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Complaints & Reviews

schedules not followed

This is ridiculous. Its bad enough i have to leave 2 hrs before i have to be at work when my job i...

intentionally skips stop

I take the bus every day to work and this drive at 11:40 am constantly misses my bus stop. He intentionally...

bus 780 to englewood

To whom it may concern: For the last six months or so this particular bus driver has been harassing my 80...

denied loading of bike

This latest episode happened about 2 weeks ago, I am waiting at the end of the extended side platform with my bike, I can see the operator sees me standing there and instead of pulling up ahead of the doorway so I could have access to the side of the bus to load my bike, he stops short and even with the platform doorway cutting off access to the side of the bus and starts to load up. While standing there waiting for loading to finish, I can see him glance over to see me standing there, so I know he is aware of me, then he finally finishes loading he simply proceeds to ignore me, closes the door, starts moving forward, then looks right at me and points and accelerates off, wtf?, I motion to the starter two platforms over because he had witnessed me standing there the whole time and then the operator leaving me standing there, but too little too late, he said he called dispatch, for all the good that was going to do. This is the second time I am reporting this officially but the fifth time this has happened now.
It was a 163 ikea-paramus out of the port authority at 42nd. Street on 05/31/18 around 12:15 pm bus number 7513, I have attached a photo of the so called operator and a minute and a half edited video taken with my helmet-cam.

denied loading of bike

  • Updated by AlunL · Jun 12, 2018

    Video can also be seen at: https://youtu.be/tdg-RJhkatw

bus driver’s tardiness and lack of respect empathy and customer service

#90 bus arrived at 2:05 at Bruen & Springfield Ave in Irvington
The bus # 6382 Operator# 483120
When I boarded the bus I asked wether this particular bus is the 1:54pm bus. The driver responded "It's a bus that you caught. You're on a bus so..." I said to him "I'm asking because I'm catching a connecting bus." He waved his hand and stated "I don't know what bus this is." I said to him "You're on your job with a schedule but you don't know the schedule?" He waved his hand again and said "I don't know, I don't know."

bus driver’s tardiness and lack of respect empathy and customer service

  • Ra
    Raquelas Aug 13, 2018

    BUS #7758
    Route 114
    To Port Authority

    Time 8.30
    Location the toll before Union City

    The driver remain in a very long line at the toll for 10 mins when there were many other empty tolls. Because she had to operate her phone. I am now very late for work because of her selfishness

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  • Cl
    Clyde L. Goins III Nov 17, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a riding the 168 bus for years, Please do something about this bus not showing up. This is an NJ bus system and on Queenann RD this bus is sometimes late in the morning. I will lose my job because of this bus. You have some drivers that come on time, then you have some drivers that don't care. Coming home from work from the Bergen town center some buses don't show up. I feel you need a supervisor on this route to fix this problem. Some of the bus drivers on the 168 are very rude and don't care. The lady in the morning route is very rude. We need another bus on Queenann Rd to and from Paramus.

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nj transit bus number 406 m taylor

My friend boarded his bus to Walter Rand from Brandywine Assisted Living approximately 8:20am. She has a broken phone that only operates while speaker is in use. She can't afford something's currently she's trying to get herself back on track. She goes to Lincoln Tech full-time and works full-time and has 8 kids. Yeah, it's right 8. Not to say one is proud to do it all by herself, but she is and if you no her she bussing her [censored] today to try to give her and her children a better life. ( Proud of you girl for everything you trying to overcome) To my complaint, why is this driver so interested in her conversation that he was about to put her off the bus because her speaker was to loud. She even turned the side volume panel down and he attempted to set her straight saying, that her conversation was too inappropriate and she had to do something different or get off his bus. This is my problem with this, how do we as individuals police each other over our conduct in public, clearly if you feel that one has no home training why is it your business. As a professional it should have probably went a little like this, point at the sign above your head inform rider by no means can you have your speaker on to any electronic device because it could impair driver and we could get jacked up. I believe riders would accept it better cause clearly a lot of people just don't follow rules anymore, especially riding public transportation. Her name is Vivian Smith [protected], I just believe blame goes both ways and the driver was very unprofessional. Thanks for listening

round trip bus ticket

Upon boarding the 9:40 a.m. Intrastate bus #1 today, Saturday June 9, 2018, just passed the intersection of Springfield Ave & MLK Blvd in route to Newark Penn Station, I presented a RT Adult ticket to the driver (Badge ID #105). The driver promptly snatched the ticket out of my hand and demanded to know what I was waiting for. I replied that I should be given my ticket back as I'm entitled to two fairs. He insisted that that is not the case although acknowledged that the ticket read $3.20 and a single fare was $1.60 as well as the universally known acronym for Round Trip (RT) was also printed on the same ticket. The driver refused to offer me any recourse or alternative to account for the additional fair I'm rightly entitled to. I purchased exactly 6 RT tickets on May 25, 2018 and this is the third time I've attempted to use one and by far my worst experience to date. There seems to be a huge lack in communication between your department heads and the actual bus drivers in regards to how these tickets are to be used. Not to mention the lack of respect and basic analytical skills displayed by the driver today in the rude aNd dismissive way he spoke to me. As a paying customer who routinely uses these services I'm asking that you look into this matter further, reimburse me for the fare that he so rudely robbed me of and make it clear to both passengers and workers, how these tickets are to be utilized. I have 3 more tickets and based on my first three attempts, it's not looking so good. My interactions with your drivers should be brief and pleasant and not involve accusatory or harsh words like the ones I was exposed to today. I choose to take the bus out of convenience I pay for my fare like everyone else and shouldn't be treated as though I'm beggar asking for a favor.

round trip bus ticket
round trip bus ticket
round trip bus ticket

filthy buses

I have submitted complaints about other bus lines for NJ Transit but recently I started riding the 168T and...


Discrimination on bus routes. ..several buses to all areas in jersey city..except to the urban areas...over 30min wait on a week day rush hour...unacceptable. ..when several buses to white areas come and go...urban buses are overcrowded and inadequate handle straps for customers to hold on properly. Some drivers are very rude while forcing customers into tiny spaces still picking up other riders. Exiting the bus in a nightmare. Most people have to exit the bus, just to let people off..and the poor elderly and children are really suffering.

I have pictures to show too the news outlet ...to show the condition! !


urgent!, urgent!, urgent! overgrowing trees onto and damaging my property

My name is Roy Arena and I reside at 45 Grove Ave in Woodbridge, NJ. It is a dead end that is separated from NJ Transit tracks by a thick row of Locus Trees. The trees have completely overgrown my house and property. So much so that limbs are rubbing my storm gutters and roof. I urgently need some help as large limbs have begun cracking away from the trunks and are preparing to fall onto my home and cars. My phone number is 731/921-1979 and my email addresses are [protected]@aerosnow.com and [protected]@verizon.net.

urgent!, urgent!, urgent! overgrowing trees onto and damaging my property
urgent!, urgent!, urgent! overgrowing trees onto and damaging my property
urgent!, urgent!, urgent! overgrowing trees onto and damaging my property
urgent!, urgent!, urgent! overgrowing trees onto and damaging my property

  • Updated by Roy F. Arena · May 30, 2018

    I have already spoken with two of your customer service people today, Agents 99 and 317. Agent 317 was preparing to process this for me but advised he was going to do it in the same manner that I am doing now so I told him I would handle. I have taken several pictures and have attached four for your immediate review. There is a photo of the largest limb that overhangs my driveway that is severely cracked and separating from the tree trunk. It is so densely shielded by other branches and leaves that the clarity doesn't speak to the urgency of someone responding to take action.


    Thank you so much for your assistance.

    Roy Arena


The bus driver (49789) bus route 317, has a nasty attitude. I have to take the bus for almost 3 hours and it would be nice if doing half way or something she would stop and let people use the bathroom if they have a far trip. The other bus drivers I been having on this bus are nice enough if someone like myself have a far trip they stop. I like Cliff that does this route.

bus driver stops in the middle of the road. too lazy to pull over.

Your bus driver on Route 39 and bus number 9535 will not pull over on Elizabeth Street in Newark. He/she does use their turn signal but never migrates to the curb and just stops in the middle of the right traffic lane, right during the morning rush.

I see cars slam on their brakes and then several cars try to move around the bus pushing into the left lane, in frustration. I hear people yelling at the bus driver but the window is closed and then it repeats itself. When the driver stops, there is at least six feet between the bus door and the curb.

This is an accident or tragedy waiting to happen. If I am in an accident, take this a fair warning and I will sue the driver and NJ Transit for reckless driving.

I am complaining about the 199 bus driver

The 199 bus driver that stops in Lyndhurst On Ridge road and Rutherford around 5:11am is very rude. He takes a new way everyday as if he doesn't know where to go. He always makes me late for work. Then he complains when the commuters say something to him. Please give us a new driver!!! He is always talking to his friend that sits up front with him very loud too

  • Sh
    Shanii B Aug 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had it with the 72, after 8:19 pm the bus only runs every hour and EVERY NIGHT the 9:19 bus NEVER show up. This by far is getting out of control people are paying there money to get them to where they need to go and of course the bus drivers don't care to show up. I will complain EVERYDAY until the matter is handled because it's ridiculous.

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driver behavior

Boarded the 197 to from Wayne to NYC at 6:36am today. There was no driver placket displayed but the bus number inside was 8308. While in motion, the driver repeatedly opened the doors and sprayed bug spray.. mumbling in Spanish that he had to kill the bugs. Not wanting to confront him while driving in submitting this formal complaint. I have respiratory allergies any he seems to be unconcerned about the people inhaling the fumes. By the way I was not the only one coughing. Would appreciate if you would properly maintain your busses and perhaps, here's a thought, take ones with bugs out of service.

driver behavior


Yesterday, May 15th, I rode the 113N leaving the Port Authority bus terminal at 5:10pm. It was raining very hard and the driver continually short stopped causing me to become physically ill. If that wasn't bad enough, she went the completely WRONG WAY and had to be directed by other bus passengers on how to get back on the route which took 30-45 minutes. I can never plan anything because this bus line is habitually late. Also in the mornings now I have to take a bus on this route that gets me to work 1 hour early because the bus never comes at it's scheduled time. The 113N which usually comes to my stop (North Avenue & Lynmar Way) is scheduled to arrive at 6:18am and he arrives 10-15 minutes late causing the bus to become overcrowded. I should not have to stand up for the long ride into Manhattan, when I have paid my fare like everyone else. Please do an evaluation on this line as it seems to be getting worse.

driver was very nasty.

Older gentleman driver. Was nasty when I got on a 600 bus to plainsboro Princeton mrkt fair at approx 6 pm and I told him I was in the military. I was under the impression that there was military discounted fare. He informed me there was not. He than informed me he was prior military and said he would let me on this time with the discounted fare price. He closed the door on a women behind me as well. While on the ride to Princeton market fare he asked questions about my military career. I sat in the back and he proceeded to ask questions like where I was stationed as if he didn't believe I was serving. There was a customer who didn't agree with what the driver and him and the driver exchanged words. As the customer got off on his stop the driver pulled off and stopped several times to exchange and threaten the customer saying "yeah you better step!" two times. The same women he had closed the door on after I got on the bus begged him to just go and asked if it were necessary? I HAVE THIS ON VIDEO** Later me and my girlfriend attempted to catch a 600 back to Trenton and the same driver arrived where we were at Princeton market fair. As we boarded the bus (5505) may 11 2018 approx. 8 :37 pm the driver greeted us with " I talked to my supervisor and I don't have to honor that military discount" and that we had to pay 2.75 each. We never have had this problem with paying using our military discount, me or my girlfriend who is also in the military, until today. My number is [protected]. Driver of 600 plainsboro 5505


The 7:05 am njtransit bus number 194 leaving from newfoundland going to nyc picks up a male passanger every morning. He smells the whole bus with horrible body odor. It smells like hes urinated/defacated on himself. If he sits in the front all of the passengers move to the back and vice versa. I want to puke. All of the passengers continuously complain about the horrible smell. I pay $300 for my monthly pass and shouldn't have to endure this on our morning commute. Its really hard to breath on the bus with the smell. We are not sure what to do. Please advise. Signed "sick passanger"

the bus driver

I have been commuting on NJ buses for over 10 years and have never been treated in the manner I was just...

Dumont Other


On May 8, 2018 I was just passing the Raritan Toll when bus #7308 ran me off the road in order to get off at the next exit. Not only did he do this to me but he also cut off a small white pickup truck. This driver has no regard for anyone's life. This is not the first time that this has happened after this toll, your drivers are constantly cutting across the highway like no one else is on them cutting people off in order to get off the exit. Maybe they should go through the local side instead of the express side so they don't have to cut across 3 lanes of cars.

boulevard east nj transit bus #7691

Time 9:58am Monday May 7th. Bus pulled up in intersection of Boulevard East and 69th Street outside Galaxy Towers. Light turned red and pedestrian crossing notification "green". I was crossing as a pedestrian and bus proceeded to move while I was in front of the bus and still on the crossing. The driver then proceeded to berate me and then proceeded through the red light and across the pedestrian crossing. Apart from my personal safety, this driver is clearly a legal liability if he continues this kind of disregard for the road rules. I highlight this because there is a legally blind resident who frequently crosses at this light.

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