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My name is Richard Mars 88 Andover Road, Glenmoore, Pa. I have a DVD plan with Netflix. I have received three defective discs since February 20. I have tested my equipment and that is not the cause. That leaves the U.S. mail, which neither of us have control over, or the DVD distribution center.
Three discs in twelve days go beyond coincidence and you deserve to be informed of the issue. If this is happening to other people in this area, those individuals may not be willing to spend the time to let you know about it. You will just lose a customer and you will wonder why.
I do not need an apology. I need discs to arrive in a timely manner, and they need to run properly. If Netflix cannot do that, we will be parting ways.

Here are the defective disc titles:
2/20/19 All Creatures great and Small Series 7/Disc 4 no video
2/26/19 New Tricks Season 1/Disc 1 obviously cracked
2/28/19 New Tricks Season 1/ Disc 1 replacement for previous--disc stopped playing with 6 minutes to go. By the way, who killed the girl?

Richard Mars
email: [protected]

Mar 02, 2019
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  •   Mar 02, 2019

    I had delivery for a few years and never got a defective dvd. I now watch everything online and I no longer have to wait for delivery or return it to Netflix. I like how I can watch a little of a title, pause and watch another title and then do the same. Or, if the video is not really enjoyed, I can delete and watch another.

    We lost power in a storm last week but I opened my iPad and watched a movie. I used my laptop, too, so I’d not use all the charge in my iPad .

    Look into it. You can buy a tablet for under $100 and watch unlimited titles. Goes with you, too, so waiting for an appointment or meal or traffic jam is fun

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