SATELLITE RADIO CAPABILITY THAT THE SALESMAN STATED IT HAD DURING THE TEST DRIVE!!!

    We asked to see underneath the vehicle for any rust and, if any, the severity of the rust. The salesman stated all the lifts were taken. HOW CONVENIENT….

    We discovered a crack in the windshield on the test drive (never disclosed to us… we had to find it ourselves 15 minutes into inspecting the vehicle). We were told it would be fixed prior to taking ownership of the vehicle. Was it fixed at the time? NO!
    On the passenger’s inside of the car there was missing a panel. The salesman told us he would look into getting a panel for us. NEVER HEARD A WORD ABOUT IT AFTER THAT.

    We also noticed scratches and dings throughout the vehicle, which we expected being that it was a used car. WE WERE TOLD THESE WOULD BE BUFFED OUT UPON RECEIVING THE VEHICLE…


    Despite all the issues, we decided to make an offer on the vehicle based on Russ Darrow’s promise to have all the issues fixed on the vehicle. After being asked what we are willing to pay and afford our first offer was instantly rejected. ALL OF A SUDDEN the salesman returned to inform us that there is a couple taking the same vehicle we are interested in for a test drive and that they are ready to buy at full asking price and that we MUST come up in price. We came up in price and he came back saying it wouldn’t work due to the other couple willing to pay full price, BUT since we were interested in the vehicle first, they would honor that fact as long as we come up more in price. We unfortunately came up and a deal was struck based on promises.

    The “Buyers Guide” stated there were discoveries of a “front differential leak”, “step rails rusted”, “drivers mirror inop & switch inop”, and “bad battery”. We raised questions about these issues and asked to speak to the Manager in regards to them. The Manager stated that the State of Wisconsin is the only State that requires a “Buyer’s Guide” and that the State itself is very particular in documenting the current condition of the car, whether they are minor or major issues. He assured us these are all minor issues with a used vehicle and no major issues would come of them in the immediate time being, but they are mandated to report them. THE AUTOMATIC STEP RAIL IS NOW HANGING OFF AND DRAGGING ONTO THE PAVEMENT WHILE MAKING LEFT TURNS A WEEK AFTER WE PURCHASED THE VEHICLE!!! AS WELL AS ON OUR WAY TO GET OUR VEHICLE FIXED ON WE NOW HAVING WINDOW GUARDS FLYING OFF OUR VEHICLE AS WE DRIVE ON THE INTERSTATE (THAT’S SAFE!!!)…AND THE MANAGER SAID THESE ARE MINOR TYPICAL ISSUES!!

    We were then presented gap insurance options, but were unsure of which one to choose. So they had wrote out 2 separate contracts for us to sign depicting different prices based on two different types of gap insurance coverage. They stated we would have to call back on Monday to let them know what contract to submit to the lender. We called back Monday (10/28) to express our displeasure of being told the car did not have what they said it had (Satellite Radio) and the severity of these issues they called “minor”. I requested that the paperwork not be sent into the lender until we determine a solution for these issues. I was assured again the issues would be fixed and that if they could work out some different pricing, given the fact the car did not have the options we were told it had, they would. COME TO FIND OUT THE CONTRACT WAS DECIDED FOR US WITHOUT OUR VERBAL AUTHORIZATION OF WHAT CONTRACT TO SUBMIT TO THE LENDER.

    Upon walking to the vehicle we notice a dent that was never disclosed to us during inspection and was not on the ever so “truthful” “Buyer’s Guide”. WAS TOLD THE DENT WOULD BE FIXED WHEN WE BRING BACK THE VEHICLE…

    The scratches and dings were still there… I QUESTION IF THESE WERE EVEN WORKED ON.

    In order for the salesman to smooth things over a bit he stated he had one of their employees go put gas in the vehicle. Got in the vehicle and noticed they put a 1/8th of gas in the tank to give it ¼ of a tank. WHAT A NICE GESTURE OF RUSS DARROW TO SPEND $15 AFTER WE HAD JUST SPENT OVER $20, 000 ON THE VEHICLE.

    Once we entered in the vehicle we discovered the crack in the windshield was still there that we were promised would be repaired prior to receiving the vehicle.

    Prior to leaving the lot we were once again assured all issues with the vehicle would be fixed at Russ Darrow’s expense.

    We made an appointment for the following Wednesday (10/30). Halfway there I called to confirm our arrival in order for our service to be expedited as they promised (we live 2 ½ hours away) to only have them cancel the appointment on us. Would it have been that difficult for them to pick up the phone first thing in the morning and inform us they could not accommodate us that day so that we both would not have taken off work and save us gas money? I voiced my extreme displeasure at this point only for the salesperson to smooth things over by assuring us they would work around our work schedules the following week and to inform us that we purchased the vehicle cheaper than we thought. The salesperson informed us that my fiancé was not approved for the agreed upon price and they lowered the amount of the car to put us at our maximum financing limit. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WE WERE EVER TOLD THIS!!! We have yet to confirm this and I question the reason for not telling us right away. It would not surprise me if it led us down another dark alley about this experience. We called back on Friday of the same week to setup an appointment for Wednesday (11/6) only to be told that Wednesday would not work for their schedule this after being assured by our sales person that Russ Darrow WOULD work around our work schedules. I asked to speak to a Manager and the Manager stated they would honor their commitment to have the vehicle looked at and worked on that day. We both took off another day of work and dished out another $75 in gas money only be told on arrival that they will have to put us in a loner vehicle and we would have to come back because they cannot work on the vehicle that day. UP TO THIS POINT IN TOTAL WE SPENT $125 IN GAS, 2 DAYS OFF WORK (the both of us) FOR A LOSS PAY OF $800 AND A TOTAL NET LOSS OF $925. AND NOW THEY ARE ASKING US TO COME BACK AND TAKE AN ADDITIONAL DAY OFF WORK AND MORE MONEY SPENT ON GAS FOR A TOTAL NET LOSS THAT WOULD PUT US NEAR $1, 500?!?!?

    At this point we have been as patient as anyone could be in the situation we were being put in and we politely ask to speak to the Manager. A Manager comes over and we express our displeasure with the vehicle and its problems that we feel were down played along with the service being provided. We then inform them we would like to return the vehicle if possible. He says he is unsure if that is possible and leaves. As we were sitting there for approximately 5 minutes and seeing only one potential customer in a cubical and all the Sales Managers just standing around, we again ask to speak to the Manager. The salesman again made a final smooth it over type pitch and reminded us that we had gotten a better deal than we had thought. However, we were tired of the constant run around and games being played that nothing he could say or do at this point could possibly smooth anything over. Instead of the Sales Manager being brought out, the Financing Manager is brought out to explain the breakdown in numbers within the purchase. With two different contracts being signed and this “new” sales price we were told about DAYS AFTER THE PURCHASE, numbers were being thrown at us left and right to the point we couldn’t make heads or tails out of it all. He then asks if we have any questions and we ask AGAIN to speak to a Sales Manager. After about another 5 minutes of waiting a different Sales Manager sits down and informs us that he understands there are issues with the vehicle and that he would be happy to look at them, but COULD NOT PROMISE THEY WOULD FIX ALL THESE ISSUES BASED ON PRICE. THIS WHOLE TIME WE WERE PROMISED THAT THESE ISSUES WOULD BE FIXED AND NOW THEY WOULD NOT HONOR THAT PROMISE?!?! I make him aware of our displeasures and state that we would like to return the car based on their constant attempt to down play the issues that we discovered and what was stated in the “Buyer’s Guide”, including them not honoring their original promise to have all the issues fixed at the cost of Russ Darrow. He states that my fiancé signed the contract and that we should have read it more carefully. Then proceeds to tell us the contract is made final and they would not even look at the vehicle at this point. I then inform him of the options we have legally, as a purchaser, that I would be contacting the Wisconsin DOT while seeking legal representation in this matter. He stood up and said “GET OUT OF HERE AND YOU CAN HAVE YOUR ONE ATTORNEY GO UP AGAINST OUR 30” with a smirk on his face. I then proceeded to the sales cubicle next to the one we were in and tapped a lady, who was interested in a vehicle there, on the shoulder to inform her of our experience at Russ Darrow. We began to walk out only to be cursed at for informing the lady. As we walked out she walked out right behind us. I only wish someone would have tapped us on the shoulder that day to inform us.


    Good Luck in Your Search and We Hope Your Experience is Better Than Ours!

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warning to owners!

Warning to 2001 sentra gxe owners: due to a problem with a crank/camshaft sensor, your engine may cut out while the car is in motion.

I have a nissan sentra gxe, model year 2001. Since I purchased the car new, I have had to replace the same part twice, soon to be three times. Once I was lucky enough to have it covered under a product recall. The second time I was told there was no recall, only to find out a month after I paid to fix it myself, that there had indeed been a recall on the first recalls replacement parts. My request for refund for parts and labor was denied. It was not an entirely expensive fix, just a couple of hundred dollars. However, as I was driving home this week my car did the exact same thing it always does when this sensor blows. I was driving on the highway, going about 70-the speed limit-and my engine cuts off. I don't know if anyone has had this happen to them, but with power steering it becomes very hard to steer and control the car at that speed-especially with the engine off, if you turn it too quickly you lock the steering wheel. Also, this model has electronic assist on the brakes, so the brake pedal gets stiff and it will only depress about 1 inch, making stopping the vehicle almost impossible. You almost have to just pray and let the car cruise to a stop, all the while almost causing several accidents and risking grave injury to yourself and others.

So here I am, having cheated death for a third time now, fighting with nissan trying to get them to realize that there is still a problem with the sensor. They seem to think that the problem has been resolved. I can assure you it has not. I am currently expecting a child, so I think it is time to just part ways with the car, and nissan. After this has happened so many times, I just feel like I can't take the risk. It makes you nervous, you just never know when it is going to happen.

Erin a. Mohl
North carolina

poor & un-professional customer service!

Perhaps the slogan that best defines my odessey with Bill Seidle's Nissan Used Cars at Miami Intn'l Mall is: "Great Price, horrible Service."
I bought the above mentioned car from them last July 27th with their promise to fix the a/c. Five days after the purchase I drove the car to their Service Dept. for the promised fix and that was the last time I saw my vehicle. Believe it or not, the whole team, from the Manager Mr Ramon Tellez, through the salesperson, to the Service Dept. Manager have been constantly promising me to finish the car the next day since the second day they had it. I must add that they have already collected the $2000.00 down payment and do not show any simpthoms or desire to act in a faster pace.

I've been given all kinds of excuses, but the most common one is that every time they find something broken they have to request it to a nearby dealership (no more than 7 to 8 miles away) and it takes them 2 days. Why didn't they make a list of all damaged parts from the beginning? Well, my take is this; since they have already made their kill with this car they are working on it on their spare time. Another cause could be their lack of experience with the Jeep brand.

To all the above I must add that not even a "loaner" has been offered to me... and most probably will be denied since the sale has already been made. This has imposed an already embarrassing burden on my family, friends and co-workers that so far have taken care of my transportation. I have researched on other local dealerships for how long it would take them to fix a car similar to mine (from a different brand than those they sell) and the work does not take more than 2 to 3 days replacing the entire a/c system (evaporator, lines, compressor, climate control, expansion valve... etc) When all the above factors are thrown into the mix, the inevitable conclusion is: "They are playing with the customer insulting the intelligence of any 7 year old kid." As an aviation worker/designer, it is easy to imagine how hard is having to hear all those excuses without loosing the calm. I want to emphases that I HAVE NOT conducted myself in any upset/uncorteous manner at any time and still, costumer service as a concept seems to have vanished from Bill Seidle's Nissan at Miami Int'l Mall. As an aggravant to this whole thing my five-year-old starts school (10 miles away) on next August 20th and still, no hope for a solution in the horizon.
Thanks for your attention.

they do not stand behind their customers

Frederick Nissan / Nissan North America

I wanted to caution everyone about using Frederick Nissan in Frederick, MD and dealing with Nissan North America (NNA) for warranty repairs.

My 2002 Maxima was at Frederick Nissan for a transmission slip while under warranty. The service department did not repair the vehicle, but patched it along until it was out of warranty. Tim Hardee, the service manager, refused to assist me in the repair, and he claimed that the vehicle was not "properly maintained."

When I went to NNA's customer service department and opened a claim, Philip Henry, Jeffrey Booker, and Jonathan Renick all worked on the case with the final result being that it would not be covered due to a lack of maintenance. I also filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau Autoline Program, the Maryland Better Business Bureau, the Fair Trade Commission, and The Maryland Office of the State Attorney General.

Frederick Nissan and NNA never had any documentation about any prior routine maintenance (oil changes, trans fluid changes, etc.) from two other Nissan dealers and Jiffy Lube. I have all service records that correspond 100% to the requirements stated in the Nissan Warranty. NNA made their decision on incomplete information and they have been totally unwilling to receive my information but based their decision entirely on what Frederick Nissan told them.

NNA has violated the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal act stating that any vehicle issue brought to the attention of the dealer prior to the expiration of the warranty, is covered under that warranty. Again, I have records stating that I complied with the warranty in full, but Frederick Nissan and NNA have never taken that into consideration.

E2809CNo warranter of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumers using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name... E2809D (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)).

My warning is simple, keep records of EVERYTHING! Even then, Nissan will string you along. I have attempted to contact Jeffrey Booker from NNA 27 times without a return phone call. I have attempted to contact Jonathan Renick 7 times via email without a return email. This has been on-going since April 27, 2007.

I hope nobody else has to go through what I have had to deal with for the past three months and I would certainly be cautious about using Frederick Nissan for any purchases or service since they do not stand behind their customers.

The final result? I traded the Maxima for a Subaru. Nissan has lost a customer and there is nothing they will ever be able to do to regain my trust/business.

If anyone wants more information, please feel free to contact me: boxtwo AT earthlink.net

engine blown at 36,000 km!

Our 2004 Nissan Terrano has a blown engine after only 36,000 km. Reading online, it seems that there is a major problem with the Terrano engines. All of them are blowing at 50,000 km. I can't get any help from any of the Nissan dealers here in the Dominican Republic. Who do we contact for these problems? Doesn't Nissan stand behind their product?


  • Ga
    garith Jones Aug 10, 2007
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    If nissan knew what they were doing when they designed this wagon, they would have followed in pursuit of the toyota hilux. Personally i think there boot space is to small! Its a struggle to drink beer while riding the the boot space of a nissan terrano. If you are thinking of buying a nissan terrano, i strongly suggest you consider getting a toyota hilux surf. They are me reliable than the nissans and there boot space is a lot bigger and can cater for drunk passengers in the boot.

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    GC Jun 28, 2011
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    The pads had to be replaced and the rotors turned. Nissan would not cover under warranty!

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very poor service!

I went to Reed Nisan for an oil change (we all know how this goes) and I pulled my car into the service dept. and got out, was standing there waiting, by my car for 10 minutes. NOBODY acknowledged me, there were 2 service people there and 2 people in business suites. I don't know there names but they completely ignored me. I was irate at this time so I went inside to the cashier and told them that I needed help outside in the service dept. She simply stated, "there should be people outside" I said, "there is but they are ignoring me". She just told me to go and talk to the service dept. manager. I was like, "are you kidding me"? SO, I went over to the managers office and of course, no one was there. So, I proceeded back outside to my car, waited another few minutes got fed up and left. I would have NEVER expected this treatment from Nissan, a place where I have always took my car for an oil change. I am highly disappointed with the people over there. I will not recommend anyone to go there or to buy a car form there. I was so upset that I cried as I left. I took my car elsewhere, I was treated a hell of a lot better than that place. And i got a better deal on my oil change. If I were you, stay away from Reed Nissan.

shoddiest customer service I have ever experienced!

Customer Service and Warranty Service Compliant Against Nissan USA. In searching the internet, it seem...

car sales agent cheated me

I went to the ALTA Nissan dealer at Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada to buy a car by trading in my old car. The sales agent called William Wou, used the Nissan website calculator to explain the monthly payment to me and then asked me to sign the contract and pay deposit. After I went home, I found out that calculator on the Nissan web site deducted the tax for the downpayment. It shouldn't be used for calculating the trade-in value of my old car because the trade-in value should be tax-free. This sales agent cheated me. Please be careful when you deal with this car dealer.

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    Sam Li Mar 19, 2010

    The dealership has very poor service at all levels. I bought the car from them and then I serviced the car for 5 years with them, and only thing I can say, I’m not going come back to these guys ever, as well it affected my decision do not buy any Nissans from now on.

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poor service!

My Nissan 2000 Crewcab was leaking antifreeze. I took it to Northpoint for a diag check, they told me I had a busted Radiator hose and needed a Headgasket replacement repair, for a total cost of $1,804. I was called back about two weeks later and informed my truck was repaired but I had a loud knocking noise. Northpoint Nissan told me I needed a new engine because these things happen in vehicle repair.They located a rebuilt engine. When my engine was pulled to replace it they discovered a carbon deposit. Northpoint takes the Carbon deposit out and replace my old engine back in my truck. Subsequently I had to take my vehicle back to Northpoint 3 times due to engine light warning. This week was the last straw my vehicle is leaking antifreeze again, HELP ME.

defective oil consuming engine

Superior Nissan of Carson - 1505 East 223rd Street Carson, CA 90745. Toll Free: [protected] Phone: [protected]

I must let you know how dissatisfied with the service that I have received at Superior Nissan of Carson. I've owned many cars in my day and many Nissans, but this is hands down one of the worst service departments I have experienced. First of all, I just took a practically brand new car in for two problems that should not have happened. We purchased a 2006 Nissan Altima SE-R from the dealership in late 2005. Mid-2006, the car starts indicating the oil pressure is dropping. I take it in for service and I am told that it was a faulty gauge. The gauge is replaced and I get the car back. Again, after a few days, the oil pressure is again dropping per the gauge. I bring it in again, and I am told that the service dept. would perform an oil consumption test. They would put something on the car to let them know if the rate of consumption is abnormal. Meanwhile, during all of this back and forth, I have to keep coming in a leaving my car without given a loaner or something. I accepted that at the time because I was told that since it's a minor problem, and the car is "drivable", then it could not be provided. Soon after, I bring the car back and sure enough, the car IS consuming oil. Looking on the internet, I see that this has been a problem with a handful of Altima SE-R V6s with 6MT and Infiniti G35 coupes with 6MT. Great! SO now what? I was told by my service advisor Carl, that Nissan will order an engine, but Superior Nissan would NOT provide a loaner because the car was "drivable". That was 12/27/2006 and I had been bring the car in since October 2006 at the sign of the first problem. Meanwhile, the next week after I [picked up my "drivable" car, that I have to put oil in as much as I have to put gas in it, starts making banging sounds under the hood. This happens on a weekend, Sunday night to be exact. Once again, I have to drop my car off at the early bird drop at Superior Nissan of Carson, get a friend to take me to the Long Beach Airport to Enterprise-Rent-A-Car (Because that is the only place to rent a car 9:00 pm on a Sunday) because I need a "DRIVABLE" car to go to work the next morning. THIS 2006 ALTIMA SE-R V-6 IS NOT DRIVABLE! THE RATE AT WHICH IT CONSUMES OIL IS INCREASING EVERY TIME I DRIVE IT!!! I don't know when and where this engine is going to finally SEIZE UP! I call Carl the service advisor, that following Monday morning. I told him that the car is making noises and it is not drivable. He says that the new replacement engine is on order and will be in because it is a warranty job. I inform him at that time of the rental that I HAD to get, and he informed me that they will take care of the rental since I got it from Enterprise and they use Enterprise. I then keep that rental with the expectation that they will take care of me. Weeks and weeks go by and we are in to February of 2007. All calls to the dealership go unanswered, and finally after a desperate attempt to reach my service advisor, he informs me that I need to call Nissan One and complain about the engine taking to long. I call Nissan One 2/20/2007, and they confirm that it was up to the DEALERSHIP to provide me with something to drive and they will be involved with replacing the engine. I spoke with Jason at x57864 of Nissan One, and he gave me the File# 5624224 for my complaint. This was a classic case of "passing the buck". Finally 3/18/2007, almost 3 months after it was ordered, the engine comes in and is installed in the car. I return the rental the same day and present the receipt to Superior Nissan of Carson's service manager Manny Casillas and the service advisor Carl. Manny later tells me that Superior Nissan of Carson WILL NOT PAY for my rental! After I was promised compensation from the service advisor Carl and received confirmation from Nissan One that this was a dealership responsibility, they say "No". It was not my fault that they engine consumed oil and was defective. It was not my fault that the SE-R engine was on backorder from Nissan. I bought a brand new car with the expectation that I could drive a dependable and reliable car back and forth to work and home. I believed in this product and that it would be safe for my family to drive and ride in. I believed that this disastrous defect would be handled with the highest caliber of customer service. I was dead wrong. Now I have been stuck with a $1600.00 rental bill, a Chrysler Sebring for God sakes, and the dealership has duped me. I call every Nissan point of contact available to me, and no one is trying to hear me or give me compensation. As the proud owner throughout the years of a 1990 Nissan 240 SX, a 1989 Nissan Maxima, a 1991 Nissan Maxima, a 1994 Nissan 300 Z, a 2001 Nissan Maxima, a 2003 Infiniti FX35, and a 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe, I get NO NISSAN/INFINITI LOVE?! I have bought Nissans and Infinitis most of my driving life, and as a customer many times over, I do not deserve this treatment. I will not buy another Nissan made vehicle and will discourage others I know from doing the same until Nissan steps up and takes care of business. I hope that this posting will speak through me to others. Maybe now someone will hear me... or maybe not.

Thom Washington

bplakinger AT superiornissan.net
ejimenez AT superiornissan.net
mmelendez AT superiornissan.net
tmartin AT superiornissan.net
mcassilas AT superiornissan.net
lily AT superiornissan.net
mmelendez AT superiornissan.net
webmaster AT NissanUSA.com

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    Jose Ordinario Mar 09, 2008
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    I just have a few questions regarding your service. I always bring my Nissan quest there for service for 2 1/2 years now because the service was good but right now i'm not satisfied with it. Before everytime i go there to do a service they always check the tires , the wheel rotation and everything so i always have a good idea that everything is checked well.

    I have a few questions here.

    My nissan quest have an alert for tire rotation and engine oil.

    How come they did not check my tire pressure. I just did an oil change and hydraulic brake system fluid flush. They check on my tire and told me that it should be replaced but they did not do any tire pressure check and tire rotation check. Right now i'm thinking if all of my services for the past 2 years have been done right because simple things like this should be checked . I've been paying alot for the maintenance of my van you can check it in your file but right now i'm not satisfied i did a brake flush that means that the brakes is check and so is the tire. They recommended a tire change for $700 something but the tire rotation they did not check and also the tire pressure they did not check. Hope that you will email me back regarding this matter.

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fraud business practices!

I just wanted to tell someone about Nissan of Mckinney. I went into the dealership to look for a Nissan...

bad and disrespectful customer treatment

On 4/28/07 I went to Nissan in hopes to purchase a new car and trade mine in. A sales person by the name of Jim attended me and was very helpful he listened and paid close attention to my request and found me the perfect car. I test drove the car and was ready to make a deal. Jim brought in Willy (willy sold me my first car and is now a manager) to do all the paper work and to work out the deal at that time we went out to show the car to my Father in law. We noticed that the cars exterior was not in good conditions so we requested for a white car. Willy explained to us that at the moment he did not have that car but that he will get it for us. We left Nissan to receive a call from willy the next day. I arrived at the Nissan with my mother to do the paperwork in which we did. I drove the car home to realize that it was not the same model as the car that I had test drove and that it was missing features. I called willy the next day to explain to him what has happened and willy did not want to hear me out he said that the car is what it is and that there are no cars with the features in which I had explained I went to the Nissan willy had me speak to Jim since me and him had test drove the car and Jim agreed after hearing me out the mistake was made. He said that he will explain it to the mgr and see what they could do for me. At that time Willy came out and disregarded everything that Jim said and said that there is nothing to be done. At that time Willy brought out paperwork to explain how the car is the same model and how I am making the wrong assumptions. When he showed me the paper in which we did our numbers on the first car with it had in bold blue marker the model in which I was suppose to receive 2.0 S. I pointed this out to Willy to show him that I was not making assumptions. Willy took the paper to his manager and at that time the manager took a blue marker and began to scribble over the S to show that it was a mistake and that it is suppose to be a 2.0. At that time the other manager came out and told me that there is nothing I can do the car is now owned by me and that I should not of had taken it home and that he will not reverse the transaction and give me my trade in back. I was very upset and told him I did not want the car leaving the new car with its paperwork and keys and leaving with my mother 20min later we arrived at our house and 10min later a tow truck appeared with the newly purchased car. The tow man was leaving the car in the middle of the road when we walked out and asked him what was going on he told us he was instructed to do so by George (manager) at Reed Nissan and that George had stressed to him to leave the car anywhere and that if the car is hit or stolen that is our responsibility and not of Reeds. My mother asked the man to please not leave it in the street and to park it in the drive way at that time my mother got into her car and began to drive out the parkway when the gentleman began to take pictures of my mother driving off and of our house. Reed Nissan treated me bad they were very disrespectful and unhelpful I bought my first car from them 5yrs ago and came back as a loyal customer and this is how I got treated.

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    Reviewer93794 Sep 09, 2015
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    Does not honor their word. They have service specials in the department but will not honor them.

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messed up my car

I purchased a 2006 nissan maxima from Jeff Schmitt Nissan on Alpha Road in Ohio. My husband and I purchased it under the agreement that they would buff it out and change a rim that had been hit. They changed the rim but they did not buff it out because they claimed they had no way of buffing the car inside and it had been raining so we waited for two weeks for the buff to get done. Meanwhile we took the car home and noticed that the car would jerk to the right. We took it back to nissan and they noticed that the car wheels didn't match so they changed the tire (used) to match. The car continued to jerk We took it back and told them that the car probably needed to be aligned. They aligned it but told us that nissans do not need to be aligned unless the previous driver had hit the wheel really hard. They eventually sanded the roters and aligned the car. Meanwhile I still needed the buff job. Eventually the car was taken in and buffed. After we got the car buff we immediately took it to z-bard to have a diamond gloss coat put on the car to protect it. After the diamond gloss was put on (another $1000) we noticed that when they buffed the car the trunk had been discolored because of the buff. We notified the dealer and they did not contact us back for a week. First they told us that it was probably dirt. At this time since the purchase of the vehicle we had made at least 7 trips to the dealer to get the car taken care of. When they finally notified us my husband explained to them that it needed to be touched up because it was very visible. They stated that it could not be touched up because the black paint was hard to touch up. My husband said then the trunk would need to be repainted . They complained that they were'nt making any money on the car. My husband stated that he would pay half to have the trunk repainted which cost approximately $500.00. They said no they weren't going to spend any more money on the car. First of all they spent no money on the car. When they replaced the wheels they took them from another nissan on the lot. The car is still under manufacturers warranty. The grill that I did not mention that needed replaced was under warranty. They only thing they probably paid for was for the mechanic to align the wheels which should have been done before they put the vehicle out for sale. I am very unsatisfied with Jeff Schmitt Nissan. I paid with an extended warranty close to $26,000. I could I have purchased a 2007 for this price. I am very unsatisfied with this dealership. We know have to pay to have our trunk repainted an additional cost. I have owned 3 nissans in my life and I will never purchase another nissan.

very poor customer service

I went to trophy Nissan to look at a truck that I saw on their website. The truck looked great, but they had no gas in it to really test drive it. I did take it down the road and back. Looked fine and drove fine. The alignment was off a little bit. They said they would fix it along with putting new tires on it because one of them had a big nail sticking out of it. I should have known what I was getting into when the salesman gave me the run around when trying to negotiate the price. After several hrs of waiting I signed papers on the truck. With the condition that they do the 27 point inspection because they never did it in the first place. They sent me home in a user car. The next day they said that they had to order a part and the truck won't be ready for several days. Eight days goes by and I still don't have my truck. After several messages with no return call, They finally tell me that it will be ready at 7pm and I could come pick it up. I verified that it would be ready on time, and asked to be call if something changes. I get there after driving almost an hour and they tell me that it's not ready. They send some pee-on of a manger to tell me. I jumped his case about no one ever calling me. He said he would make sure it was delievered to my work first thing the next morning. I asked for my car back and to forget the whole thing. They just ignored my request. If I known then what I know now, I would have insisted to get my car back. However, I really needed a truck. He said they would make sure that the truck had a full tank of gas for my trouble. Woahow... Late afternoon the next day they did finally get me the truck. As I was driving home, I noticed that the door sounded like it wasn't shut all the way. When I inspected it appears that the truck had been in prior accident and the door wouldn't never align right. There was pieces of glass in the floor. So I started checking out the tires and noticed they never replaced them. The tire that had the nail in it, was just rotated to the rear axles because it still had the nail in it.

All and all it's a good truck. I am probably most to blame for not really checking into the truck more. However, the treatment that I got from Trophy Nissan is unacceptable. They claim the customer is number 1, yeah, until you sign the contract. Then you're just another victim. I've already stopped some people from going there, hopefully this will stop you from going. They are BIG carlot so they don't care. They will only wise up when people stop buying from them.

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    Kathy Grillo Apr 28, 2007
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    I will never go to trophy nissan again and I've done business with them for 20 years.

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    Loong Yew Luen May 06, 2007
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    It is wise if you could e-mail your complaint letter to the President of Nissan Japan, Mr. Carlos Ghosn, Vice president, and all the big boss. I am sure your complain will deserve their attention.

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  • Di
    di0n romney Mar 11, 2010

    hello i live in the Caribbean .i buy a nissan frontier 2006 ax diesel. from our local dueler sint martin cars from the first service i told them i see oil in the air filter .told me is the pvc and it tock them all most a year to change it .it county new still passing they oil in the air filer.they change it agen i went over and over with the same problem . spoke the management then they make pay a part of the overhaul. they accept that truck have problem.they keep the truck for over 2 mounts in the service center.when i go over to them thay cant find the parts and one set of lies from management .after i got truck back before the warranty on the overhaul was up .the truck .all of the oil in the engine all most burned out.the engine all most broke .i spoke to management agen they keep running me around and after tell me i have to buy a short block for 9000 usd told them thy are crazy.i told them thy no of the problem before the warranty was up .and they refuse to fix it, every time go over the sevice center no one cant tell me eney thing and have hold on like i am a j...if you can help solve this problem with out a fit . my email [email protected] tel 3475277647 or 5995206665 cel i cant not one to help me the service bad and thay rip you off

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    Godfrey Lam Feb 25, 2015
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    Nissan Automobile is putting all their consumers' lives at risk now. In 2010 we bought a brand new Nissan LaFesta station wagon in Japan, it's only has 50, 000 km and 5 years. A month ago, I realized the airbag light blinking, however, due to busy with work and kids we just made an appointment today and have them check the problem. They told us that they will not pay for the because our warranty just ran out 2 days ago. The mechanic told us if there is accident the airbag won't deploy because the censer is broken. So we told them that the problem started even before the warranty ran out despite of we didn't know anything about that. But this is the most important part of the car. It's about the customers's lives. Airbag won't deploy if accident happened??? I asked the vice president are all the Nissan products start to break in 3 - 5 years or whatever the warranty runs out, and he said yes and this just happened to be 5 years. I just couldn't believe the vice president of Nissan store said something like that to customers. I would reconsider buying Nissan products again.

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