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How to STOP their calls

Here is how to STOP Advanta.

First, understand that they don't bother following the law. Second, understand that they really have no power over you other than harrassment and dinging your credit if you don't pay. The wost they can legally do is send you threatening calls and letters and finally do a charge off on the debt on your credit if you don't cave in to their tactics.

If you're finally in a postion where your credit score is no longer an issue you can worry about (you're just trying to survive and letting some bills go unpaid), include them in the unpaid stack. They will send you a couple of letters and then send their phone dogs after you. They are not supposed to call you more than twice a day at the most because that is considered harrassment.

Legally you can send any creditor a certified letter to instruct them to no longer contact you by phone. (Do a search for an example.) The law is clear. They must abide by that. However, Advanta will insist that it doesn't apply to them but only to third party collectors and since they are the account owner they can ignore it. Interestingly, all other lenders in primary position DO honor the law and stop calling.

You could go through all kind of hassles to compalin to the State Attorney General, but it won't do any good. They'll keep calling. Now's the time to take matters into you own hands and fight fire with fire. This is what I did.

I have caller ID. When I noticed it was Advanta, I began by not answering. When the calls reached 3 or 4 times a day, I opened the phone line and let it sit. Sometimes I opened the phone line and smacked the microphone against the table top rapidly several times to explode the callers ear. Sometimes I flushed the toilet and put the phone near the water so they could hear the flush. I considered it all a game. After all, I wasn't working and couldn't pay them. My credit was shot anyway.

They continued, but changed to a different line that listed a phone number but no name. These I began answering. I sent the letter to them and when I got the return receipt I told the caller about it. They insisted it didn't apply to them. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said the same thing. I asked nicely to stop calling and he insisted they would until deadbeats like me paid our bills.

I decided ti fight fire with fire. The next time they called I answered and hung up as soon as I knew who it was. Now I had their phone number. I I hit return dial and got one of their callers. I proceeded to tell them all about how they had just called me and I was returning the favor. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got handed up. I didn't discuss anything, I just told him the same thing and said goodbye.

Now the fun began. I redialed and went through the same thing again - over and over and over again. They proceed each answering with a statement of the call being recorded. So what? It's not illegal to call them. Just be pleasent and don't swear. If you get flustered, just hang up and call again. Each time I asked to speak to a supervisor. They started by passing me up. However, after about 6 calls they tried to block me by asking me my account number, address, name, etc. I told them it was a personal matter and they only needed my name which I gave them. After about 15 calls I began getting the same people over again. A couple of times they hung up on me, but remember their recording is showing me being pleasant while they are being rude and hanging up. That only happened a few times. They finally began to immediately passed me up to the senior supervisor, Ed McFadden. He's good. He'll wait quietly until you begin to speak and them begin immediately cutting you off, telling you how much of a jerk you are, asking for their money, anything to try to keep you from getting a word in edgewise. His job is to get you mad. Keep smiling. You're winning. It didn't matter. I just kept telling him I was returning their calls as they had originally asked and would continue since I wasn't working and had nothing better to do than play games on my computer while calling them. I let him know I would continue to keep this up until they finally stopped calling me.

Of course he insisted that it didn't bother him or his work and I was wasting my time. By the way, this conversation took over 10 calls to complete because as soon as I said one line and he jumped in I nicely said. "Goodbye." and hung up. He tried to tell me all about how I was going to lose my house, bank accounts, have wages garnished, etc. I called his bluff because I know he can't do any of those things. He threatened to send it on to their attorneys. I applauded him and asked him to please do it. That would stop the calls. He backed off saying he had to follow protocol. I laughed at him on that one.

Interestingly, this activity took about 1 hour which I viewed as a game instead of irritation. I was "returning the favor" of calling them. That was last week. I don't know why, but I haven't had my phone ring from them in over a week. Can anyone please tell me how I can get them to start their friendly calls again. I feel left out and unloved!

MIserable and along waiting for a call.

  • Li
    Ling Chi May 25, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your advice is ###ed, and serves no purpose other than to perpetuate the cycle of bad credit which you seem to be in. Your advice is flawed, and does not include the legal backlash which can happen to you. Yes, you can tell any third party bill collector to stop contacting you, but if Advanta is a first party, they are not bound by the FDCPA. If they are third party, you can write a cease and desist, however that only stops them from contacting you. They can still proceed with collections, and then you get lovely little judgments against you.

    Know your rights - look up the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, then do the following:

    1. Get a recording device and put the next conversation on speaker.
    2. Before they start their tirade, ask if you can record the conversation (required if your state requires it, otherwise, record away).
    3. Have them start from the beginning, say what they need to say, and you ask what you should ask (you should know the FDCPA to know what to ask for).
    4. Count the violations.
    5. Profit - it's $1, 000 per infraction, so they have now paid you for your time.

    Use this money to pay off your debt and learn from your mistakes - pay your bills and stop living beyond your means. Anyone who takes the advice of the OP is just asking for 7 years (from the last account activity) of bad credit.

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unethical fincancial managment

I have a successful business and good credit signed up for Advanta as a premier business card for my buinsess in 2007. My intial interest rate was 15%, last year my rate was hiked to 35% with no explanation. The real crime here is the small business owners like that are respobsible and successful got stuck with no time to transfer or move funds before the interest reate hike. With the higher interest rate no progress is made on the balance. They claim to have sent a notice about the rate hike in august? Worse small business owners that had accounts with Advanta now have no accesses to available funds. I have worked hard to establish my credit as a reputable business, Advanta hurts responsible successful business owners that form the building blocks of this country. This should be handled with the upmost care and efficiency to restore respobsibility and ethics to business credit. What happens to american when small reputable business are forced to pay the mistakes of a big business? This should be illegal.

credit card rate increase

Advanta Bank has jumped firmly on the greed and scam wagon! It is good to see that I am not the only one in...

Jump in interest rate from 2.99 percent to 34.99 percent

I have never been late with Advanta and I sent a payment in on August 29 or 30th and Advanta customer service...


On May 26 I received an email saying that Advanta was going out of the credit card business and I could charge nothing after May 30. I set about replacing the ONLY credit card I have. I could not get on the website and I could not get through by phone. There was a continuous busy signal. I transfered a $300 balance to Discover. (my new card) This was an over payment because I could not determine what had actually gone on the card. When I was able to get through by phone, I was told the check was being mailed out that day, and I should get it in 7 to 10 days. I have been told that 3 times now. Most recently today. I wait 10 days between calls even though I am sure the mail is not going pony express... I believe I am being told the "worlds oldest lie."

Dorothy Kalaveras

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Loan Shark Interest Rates

HOW TO BEAT ADVANTA: IF everyone with a Credit card from advanta JOINS ME IN my quest to just SAY NO! and DO NOT PAY YOUR BILL (My interest was raised to 34.99% and a curtosy check is at (((46.99%)) Advanta has sold there accounts to investors who are looking to capitolize on this MEGA interest and use THREATS Of credit reporting, THIS IT like the days of loan sharking BUT if EVERYONE SAID NO and DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENTS, everyone should call advanta NOW ( keep in mind there 1-800 BILL WILL BE HUGE (YAY) and say the folloing with out letting them get in one word about CONTRACTS ETC. SAY: HI I will only pay 9% if they reply NO say I will only pay 9% alter my bill now. IF everyone said this the investors would take notice BECAUSE the investors would then force ADVANTA to take back the accounts and advanta will GO BANKRUPT then THEY CAN PUT US on there bankruptsy filings and NOT USE putting advanta on ours.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
One ant is helpless 10's of thousands and youve got STRENGTH.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
anyone in...

  • Wi
    williany da silva fernandes Jun 25, 2009

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Canceled my credit card

Advanta Mastercard has canceled my credit line as of April 21, 2009. Not because I missed payment, because I never had a balance from month to month.

Advanta Mastercard sent me an email and a letter (which I haven't received yet) stating that they have canceled my card due to my low activity. My low activity was about $500 to $3, 000 a month in charges but I always paid my balance off each month.

They have the right to do what they please with their credit lines, BUT!!! They should have given me proper notice. My wife was purchasing her contact lenses and the card was declined making her greatly embarrased at the time of her purchase.

I guess Advanta Mastercard wants SLAVES as cardholders! If you are responsible and only spend what you can pay for when the bill comes due they ABSOLUTELY HATE YOU!!!

Let's all pay off all of our bills and let these CREDIT SLAVES DIE AWAY...

  • Jb
    jbird May 03, 2009

    Did the same thing to me - canceled my card because I didn't use it enough and always paid off the balance!
    This hurts your credit score because it looks like they canceled you for some other reason. They should be prohibited from doing this. Suppose your mortgage lender did that - canceled your mortgage even though you paid on time - people would be out in the street.

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  • dec4566 May 11, 2009

    Advanta cancelled over 210, 000 inactive or low usage accounts last fall. It is a real shame.

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  • Cr
    credit card user May 29, 2009

    Have you tried Comdata? You should call them they can help you get another card and quickly.

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Predatory Lending Practices

Like everyone else here, I was victim of Advanta's predatory lending practices. My rates were 2.99%, and then 7.99%, for the longest, and recently, just like everyone else, the rate went up to 32%! They gave me the same lies they are giving everyone else, that something changed on my credit report, and there are a variety of factors leading to the change. All of this is bull, and nothing has changed.

I paid the balance off, and then they renegotiated the interest rates to 15.99%. They said that I could call back in 60 days to try to reduce the rate further, (I do not use the card anymore)

I am reading everyone's stories, and doing my research on Advanta, and their predatory lending practices apparently date back to the 90s.

I've decided that I am going to sue them under breach, since the contract that I signed, says, "for the life of the account" and NOTHING on my credit report has changed. I can see that in the past, there is how Advanta lost most of its cases, under breach. Not only that, but they lied and said they mailed out a letter. Everytime I call, I get hung up on. I asked them to resend the letter they sent, I still have not received it. This behavior, in addition to their history, I think I have enough to at least bring up the claim.

I looked them up on the BBB, and they only have one complaint and there is no information about it, so the BBB is on their side.

For now, I am gathering all my information, and every week I call Advanta for an update. I plan on going to the FTC, the States Attorney General, etc. I am going to sue them for the amount of interest that was charged over and beyond, and that was breach of contract. I am also suing them for my court costs.

I read somewhere else that a poster was able to get a claim through on the BBB, and then Advanta agreed to lower the interest rate, if the person closed the account.

larceny at it's worst

I too... have been totally "had" by Advanta and it's businesss practices. from 9.9% to 20.99% then to... 37.58%!!! Never late. No late fees. credit score in the mid 7's. this is sick... Way to help people out in this economy. Does anyone know what they get to borrow money at currently? below 1%. what the [censored] I hope this bank goes down. bad. and all the employees with it. it is one of the most egregious blantent thievery i have ever seen - let alone be a target of it. I am all over a class action suit with anyone that has the time to undertake it. i can be reached at [protected] I also think that the big business networks ie: Fox CNN etc... expose them - especially when they are talking about banks. do you think anyone could come up with a strategy that might help the economic woes that are plaguing this country...? how about having the banks take some of the billions they just got for below 1% - ask them to lower the interest rate by - oh, say 50% of what ever they are charging the consumers... thereby allowing them to pay instead of defaulting. Let that same customer gain some sanity back and well being - maybe they will have learned a lesson, cut back and "spend" more wisely - but spend. isn't that what the goverment wants us to do... spend? cant do it if we are paying Advanta 37.58% interest profit. The name of the VP of client services at Advanta (as of 12/08) is Anne Howley. but good luck getting a hold of her. I am trying again right now... good luck everyone - and FIGHT!!!

Fraud and scam

I have signed up for Advanta Small Business credit card online where they had an offer for 0% apr for 15 month. They stated no transaction fees. I transferred maximum I was given and awaited my first bill.

To my surprise, the first bill came 2 month late along with late fee, over limit fee, and transaction fee. I have called in and they stated since I already transferred maximum that I was charged for over limit. After talking to them, they agreed to give me $50 credit, which I was happy with because it was more than I expected.

After paying double the minimum, I though the headache was over. On my next bill I have found a .15 finance charge for the transaction fee they charged since it was not part of the balance transfer (since they apply your payment to lower rates balances first, there is no way to stop this until full amount is paid off), but since minimum finance charge is $1, they slapped in another dollar to my bill.

I must say this is a total rip off, I have paid the whole bill to get rid of the headaches with dealing with such a nasty company, if I didn't pay it off, they would add finance charge over and over and I can imagine by 15 month at end of offer I would have over $100 in extra fees. Do not get fooled by this company's scam, and other like it they make. Avoid Advanta no matter how tempting their offers are, they always have a catch they will never tell you about until they make you pay extra buck.

Unauthorized charges

Crooked!The same day I received my 37 percent Christmas present increase from Advanta I also received a account verification which I had not opened from Take Charge America a so called credit counseling company.When I called them the first question was what is your interest on your Advanta card and great they work well with us.They always drop the rate to 0 percent.Backed in a corner is what I call it.Gee surrender your cards and pay all the money back twice a month any cards above 9 percent they say they can have them lowered.But Advanta they can have down to 0 percent.I did not just fall off the boat, my grandparents may have but gee I am not stupid.Yes lets all get a hold of the attorney in N.Y. and fight this.### hard as times are.I am a self employed single parent with five pets I have rescued.Please this is totally unacceptable. If you have any additional information that will help.Please call 301... Thanks and don't for get what comes around goes around and to all of you that are doing the dirty work for Advanta shame shame on you!Now go in peace and this to shall pass.Misery likes company and the evil crooked are in misery in themselves.CEOs ect.

  • Valerie Nov 04, 2008

    I received my first Advanta credit card just short of a year ago with a very reasonable interest rate of 7.99%. After only FIVE months they raised my interest rate to 29.00% - I called them and they said they had reviewed my credit history and therefore increased the rate. My history had not changed much since they issued the initial rate. I paid off this balance and close my account.

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  • Ad
    Adam Zar Nov 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did have the same experience with advanta, I called and spoke with a supervisor and she was very rude and I told her, I have a perfect Credit report score Just Because i have alots of outstanding credit(mostly Bussniess and i pay my bills on time never late) she didn, t even want to listen, So I closed my account. After one year of never being late.

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  • Ar
    Argyle Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same story here: Advanta offered a low APR and we made timely payments (usually above the minimum) for more than a year. This month I noticed they had jacked the APR to 36.31%. When I contacted them they gave me the "we review accounts periodically" BS. My finances haven't gotten worse since I took out the maybe its Advanta thats crashing/burning so they "evaluate" the accounts periodically to figure out how to rip off consumers so they can save their own sorry ###. Told them to close the lets see if they follow-through...

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  • Dg
    d. gardner Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is rather long...but you really should read it all...
    I too have had severe "angry" conversations with these people. Be very, very careful. If you default or are late on a payment, they will increase your interest to the max. 32.99%, then, each time you make a payment, they will lower your credit limit below the next month principal/interest amount and hit you with a $39.00 over limit fee as well. After 90 days they will close your account and expect you to continue paying off the exorbitant charges and late fees and interest. You will continue to fall behind until they dump your contract off to a bottom feeder collection agent. They will usually dump you onto EVAN'S LAW FIRM. This person does not collect but he allows other unscrupulous bottom feeders to use his name. They will file a local judgement suit using a corrupt judge and a local attorney to file against you. You can expect the judgement to be 2 to 3 times your current balance if you do not hire an attorney to represent you.
    Now here's the rub. Even if you hire an attorney to fight this law suit abuse, the judge will receive his $250.00 filing fee and your attorney will get his/her $800.00 representative fee and the judge will dismiss or charge the suit based on your ability to pay, however, if the judge dismisses for lack of funds to pay, the collection agency will simply sell your contract to a partner firm for a few dollars and they will contact the local attorney who will file a suit again with the same judge. This can and does go on and on every 90 days for ever. Even after the statute of limitations has expired on the account, you will have to hire a local attorney to appear before the judge to have it dismissed at a cost of $800.00 every 90 days or until you pay off the debt or file for chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, I was forced into Chapter 13 Bankruptcy by these bottom feeders.

    I know! Bankruptcy is an admission of failure!! ”###!” I didn’t ask to be laid off and I didn’t ask to get behind, and I didn’t continue to use my credit cards after being laid off from work. All I asked was for some fair play and a level playing field. I lived in a dumpster and paid in every penny I earned for 8 years to NO AVAIL! BANKRUPTCY IS THE ONLY PROTECTION YOU CAN GET TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE UNSCRUPULOUS LENDERS AND COLLECTORS. I originally owed $12, 000.00 on all my cards combined with an annual income of $67, 000.00 on 9/11/01 (terrorist day) and was LAID OFF ON 9/21/01. AFTER DESTROYING MY CREDIT CARDS AND NEVER CHARGING AGAIN, by the end of 8 years of trying to pay them off, being lied to and ripped off by collection agencies and receiving NO help anywhere, my total debt was $72, 000.00 of which I had paid $56, 000.00 over the 8 years in an attempt to satisfy my creditors. They promised to settle for smaller amounts if I paid today. I would pay them and they would keep the money and sell my contract to another associate who would then start the process all over again.

    EXAMPLE: ORIGINAL DEBT: $2, 369.00. PAID OFF FOR ½ ELECTRONICALLY. $1173.00. BILLED NEXT MONTH BY DIFFERENT COLLECTION AGENCY $4, 569.00. AFTER 8 YEARS $9, 899.00. The lawyer on this particular suit was asking the judge for a judgement of $23, 869.18 for a $2369.00 original debt.

    No one would help me. I complained to the Consumer Credit Council, U.S. Government, State Attorney Generals Office, Senators, Congressmen, and local attorneys, to no avail. I was always brushed off with the same response and attitude. "Well you dead beat! You should pay your bills and you won't have these problems!

    I was left with NO OPTION but to file for Chapter 13 to protect myself and my family from these terrorists. My credit score actually increased by 79 points upon my filing Chapter 13. The bottom feeders will now get a total of $14.00 each over a 3 year period of time.

    I can only hope that the credit card companies and the collection agencies "get hemorrhoids and live to be a thousand!"

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  • Fa
    fairness rules Dec 18, 2008

    I have paid ALWAYS on time ---never late----noticed they hiked my rate to 32% ---i asked them to lower it...NO, they say. I did not pay last payment (now 12 days late). I just received a threatening ltr from them! "They are taking actions against me and my business--via Section 11??? further...they say, trust us, you don't want us to go there". Now here's a letter where they reference action via section 11 and they do not even get me info on it!!! Just the threat---that i do want them to go there! Whewwww...unbelievable.

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Interest rate scam

I opened my Advanta small business credit card account in January and after nine months of regular, on-time payments, my interest rate was just raised from 7.99% to 25.8%. When I called and asked why, they said there were no late payments, but the rate increase was based on "a complicated formula of a variety of risk factors including credit history, other credit card payments, mortgages, car loans, etc., and that I was a high risk". They refused to tell me specifically what caused me to be "high risk".

I immediately checked my credit score, which is 777 - rated as "great" and only a 2% risk. We have no car loans, and have paid the mortgage off in full.
I suspect that this is a standard ploy of Advanta's, offering a low "come on" rate and then raising it, and has nothing to do with credit ratings.

According to several consumer credit card websites, Advanta is very popular... which I suspect will change if they continue this business practice. Too bad, because I actually liked the company, and I tend to be a loyal consumer.

  • Ad
    admin Sep 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    who gives a ###k?

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  • Ca
    Catherine Oct 16, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My letter to the Senator (Florida) !

    Senator Nelson,

    I wrote last week to you via email regarding your position on the CARD ACT, Credit card reform proposed by Senator Chris Dodd, not the bail out. I agree with your position on the bail out and support it.

    Chris Dodd proposed the CARD ACT 2008 which regulates credit card companies’ ability to charge excessive interest rates, high fees, Prevents issuers from changing the terms of a credit card contract for the length of the card agreement (ban on unilateral changes to card agreements); Apply Interest Rate Increases Only to Future Debt, Prohibit Interest on Fees, Prevents credit card issuers from increasing interest rates on cardholders in good standing for reasons unrelated to the cardholder’s behavior with respect to that card (universal default ban);Require Prompt and Fair Crediting of Cardholder Payments

    ADVANTA CORP credit card raised my interest rate from 7.99% FIXED to 26.31%. When I called to find out why my interest had gone up so drastically they blamed it on the ECONOMY. I closed this account immediately. What is worse is that there is no law to prevent the credit card companies from doing this to us (the consumer). ADVANTA and other credit cards do not consider consumers that have MODERATE interest rates and pay on time PROFITABLE. The mortgage crisis is carrying over to the credit cards, and credit card companies are increasing our interest rates substantially to "squeeze" as much money as possible from us to make a PROFIT. Credit Cards are taking advantage of the financial crisis we are facing and the deregulation that exists in the financial market to raise interest rates. ADVANTA is a business credit card and their increase in interest rates is contributing to individuals and small businesses filing for bankruptcy and leaving others drowning in debt. Credit Cards increase in interest rates is hurting the ECONOMY tremendously; people are unable to pay down their debts with these high interest rates placing ADVANTA and other credit card companies in a predicament where people are not going to be able to make their minimum payments. The middle and low class are going to be paying more FEES for defaulting on their payments. People will be paying more money to the credit card companies and will have more debt instead of less because all the money is going to pay the high interest rates and not the principal. People will be left with less spending money, slowing down the already hurting economy.

    This practice is unjust and unethical and their should be laws to protect consumers from this kind of abuse.

    Do you support the CARD ACT? Is there a better Credit Card Reform in your opinion? How can I effectively support a legislation that aims to reform credit card industry abuses?

    I understand the CARD Act is not the solution to all the problems with credit cards but I believe it to be a step in the right direction.

    Another Credit Card Reform Proposed by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

    Thank you.

    Additional information:
    I paid half of my ADVANTA debt and transferred the rest to Capital One at a 0% interest rate for 12 months at a cost of 3% one time fee.

    I hope this link helps. (Be cautious in playing the credit card game)

    We are less than 30 days away from elections. And our VOTE is our most powerful tool right now. Take the time to visit each candidate’s website to learn the issues that affect us and let’s fight back with our vote! Only one candidate addressed Predatory Credit Card Practices.

    Vote for the candidate that will PROTECT us from these predatory lenders!!! <Your address must match the address on your voter registration card. (check with your local registration office)
    Also, contact your Senator.

    Best of luck to all of you, and I hope you all find a way out of your high interest rates.

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  • Di
    Dimitri Oct 27, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Advanta is the worst when it comes to bait and switch tactics! They lured me with a 9% APR and in less than a year bumped me to over 30% APR. I pay my bills reguarly, I even pay more than the minimum. This is plain FRAUD!

    People, please check the facts BEFORE signing up with ADVANTA and not AFTER, like I did.

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  • Ro
    Robert Wells Feb 03, 2009

    They SUCK, , Don't apply, Rates went up from 7.99 to 37.18.

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  • Pa
    Paulilla Feb 17, 2009

    I had an advanta card for almost two years. I got a first 0% interest on the first year which is great because I opened a bussiness and needed the money.
    After a year I looked at my statement a couple of months ago and they are charging me a 33% APR interest!! My minimum payment doubled from $300 for a $9000 dollars debt to almost $700 dollars.
    I called them several times and today was the last one, they said somebody will call me but nobody did. So I finally called again today and an "Indian" customer service man talked to me and said he couldn't do anything!!! I was so pissed so I said I wanted to talk to a Manager.
    After 10-15 minutes waiting on the phone a women with an american accent answered and said that because I paid a couple days late a couple of times they couldn't help me, , , , I can't belive it! these people should go bankrupt!
    I don't think they will anyway because they are charging everybody these absurd interest rates. So now, what's next? I have a business and economy is tight so I am not going to be able to pay my CC next month.

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  • Cl
    Clemencia P Baumgartner Jun 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Advanta Business card # 8187. Business cards discontinued. Interest was raised to 32.99% some time ago. I requested a hardship reduction but was declined. Now my situation is desperate. I can't afford the high payments and will contempolete bankruptcy, but would like not to, if possible. My interest before was 9.99%. Please help.

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