Netflixdelivery service

J Jul 25, 2019

I have had Netflix dvd mail delivery for years. If I watched the movie fast, I could return it next day. There was a 3 day turnaround (receive/watch, back in mail next day, they got it the NEXT day, then I got new one the next day). In the best months I ended up w/appx 8/mo (2/wk). Usually it averaged 6. I pay the same but now, due to them closing some distribution centers, I can NEVER get more than 1/week or 4/mo. The turnaround time is 4 days. Also they no longer work Saturdays. I was told by a rep some reasons for the changes & I understand that. But I am paying the same yet getting 1/2 the service. Why not lower the cost, or frequently send out 2 dvds, or end the mail order if you can't give people what they are paying for???? btw, does anyone from Netflix actually read these complaints???

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