Netflixreopening of old account and double charges

S Jan 27, 2020 Review updated:

I was double charged for Netflix in Deccember. I was able to have my bank reverse the charge but when I called to let the staff know what was happening, they blamed me for the incident. I asked for a supervisor but when she got on the line, she also blamed me for the isssue. She states that when someone logged into the old account, that authorized them to start chanrging for that account again. This is incorrect and I should have received a notice that the account was closed. It shouldn't have just started to get charged again. I am very upset about this, and I believe Netflix has committed fraud.


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    cwtpc Jan 29, 2020

    Your account didn't just magically re-activate itself, someone had to log in and open it. Could be a kid by accident if you hadn't signed out from a tv for example, but it was done from the user end. They also send you an email when this happens.

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