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S Jan 08, 2019
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Okay so not only are your asking off the countless popular tv shows everyone loves and adding [censored] barely anyone will watch, your genius ideas were to boost prices and think of adding commercials!!?? I hope you retards get shut down!!! You don't [censored]ing deserve to even exist!!! Just like the rest of Canada you're [censored]ed!!! Wtf is wrong with you!?!

  • Updated by Skyler Mae Roberts · Jan 20, 2019

    I really hope hope this your new pathetic Canadian Netflix gets shut down!! I hope all of your viewers stop [censored]ing watching your [censored] and you shut down... Raising prices, adding stupid ass movies nobody has even heard of, taxes and everything!?! Like you selfish [censored]ers!! Arrogant selfish greedy [censored]ers!!! You don't deserve [censored]!!!

  • Updated by Skyler Mae Roberts · Jan 20, 2019

    Pretty sad many Canadians have to buy and use an AMERICAN Netflix just to be able to watch movies!! Pretty pathetic!! Canada is going to hell fast! I can't believe how much [censored] has happened just since January 2018... I can't believe I am this ashamed to be Canadian I can't believe I am this disgusted with our country. Can't even watch movies for 10$ a month without the stupid government being greedy!! Like holy [censored] you dumb[censored]s make millions and that's still not enough for you greasy ass cocks!!!

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