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D Nov 16, 2019

The service I received from dstv was poor.due to your system upgraded it thrown my account out of id no is [protected] then u will see what i mean.I am feeling to expose dstv the way they threatened me.I was not impressed but more miserable when I left dstv n1 city.they use to debit my account 1350 but it system was upgraded and cancelled the that amount and went back to 904. After 3months or so they debit my account 1800 which I reverse and pay 904. Atleast they could've notified a person.realy the services sucks.they explain to me that I must pay that arears of 1010 so that i can continue with the 1350 and I ask them if i can pay it of.I even told them they can debit my account to 1700 and they said no

Ricardo dreyer

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