Netflixbig mouth

It not only is completely lacking in humor, seeing as how I said this stuff when I was 12 and it wasn't funny, I'm now 18 and this show is either meant for adults which it for sure isn't because every episode teaches, or it's meant for kids and that's not good. What's worse is that kids watch whatever there is whether or not it's allowed. Also, if adults do watch this, they're definitely slow like my friend's brother who showed it to me, who has a sort of pedophile 12 year old personality at 18 years old, his mom having done meth when he was in the womb, this show says sh** he would say. Please either tell my friend not to let his brother show it to me, request an account password to watch it, or cancel it so kids that are from 9-14 don't grow up to be murdering rapist people that can't have kids unless forcefully. Thank you for ignoring my requests. I'm glad I wasted my time sharing the truth. Seriously kids are watching this show. No really they are. Are you seriously letting this happen?! Don't you have kids!? The characters in this show are 12 and I saw their d***s and p****s

Oct 10, 2019

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