MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv contact center

Au Oct 07, 2019

I contacted the call center on the 27th to enquire about my payment plan and what amount was meant to be paid. Mbali in the contact center told me to pay R863 and she will reconnect my services. Fare and well it was done a week later called again and got a new amount that would be effective end of October by a colored male in the call center. He also. Advised that it would over 6months. And now a week later my services is suspended and no one can assist with reconnection or see my payment arrangement on the system. I am now fed up because my account is in arrears due to dstv also not adding the debit order to my account. It's either my services will be reconnected or dstv should come and xolle t their decoders and dish n refund my money l

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