Netflix / degenerative content and unnecessary profanity

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I am a big supporter of Netflix and made by Netflix programs. It is all I watch. I especially love that my family is not subjected to inappropriate commercials in the middle of family friendly shows. however Lately I have noticed a big decline in program quality. It seems every Netflix program now includes gay men kissing not so much for the sake of advancing the plot but seemingly just to prove some pointless point. We all accept gender neutrality in Canada. We get it. But do you need to ram it down our throats? Netflix seems to be leaning to the seedy side even with pg14 ratings. Profanity just for the sake of it is less than literary. (I completely bought into the shock value of Ozark however.) In addition, the quality of your literary content has clearly degenerated. Riverdale started out ok but then the writers ran out of fresh ideas and then panicked. I stopped watching when Betty pole danced at the bar in her lingerie while her mother did shots. Really Netflix? Have some class. Get better writers. I can't let my 14 year old watch such drivel. If you keep backsliding I will find another platform. I can't support cheap sensationalism. You are better than this.

Mar 6, 2019
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  • Su
      6th of Mar, 2019

    Buh-bye! If you don’t like the content, don’t watch it. I’ve yet to see two men kissing and I’m missing out big time according to you. They can’t create a network just for you. Oh, wait, they can... choose your content and you watch what you want.

    Atypical I watched tonight. No gay kissing. Sarah Burgess had no gay kissing. Sons of Anarchy had no gay kissing.

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