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I have been a member with navy federal credit union for years paying all my bills on time every time until february 2008 when I unexpectedly lost my job in the financial services sector due to the changing economy. I then resumed work in april 2008 at a much lower income which put me in a situation where I no longer could pay my bills. Out of all my creditors, nfcu is the only one I have had issues with and the only one who has repeatedly and uncaringly violated multiple sections of the fair debt collection practices act. I will say that although their collections and customer service reps were rude and uncaring, that the one personal financial management rep I spoke with and wrote too was very professional even though she was not able to help me. I will include my emails to this personal finance manager at navy federal credit union below that express the issues I have had with the company.
Email 1 (7/7/08 3:21 p. M. ) :
Hi ** (Navy federal pfm) ,

Sorry, I have very limited time during the day to call back. Do you have the 80 month 0% interest program like bank of america? I owed over $20, 000 to bank of america and they just put me on a 0%, 80 month repayment plan where they take $250 out of my checking account on the 16th of each month from now on. Since my income is minimal, this works because they get their money back, I can still eat at least one meal a day, and it is a better plan than going through court, getting a judgment, then getting a maximum 10% wage garnishment on a job I have been at 3 months. If you close and combine both the line of credit and the credit card, you should be at $30, 000. With the 0%, 80 month program, that is a monthly payment of $375 which I can still manage. Is this possible? If so, I can get you the routing and account number to my checking account which you may take $375 monthly from on the 16th of every month. Please let me know by email or by phone. I talked to the nfcu collections people about this every time they call and they still have not called back with an answer.
Best regards,
Ross ******
Email 2 (7/7/08 4:12 p. M. ) :
Hi **,

Since you are in a management position and I want to work with nfcu to resolve my balances, you might want to be aware that navy federal credit union collections agents have violated these sections of the fair debt collection practices act just in communications with me and other people that I know:

Section 805-a1
Section 804-2
Section 804-3

I have included a pdf copy of the fair debt collection practices act for you to match the corresponding codes to the booklet. I have specific examples if you need them with dates and times recorded on cell phones and phone bills, testimony from specific individuals, etc.

Best regards,
Ross ******
Email 3 (7/8/08 11:57 a. M. ) :
Hi **,

I received your message. Thank you. I cannot afford a payment of $403 a month. I received a small raise which only adds about $22 net to each of my paychecks. I cannot believe that bank of america has better repayment programs than navy federal credit union. If the payment cannot be reduced to $375 per month combined, there is nothing I can do. I just don't make enough money anymore. I don't think I even qualify for these programs since I am virtually making the same amount of money as when we started trying to work things out.

On another topic, amy from navy federal credit union keeps violating the fair debt collection practices act. She just called my girlfriend again about my debts after she requested to not be called 2 weeks ago. They have also called my mother about my debts. Both are at different addresses and different phone numbers. I have not spoken with my mother or lived at that address for ten plus years and this has now caused her to call me and have even further damaged relationships with my family. I lose my job after paying on time every time for years and I am treated like garbage for something I can't control. Nfcu is the only creditor who has not granted me the 0%, 80 month repayment program. Below are the sections of the fair debt collection practices act that have been violated. I am keeping a record of each offense with estimated damages. All I am asking is that nfcu abide by the hours and terms of the law when contacting me. You have been nothing but professional and courteous when speaking with me and I appreciate it. I can't say nearly as much about the collections department.

I have never given consent to call my mother or my girlfriend and this is now causing un-repairable damages to both relationships.

"communication with third parties. Except as provided in section 804, without the prior consent of the consumer given directly to the debt collector, or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction, or as reasonably necessary to effectuate a post judgment judicial remedy, a debt collector may not communicate, in connection with the collection of any debt, with any person other than a consumer, his attorney, a consumer reporting agency if otherwise permitted by law, the creditor, the attorney of the creditor, or the attorney of the debt collector. "

My girlfriend has complained about numerous calls per day to her cell phone about my debts (She is not a nfcu member and has no credit cards) and when she asks them to not contact her, they argue with her! They also continue to call her the wrong name even when she corrects them. This has caused un-repairable damages to this relationship.

" (5) causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number. "

Best regards,
Ross *****.


  • Xn
    Xnfcu Dec 14, 2017

    Navy Federal Credit Union has the worst customer service and no one who works there even cares about the way they treat their customers. They messed up on my credit card account several times. I had a dispute on some unauthorized charges. They did not want to help me out. They said it was my issue to deal with. I promised them i would seek legal and they would be responsible for all the legal fees and they then now will hang up on me when i call in for information about my account. Everytime they do that does cost them a fine. Do not bank with Navy Federal Credit Union they are crooks and they don't care about anyone else but themselves. They are run by retired [censor] military people that have no clue how to run a business. When you ask for the president and CEO email or direct contact phone number they said they won't talk to any stupid members.

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  • Az
    azman2014 Mar 10, 2014

    I had two accounts at a credit union AZ. One was for a truck loan and one was for a unsecured signature loan. Both were entered into about a year apart. The truck loan was first and then I received a signature loan. I have had some credit issues during the past few years. But I managed to pay off the truck loan and now I only owe for the signature loan. The credit union is refusing to release my vehicle tittle. The collection manager has labeled me as a chronic delinquent. I am not in collections and all my payments are caught up. I have provided NCUA with a copy of the signature loan documents with show no collateral property was attached to the loan. According to a rep at NCUA, AEA claims that they have a different document. I have requested these documents from AEA and they have not responded. The NCUA rep claims AEA has attorneys reviewing the documents but in the end they still refused to release my tittle. How can a credit union have two different documents wouldn't that void the contract. How can they initiate collection on an account that's not in collection.

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  • Oj
    ojdittit Sep 03, 2011

    30 year soon to be former NFCU member here, not behind on any debt, EVER. Dealing with collection department is like being harassed by a ###ing imbecile. Obviously they promoted a flaming ### to run the place. Walk down the street and do business locally, face to face, in person, leave these ###s to rot in hell were they belong. Assclowns with no iota of empathy. Their favorite ploy is to drop your online payment and then blame your bank, or ACH or the Federal Reserve, and then restrict your online access to your accounts, then REQUIRE YOU TO BE HARRASSED BY LOW LIFES IN COLLECTION DEPARTMENT. WTF NFCU? Downright criminals want me to give them my checking account business, LMFAO, I NO LONGER TRUST THE NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION! Can you believe it?

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  • Do
    Donna Johnson Morton Jul 18, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I am a member of NFCU. I have never had a problem with them, as I have been fortunate not to be in the position as some others here. To show my support for our Military men and woman, I will pay off my platinum card and close all my accounts with NFCU, as well as cancel my credit card.
    My dad was a Navy fighter pilot and is gone now, but I know that he would not support these tactics. As his daughter, I won't either, by continuing to be a member. I'll take a little credit knock, in protest of the use of "door knockers". God bless you all for your service and I pray your difficulties will soon be over.
    Donna Johnson Morton

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  • Ny
    NYQUIL Oct 24, 2010
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    Verified customer

    This post take the cake.

    I am surprised by all of these comments being made about NFCU. I have had my own problems with them but, I’m still surprised to see this many comments. I never guessed that there would be so many disgruntled people out there willing to write about their negative experiences.

    NFCU has essentially terrorized me over the last two years (including while in bankruptcy). Frankly, nobody deserves to be treated like some of us have been treated. While I take full responsibility for not completely fulfilling my obligations, I've paid off multiple loans and paid thousands of dollars in interest to NFCU. Nothing justifies treating anyone the way that I have been treated. When my financial "crash" came I made it a point to call NFCU twice a week for more than a year prior to filing bankruptcy. I mostly called them so that they wouldn't keep calling my family members and harassing my neighbors.

    One evening last year, at 9:30PM, NFCU sent a “door knocker” to my home. I’ve since learned that a “door knocker” is a collection industry term used for a contractor who places door tags onto the handle of your front door. These tags typically say that they want to speak to someone in the household. The “door knocker” pounded and kicked on my door so hard that, for a minute, I thought that it was a home invasion (I still have the dents on my door). I think that he kicked my door because the dents in my door are on the lower portion of my door. I was able to talk to the “door knocker” through the front door. He stated that he was working for NFCU and that I needed to call them. I told him that I had just talked to NFCU the previous day and that I was going to complain about his pounding on my door. He basically told me that nothing would happen to him and that he would not get in trouble because he was just “following orders” given to him by NFCU. I told him not to return to my home again and that I was going to call the police. He then ran to his car and drove away. While I was not able to get his license plates, I did call the Fairfax County police and gave a description of the "door knocker" and what had happened. They indicated that they would make a report and for me to call earlier next time so that they would have a chance to question that person at my home.

    It was this incident that, not only scared the heck out of me but, caused me to realize what was actually going on. I had noticed that although I had been calling NFCU twice a week for 6 months or so prior to this incident, NFCU was still calling my neighbors and my family to harass me. They repeatedly called my in-laws, siblings and mother. I’m sure that they called others because most people would not probably want to add to my own embarrassment by telling me about their NFCU calls. At the time, I felt humiliated and too embarrassed to do anything about this harassment. I was (and still am) trying to focus my energy on getting a job. I did write the Chairman of NFCU to complain and explain my situation. My letter to the Chairman basically apologized for hurting the members of NFCU for not meeting my obligations and (most importantly) to ask NFCU to stop using illegal collection techniques to bully and harass me. I even wrote that I thought NFCU would collect more if they followed the law.

    At this point, I have had it! I have gotten to the point where I actually feel ashamed for not standing up to them earlier. I've caused my family a tremendous amount of pain due to my economic situation as it was and is. It wasn’t right for my family to have to experience the unbelievable behavior associated with NFCU’s collection activities. All of my creditors had essentially cooperated with my financial situation except NFCU. NFCU is the reason that I filed bankruptcy in the first place! I didn’t have any money to pay anyone anyway! During bankruptcy, I had to submit to a deposition requested by NFCU (more NFCU harassment!). During the deposition the lawyer from NFCU kept asking me about my disabled daughter. That was unbelievable! I had essentially given up my ability to get a security clearance by filing bankruptcy and I was still being subjected to the wrath of NFCU.

    At this point, My home is being foreclosed on (finally), I am broke, I have no job, I've got a disabled daughter who has substantial medical needs (she’s still wonderful and I wouldn’t trade her for all of the money in the world!), a wife and a son to take care of (they are also awesome!).These realities are NOT NFCU's fault but, I now have nothing to lose and perhaps I have learned a valuable lesson about how to appreciate what I do have (an awesome family and the sun coming up in the morning). I’ve also learned that one should never run away from “BULLIES AND THUGS! The pain and shame only get worse!

    I've decided to remove myself from bankruptcy (I should never have filed in the first place!) and take NFCU to court to try to keep them from harassing others like they have harassed me. It's the least I can do for my own health and to give back to those who may suffer in the future. I'll spend half my day looking for a job and the other half dealing with NFCU in the courts. I will probably lose, but I will do a more honorable job of getting my point across and at the end of the day it’s the right thing to do.

    My story is true and I'll put my hand on the bible to swear that it is (just like I will in a courtroom soon enough). I’ve got a bunch of faxes, letters (some certified) and all sorts of notes related to phone calls that will help substantiate the immoral behavior and treatment I received from NFCU. I ask that anyone who has a truthful story that they are willing to share about their experiences with NFCU to please contact me at [email protected] You don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to. You can just share your story in writing anonymously. I realize how embarrassing these issues are to communicate and I don’t think there is anything wrong with keeping them private. Some of you may feel better by just communicating your thoughts to me (kind of like writing a letter when you’re angry and then ripping it up when you are finished). I promise that I will not share your emails or our conversations unless you want me to.

    And to anyone out there who works for this group of "GANSTERS” and or agrees with the behavior that NFCU has used to bully me and others", I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT! Thank you for your time and gob bless. Nyquil762 otherwise known as at Mark in Virginia. I’ll publish my full name after the lawsuit is filed.

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  • Re
    Retired Corpsman May 19, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I retired from the Navy the end of 2008 and beginning the process of going on disability. I just started getting the phone calls from Navy Federal. Last night someone called me and I explained what is going on with me, that I am now off of work and have filed for disability and I don't even know what my pay is going to be yet.The guy on the phone started out sounding like he was going to be rude, but then lightened up after I explained everything to him. He said that I just need to keep them informed and that when I find out how much I will get pain to call and they will see what they can do to set up some sort of payment or consolidation loan.
    Today another person called. This person seemed agressive, like he was ready for a fight or something. I told him that I already explained this to someone yesterday. He said he knows this and then asked if I could give some sort of payment today. I told him no. Right now I only have money for feeding my family, keeping my utilities on and paying my mortgage. He asked me when I will have some money and I told him I didn't know. During the time I was on my house phone with him my cell kept ringing. There were 3 messages on my cell from Navy Fed when I checked it, all demanding that I call back. I have 4 loans with them, a Visa, personal loan and 2 automobiles.
    I don't know what is going to happen from here, I doubt that my disability will be enough to cover all of this. I might have to file backruptcy at this point which is fine as long as I can keep my house and something to drive.
    I served my country for 20 years, did a tour in Iraq and have paid my bills on time. I am a Christian man and I believe that I should pay the debt that I have accrued, I just don't know which way to turn.
    So here I am...waiting...

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  • Vi
    Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed Apr 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a bankruptcy lawyer in Virginia, and I think one of the tactics they use may be a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    If you get behind on your payments on a Navy Federal loan, J.M. Adjustment Services may come around and knock on your door. (According to their website, they may also knock on your neighbors’ door. )

    This collection tactic may violate Federal law.

    What law? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). That law says what debt collectors can and can’t do. For one thing, they have to say they are debt collectors. For another, they have to tell you the amount of the debt. They also have to tell you that you have the right to dispute the debt.

    And debt collectors can’t talk to other people (except your spouse or your lawyer) about you.

    J.M. Adjustment violates all that. I know that because my bankruptcy clients have told me.

    J. M. Adjustment must think they are allowed to do what they do. I guess that’s because they don’t directly ask for a payment. Instead they ask you to call Navy Federal’s collection department.

    Their website says they are a “field call service.” They also say they are a “professional door knock company.” To me, that’s just a dodge.

    I'd like to hear form anyone in Virginia who has experience with this outfit.

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  • Ci
    Ciaob74 Sep 24, 2009

    Not only do they call five times a day (sometimes while I am on the line speaking with someone from the collections department) they also go in and take money out of all of the accounts that even has my husbands name on it!! They have taken all of the Christmas money for our children, which was in my account. The ONLY Christmas money we have. We have been in contact with the personal finance department and none of their departments communicate with each other. They keep calling and "making notes" but the phone calls don't stop no matter what we talk about or agree to. My husband is without pay for a whole month...we have to feed our kids. Navy Federal doesn't care. They've even threatened garnishing wages, which I think it illegal. We paid our bills on time...and had an 811 credit score with them until the economy and my husband's job went sour. It doesn't matter to them. Nothing does!

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  • Cu
    Custom05 Sep 12, 2009

    NFCU has lost it's ability to identify with it's members based on software that they use to increase their business.( From what I have found online look for SPSS? Nucleus Research awards to NFCU). I deposited a large check over a week ago, I asked for funds from the check for a new vehicle, and was denied due to the issuing banks response of the check not clearing. I suffered a layoff a year ago, after that i rode a motorcycle (best on gas) 110 miles round trip to work in a bar as a cook/bouncer with no phone or other niceties, I lost everything except gas and food in my stomach as I was only making $7 per hour. I killed my bike, and the car I earned through loading 8 tons of scrap metal by hand, is also in bad shape. I explained to them my problem, and as the check was from a reputable source, and reputable company with documents to back it up it's still no!, and no answer to where that check is now, they keep telling my they sent my check to the Federal Reserve. I now have a 10 mile walk to work at my new job, and have to ask for use of my company truck, (not for personal use). I told them of this and the response was "I'm sorry, but you knew about the wait, and we will not help you". Originally when I deposited the check, (after a 2.5 hour ride one way) I told the branch manager of my situation, and she told me to cash the check at a pawn shop, .. the check was for $20, 000+. You tell me now what you think of an institution like this.

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  • Fo
    formernfcucusotmer Aug 26, 2009

    just so realist will get past spelling and see the point of the posts - correction to last sentence: "their poor treatment of long-term loyal customers..."

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  • Fo
    formernfcucusotmer Aug 26, 2009

    I agree. NFCU today is the worst financial institution to deal with - especially if you lose your job. 20 years ago it was a different story - they used to care about members. Today, Chase, Capital One, Bank of America, etc. will all work with a loyal customer in the event of a job loss. Not Navy Federal. NFCU now engages in numerous deceptive practices. I have pile of stories and complaints from multiple sources and from members with their own stories of mistreatment. NFCU takes $$ from members accounts without prior notice for bills due weeks in the future citing they have a right because it's in the member agreement. They receive payments and don't post them violating GAAP rules - then when they do post the payments, they report the debt as paid on the date they decided to post payment, not the date received. Their collectors call people other than the creditor and leave detailed voicemail messages as to why they are calling disclosing personal information relating to the member's account and violating FCRA rules. NFCU has also been fined for blatant violation of federal bankruptcy laws. NFCU is not the same institution it used to be. They're worse now than banks used to be. The tables have turned and banking with a strong regional or local bank like Wells Fargo or BB&T is the way to go now. At least the local bank will value your business and treat you well - even in tough times. It's as if NFCU doesn't see or care what's going on in this country in general. Unemployment is at 11% just in my state. It makes me wonder if NFCU is in a worse financial state than they've disclosed - they're desperate and think threatening customers will get them the revenue. It's like the time their computers were breached and personal information of their members was compromised - they failed to notify all the members and tried to play down the media reports. They weren't forthcoming about that breach, so it makes me question how open they'll be about any financial troubles. All I can say is that the customers they're treating badly today will recoup and get new jobs when the economy recovers, and NFCU will be less those customers in the end. They're not as strong financially as they're presenting these days, and they're poor treatment of long-term loyal customers is clearly positioning them to be in a worse position when the economy recovers.

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  • Nf
    NFCU_Suxs Aug 26, 2009

    Yes, NFCU, by far, of all (BOA, CITI, Wells Fargo) is the most HARRASSING and Annoying creditor to collect money. I too, have lost my job. I have ZERO income, but my entire family is harrassed daily.

    I'm in the process of filing a civil complaint in court against NFCU, as well as having my attorney address the legalities. You are not only protected by the Fair Credit Act, but each state has its own debt collection policies that they may violate.

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  • Ko
    kozaru Aug 18, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Kina68: One question: Did they call you at work at your office or on your cell phone? If they are calling you at your place of employment, they are breaking the law. This would not be the first time Navy Federal looked past the law when it comes to collections.

    realist007: I hope that my response to Kina68 meets your grammar and punctuation requirements. ;)

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  • Ki
    Kina68 Aug 07, 2009

    I have been a member with this bank for about 10 years and never experienced this. I recently lost my job a couple months ago and has fell behind on my bills. I owe on my current credit like $150.00. The debt collector I was talking was down to earth and I was discussing payment arrangements with him. He had to get his supervisor Jon on the phone to I guess confirm whatever I had discussed with the rep. He gets on the phone telling me " What I NEED to do"..raising his voice and carrying on like he aint a business. I mouthed back and asked him who he was talking to. Because he definitely wont talking to me like that. We exchanged some more words back and forth.. Then I just could not take it anymore. I was at work, so I hung up. He calling back. I answered. He saying "we are going to handle this matter today." I said " I'm not talking to you anymore, you have disrespected me." He saying I will get someone else to help you. I said, No, I dont feel like talking right now. You got me hot!" I hung up. He's calling back.1.2times.3times.4times.5times.6times. I answers, I say why you keep ing calling like this? Im going to the police department and press charges for harrassment!DONT CALL ME NO MORE!.He says" We can call like this!" After I guess it sunk in he was at work. That man was plain crazy... I am trying to figure what to do next???

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  • Kc
    kch123 Jul 17, 2009

    Really... dont spend more than you can afford. Do you have cable? a cell phone (or land line, you only need one), high speed internet, drive to work? I take the bus which adds 30 min to my travel EACH WAY, only one phone, no cable, slow internet, I dont eat out... and I make a just fine salary.

    This does not apply to everyone, but so many complaining of financial woes now need to consider their expenses.

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