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I got my bill this month for $1485.00. What the [censored] I had to wait the weekend and called early Monday, to find out that they had been billing me estimate amounts all year. Yeah, right that’s a bunch of bull! Back in March they billed me $485.00 and I call and got the same excuse from them. I asked them to have someone come out again and read the meter. So they did and I paid. You would think I am up to date at that point. But this time its bull ###! There is no way I could have used that much gas during the summer months. I don’t have a heated pool as the guy (john) I spoke with asked. My house is too small! After asking him several times how I go from using 538.8 therms used to 15.5 therms the next month? He of course couldn’t answer and only said "this bill is correct, do you want to set up a payment plan?" After asking him to transfer me to someone else and he refused I had to hang up and call back to speak to another rep. She is having someone look into this for me. We will see what happens!


  • Je
    Jennifer Eddy Nov 06, 2008

    Don't be fooled by their Budget Plan. Their errors in meter reading led to an enormous bill for us too. They stand to make a lot of money in finance charges off you when you can't pay your bill - even if the error is theirs. I have lodged a complaint with the Citizens Utility Board. I suggest you do the same.

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  • Jo
    JoAnn Feb 07, 2009

    My husband and I are senior citizens who have been over-billed by NICOR Gas. We thought we had straightened out the bill in November 2008, after filing a complaint with the CUB and paid almost $600 at that time. We have made subsequent payments for the service every month. They have not credited any of our Payments since November.
    I have sent yet another complaint to CUB and also to the Illinois Attorney General's office as a request to investigate their billing practices.
    After this, we will contact the news, local and national.

    I'm so glad I kept an audit trail of our electronic and check payments. I have all the goods.
    We need a class action law suit folks. How many people are being suckered by this utility?

    The Watsons

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  • My 87-year old father was suckered into signing up for a supposed 'budget' plan thru Nicor / US Energy, and suddenly finds himself paying over $500/month for a tiny house with just himself using gas. He is extremely conservative and has a brand new furnace in his home. This is $280 MORE per month than he was previously paying NICOR. Of course, no one at NICOR will help get this situation resolved and has stated that he signed up for a plan with US Energy that they have no control over, although THEY are doing the BILLING.

    I think the only way to resolve this is to CANCEL the gas service and restart the service with a regulated gas supplier. This is insane, why would the Citizen's Utility Board and the Illinois Commerce Commission ALLOW these two companies to operate in this manner, robbing innocent people of their social security money ?

    My father barely has enough to live on, and insists on being independent, but this has gone too far - he clearly did NOT understand what he was signing up for and was told by some guy in a NICOR cap & shirt with a clipboard going door to door that his rate would be CHEAPER.

    He is now being told that he signed a contract and therefore he is bound by that contract, even though it is unethical and unfair practice. The State of Illinois is ignorant and I will be contacting the Illinois Attorney General's office first thing in the a.m. on his behalf.

    enough is enough - this economy has been raped by these companies repeatedly.

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  • At
    atlmuzikfanzinc Jul 18, 2009

    They are crooks my grandma has lived in her house for over 14 yrs, and was shocked to learn that they let somebody set up an account in her name but for another residence. They were also stupid enough to send the bill to our address like we weren't going to notice since we hadn't paid our bill yet. Nicor will let anybody set up an account, without knowing if that's actually that person setting up the account.

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  • Bi
    bIANC mOORE Sep 13, 2009

    For everyone that is complaining please know what you are talking about before you post a comment. If you are with nicor gas and a different supplier its. Not NIcor gas fault that you didnt know or realize that we are the only regulated company to service your area. If you want cheaper rates. Than you can go with supplier that are NIcor competitors. We are not affiliated with us Nicor at all. Then pls read your bill before you call asking a question to Nicor gas because you look stupid when the answer may be right on your bill. Nicor gas is regulated by the ICC and they are regulated to COME OUT TO EVERYONES HOME 1 TIME A YEAR. yet people think its their job to come and read their meter for them.IF YOU WANT TO AVOID A BIG BILL DUE TO ESTIMATIONS. IF YOU TURN YOUR BILL AROUND. IT SHOWS YOU EXACTLY HOW TO READ YOUR METER AND YOU CAN PROVIDE THE READING. HOW SLOW CAN YOU BE. BUT I FORGOT YOU REALLY DONT LOOK AT THE BILL DO YOU. IT BOILS DOWN TO PEOPLE WANT THEIR GAS FOR FREE. WE ARE IN A RECESSION AND EVERYTHING IS HARD RIGHT NOW. GET A FREAKING JOB.THANKS

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  • Re
    Redtail Jan 26, 2018

    @bIANC mOORE I have two jobs and work 60+ hours a week due to unscrupulous billing by these companies. I know it's unscrupulous specifically because I read my bills and double-check my meter. Please go back to shouting at clouds.

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  • Da
    daver1125 Oct 08, 2009

    nicor customer service sucks
    they tell you they will be there to turn on the gas between 12 to 4.
    but never shows up
    i call they tell me the driver does not have a cell phone.
    LOL. i guess they have by the balls to do what ever they want to do
    who cares about the customers not nicor all they care about is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    HERE MY EMAIL MAIL [email protected]

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  • Jz
    JZAY Nov 11, 2009

    Nicor is a rotten horrible company. Anyone working for them should be ashamed and embarrassed to say they work for them. They have screwed me royal once again. I always pay my bill on time and in full. My bill has been 107.00 every month since January. In September i got a bill for 194.00 I didn't argue with them and paid it. Two weeks later I got a bill for 288.00. When I called them no one could explain it and I was told by a Customer service person( LOL) to " just pay it" Funny part is they don't even show up to read my meter. I have chased after them in my Pj's and they just drive off. I live alone and am gone 12 hours of the day. I guess the new furnace and water heater didn't help. I hope a terrorist blows the mother ###ers up like 911. They suck!!!

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  • Fe
    fea Feb 10, 2010


    I just found out they used estimated instead of reading last month since it's redicular high. I'll fight Nicor for this. Everyone, we need to file a class law suit.

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  • Mi
    mikeybrittany Feb 10, 2010

    For everyone that is on this site complaining you all are some stupid muther###ers. THERE IS A DIAGRAM ON THE BACK OF EACH BILL THAT SHOWS HOW TO READ YOUR METER. If you are disputing the bill why not investigate before calling the company. wanna know why because you are so ###ing stupid. You call in the winter and say why is my bill so high. like ### its ###ing below 20 outside. what the ### do you expect. you use more in the winter shitface. if you see estimates on your bill look at your ###ing meter and check that ### before you call the company. because usually your ### has used the damn gas and dont know what the ### you talking about. Know the difference between suppliers and nicor gas. they are nicors competitors. Why should nicor employees be ashamed they work for the company. They making a living just like your drive thru working ###. The underlying issue is that you dont want to pay the bill due you damn circumstances. switch to ###ing electric if you have that much of a problem with nicor. its not them it yall ###. but i guess its all the companies fault that provides you with gas so you can cook to eat. have hot water to wash your ###, and clothes. heat so yo ### wont be cold. I guess it just all they fault. stupid idiots i swear.

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  • Bi
    Bill253 May 11, 2010

    Hey Mike whatever your f'''''''''ng name is, these people are able legally to blackmail you into paying whatever they want because the state or county or whoever AWARDED them a contract. If some one can't pay their bill because of money issues they should be with out hot water, not cook food or wash clothes and dry them for 10 or 15 days till some douchebag with his SPECIAL key comes out and removes your Denver gas boot? Kiss my a--!!! These people (Nicor) won't work with you and they are about as friendly as IRS agents. I have my own business and I wish I could strongarm every jerk that does'nt pay me what I want when I want it. You people in the collection world are all the same, ruthless cold hearted [censor] that don't give S..t about anybody except yourselves and you ASSUME everyone is a deadbeat without a job. BITE ME!!!

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  • Am
    amensto Apr 18, 2011


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  • Am
    amensto Apr 18, 2011

    Folks I don't care if you work for Nicor or not, the point is no company can be really sure about their data collection and reporting methods. Not even companies with high engineering resource and capabilities, forget about hillbilly [censor] Nicor. Problem occurs when you (Nicor) are trying to impose your lame [censor] meter reading methods, and bill Estimation methods on us and telling us you are right and we are wrong. If you be a doctor you be in a [censor]ing jail right now for doing this. Just because you work for this company does not mean whatever they teach you is right. and if you need proof just google with your company name and that will tell the story.
    Go back open up your high school math books and do a little calculation instead of "estimation" SUCKERS!!!

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  • Br
    Brittany Dale Mar 24, 2014

    I just moved into my apartment January 19th, I signed up for Nicor the 17th. Received my first bill which seemed reasonable 21.89. This bill was a (24 day) "estimate". Then I received the bill for this upcoming month and I almost fell over. 189.54!! You have got to be kidding me! This is for a (31 day) cycle. I live in 900sq foot apartment. There is no way we have used that much gas within 31 days. I called and the woman I spoke with told me that 21.89 was an estimate from the previous months, and now I am playing "catch-up" This is ridiculous. She told me to call on the 10th of April to get a meter read? and have them bill me from that reading...Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't seem fair. I am a 23 year old woman who doesn't have the income to afford bills that come unexpectedly. 189 for gas is ridiculous. I should have been notified that I would have to play "catch up" and I would have budgeted for that amount of money I would have to shell out. I am a very unhappy customer.

    This is not how they should be running business.


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  • 2h
    2her Apr 25, 2014

    I just got hit with a high bill too. I understand the reasoning why but it's just frustrating. I was charge the meter reading for three months. I called and spoke Nicor and the rep was very rude about it. This is their explanation. They come out and do the meter readings every even months. They don't know what happen, but the weather was too bad the day the meter reader was suppose to come out in February. So for the bills of February, March, and April they charged me an estimated amount. And the bill that I have to pay in May, is for the remaining of balance of those three months. I told the rep I understand the bad weather, but why do I have to get hit with this big bill. They charge me an estimated month of $65, but actual is $200+. I would rather pay a higher estimate amount, than get hit unexpectedly one high bill in Spring. She than try to turn it on my and said. "Do you understand that you use more gas in the Winter? You used the gas so you have to pay it." That really offended me and this is what I said. I go into every winter knowing that I have to pay more, so I budget more. I never tried to get out of paying it. I just wanted to know why. Because they didn't come out to do the meter reading they charged me really low estimated about. I would rather pay 200 dollars every month, than get hit with a 800 dollar bill in one month. It is not my fault that they didn't come out that day. I understand where they're coming from, but they need to understand where I'm coming from. They say that in the winter month it's know you pay more, but why do they charge me with a estimate that is the same as I pay in the summer. It makes no sense to me.

    I know February was bad, but everyday in February was not that bad. Do meter readers only work one day a month?

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  • Va
    valleygirl2014 Jun 23, 2014

    Could you please tell me WHY I was double-billed in May 2014? I saw my bill and thought to myself, humm, this is A VERY high amount for me, $116.48. I live in a very tiny house! But I paid it, even though it was VERY HARD for me to come up with that much money, as I am just scraping by each month. I know I have a credit with you now, ($47.73) but this is just unacceptable! What the hell is going on over at NICOR, that you can do this to people?????? This is TOTAL BULL ###ING ###!

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