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Netflix once again has confirm why we no longer have their service. They are nothing but a platform to promote hatred towards the Catholic faith and now go as low as to promote sexual perversion and immorality by targeting our most innocent and vulnerable, our kids. If you're an american, Catholic Christian or of any other Christian denomination just simply a citizen of GOOD WILL, I'd suggest you do the same thing, boycott Netflix by cancelling your account, the ONLY reason they allow this garbage on the air is because people don't take action against it, HBO, Fox and any other tv/entertainment network only play what WE allow them to. Enough is enough!

  • Updated by Annel Rodriguez · Oct 11, 2017

    Netflix once again confirms that we made the right decision in my family to stop giving our hard earned money to this filthy company that promotes hatred towards the Catholic faith and now they hit bottom promoting sexual immorality and sin by targeting the most vulnerable and pure of our society, our children. We will NEVER give our bussinnes again to Netflix and we pray many of you out there who love and fear God will do the same. Companies like this MUST know, they ONLY reason they exist is because of people like us that give them bussinnes and many many of us are faithful Catholic Christians who care for and love our faith and feel disgusted by the promotion of filth as if it were funny or entertainment to mock, insult, offend one's faith or portray sexual perversion as a "normal" way of living, then we as society wonder why we see the most monstrous, hideous human behaviors specially towards children, we allow this garbage to feed our minds by contributing to companies like netflix, HBO fox or whatever "entertainment" company to play whatever they please that poisons our culture and society. WE have the last word to boycott and let ALL these hatred, filth promoters know WE americans of GOOD WILL had enough!


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      Nov 02, 2017

    Go back to Mexifornia and shut up. Netflix is a global company and is doing their best to stay in the market by not being so biased as to some of you so called viewers. You haven't watch the Show Big Mouth obviously cause if you did you wouldn't be here complaing about teens and the awkwardness they face in school during puberty that is how clueless you are.

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