New Jersey Transitreckless driving and tailgating


To whom it may concern,

My wife and I was returning from Philly, Pennsylvania and I was taking the New Jersey Turnpike to up North to Jersey City, NJ on 2010/06/23 12:30pm. A NJ Transit Contractor like vehicle, license plate number XN3390, was speeding well beyond the speed limit, driving recklessly, tailgating, and causing disturbance to traffic flow on NJ Tunrpike between exits 8 and 9.

I was very uncomfortable to go past the speed limit to avoid and head away from his ignorance.

I am very very upset about this situation and the terrible quality of driving this individual has caused me and my wife. Which I am most surprised that NJ Transit hired this reckless driver. Worst of all, I never expected an NJ Transit employee would attack other drivers as well, which is very shocking to me. I, my family, and my friends will no longer feel safe while riding the turnpike as long as this employee is still involved in working for NJ Transit. Therefore I'm asking NJ Transit to promptly investigate into this matter on behalf of myself and my wife, and also on behalf of your company and your employees.

In closing, I hope NJ Transit will resolve the matter to my fullest satisfaction. I will also reserve the right to further pursue this situation in a lawful manner until I feel this matter is fully resolved.


reckless driving and tailgating


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    PublicTransFan Feb 03, 2014

    On January 31 I visited the NJ Transit website to obtain train schedule information. This sit has banner advertising and I support it's use to help defray NJT expenses. But this one should not be there. It says "View critical messages". I thought I would find NJT cancellations, train issues etc. Nope - This was simply an advertisement. Next time I see a real NJT critical message I will not want to click on it. This kind of advertising should not be allowed.

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    we need bettre bus services Jun 25, 2014

    we need better people
    well trained

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  • Na
    Na Johnson Dec 23, 2015

    Back in 1995 a NJ Transit bus driver closed my left for arm and right wrist in the door while I was putting my 2 year old child on the bus. My son was on the bus as I was holding him and I am standing outside while the door closes up on me. The driver was looking ahead as I am screaming opening the door. If it was not for a citizen jumped in front of the bus telling the bus driver to open the door he would had dragged me to my demise. Until this day I suffer for pain were my four arms and wrist was damage by the bus driver. I compliant to NJ Transit and they did not do anything to the bus driver. On July 18, 2012 a bus driver approached my son Deshon Johnson where he stood at the sidewalk of the handicap curb. He knocked my son down then dragged him 50 to 100 feet to his death in Bloomfield NJ on Broad and Bay. NJ Transit did not do anything but help Essex County Prosecutor detective vehicular homicide to cover up my son’s death. They gave the driver back his commercial driver license back the same day. The driver was a Community Coach USA bus driver operating NJ Transit bus 709. They also cover up my neighbor daughter death January 26, 2012 in East Orange on South Harrison. The young lady Christine Noble was taken her 3 year old son to day care as the bus driver run her over. The bus company claim she jumped out in the street with her son. Once again nothing happen to the bus driver she is still living her life as for my son and neighbor daughter we are suffering with great pain as both victims killer is enjoy life. These bus companies will not do a damn thing. They deem all these bus death cases as accidents for the sack of less paper work and liability to the company. Essex County Prosecutor Detective in Vehicular Homicide for the bus companies in conspiracy with the people who work for NJ Transit. You have some clueless people saying that these deaths are mistakes; which are not a correct label for human lives that are taken. A mistake you can erase then correct but with human lives there are no correction. You only get one life. I can see if these drivers have underline heath conditions like, heart attacks, seizures, strokes etc that they have no control of it will be a little more comprehensive to the victims love ones. When the drivers are driving in a reckless manner it is not acceptable because we have control of our driving as a license driver.

    You can Google the victims name and read their story or go on Youtube. The bus companies do not want me to talk about what happen because they want it to all go away. It will never go way because my son is dead. NJ Transit companies do not give a damn about human lives they only care about money they generate.

    The companies’ actions are saying who cares about the people and give me their money. These bus companies need to be boycott and make these companies stop harboring reckless bus drivers who are killers/murders. Please go to this link to read about more victims

    Citizens Angry Comments On NJ Transit Death Rate On Victims Like Deshon Untimely Tragic Death: Sound Off On NJ Transit Reckless Bus Driver Increasing Killing

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    adjasafaf Apr 19, 2016

    NJ Government 911 Emergency Vehicle SG32737 - Driving in the Area of Trenton New Jersey Complaint Regarding Reckless Driving

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