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P Jun 07, 2019 Review updated:

My husband and I watched the first episode of season 3 tonight. We were disappointed in all the foul language, nudity and 2 men kissing. It was a better show when it was on network tv. We'd still like to watch but haven't decided if we will.
Seriously! I have to make my complaint 350 words or you won't address it?!?! I'm confused! Why Is this the way you handle complaints?


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      Jun 07, 2019

    Lmao. You’re special, aren’t you?

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  • J
      Jul 31, 2019

    @TheManager what does that mean

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  • R
      Jun 09, 2019

    Soooo disappointed with 3rd season of designated survivor. Netflix must think that constantly using the f word among all the other swearing helps us to really want to watch. I guess I must be rare in that I find this language offensive. Our society has become so crude. Thanks, Netflix for helping to make it cruder than ever. I am considering canceling my subscription. I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons but you have changed the character of the show so much that I will not be watching. Now the show STINKS!

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      Jun 14, 2019

    @Rick Merritt You people are unreal. If you don't like it don't watch it. I personally think it is ten times better than when it was on ABC, it is a real winner!

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  • M
      Jun 20, 2019

    @netflixwizard Are you saying the show is better because every character now has a potty mouth or do you think the storylines have drastically improved in Season 3? I'm hoping it's the latter. Those of us who don't use foul language to communicate and don't want or need all that filth to enjoy otherwise good shows and movies are far more common than you may think.

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  • J
      Jun 24, 2019

    @netflixwizard Actually we who liked it better as it was has every right to express our displeasure. If you don’t like our opinion, don’t read it.

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  • J
      Jul 31, 2019

    @netflixwizard We are actually very "real". There are many people in this society who do not consider profanity and sex entertaining. This was a clean show that fit our demographic grouping . It's sad that we feel we can no longer watch it.

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  • T
      Aug 12, 2019

    @netflixwizard That’s the problem today, if you don’t want foul language, gay sex, or just plain crudeness you can’t watch anything. The show is not better, sir, it’s sad.

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  • J
      Jul 01, 2019

    I Agree! It's like they are going overboard to make up for Seasons 1 and 2! It's disgusting. It detracts from the show AND I don't think some of the cast is OK with it!

    Super Mike, as I called the POTUS #1 SService Agent did not come back. Agent Hannah Wells is out!!!

    We see people in bed, naked men; it's like the Campaign Manager "Lorraine" heralded in this "bold, new" stance. I've been studying film, tv, acting for about 40 years, and I can tell Which Actors are comfortable and not Comfortable with Rampant Vulgar and Obscene Language to qualify or intensify WORDS!

    So what it's not on Primetime and now on Netflix; that's no excuse.

    I am 55, Female, Feminine, Black-mixed, non-actively Gay, as in Celibate, and I do not throw who I am in anyones face. I grew up in Brooklyn, left in 1985 and came back in 2007, lived in 6 states, 20 cities and was appalled at the fact that, in NYC, every other sentence spoken Must Be sprinkled with Profanity!!!

    And it's basically hypocritical!!!

    Either Foul Language is acceptable or not!!!

    I say, in PUBLIC, it is NOT!

    Unfortunately, our current, real Political/Federal Legislators, since 2016, have been setting a Real, Horrific, Disgusting, example.

    No wonder our Children, Teens, Youth today, do not have a fighting chance! And it's Their World!!!

    P.S... Family Feud with Steve Harvey is disgusting. I tweeted major people a few months back, as others did. Steve Harvey is now slowly having the proverbial rug pulled from underneath him!!!

    Family Values in Public Society, Must Prevail.

    I care not what one does in their private life. Though, if I have to share the Public Arena of Life with others, we must have common, shared, Decent Behaviors acceptable to MOST IF NOT ALL PEOPLE!

    I LOVE Designated Survivor! The 360 Degree Turn was jarring.

    Season 4 has to tone it down. Please!!!

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  • J
      Jul 18, 2019

    I can’t believe how you ruined Designated survivor. I’ve tried to watch it this season and have been very disappointed. I just finished season 4 episode 4 am finished and will not watch it again . Very distasteful !!!

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  • J
      Jul 31, 2019

    Designated Survivor was my favorite show on Netflix. I binged watched it and was sad when it came to an end. When I saw that Netflix had picked it up I was so excited only to be disappointed when it finally came out. The profanity and sex make it unrecognizable. They have made the characters into totally different people. I don't find profanity and sex entertaining. It's a shame Netflix ruined a wonderful show.

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