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The total incompetence of Multichoice accounts dept, Regular payments made on or before end of month via internet which take 48 Hrs to reflect on their acc, My invoice date being the 2nd of the month.
I have had my dstv disconnected 4 times in as many months, E mails to the Idiots are replied with " we received your payment and have discarded the reconnection fee and have reconnected you" including other ### except to answer my complaint of why i was disconnected, only to be disconnected 14 days later with a demand for payment of R692.25 +R50.00 reconnection fee. This matter has been handed to my attorneys with all proof of payments to demand a refund and to terminate this service. I like many others wil be subscribing to the new satelite tv provider, Hopfully multichoice will soon realise that they needed their customers to survive !!!


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    Sezoire Sep 10, 2010

    I have two subscriptions on one account, for the last few months I have only received one mag. I have complained to them via their call centre and this site. The last I heard was an answer to my question asking if I could put one subscription in my husband's name so I could receive two mags. The answer was to the affirmative, but no instructions as to how this could be actioned were forthcoming, Worn out from holding on to their website line - I have given up.Not that it matters = there are so many repeats I can just about guess what is going to be shown!

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    Freattre Sep 23, 2010

    For the last 6 months I've been alternating my DSTV on and off each month in order to save money. I have paid for a full year of Easyview so I don't have to pay the R50 penalty each time either.

    August I switched it on and asked the lady when my R499 would finish. She said on the 7th September. Sure enough, on the 8th Sept my decoder is switched off. BUT, the next day it's on again. I thought it was a mistake but as the days passed it stayed on and of course I watched some of it. Come the end of the month and I receive a bill for R1031 when infact I don't owe anything, except if I wanted it on for Oct I would owe R499 upfront. When I phoned to complain I was told Multichoice have no record of me wanting to be disconnected on the 7th September. When I said that I DID have a record of it the person changed tactics and said 'well did you watch it?' I was so annoyed I asked to speak to someone with more authority, then I was put on a permanent hold.

    This happened to me a couple of years ago but I wasn't sure of dates, instructions etc. so I paid. And a friend I told this to said she had experienced the same thing.

    This is trickery by Multichoice. If we don't pay we're banned for life.

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  • Ne
    Needyou Sep 27, 2010

    I took out decoder insurance in July August 2009, as I started having problems with my decoder.
    Upon my decoder failing completely I then went to multichoice on the 11 october 2009 in randburg to have it tested and maybe replaced as per the call agent i spoke to on the 10 october.

    when i got to the sevice centre i was told, sorry ma'am the insurance you took out is not for your decoder but someone elses, I asked who's decoder was insured then, well it came to my attention that my husbands decoder was being insured, no-one could help me.
    So i had no choice but to buy a new decoder through the call centre who *** up with my account.

    How can you take out insurance under your own id number and allocte the payment to someone elses decoder. It came out of my account for 4 months and I think that DSTVMULTICHOICE should refund me my 499-00 i paid for a new decoder as it was not my fault through the stupidity of the call centre.

    I have the letter insuring my decoder and its high time somebody does something as this is now going to the ombudsman for insurance too.

    Your service regarding this is utterly disgusting, I am going to cancel my account if i get no satisfaction.

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  • Em
    Emrace Oct 04, 2010

    Multichoice decided to stop charging credit cards for monthly subscriptions without informing me about it. A couple of months later I got a rude letter of demand and phone calls re the account that is in arrears. I wanted to speak to a manager and have made in excess of 30 calls to Multichoice already, to speak to a person capable of dealing with my complaint. I have yet to receive a response or be put through to a manager. I have now received my new statement, the first in many months and my account is still in arrears.

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  • Bj
    B.Jankowski Oct 12, 2010

    DSTV becomes just like our government. Only uneducated staff working at the call centre. I changed my account number at leased two times already but every month they cut me off. When I phone Miss HALLO tells me O SORRY WE ONLY HAVE THE OLD NUMBER bla bla bla. Please employ people with skills not by colour.

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  • Tr
    Trualle Jan 11, 2011

    I am bitterly disappointed that Supersport has chosen not to broadcast the World Rally Championships this year. After querying this directly with them I was told that they don't have the rights to broadcast it, without any further explanations (seeing as we've been shown the WRC for years now). A further request for information and clarification has gone unanswered.

    General motorsport coverage on Dstv is minimal, considering that there are thousands of motorsport fans in SA, and now a major championship is also not being broadcast. Why do I pay so much every month? There is so much motorsport that we don't see: Super V8's, GT Championships, Isle of Man etc... that a specialised Motorport channel could be created ??

    Multichoice, you are not doing a good job with your broadcast offerings. I won't even get into the 'repeats' argument or the fact that almost everything we see is 10 years old.

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  • Ra
    Rakine Jan 13, 2011

    I'm writing on behalf of just about everyone I know that has DSTV. Its never been a problem before but in the last 3-4months everytime it rains mildly or even times when it is not, DSTV scrambles, this is almost everytime anyone in my household wants to watch TV. It is not my instalation, this is a DSTV problem. I am getting to the point where I would rather not pay the R500pm, because its starting to feel like a waste of money when you watch a program half way and then it scrambles, what is the point. This problem really needs to be sorted out, I'm sure if DSTV had any compitition, the service delivery would be much better?

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    Nortone Jan 14, 2011

    I have cancelled my DSTV in 2008. It has been off since then, i started getting statements (first last month) charging me for a basic subscription. I have not even used the decoder for months. I called the contact centre, and they said i instructed them to reinstate (which i wouldnt have done). I told them to stop billing me, and also to pull the recording where i instructed them to bill me, and if i did, then i will of course pay them. Of course they never came back to me, but kindly decided to BILL ME AGAIN.

    no wonder people get so ****** of Multichoice, its thier bully tactics of taking money first and asking questions later.

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  • Sh
    Sheffen Jan 25, 2011

    I recently changed bank accounts and have been changing the details with all my creditors. All of this was able to be done by phone andor fax and in a lot of cases via the internet.

    However, Multichoice is the ONLY company that requires me to go to the offices personally and make the changes. I find this totally unacceptable and really inconvenient. I don't understand why they bother to have an online presence when you can't change your banking details or why I can't send a fax confirming the new details.

    Surely this is a burden on the call centres when people are standing in lines changing their details.

    Multichoice its time to come into the 21st Century.

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    Off Jan 25, 2011

    I didn't get my Dish Magazine this month. It's a regular occurrence but this month I made the mistake of phoning to complain. What a mistake that was. I have spoken to dozens of people. All of whom have either promised to have the magazine sent out to me, or promised to investigate and phone me back. But despite the solemn promises of everyone I've spoken to, no one has phoned me back - until today - and I'm still magazine-less. The call centre operators are quite happy to give you a reference number but everytime you phone in it makes no difference - you have to repeat the same story. The problem with Multichoice's call centre - I'm sure this applies to other call centres - is the operator knows you will never get him her next time you phone so he can tell you any amount of rubbish he wants to and be safe. He just wants to get you off the phone as soon as possible and will tell you anything to do that. I have tried speaking to someone with more seniority but have been told that such people do not deal with customers and their names, phone numbers, and email addresses cannot be divulged to customers. You speak to a call centre operator or you get lost.

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  • St
    Stukkan Feb 08, 2011

    I discovered Multichoise taking money out of my account when I haven't had any service from them in 4 years. I called only to speak to Ouphile in the call centre who advised I had re-instated my account in March 2010. I told him I haven't lived in South Africa for 4 years and no longer own the property the service is registered to. He kept saying I called to reconnect, the more I said I didn't. I told him to disconnect with immediate effect and I want this investigated because how can someone just reconnect services in my name, charges to my South African bank account when I have all my personal details with me in another country. The service was not disconnected, the matter not investigated as my sister in South Africa received a call from a multichoice office and the offender, to ask why he cannot reconnect services? So Multichoice gave the man who stole my identity my phone number as well and told him to phone and ask why he cannot reconnect. I still have had no response from them and they continue to mess up. They do not believe I am no longer in South Africa and someone has stolen my identity and used it to reconnect an old account at my expense.

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  • Bl
    Blooden Feb 10, 2011

    During February I had a problem with my DSTV Account. After logging a complint on this site I was contacted by a Customer Service Rep. of DSTV (Liesel Daniels) who assured me that my issue will be sorted out. She has not yet until date sorted out my problem. I get disconnected every 2 weeks or so and I have to call in incurring expeses on my phone bill at my cost to keep explaining the issue to DSTV and get reconnected. The Problem is still not sorted and I have to keep explaining the SAME problems over and over again without putting the problem to rest.
    I am absolutely furious !!!

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  • Le
    Leumas Feb 14, 2011

    I have logged a call about incorrect debit on my account on the 12th of January, until today I havent received my money and I was told I will get it after 7 working days...

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  • Mh
    M HAVIRE Mar 01, 2011

    We sent an email to your customer care or to whom it may concern about the poor, pathetic and abosolutely unacceptable signal. We hope we wll not be expected to pay further subscript to you. We have not had signal for the past two weeks and this is really unacceptable. There is no apology what so ever from you and this problem doesn't seem to be going. It started off with MM2 months ago, but now its all the channels.

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  • Ch
    christole Apr 30, 2011

    always when you make a call to you u send us from pilllar to post and we loose alot of airetime .

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  • Ja
    JayG101 Jun 01, 2011

    I bought a new PVR Decoder on [Hidden Web Address] after being BOMBARDED with advertisements on how great PVR is. Only to find out after I've cancelled my older model decoder and smart card that if you are on an older model a installations of an extra cable is required, which totals anything from R1000 to R1500. NO WHERE did multichoice EVER mention this in their advertisements, on the sales page of the decoder on Kalahari or any other advertisement I have seen. If I had known before hand I would not have purchased the PVR decoder. This is false and misleading advertising and I am taking this matter much further, I will be complaining to every consumer forum available and I am taking this to the press. According to the new consumer law this is not acceptable and I will take this matter furhter. I demand to be refunded for the PVR decoder or have the installation done free! My account is always paid and up to date, for what? Only to be mislead and mistreated? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!

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  • Wr
    W Richards Jun 02, 2011

    Amzing how amny people are complaining about the same problem around account payments. I have the same problem. How many South Africans have DSTV and experience the same problem. R50 reconnection fee x 200 000 = R1million extra profits for Multichoice? On top of that we have more repeat programs than ever before - where are they spending the money - I've never seen so, many reruns of "Lets Dance" before! I wonder what having Top TV would be like? Winston

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  • Hs
    h stone Jun 02, 2011

    Experiencing the same problems as the above, month after month. Fully paid but service disconnected out of the blue and months and months of haggling and struggling about the reconnection fee. Useless and waste of time and money to contact any one of the call centres with their incompetent staff and getting nowhere.
    What a useless and incompetent lot!!!
    H Stone Knysna

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  • Jz
    JZ De Villiers Jun 06, 2011

    Paid my acount but they put my dstv off what is the amount then? account nr:26270049

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  • Zi
    zibusiso Jun 08, 2011

    To whom it may concern

    I have paid my account can you please open it now.

    My aCCOUNT NUMBER IS 608422249X7041748


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  • Jo
    Joe Doubell Jun 10, 2011

    I agree 100%, they are useless. Its 3 weeks now and they still could not pick up my payment but deducted a extra R1100 from my account. Its now 4 times I had to phone them at a cost of R150 - R200, explaining the same thing over and over again. The main reason I have is the rugby with the money you spend you can go watch most of the games or go sit in your local pub.

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  • Ka
    Karen Hitzeroth Oct 14, 2011

    The same thing is happening to our family, my brothers and I took responsiblity of paying my fathers account and everymonth we pay on time or before hand, however we don't go into the PE officers we pay via Shoprite but they "never" get these payments. My father is currenlty diconnected and he has to go in personally to re-connect, but please note other months I was allowed to do this, now that my father is in hospital and very sick, they need him in person. Don't get me started on the rude staff members in the PE offices, they don't know the first thing of customer service!

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  • Ca
    Cathy Cameron Dec 07, 2011

    Imagine one number for a company like Multichoice. It is permanently engaged...To phone from a cellphone to this landline is the worst nightmare. You are 100th in the que and has to wait 30 min. after 28 min you just get cut off. Then you have to start all over with the line that is engaged, the 100th and one in the line ... And then it was their fault. They are the ones who cut you off after you have changed your bouquet! And they received your payment in cash! What is the minimum requirements to apply for a post at Multichoice? Standard One?! All the way from Zululand!

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  • Mf
    mfanje Dec 30, 2011

    On 26 December I took my four tuner pvr hd decoder to Multi-choice for them to check it as it was failing to record.They gave me another decoder as I have an insurance with them. I took that decoder home, still it failed to record.I phoned call centre to ask them to activate extra-view.I was disappointed when they failed dismal help me. The person who came to my rescue is one Mduduzi from Multi-choice.I was forced to call the installer. I have been to Umhlanga two times but today my decoder is not working. It now show e-message and I am unable to watch my TV at all. I also paid sum of R100 towards box office wallet account but to my astonishment it was deposited onto my subscription account. To Multi-choice credit, after sending an e-mail to enquiries they addressed the issue immediately. I was impressed. However the issue of the decoder remain unaddressed to date. I have waisted a lot of money in the process. As customer we need to be happy. i have been Multi-choice customer since 2002 to date and they have never failed me till 24 December 2011 to date. What is wrong with Multi-choice? I have to be honest I love dsTV very much. I hope some one will help or come to my assistance before this issue is taken further. Multi-choice have failed me.There are people who are prepared to work at Multi-choice but some they do not care or they do not know what they are doing.All the way from Camperdown Phillip Dlamini

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  • Ma
    marcus dwayne Jan 04, 2012

    we have this same problem with these idiots with our account this is pissing me off what can we do i love my tv now for us it's cheaper to rent dvd's at the end of the day

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  • Ve
    Vela01 May 01, 2012

    T o whom it may concern.
    I have paid my account can you please open it now.
    My account number is 49403747
    Should you require other information I can be contacted at 0828710492

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  • Eu
    EULANDER Jun 26, 2012

    i dont understand multichoice they repeat the programs every week buy thet are gto quick to suspend u

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  • Zc
    Z.C. Mamahlodi Oct 05, 2012

    my account bill instalment was not debited from my bank account as per agreement

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  • Ra
    Rachel Jacobsz Feb 27, 2013

    Mrs RC Jacobsz
    I'M not satisfied by the way the customer care handle a problem, and my problem is i paid my account via internet. I paid on the 24 december 2011 and in january 2012 multichoice sends me a message that say i need to pay my account plus reconnection fee, so
    what did was i phoned them and explained to them that i did pay my account so they asked me to fax my proof of payment the lady said she did make a note on the system and that someone will contact me ragarding my account. so as the months passes no one called me. so i went to the branch in rustenburg and gave them also a copy and again they made a copy and also a note on the system and late last year i had to pay over a thousand rand for a acount that i already paid. now on the 25 January 2013 i explained to them again that i did paid my account and again they also made a copy and they also made a note they also said someone will contact me and now its a month. is there someone that will look into my problem

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  • Ze
    zenzo Mar 14, 2013

    account closed october 2012 but stll charged

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  • Re
    Reviewer33189 Oct 15, 2015

    I have provide all the info to your call centre numerous times on my account. All of a sudden you discontinued your services. it seems like you people just decide whatever you like. I am sick and tired of crap like this. I wish there was another way or another company to use instead of you! You are pathetic!!!

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  • El
    El-Idrisu Ahmed Nov 03, 2015

    Multichoice my decoder number 41336193614 has been deactivated paid for premium bouquet but most of the channels for this service not accessible will appreciate updating so that I can get the required services I paid for . check my decoder whether requires update or renewal

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  • Re
    Reviewer22157 Dec 01, 2015

    What a joke!!! These guys take our money every month and cannot provide and proper service. I see complaints all over the internet with no resolutions We should boycott Multi choice, they are a bunch of thieves and don't deserve our hard earned money.

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  • Re
    Reviewer68317 Dec 04, 2015

    Poor service as this is my favourite show and it just disconnected without a hint, this is unprofessional for such a big company to have such bad service.

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  • Di
    disope Dec 18, 2015

    i have paid can you open my account number is 69510004 and smart card number is 10162581630

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  • Re
    Reviewer43371 Jan 07, 2016

    I would like to know why I am paying R809 per month subscription. While other can pay R899 per month which includes a PVR decoder and installation of one. Feeling ripped off and have been a customer for 20 years !!!

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  • An
    Anton Labuschagne Jan 24, 2016

    Multichoice has now suspended my service for the first time in spite of the fact that I have paid my bill for January 2016 on the 31st of December 2015. I have send the proof of payment two times and still today they have suspended my service. I want a free month of service or I will cancel my account. I am tired of their inability to manage my account. It is totally rediculous.

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  • Re
    Reviewer93377 Feb 11, 2016

    I would like advise that I am not happy about the show Lucifer. If the show is taken and aired then I will take my right and unsubscribe. Please do not show this series.

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  • Mu
    Muhamad Mwamba Feb 12, 2016

    i have payd my account 3 days ago but stil not showing anything when you call mulitichoice you only get desapointment and useless people
    i called yestreday they told me that the payment that i made is not desplaying.
    another one told me i have out standing balance then i wonder since when dstv started providing servicses befor payment is made?
    today i called i got another stupide ladie who asked for customer name i give she told that does not exist
    she asked for smart cared number i provided her with smart card number she told me does not exist
    she asked for the phone number i provided and she told does not exist
    whille yesterday the one who attended she did find all evidence but she come excuses that i have out standind balance
    the stupid of today she cant find any information given buy me
    and i have been using this account for 8 years
    i want know is stupid is multichoice owner? or management is faillier or uneducated peoples empoyed by multichoice?

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