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dispute unauthorized charges

Ref number #[protected] Claim#4686815 my name is Jakeisha Williams my NetSpend card was stolen, along with...

unauthorized charges!!!

My name is Jakeisha Williams my NetSpend card was stolen, along with other important thing such as ID, Social security card my daughter ID Social security I called as Soon as I realized tha thif that was done I cancelled the card but There we're transaction already made these are the transaction Valero gas 5$ stater Bros 289$ Tudo convince store 501 $ Toto convince store 183$ Those we're unauthorized charges that were made on my account I have no money to pay my rent and Christmas for my daughter or for food. Please restore my Mone back as soon as possible thank you my account#[protected] rount# [protected] Document Dispute aunthuersize transaction

  • Va
    valorie pandak Dec 14, 2018

    write on line OCC.GOV
    Office of the Comptroller of the currency. This is top bank regulator

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replacement card not received

I called in to NetSpend on 11/8/18 stating that my card was lost and I needed to have another card sent out to me. I was told my card would arrive in 7 to 10 business days. I called back in on 11/19/18 stating I have not received my card. I was told it should be delivered within a couple of days. 11/26/18, I received a text message saying my card was "undeliverable". I called in and asked why it was undeliverable and received a lot of fluff as to why it may have not been able to be delivered. I asked for tracking info, only to be told we don't have tracking info for cards that are sent out. However, they could send out my card to deliver in 3 days. I called today, 11/27/18 to find out if my card has been sent out and was told it will be sent out today and you should get it by Friday. I asked to speak to a supervisor, department head, manager or someone in authority because I have bills that need to be paid and was placed on hold for 30 minutes. I called in on another line and was told my card would be mailed and to expect it in 7 to 10 business days. NO, NO, NO that is ridiculous. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was placed on hold again. WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON?!?! I need my money to pay my bills.

doesnt protect customers

First of all my phone was stolen along with my wallet. The homeless girl more than likely opened it since I do not put.a lock on my screen and she was able to get all.the information that she needed. Of course all.the transactions are going to be in the same vicinity. She's homeless and car less and going to spend it right where she is. Do you think she's going to be able to get a way to go.anywhere else or take a road trip on a flying carpet to spend my hard earned money? You people are smarter than this!!! She didn't have to change my pin!! And there was more than enough cash in my account for her to use before I reported it stolen !! So she's not going to put it in the negative in such a short amount of time. In fact I looked and all the transactions are in the 2 mile radius of.the laundromat where I was and 3 miles from where I live!! So it makes sense a vagrant is going to spend right where she is with no transportation. What choice would she have? You just don't want to return any of my money to me and you get enough with all your fees you charge me and the rest of the world. You should see that all these factors DO NOT ADD UP TO ME DOING WHAT YOU CLAIM. IN FACT LOOK AT MY STATEMENT YOU WILL SEE I HAD TO GO TO METRO PCS AND BUY ANOTHER PHONE IMMEDIATELY WITH MY NEW CARD!!! THERE IS NO INDICATION HERE WHATSOEVER THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT HERE AND DO NOT FEEL LIKE GIVING ME A DIME OF MY STOLEN MONEY BACK THAT YOU SHOULD GET TO DECIDE SOMEONES FATE AND KEEP THEIR MONEY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT!!! I DID NOTHING WRONG TO.DESERVE THIS. I'M A SINGLE PARENT WHO WORKS 2 JOBS AND GOES TO GRAD SCHOOL AND WORKS HARD FOR EVERY DIME I HAVE IN TOP.OF DEALING WITH CANCER.
please once again reconsider returning my money. Nothing you sent for reasons adds into not giving back what was stolen. I will continue everyday and call and will not give up. It's just not fair. Who are you to decide this without even being in the same state much less city to be able to see for yourself proof of what happened? I'm begging you to return my money please .

dispute claims

I have 2 dispute claims active at this time. The first one is for $586.40. I was told to change my password and was sent a new card. That didn't help because I was hacked again and $261.75 was taken the second time only after the second time it happened was my account closed. My account should of been closed the first time it happened. I have filed a report with the police and with the FTC. I'm being told I won't know anything until the 26th and 30th of November. I have bills I need to pay. I am requesting provisional credit asap.

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I filed for an unauthorized transaction that was done with my card and got absolutely NOWHERE. The rep I...

my credit card

So my account is locked I tried to log in on my account this morning and it said " Account is Locked please contact customer service if you're still having trouble". Basically I want to know why my card is locked i counldnt even get gas nor food . and the last thing i want to is call the reps all they do is pretend they understand and they still dont fix the problem.b

disputing transactions $102.50 disputing $152.50 disputing $20.50

My car was stolen in the store September 18th I reported it stolen but yet my car was still able to be used...

pre paid card

I loaded my money for e emergency and was stranded at a transport lobby from 3pm tell the following day at 440pm I had no money to eat in diabetic no water no way home my pho e didn't get payed the day I was gonna pay I couldn't I lost a days work no sleep tired on a hot day no one awnsered just to put me on hold long periods at a time then by not looking I got a card to find out its net spend I can't activate need to call them first it says no I have no money again can't get a hold of them tried multi times since Monday what's going on with them it's like we need to beg them I can't believe them

pre paid card

Resolved account login info

Ive been trying for a couple weeks to access my online accounting to check my balances and attempt transfer...

Resolved lock on account

I called the all access line about the lock they put on my credit card she refused to assist me i asked to...

Resolved skylight paycard

I started working at Kohl's in September and for almost a month now I been locked out of my skylight account. I been basically working for free. They NEVER reply to my emails and calling customer service is useless because they told me to change my password which OF COURSE did NOT work. There was absolutely no reason for me to be locked out my account. I got locked out probably lessthan an hour after registering my temporary card. So basically they're taking my pay and keeping it. Totally intentional it seems after reading all these darn complaints.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • NetSpend's response · Oct 25, 2018

    We are very sorry to hear that you have been locked out of your account. Please email us at [email protected] and we will make sure this is addressed as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


customer services

On October 17, 2018 I tried to purchase tickets from ticket master. The transaction didn't go through bcuz I...

Resolved stolen monies debit card

Ao today im.told that they have the paper work saying they need receipts but it isnt paperwork sent with your...

Resolved paypal prepaid mastercard

I had hundreds of dollars taken from me on fraudulent charges two states away from where I live. I contacted PayPal Prepaid (2 hours later) they had the nerve to tell me that I could not open a claim on all of the transactions since they were pending and only one had cleared. I opened a claim on the first 50 dollar charge then the ext day on the remaining 6. At this point the people had exhausted all of my funds leaving me with no way to feed my children. So when i checked again the first claim had been repaid and my account was now 40 dollars over, I called the card company back and they were extremely rude and transferred me to managers lines where nobody would pick up. I waited for hours days and days in a row, if they did not transfer me they would just put me back in the queue. So here we are 3 weeks later and I still don't have any word on the status of my claim nor why I was given one transaction back when it was at the same time and location as the other 6. This has been a nightmare and managers will not even speak to me. The last representative i spoke with said 90 days. This is insane, not to mention it took over 2 weeks to get a card. They sent me letters regarding the initial transaction that i received in 2 days, but it took 14 days to get a replacement card???? Does you survey in the mail really have such high priority that i get is 10 days before my new card?? To top all of this off, since It was a fraudulent claim the 50 dollars they gave me on the second day I could not pull out, transfer, or use at all since there was no longer a card associated with the account. I will never again use a prepaid card. I have lost my apartment, my phone, and my time so thank you NetSpend.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by crook60 · Oct 15, 2018

    Oh, and to make things even more frustrating outside of being able to get even one single answer, the only responses to my support emails are pre-made templates with nothing other than vague request to keep waiting and nothing more than somone not reading my email and just pasting in a response. I have never felt this lever of anger and helplessness in my entire life. I was a victim by someone taking my money, I can actually deal with that, its not even close to feelings of being a victim that PayPal Prepaid has made me feel. I feel more a victim of Netspend than anything else, how hard is it to make some who was robbed of ever dollar he had feel worse, well you did and I will tell ever single person I know and on my website never to ever use your cards or companies again.

  • NetSpend's response · Oct 17, 2018

    We are very sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced with the unauthorized transactions and our service.

    We would like to make sure these issues are addressed and request that you contact us at [email protected] We will have someone from our main office contact you as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


my money

I bought a PayPal card and did not know it was under NetSpend I have a 6 month year old child with asthma problems and I need my money they said that they cannot activate the car because of previous fraudulent on the account that someone else used in my name so now I have to wait 7 to 10 days that I I can't wait that long I need my money now I want to know if they could turned called the card on and let me get it out of the ATM or just activated for a minute and I will take it all off I just can't wait for 7 to 10 days it's a shame they need to do better there are many people using other phones names and getting cards I want my money I need it now and if my daughter get sick behind us because I can't pay for my medicine I will be suing I want my money that's all I want I do not want no card from NetSpend at all just released the funds just released the funds I would take all of it off and you can cause a right back you have done it before 1 my husband bought the wrong card so I need it my you can get in contact with me at [protected]


I am disabled and unfortunately my provider stole my NetSpend card and made several unauthorized charges. I am on a fixed income and need the money to make it the rest of the month until I get my next SSI check. NetSpend is telling me that a answer to the disputed charges are a possible provisional credit won't be made until October 26, 2018. I wish something could be done to help me sooner.

horrible service!

Account randomly blocked with well over $300 on card and I became stranded at work due to the Lyft charge being denied!!! Contacted them and they claimed that there was a suspicious charge. I reveiwed all charges and all were at places I have frequented and used this card many, many times. All charges were by me! They have yet to resolve the issue and as it stands, I will not be able to get to work tomorrow as I use Lyft. I also had charges denied for purchases made for my son's birthday through Amazon! Netspend needs to do something immediately and can not withhold customer's funds! Something stinks here as I see many complaints about this same issue! Netspend is about to lose my business for good.

Resolved locked account

Well I've been locked out of my account since yesterday ive tried emailing and calling customer service but I have gotten no response and every time I call I get left on hold for 30+ minutes and get no answer and I've tried everything I tried resetting my password I've called and emailed I need to get into my account I got bills and [censored] to pay so im at wit's end with this crap


I called and finally someone answered

customer service

NetSpend is the one of the worst companies ever, you call them at 9:00 an it takes and no one answered until...