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Complaints & Reviews

scam and cheating

I switched my car at cox nissan 2 months ago they were suppose to pay of the loan of the car in which they...

buying a car

I filed bankruptcy and keep receiving letters from United nissan to come in a get a new car. I finally went...


These people are the biggest crooks in Texas. They try to rape you on your car deal and make the most money...

2000 nissan sentra gxe

Have had several instances where "Service Engine Soon" light on dash came on. On one visit, light was reset, but when car was returned, keyless door entry did not work. Dealer said their repairs could not have affected this problem. Had to install new keyless door entry receiver.
On next service engine light episode, first visit was to reset light. This lasted two days. Returned and was told that car needed new hot O2 sensor ($300.) Had installed, light came on next day. Third visit in this episode, was told that car needed new mass airflow sensor, with cost of $400+. I did not get this repair. This makes me suspect that the O2 sensor was not needed. Multiple visits for problems, inconvenience of having to take car to dealer. Incorrect troubleshooting, or incompetent work being done.

  • Me
    melly07 Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently bought a 2005 Kia Optima EX from there, the check engine light came on a while back and went off, so I didn't bother taking it back.When I bought the car the blower resistor motor in the A/C was out, and they promised to fix it I have a 2 yr 24, 000 warranty on the car the part was not covered so they just push the part price down to cover it.I waited 3 weeks for the part, went to get it and it was the wrong part, not to mention they had my car for a hour and 45 mins and now I'm trying to get them to get me some tires since they didn't offer to put new ones on and it needs them badly.The salesman I bought the car from flirts with me all the time and I'm 21 and I'm sure he's at least in his 40's..I'm still waiting on the part the lady told me it would be here in a week I doubt it.They are also low on technicians which I find aggrevating they NEVER have time to look at your car and are always making excuses as to why they can't look at it.

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  • Me
    melly07 Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently bought a 2005 Kia Optima EX from Nissan of Gadsden, the car has a 2yr or 24, 000 mile warranty.The blower resistor in the AC was out, Nissan of Gadsden promised to fix it for free, it wasn't covered under warranty but they said it was okay and that they would fix it.I waited three weeks for the part, and when I went to have it put on they had ordered the wrong part and said the new part would be here in a week.The check engine light came on and stayed for three days and went off so I never took it back.I overheard that a woman came in and said her car would crank but it took four or five tries, and the woman at the front desk told her they couldn't look at it that day and it would be next week before they could get to it.They also sold a car that has bad tires on it(my car) and they are trying to get out of buying new tires for it.The salesman that sold me my car keeps flirting with me I'm twenty one and he is in his 40's I believe.They never have time to look at your car, and they always have some excuse.

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  • Ce
    cecelia ward May 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    nissan/of gadsden bougth a mini cooper s from them they told methe tire were good i went back three time an again was told they were good, until i went to bobs tire in attalla he said all four tire we bad an the steel metal was showing on all four tires, went back to steve saunders and told him what bobs tire said he offer to replace them this was three day ago it only take one day to get them still no call from him an can, t drive my car

    0 Votes

terrible experience

I am totally dissatisfied with new 2008 nissan armada with less than 2, 000 miles on it i am a repeat nissan customer and as of now i will never on or recommend any of my friends or family to own a nissan, the truck has been in service several times for squeaky belts and other problems, i would like to be contacted by nissan corp. Office to rectify this problem. I really don't want nor have time to take a brand new vehicle back and fourth to service it's costing me time and money. If i don't get a a response i will be forced to go to the better business bureau.

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unethical practices of a car dealer

Garden State Nissan located in Hackensack agreed to sell 2008 Nissan Quest 3.5 for $17, 287 (including taxe...

car loan customer service

I paid my monthly loan online through my bank account as I always do. The next month, I received my statement...

they refuse to perform warranty work

I brought my 2003 350Z to Autoway Nissan complaining of an abnormal noise in the transmission. I was told that the noise is a "normal" noise for the 350Z and will probably get louder with age. I contacted Nissan North America and expressed my dissatisfaction with what I was told and was told that someone would contact me the following day.

Needless to say, Autoway Nissan had my car for 7 days (with no rental) waiting on Nissan North America to inspect and approve repairs. Once contacted (after demanding), Nissan North America stated that since the dealership has said it was a normal noise they would not be able to perform the repair under warranty.

When I questioned the regional representative about why there was no service bulletin on this noise to address the number of concerned consumers he got rude with me. I relayed to him that I have been an ASE Master Technician for 15 years and this noise may indeed be normal for the 350Z but under no circumstances was it a normal noise for a manual transmission.

I have contacted Transmission repair shops, Z car specialist, and enthusiast, and have been told although the transmissions are a little on the noisy side, my experience was NOT normal (sounds like marbles rolling around in the box). Nissan North America has hung up on me 3 times and will now no longer return any of my phone calls.

I now have a 2003 350Z sitting in my driveway with 50, 000 miles on it, originally was under factory warranty and continues to be under Nissan extended warranty that I am embarrassed to drive due to the noises coming from the transmission that is normal.

That is not the only warranty problems I have had:

2007 Nissan Frontier - Refused warranty on cowl panel discoloration citing improperly maintained.

Fix: Replace or paint and properly maintain the exterior of the vehicle. (I have receipts documenting exterior washing at least 1 time a week and full detail 1 time every other month)

This is how Nissan treats the dedicated consumers they serve, be informed.

I currently own:

2006 Altima S - Nissan #10

2003 350Z - Nissan #11

2007 Frontier SE - Nissan #12

I have at one time or another owned nearly every Nissan car and truck offered for sale in the U.S. with very little problems with any and what problems I have had were when they were out of warranty so it didn't matter anyways.

Nissan North America...PISS OFF!

Thanks for treating your devoted buyers with the respect they deserve!

my poor experience

My name is Cheryl Wright. I am a travel nurse. I bought a 2007 Maxima at Pat Peck Nissan in Gulfport, MS, in April 2007.

Shortly thereafter, I started hearing a popping noise when I turned the steering wheel. I carried the car to Pat Peck to be checked.

The noise was subtle and infrequent but one Nissan technician heard it. They kept the car to check it that day, but they could not find the problem. I carried the car back several times, but they could not figure out what was causing the noise.

I was concerned that the problem would worsen after the warranty expired. Joe Lyons, service manager at Pat Peck, promised me that if this happened, that they would take care of it under the GRT.

The problem has recently gotten much worse. However, I am on assignment near Tampa, Florida, which is over 500 miles from Pat Peck. I called Joe Lyons, and he did not recommend that I drive the car 500 miles with this problem because it could be a safety issue.

I called the Nissan Corporation, and they instructed me to take the car to Ferman Nissan in New Port Richey, Florida. Ferman checked the car and said it was a flexing of the body and that they tightened all bolts to specifications.

The noise got worse after this, so we carried the car back to Ferman. Paul, Assistant service manager, said that they could not find the problem, but they had a call in to Nissan. He said Nissan would call them and tell them what to look for, that it would be a process of elimination.

Paul told me that he would keep my file open and call me to bring the car back after he heard from Nissan. However, the next call I got was from Nichole, regional specialist for this region of Florida.

She said Ferman would need to run diagnostics on my car and that I would have to pay for it.

Since this problem started while the car was under warranty, I feel that the Nissan warranty should cover the cost of finding and repairing the problem. It is not my fault that Nissan technicians could not find the problem when it first started.

I am not asking Nissan to fix a problem that started after the warranty expired. I am only asking that they honor the agreement that they made when they could not find the problem.

I am well satisfied with my car. I have had no other problems with it. I trade cars frequently because of the miles I put on it traveling.

Please assist me in resolving this matter. I can be reached at [protected]. My husband, Steve, can be reached at [protected].

Thank you for your assistance.

incompetant service dept

Story of my car...

I leased a new 2008 Nissan Altima from Butler Nissan with 10 miles on it and my first time ever having a brand new car. Well, two months later we had flooding that took place all over Indiana. My car was a victim of it, not once, but twice. I had it towed to Butler thinking since I bought my car there not long ago, it would be the best place for me to go.

There first estimate was around $4000 to have the car fixed and my insurance adjuster agreed. Well, as a month goes by they keep finding multiple things wrong with it without contacting my insurance. They are working away and my insurance company has marked my claim as closed since they have not heard back from Butler. I called my insurance to find out what the deal was and it was then when my adjuster called Butler. To my adjuster's surprise, there was going to be another $17, 000 worth of damage. One of the mechanics stated, "I can't beleive we didn't think to look in the cylinders before starting the car, now the engine has seized up.

So, long and behold on July 10th, I got my car back. I was so excited to be driving the car that I had been paying for all along. My cute lil Altima. Well, on August 12th I amd riving back from downtown to work on my lunch break. MY CAR BREAKS DOWN!! It overheats and black smoke is coming from under the hood.

I called Butler Nissan and the service manager gives me the number to call for a tow. I call the number and they don't think I am under warranty so told me I have to pay for the tow and maybe reimbursed. I call my insurance company and my adjuster sends a tow truck right away and has my car towed to a different dealership. I talk to that dealership explaining the situation and state that no matter what I do not want my car back at Butler.

The next day I get a call from Butler saying they had towed my car back to them and have a rental for me to pick up until the work can be completed, since it is their fault. I get out there to pick up a 96 Ford Eescape with 100, 000 miles on it, which is fine besides the fact that I am paying a $300 car payment for a car I am not driving.

Now, its going on three weeks and I still don't have my car back from this repair. The service department didn't send the motor head to the metal shop until this Wednesday.

BUTLER NISSAN has given me unnacceptable service, been reported to Better Business Bureau, complaints made to the regional manager and if I have 4 service problems occur concerning the parts they have fixed they will be liable to take over my lease.
I will NEVER recommend Butler to anyone

  • Dr
    Drive Apr 12, 2011

    Be very careful if taking your vehicle to this dealership due to potential un needed repair to your automobile. I have owned three Nissan vehicles dating back 26 years and have had routine service from several dealerships throughout the state of Indiana without any problems. In November 2010 I had scheduled to have a leaking power steering line replaced at Butler Nissan and explained to the service advisor as to what the problem was. The vehicle was checked in and I was notified that what I indicated was the problem was actually not it at all and that the leak was coming from the joint assembly and steering gear in which they recommended replacing both for substantially more than what the part I wanted replaced originally was to be. Given my past experience with Nissan dealerships and trust I agreed to have parts recommended replaced as well as having the rear shocks replaced as well as recommended by the advisor. Upon completion of the repairs I noticed the next day the vehicle was leaking steering oil in the exact same spot on may garage floor as it did before all the recommend repairs. I contacted the dealership and they advised I bring it back in which I did and the adviser explained the power steering line I had originally pointed out to be replaced was bad and needed replaced at my expense which began to shake my confidence in the dealership service department and left me questioning whether the joint assembly and steering gear needed replaced at all. I refused to pay for the additional work and part required to complete the work I had originally brought the vehicle in for and to this day am still driving it with the same leak. Additionally, the shocks that were replaced had begin to rattle loudly on the passenger side in which I made another trip to the dealership to have looked at to only be told it wasn’t the shock but a loose tail pipe and they were not responsible. Again trusting the advisor I took the vehicle to a local muffler shop that had worked on the muffler prior to the original Nissan work. They were more than happy to inspect their work and said it was ok but added some more bracing to keep it from moving at all. After the completed muffler work was finished the rattle from the shock was still there and I had them take another look at which they noticed the passenger shock was very loose and showed me a way to replicate the noise to the Nissan dealership in an attempt to help them identify the problem. I then scheduled a time to take it back to the dealership to have the shock looked at again and I advised the service manager that I would like to show their mechanic exactly how to simulate the problem at which time he said “we can figure it out and if we need your help we will come and get you”. After waiting at least an hour a service advisor came to me and said they’re were putting together a parts and labor estimate to correct the problem and would be with me shortly. At this time I stated do not go any further and I would like to explain to the mechanic what I am hearing and feeling within the shock, which I did and the mechanic agreed with me that it was the shock and he asked his senior mechanic to come take a look at which time he shouted at him saying “I told you what was wrong” and the other mechanic stated “look I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t important”. He agreed and came over watched what we did and he said “yes the shock is bad, we will order a new one” and walked away. After a couple a days the shock came in, it was replaced and the rattling stopped immediately. That trip marked my 5th visit to the dealership and has left me convinced my vehicle concerns were misdiagnosed and potentially have replaced items not needed

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dishonest contract negotiation/over charging what we agreed to

On July 17, my husband went shopping for our new car. We knew we would we lease. We wanted to downsize due to gas expenses. He went to Toyota tp try to get a Hygrid, but the prices were just too high. We wanted to put down no more than $1000.00 out of pocket and keep our lease prices below $400.00. We were turning over a Nissan lease so he went to Nissan. He went to Smithtwon Nissan first and worked with Brian Vasak the sales rep. Brian told my husband that he had only worked there for three weeks so he called in the manager Ray pretty quickly.

My husband was negotiating with Ray "Freida" and he had to do a lot of phone calling back and forth to me as I could not be there. It went on for some time and they were putting "deals" together and switching cars, "We can get you in this car...for $2300 "or numbers close to that. I told my husband to leave, we knew that we could not afford what they were offering and that was that. Then Ray asked my husband what it would take to not have to call me again and my husband said $1000.00 down and no more and less than $400.00 per month. They were able to work that out on a Nissan Pathfinder LE with some GPS and a DVD thrwon in. My husband called me and even though it was a gas guzzler, we knew this was a good deal so we agreed that he should stay and finish the deal.

Then comes Stan who is a fast speaker and since I have met him, I see that he rarely looks you in the eye. He never verbalized a LONG list of fees with my husband and as I gave my husband a credit card number from a credit that he did not have with him, he gave the number to Stan on a hand written piece of paper. Stan charged the card but never verbalized the LONG list of fees and never showed my husband the credit card receipt.

When we got our CitiBank statement, we were FLOORED to find out they charged 5697.14 on our card!! We Immediately called them but Bran said it was a Sunday and the managers were too busy to get back to us. I screamed that I had better get a ohone call back, but we never did and we called them 30 minutes later and were assured that they were going to "pull the file" on Monday. My husband went to Smithtwon Nissan on Monday and Ray said that Stan was not there and that he should come back on Tuesday. On Tuesday, both my husband and I went to talk to them and we met with Stan who assured us that if a mistake had been made, he would gladly fix it but it "Company Policy" that all three parties had to be together to review it, could we come back tomorrow. We pushed but there seemed to be no way to get a resolution so we camed back on Wednesay at 12:00 PM at the agreed upon time.

That was when Stan told us he reveiwed the folder (no one else was called in) and he said the bottome line is that they had a signed lease agreement. We explained that we would have NEVER!!! signed ther agreement if we knew that we were spending $5697.14 Not only do we not have that money, but it is more than we have ever paid for any lease and this would be our third NIssan Pathfinder lease and our fifth time leasing an SUV. We implored them to be honest and to admit they never reviewed the contract with my husband. Ray came in and said he remembered the sale but they were already at a loss of 2300, 1300 (the number changed..they had incentive money...

We explained that my husband had been there for hours and that they INSISTED he take the car right then and there even though he said he had no trouble coming back the next day. They pushed so hard that they had Brian drive our Honda home so my husband could drive the new Nissan off of the lot that day. Ray later mentioned how "accomodating" nthey were by doing that, but now it is clear that forcing you to take cars in a rush is there way of sealing a dishonest deal.

Theya re scam artists who have left us severe;y in debt because the charge we did not agree to put our card over the limit and changed our interest rate from 3.99 to 18.99. We NEVER WOULD HAVE AGREED TO MORE THAN 1, 000.00. That is what we knew we could afford.

Ray and Stan are dishonest scam artists that do not care about anybody. No one should ever shop there. We are filing a Police Report against them, we are filing a complaint with BBB, Andrew Cuomo's office and with our credit card company. I will also be contacting the CEO of Nissan NA and trying to implore that he refund our money. He can have the car back. We don't want it anymore anyway. We will NEVER buy another Nissan again.

poor quality

I am writing to express my complete disappointment regarding the quality and reliability of my Nissan Pathfinder. This was a brand new car, which I took in lease since May 2005. This was my first time owning a Nissan or an SUV and I was looking for something reliable.

During this lease, my expectations were shattered more than once: battery broke right after warranty period, fuel tank sending unit had to be replaced, Air Conditioning stopped working and others, this of course while maintaining a rigorous service schedule.

However the last major disappointment topped all previous ones. After noticing a vibration when automatic gear shifting would take place, I had the unpleasant experience of car stalling at a stop light. I was pushing the acceleration such that the tachometer would indicate high rpm values, but the car would barely move. I asked for an urgent appointment and brought the car to the dealership. The damage was more than surprising. The radiator broke and the coolant liquid penetrated in the transmission system mixing with the transmission fluid! I can only think of a major design flaw for such an unusual and dangerous occurrence.

I was not entirely aware how much Nissan stands behind the quality of their cars, which is why I wrote them a similar letter. I got the reply and now I know... They don’t see anything wrong will all this!

  • Bi
    Binh van lu Feb 10, 2010

    I receintly had work done on my nissan titan and the manager of grande priarie nissan, I found very unproffesional toward me . i'm a vietnamese canadian and in my opinion he was predjetice toward me and my friend when we ask him question about my work order bill . He went so far as to point at us and tell us to get out when we kept asking him to answer our question . and he even told us never to come back to the nissan dealer . I hope nissan canada will do something about this .

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  • Ha
    hatetitan Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nissan is losing much market share because of their inferior product. They used to very well respected. Check out some of the complaint websites and forums in the US.

    I have a 2005 Nissan Titan SE King Cab with the Off Road, Tow and Utility Package, which I bought new. It has been nothing but heartache! Brakes were shot after 8000 km. I've done the brakes twice, once myself and once at the dealer. Door handles are frozen all winter long. One of the heater actuators clicks non stop. Now at 107000 km, my rear differential just failed. $4500.00 plus tax minimum. 1 year and 7000 km past the warranty. Dealer says they can do nothing about it. I'm going to put in a complaint with Nissan Canada but I know it won't get me anywhere. I'll take the matter up in court! I believe that there is a looming class action lawsuit against Nissan in the US regarding the diferentials in Titans. I won't own another Nissan product! They know of the break problem and have recalled it in the US but we have to pay for everything here in Canada!

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side mirror cover

I just brought a new nissan latio by 18th March 2008, my car still under warranty but funny things happen to me is my car side mirror was fly away because of wind blow. i try to phone up to nissan center agent but he said it's a usual case happen, i am not the only one complaint about this issue, it had been happen by so many consumer's before but they had to paid themselves to repurchase the side mirror cover. it's ridiculous for me, how could the famous japan imported car could be happen this kind of quality problem. My new car only drive in 5 months!!! I am really upsad on this. it been happen almost 1 week but the agent still not yet feed back to me and keep me waiting or don't want to pick up my phone.
i am really disappointed on it.

hope somebody which are plan to buy a new car, please think carefully on the quality problem.

bad service

"To take our customers to an unprecedented level of satisfaction - Therein lies the success of Waterloo...

bad service

I bought toyota camry from this dealership.

it was a used car with no warranty - but what they did was just sell the car to me after a car wash it seems. Because the car had engine light on within 3 weeks and I got to know that the dealership already knew about that as the error code waw written at the top of the engine. I called them up and the sales person shamelessly even agrees that the engine light was on and they only reset it... they NEVER fixed the problem... that is just cheating the customer!!!

bad service

12:30 pm at the nissan dealer, me and my parter wanted to get a versa they did not have there at the moment...

fraudulent sales practices

I test drove 2 cars and decided on a 2006 Murano. Everything was fine until we began negotiating for the...

not paying off car lease (gmac).

On 07/30/2008 I Leased A 2008 Nissan Maxima From Nissan World (Red Bank).They Have Failed To Pay Off My...

rude manager, no customer satisfaction

Today I had a very bad experience with one of the nissan dealers... I spoke to some one with the name of...

my lemon of a car

I have a maxima 2004 brand new. Ihave replaced to motors for my windo. Tires had a recall, something else when the back end of car also recall. And now my tranmission. And this was a brand new car right out of the showroom.. I payed 32, 000 for this car. This car is a lemoni have had 8 cars in my life and this one is the worst. Barry's nissan is the worst place to buy a car. They don't stand by the cars they are so mean then you try to talk to them. I was trying to explain what I was going through and when they were talking to me they just didn't want to hear anything else so they put the phone down on me. Without even staying bye. No helpt at all... And I know there are other people like me please help me... I have a sick husband with cancer I need all the help I can. Thank you please help

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