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Complaints & Reviews

faulty vehicle

I purchased this vehicle with good faith thinking that i would be trouble free because it is brand new. At 1000 km i complained to royce love nissan (rossburgh) durban that my bakkie had a vibration and i was told that it could be the propsahft. At 15000km the bakkie was taken in for a re-ring. Then i had a problem with the brakes ,the rear brake shoes was not fitted properly. At 30000km i complained that my bakkie was taking oil. Test were done and i was told that the vehicle needed to be taken in for a re-ring(second) again.

I still at this time did not have the problem with the propshaft vibration sorted out. Just before i took the vehicle in for the re-ring the gearbox pact up. This vehicle was towed to nissan workshop and the gearbox was taken for a report and i was told that it was due to driver abuse which then cosed me r8666.05. Before picking up my bakkie i was told that the re-ring was also done. At this time my bakkie is only doing 636km after re-ringing i have filled two pints of oil. Does this vehicle need a re-ring again, i don't know. This is causing me a lot of inconvenience. I think that i have a reject vehicle and i don't know what to do.

nissan is a lemon!

Please review the message below I sent to everyone one in my address book. I would like to get this posted on...

very bad service!

I have a 2006 Nissan Maxima which I use alot since I work almost 40 minutes from my home. One Saturday I am out with my kids and all of a sudden the car does like this jolt and turns itself off, I pull over to the side of the road and try to inspect any obvious little things to see why the car would just suddenly turn off, nothing was wrong, I called my husband and he says just wait a few minutes and see what happens. I waited for almost half an hour then I try turning the car on again, the car turns on but all the dashboard lights are on brake light, ABS light, gas light..etc literally all the lights on the dashboard and none of the gouges were working so I was not marking mileage, speed or gas. I call the Nissan dealer closest to my work and they say to take the car in on Monday and they will see what can be done. I take the car in and I explain to the service writer what happened and I show him how all the dashboard lights were on and how it smelled like something was burning he tells me that the car is unsafe for me to continue driving it like that, they will get me a rental and they will do a diagnostic on the car and he will call me as soon as he knows something. I get a call on Tuesday from the service writer and he tells me that the part that my car will need will have to be overnighted and that they would call me when the work was done. I agreed, they gave me a rental and I waited for their call. On Thursday I get a call from the service writter and he tells me that my car is ready and I can pick it up after work, he will leave the keys with one of his buddies there cause he will be off before I can get there. I arrive at the dealership I am asked to turn in the rental first, then another service writer comes out and hands me my keys. I wait for my car to be brought out I get in it, turn it on and to my surprise the smell and all the lights on the dashboard are on. I go into speak to the manager and I ask him if he knows from my receipts what was done to the car and if he can tell me why it is that the same problem that I brought the car in for continues. I told him that his service writer told me that this car was unsafe for me to drive and how did it make it safe now when nothing had been fixed. I get a call the next morning same service writer which blames the whole thing on the mechanic and how I will need to leave the car there for another few days so another part can be ordered. Finally a week later, I go pick up my car like at 5 pm after work and the windshield is cracked, the people at the dealership state that they are not responsible for these type of things and that these things can happen when the car is left outside in the Arizona heat, well by this point I am so upset and I call Nissan Corp and they tell me that every dealership is individually owned and this is a dealership problem and that I will need to settle this with the dealership. Now 1 month later my car again same problem all the dashboard lights came on, the gouges don't work and the dealership says that unless I want to incur further expense I have to take it to Midway Nissan have them look it over so they can determine whether the incorrect part was fixed otherwise I will need to pay for the problem to be fixed, since it could be something different, but presenting the same identical issues.

  • Az
    azcollector25 Oct 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having problems with my Altima and Midway told be $1800 to fix it. Another place told me $400 they suck.

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my nightmare buying a nissan!

My Nightmare - Buying a Nissan at Denton North Texas Nissan.

My old 1996 Ford Windstar with 133K miles was being coming undependable. So, last Thursday Dec 14, 2006, I went alone, my wife was not feeling well, to look at Nissan vehicles at the Dealership; because they had sales ads. After being pressured by the sales staff till about midnight, over 3.5 hours, and not returning my trade vehicle’s keys. Then, I made my mistaken. I purchased a 2006 Nissan Altima.

On driving the Altima home about 10 miles I noticed that the car was very small and that the seats were about on half the height of my Ford Windstar and were not comfortable. This was a bad discovery. My wife has serious arthritis in her legs and would be the primary driver of this vehicle. She would have a very hard time getting into a the drivers seat and a much harder time getting out of the vehicle, because it is too low.

After a short sleepless night I decided to take the car back to Denton North Texas Nissan early Dec 15th Friday morning about 8:30 AM, so they could take the car back before it was registered. I explained to the Sales Manager the problem with the car and that I could not keep the car.

The Sales Manager, personally said, there was no 3 day return policy in Texas and would not take the car back unless I purchased another vehicle. Otherwise, he said that the car would be reposed and ruin my credit. To complete the nightmare UNDER DURESS 2 hours later I purchased another vehicle without my wife.

Now I am stuck with a 2007 Nissan Xteria for $23K+ Plus dollars, which is too much money for the truck. It is better than the Altima, but it was designed for Off Road use, which I will never do. Also the seats are stiff, not comfortable, poor Gas Mileage, and the truck rides is 100 times rougher than my 10 year old Ford Winstar. Not the right vehicle for my family. I would like to end this nightmare and keep my good credit and return the truck and get back my trade or the value for the trade.

  • Di
    Diana Jean McCook Feb 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My fiance and i were trying to purchase 2 new nissans. After spending hours trying to get the payments where we needed them to be we finally signed lease papers. After some pencil whipping they added a gold preferred maintenance package to his frontier to get hin financed. We left in our vehicles and a couple of days later they called me to tell me they could not finance the truck in his name that i would have to put it in my name! I told them i did not want to do that and that we would just return the vehicles and to get our old ones ready. I was then told they could not give me mine back but his would be ready! I was really upset because the only reason i was trading in my car was because of the deal they were making us on the two. It ended up that they would add the gold package to my car also for all of the trouble they had caused by their mistake. I was not aware that i did not have the same maintenance package on my altima until it was time for the 30'000 mile service to be done on both vehicles. We were already there dropping off the vehicles when i was told that mine would cost me approximately $300 and my now husbands was included. iI was told i had the silver package that only included oil changes and tire rotation! I have called my salesperson and explained it all to him and was told to call him back he was going to pull up my file. I called back and was put on hold for 10 minutes and then told that he was in a meeting . I left him a voicemail and still have not heard from him.

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  • Valerie Sep 26, 2007

    North Texas Nissan - Corinth, TX

    My husband and I were 24 going to buy our first vehicle on our own for his birthday. We get there and find out they have an 05 king ranch with 40,000 miles and only $39,999 and this is in Jan. of 07. They make us buy a power train warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles at $2,548 mind you the vehicle has 40,000 miles already so this warranty is for nothing not only that, ford diesels from the factory have a 100,000 mile warranty on the power train. So here comes Aug. and my husband decides he wants a Mustang less vehicle and it would drop our $834 a month vehicle payment. Well we find a vehicle we want and need to drop our GAP and Life coverage warranties so that our payoff is lower and we can get financed with out so much negative equity the Life coverage was $4,100 which at the other dealerships was way too high and un heard of and the GAP was $857 so of course we went to cancel these which are optional and by Texas State LAW our RIGHT as a consumer to cancel. They refused repeatedly well we leave I contact FOX 4 News, Nissan Corp., Dept. of Licensing and Regulations (investigator), and TXDOT. We head back up there to cancel our warranties and encounter another woman there with the same problem well this time we bearly get in the door and they sit us down and say it will be done immeadiatly I ask the woman why everyone is being so accomidating and she says I don't know. and of course I said well I guess I got a hold of the right people. We find out that they set us up with all those warranties because the truck is only worth $33,000 and they needed to make up the difference so they wouldn't loose out on the $37,000 they paid on it so through faulse powertrain warranties so they could rip us off with no coverage by them because FORD already does that. So now we are waiting on them to fax us our quote on the payoff which they said would be given to us the next day just call well we did and had to threaten to call the state back and get their license taken away to get the girl motivated to do it so now we are playing the waiting game. They did worse to my dad he traded in 3 paid off vehicles an F350 powerstroke 95, a 69 classic ford ranger, and a remodeled 89 blazer, said they'd give him $9,000 for all of them down on a F250 06 with 42,000 miles on it USED, he got home after signing the contract at 10:30 pm at 58 years old tired and no longer alert to realize what was going on they give him the payments he wanted yeah for 86 MONTHS, 7 FREAKIN' YEARS!!! They upped the price on the truck $8,000 from what they told him. This is a vehicle with no working radio and a dvd player that does not work either and they still haven't fixed it what a waste of money! THEY ARE LIARS AND WILL DOOP YOU PLEASE DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH THEM YOU WILL BE SO UPSET THAT YOU DID. ONE SALESMAN GOT HIT WITH A HAMMER AND IS STILL IN THE HOSPITAL! YOU WILL BE SO UPSET YOU WILL DO THINGS YOU WOULDN'T IMAGINE THANK GOD WE HAVE PATIENCE!

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  • Li
    Lisa Cole Feb 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Feb 11th 2008
    The problems start at the top and filter all the way down - poor poor management at the GM level, Finance level, and sales pressure. The client experience was worse than anything I have ever experienced and I have purchased 6 vehicles over the course of the last 20 years. I was exposed to extreme sales pressure, intimidation, disrespect, and embarrassment - the latter by the GM.

    Monday evening I stopped by to look at a 2008 Rogue, it was the only one in the area fully equipped in the color I preferred. However, after looking at the Rogue, the salesman suggested I take a spin in a Murano. Ok - so I did, the Rogue was not so attractive after climbing into a fully loaded dual moonroof Murano, needless to say. Ok so we started crunching a few numbers. I made it clear at the start that I could acquire my own financing; I made it clear at the start what I expected as trade-in value on my 2007 Honda Civic (13K miles); I made it clear from the start what I would be willing to pay per month in a car payment and how much my down payment. I was informed that the Murano's were selling for way over sticker price due to consumer demand and low availability - several thousand dollars over sticker. I continued to let them play their game, however a few hours and being sent through finance when I clearly stated I could obtain my own financing, I started to become "frazzeled" is the best way I can describe it. Then I was hit with giving them a deposit to hold the vehicle while financing was secured - a non-refundable deposit. WHY? Well they explained it is so that should I not acquire my own financing, they can start the financing from their end for the purchase. I then told them I was not comfortable with doing that, and I got the cat's grin with a comment of "oh, we will work with you, you want the vehicle right"?
    Well yeah but I wanted it only if the monthly payment could fall at a certain amount and they had made it clear they could not achieve that with their financing. I did give them a check however, believing that "we will work with you" meant exactly that.

    The next day, I arranged financing through my own bank but the interest rate was a point higher than I expected. When we went over the numbers,
    the monthly payment was more than I wanted, so I went back to the dealership to negotiate price again. NOTHIN DOIN' - they wouldn't budge an inch. Claiming that they were giving me more for trade-in than they should be and that they had to increase the value of the Murano. My 1 year old Honda was in excellent shape, low mileage, and I knew what the retail value of the car was before I took it in. They offered me 2000 less than retail value - I thought it was fair, UNTIL they hiked up the "in demand" Murano's price to cover it. No, not fair, not even close.

    So after 24 hours they still would not budge, even after checking a competitor's web site, finding the same exact vehicle & options with a internet price that was 2K less - They wouldn't even compete... So I took
    the borrowed Murano back - dropped it off and they refused to refund my deposit. The GM personally verbally embarrassed me when I voiced my difference of opinion regarding the value of my Honda - which he claimed he could have trouble selling it @ 14K so they were offering me 2000 more than it was worth but offsetting it with hiking up the Murano- WHAT ? I told him it was ridiculous and that the Honda was easily worth 16K which was what they were investing, and that I could get a better deal at another dealership - He told me to "GO DO IT" quite loudly in front of 4 of his staff- Ok buddy - you got it.

    2 Hours later the folks at Grapevine Nissan, got me into the exact same model/options at a reasonable price meeting my target payment. These guys were straightforward and kind. They sold 4 vehicles in the time frame I was there - on a Tues night midmonth - others must be hearing about these guys.

    Tonight I wil be returning for the 3rd time to retrieve my deposit - this dealership provided absolutely no service to me other than loaning me a vehicle for 24 hours. The mental anquish over this deal I have suffered, should have them compensating me. Wish me luck.

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worst car buying experience!

This Dealership in Dickson Tn. is the worst ever. Payed for new vehicle on a Friday, truck out of state, received call on Monday wanting more money because in order to have step rails a lift kit had to be put on. We paid, received vehicle by Wednesday. Left dealership with less than 1/4 tank gas in it. Then was told that they couldn't get a sunroof visor, which we paid for, but would give us a year of Sirius instead of 3 months. Only got 3 months of sirius, and by now my temp tags are up. Went in to complain, asked to talk to owner but was told he was busy. Someone else took my complaint and gave me my tags that were marked about two weeks old. Dealer called me next day and had everything fixed. Then we find out months later that we didn't need a lift kit to keep it under warranty. Dealer berates me for making a fuss over the money and Nissan's consumer Affairs Specialist seem to think that I like the truck and paid so everything is O.K. ( I am still working on this) Now the leinholder contacts me because they haven't received anything. I received the title! I guess they messed that up as well, which leaves me to go to the DMV to fix it since I won't deal with this dealership anymore. The WORST of the WORST! This place should be shut down, they seem to have NO KNOWLEDGE whatsoever about running a car dealership, at least that is the way I feel in our dealings with them.

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Resolved dealer does not cover any replacement parts!

This dealer does not cover any replacement parts (especially catalytic converters, sensors, etc.) that are more than 1 year old. Since my Maxima is now due for a third catalytic converter/sensors at $1,200 (first one replaced at 52K!) third one would be at $1,200 at 82K within 2 years!

On-Board Diagnostic Computers are great for making money, they indicate which part is bad (highest prices items) then the service department replaces it. The cause is never investigated. Anyway, I'm no longer a Nissan customer.

inadequate air-con and other problems!

I have the Nissan X-Trail 2006 ST-S 4x4 40th Anniversary edition (3 months old). Until recently I was extremely pleased with this car. The added extras (alloy wheels, large sunroof, and fog lights) are fantastic. I have not had the whistling sound heard by others when opening the sunroof. However, be warned, if you live anywhere subject to hot climate (such as Australia), you will find that the air-conditioner of this car is totally inadequate. Hours of operation on maximum does little to reduce temperatures inside the car, if outside temperatures are in the 30C's. Be prepared for your children in the rear to be sweating profusely, as there is no rear air vents. I have been unable to use the car for the last two days as temperatures in my town have reached the high 30Cs. I cannot get the car to come below 38C. When the car is parked, I have three reflective panels on the windshield and front windows, and two rear window socks. This is despite the highest grade (Grand Prix-Formula 1) window tinting. Also, I agree with a previous complainant that the heater also when directed at the feet requires manual shutting down of the upper vents. The dial to select vents also "sticks". Can anyone tell me, does the model above (I believe the Ti) have climate control?

Resolved unsafe conditions

My wife just purchased a 2007 Pathfinder LE from Carlock Nissan in Jackson Tennessee. Needing to find out why the doors did not lock when putting vehicle into drive, the first question from the service rep was: Did you purchase the vehicle here? That was not the correct answer I was looking for. Answer to initial question is that no Nissan products offer auto lock and unlock. That is an unsafe condition for my wife and it needs to be corrected. It only takes a computer change in the vehicle. So far no resolution from Nissan Hot line.

  • Th
    theresia basham Mar 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We just got scamed by carlock inJackson Tennessee.I was searching the web and seen your post.My daughter was given a price and then asked to sign some blank contract papers because of the late hour.The girl said she would do the paperwork later.About a month later my daughter got papers in the mail and they had changed the terms of the agreement and a $14,000 deal became $19,000 after also adding around $3,000 worth of extended waranties and JUNK.I have tried to contact the attorney general with no phone call returned he must still be in a meeting lol talkedalso to consumer affairs.Hey we comsumers have no help.The crooks just keep right on trucking.They are allowed to cheet, steal and lie and get by with it.I guess our only hope is if we have Opreh on our side lol.if there is anyone out there that has a similar thing happen to them please contact me at [email protected]

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Resolved rear brake problems

This was an email I sent to the representative of the Nissan Scarborough dealership, Nick Sgro. His response...

these are some very bad folks!

North Texas Nissan is a new/used car dealership located in Denton, Texas. I can't think of a single thing that went right about the deal I ended up with. They quoted me a price of $24,500 for a truck on a 39 month purchase (and spent a long time convincing me that this was a great deal, having shorter pay out). Now on this day, I had to be at work because of a meeting and I was in a hurry. My fault. I should have walked out! I was buying the truck for my husband's birthday and figured I was dealing with a reliable firm.

Then I get to the finance guy, a well spoken, attractive young man from Nigeria. Complete with family pictures. I told him, repeatedly and ad finum, that I did no want the extended warranty program. I will extend the warranty when the existing one ends at 35,000 miles. Much cheaper that way. I start signing papers and midway through discover that instead of a 39 month purchase plan, I have a 48 month lease with a baloon payment that makes the car cost somewhere around $37,000. I get very upset and he starts talking about credit and finally mollifies me…I really did want the car for my husband. I get done, I am leaving and they want me to inspect the car. I explain that vision is bad, particularly up close and, since it is for my husband he needs to do. They insist I can't leave without doing so….I do. When my husband looks, he sees the bb hole by the back door I missed, and the bumper dent I also missed. Naturally, they refuse to fix it. Now the final insult to injury. I start reading all my paperwork carefully. On the last document I signed, at the very bottom, is that darned warranty I had refused. The dude slipped it in anyway!

These are some very bad folks!!!!!! Be very careful when dealing with them and, honestly, I would avoid them like the plague! I have gotten several e-mails from other folks that have had the same problem or similar problem as I had so it sounds like a way of doing business for these guys!

Thanks, Helen

  • Ni
    Nick Perry Dec 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This lady, helen, obviously does not know what she is talking about. There is no balloon.. it is a residual ... set in stone by nissan that she can refinance at the end of the term IF she decides to keep it.. she can buy, sell , or trade the vehicle in at anytime. This is information that is gone over with someone in the finance department before she signs just like i did. North texas nissan is a very reputable dealership and would recommend anyone to go and get a new vehicle from them just like i did!

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  • Pa
    Pam Freeman Sep 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    North Texas Nissan is the last place I would purchase a car from. They are shady characters. I will now be leasing a Altima for 6 years when we talked about 3 year lease.
    Since the dealership is out of business the new dealership does not want to clean up their mess. I see on line that North Texas Nissan will full of crooks and and there is a long time of unsatisified customers.

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  • Su
    Sue Guinn Jan 15, 2011

    Very bad experience! Bait and switch is their MO. I called about a car listed on the Internet with VIN #. Having to drive 2 hrs to get there I wanted to be sure that the car was still there. I called twice both times was assured that the car was there. When we arrived the car was not there. They offered an older car with more miles and $8, 000 more. We left. As we were driving home we stopped at Grubbs Nisson and purchased a car. Grubbs was a great experience and I would highly recommend them. Avoid Texas Nisson of Grapevine like the plague!

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Resolved don't have a promissed car!

I had a flight to CA state to buy a car from another nissan dealer. With only 2 days before my flight, and the other car not showing up, I began to search multiple states to change my plane ticket willing to go where ever I found the car I wanted.I contacted Michael Harris from Santa Monica Nissan on 3/1/06. he said he did not have the car, but would do a search and call me if he could get one. The next morning 3/2/06 he called and said he had my car. I asked if he had got it from another dealer, and he said no, it showed up on a truck last night. At this point I stopped my search, because Michael said he had my car. That same day I called the other dealer to thank him for his time, and tell him I found my car at Santa Monica Nissan, and he said he had searched their inventory, and they DO NOT have the car they are telling you he has. He said they have one, but it has burnt orange leather and not charcoal. I immediately called michael and told him this, and asked if he had visualy seen the car to know it has charcoal leather, and he says yes, I have your car, it has charcoal leather. The next morning I called and left a message for him to call me, and he never called back. I went to the airport hours later and right before I got on the plane I called him again to find a place to stay there, and he informed me that he really did not have the car, and that he had lied. They did however have a similar car and I should take the flight anyways and they would discount the one with ugly orange interior. I told him I was stranded at the airport over 100 miles away from home with no ride home. They really did not seem to care once I made it clear that I would not be getting on the flight. I am out $280 in airfare and a bus ticket home due to their lies.

paid for two valve assemblies, received one

My husband brought our 2000 Maxima (85,000 mi) to Haldeman for a tune up prior to vacation. He asked them to check the automatic transmission because it sometimes banged into gear when shifting. The service department recommended replacing the valve assembly for $770 parts + $368 labor. My husband okayed the work. When we arrived to pick up the car on our vacation departure date, we were told that the problem wasn't fixed and that the transmission needed to be replaced. We could not take the car - it was still on the lift. We wound up with an old loaner. Returning from vacation, my husband picked up the car and paid for the new transmission $2612 parts + $828 labor. We wound up being charged for both valve assemblies. When he arrived home I discovered they didn't even give us the valve assembly they removed. I suspect they were planning to sell it to the next customer. It took a full blown argument and overnight delay, before Anthony, the service manager, agreed to give me the part.

Later, I spoke with an outside garage and was told that it was not unreasonable to expect a refund for the cost of the first valve assembly part.

Another incidental. We always request that our windshield fluid not be topped off because we use RainX. They honored our wishes, one can tell by the fluid color, but they charged us for it anyway - $3.00. I wonder what other services they charged for that they didn't provide. Our total bill: $6283.01.

I would recommend that anyone in need of auto service go anywhere other than Haldeman Nissan, Hamilton.


I am surprised people still buy fiat!

I have two fiat palio Eds. Which I am repairing my self; I have decided to repair were I can. I am obviously not a mechanic I would not sell them because of the thousands of rands I have been RIPPED BY NISSAN /FIAT t during past five year service. I think I would loose.

My car had been stolen in 2003 and needed a new car so I bought a new fiat palio at Charter fiat NORTH CLIFF.

It was recommended that the car be fixed at springs where I stay. We do not t expect a car to be perfect but the after service was very TTERRIBLE from the beginning.

First week speedometer failed- It was fixed. The problem started when the car was due for service – the first at about 15 0000 KM- which I think is just basic oil filter.

I have never taken my fiat to any FIAT/NISSAN dealer and got service first time- any fiat garage I have been – I am talking about normal service of a brand new car under warranty!

I do not know where to start - I will end up writing a book. I ended up taking this thing personal –I am a black South African.

After reading Statistics about the RETURNS late last year in the news papers and some car magazine I began to see I am probably not alone. Fiat was number 2 from the last, mostly last.

I will state my last service with fiat march 2006 and one before. I have spent thousands of rands on the phone phoning both the branch and the head office.

Since fiat claim to record their phone calls. I have got evidence and proof of my approach as I spoke to them: I still have most of the Invoices.

Before the date indicated above my car overheated and blew the head two days OUT OF BOKSBURG INTERCITY service. They had suggested I pay R7000-which I did because for full service and other things that had seen needed attention their normal 64 000 km service is bout 1 thousand some thing.

I slept on the road because the car failed while I was coming from a client at Middleburg. They demanded R2000, after I phoned the head office they apologized and promised to check what went wrong. Every time I phone the service manager will say they will call me. Having had seen how Nissan/fiat works I would pass there every morning. The service manager would say your car is been attended to strangely my car was lying outside. Since I had two keys I would pass to the car and check before seeing this service manager-but he will still lie that one of their technician is fixing the car.

As I was waiting that day, that day one technician drove out with the customer car hitting a boom gate! I was shocked!i also asked fiat about leaving our cars there!

After I think two weeks with fiat head office intervention I got my car .The excuse was the delay from ENGINEERING. The initially proposed R 2000.00 appeared on my invoice with new parts mentioned-I paid. I do not know what I paid for. R9000 in two weeks!

I phoned fiat head office they expressed their surprise and promised that they call me back after hearing the dealer’s side of the story. That really surprised me –I even suggested that lets us all sit and discuss the problem ‘no we will call you back was the dismissive ton’.

The head office dissappeared as ussual. Only to be phoned by the after service guys. I related the story again, They also expressed their surprise and the guy also promised to enquirer and takes this matter up with the INTERCITY BOKSBURG immediately. He will phone me back. He Never Called.

This Year This Car was settled after -WORSE 5years was

The borksburg intercity fiat branch also closed last year leaving nissan there, but fiat moved to east rand mall

They claimed they have reshuffled and were now offering BETTER SERVICE. My car had failed an injector- which could have been broken from previous service.

I booked at the newly EAST RAND MALL FIAT the service seemed ok. Well I did not expect any problems. The money charge did not correspond. There injector failure is indicated inside by red light and normally power loss. These two things were not there as I took the car from fiat EASTRAND MALL. A wee Later I was driving on N3, the car lost power and light showed. As I stopped it disappeared. I noticed the problem was intermitted-something was loose.

The new inserted injector was loose –the ring cannot fall by itself-that means it was not lost during service and i was not told.

I phoned fiat as ussual. They said they don’t sell the clips the clips come from factorty. Once is lost it is lost! Well……….

My next service was at fourways close to were i work. The manager there was fast talking type.claiming the problems that i had where there because i ‘been using wrong garages.

He meant all Fiat approved dealers were wrong but his. This was a normal 18 000 or 20000 service That I had booked the car for. Fiat garages don’t even agree on the mileage after which you have to service your car.

Well, these guys were fast.I got the car at the promised time. I t was cleaned and nice.

I WAS STILL VERY SKEPTICAL. The next morning I did periodic water oil check in before I Go to work. THERE WAS OIL ALL OVER THE TOP. What scared me was that this was supposed to be a normal service. I wondered what happened.

When I reached (80 kM from where) FOUR WAYS the manager laughed ‘It’s a small thing We will Fix it for you. He asked one guy to come. I came to look also. The TOP seal had not been put back one side!

Since fiat always claimed i was the only one not happy i bgan to feel it’s a racist thing!

I had asked this garage to replacce the injector clip lost by the east rand fiat garage.

They removed the injector from the far side of the endine to clip the one i could see.

The one that they removed was next to the alternate and the car would not go even 500m before losing power. As I stopped on the freeway I saw this. I phoned head office they kept quite. Till today my injector clip is missing.

I do not know whether to continue this email has gotten this long. My worst case was kempton park fiat.

I need advice whether there is still something i can do. Because i phoned fiat each time after the service.

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    Jacques Jacoby Feb 18, 2008
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    I have had endless problems with my car and that fiat in pmb lie to you. I have now got a fiat palio II 2005 model with a blown motor. It has been fixed three times and i have had enough i will never buy a Fiat again!!!

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