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How does Multichoice/DSTV work?

MultiChoice is a South African company that operates the DStv Satellite Television service.

How can I contact Multichoice/DSTV ?

Company can be contacted via email - [email protected]

Via phone - Switchboard: +27 11 289 3000 ; DStv Call Centre: +27 11 289 2222

Postal address - PO Box 1502, Randburg, 2125, South Africa

Where is the company located?

Multichoice/DSTV are located in Randburg, South Africa (Full address - 144 Bram Fischer Drive, Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa)

Is Multichoice/DSTV a legitimate business?

Multichoice/DSTV have a professional looking website, but lots of negative reviews and they don’t seem to be doing anything about them, therefore we advice caution if you plan to use their services.

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV — Complaints & Reviews

accounts and call centre

DSTV Customer Number, account in the name of W Braine.
On 17 March I responded to a DSTV advert offering me a full year at the current (pre 1 April) price if I paid before the end of March. I contacted the Call Centre and was told that if I paid R9 614 I would qualify for the offer.
I paid R9 614 that same day.
On 20 March I received an sms telling me to pay an additional R374.
I contacted the Call Centre using the Durban number at 09:17. The agent I spoke to told me that the records indicated that my account ran from 1 April, which was why I had been charged the increased rate. He told me that he would escalate to arrange changing my invoice date to 17 March which would have the effect of removing the outstanding balance.
On 14 April I received an sms advising me that my subscription was up for renewal and that R799.33 (not the original R374) would be deducted from my bank on 18 April.
I phoned the Multichoice Call Centre at 12:57 on 14 April and spoke to Rabia. She assured me that as the issue had been escalated nothing would be deducted from my bank account.
18 April R799.33 was deducted from my bank account. I did not phone the Call Centre again because it appears that they are unable to deal with this matter.
What I am seeking is a refund of the R799.33 which was deducted from my bank account in contravention of the promise offered by the special offer, together with an assurance that my account will come up for renewal before the end of March in 2019 so that I do not have the same problem again.

  • Updated by Ann Braine · Apr 19, 2018

    Ntombi from Multichoice phoned me this morning in response to a customer satisfaction survey I completed, and the problem is now resolved. She promised that I shall received a refund within the next couple of days and that the problem will not recur going forward. I am now happy.

service and incompetence

They need to get their information right - I am very unhappy with DSTV staff they are not helpful at all, I did not have DSTV for a few month as my decoder broke and went in for repairs on the 29th March I had sent an email requesting how much I should pay - in the meantime I have moved as well so I asked for an installation company as well - I paid the installation R450 and was told I needed to pay an overdue amount of R364.13 and a re-connection fee of r50 + a pro-rata amount of r141.97 + r24.68 = r1030.78, I have been with DSTV for a while and I know I have to pay my monthly subscription however who on earth wants to pay for DSTV for a few days it just does not make sense, why did they not give me my full amount when I asked for it where am I suppose to get an additional amount of R599 on the 16th March - when my pay date is the 30th March - You have disconnected my account and yet when I went to pay DSTV your email staff told me to pay R630 when I got to the shop to pay they told me to pay r580 nevertheless I paid R630 now you disconnect my DSTV and I get told to pay on the 7TH when it is not even my pay date - I am very disappointed in the service I have received and feel this is unethical. Please look into this matter and get a manager to assist me!!!

To date they have reconnected my account yesterday then suspended today - your staff are incompetent and not addressing the issues correctly.
On the 29th March I asked for the amount I should pay the next day which is the 30th for my pay date they told me I must pay R680 when I went in the store the cashier had asked me why I am paying R630 as I only need to pay r580 nevertheless I paid R680 then on the 6th April I get an sms again to pay really???!!! I have been asking and fighting about this since the 29th April the consultants kept insisting that I should pay on the 7th as it is my pay date!

They made a mess as my date is the 30th now it is my fault it is the middle of the month I paid account that I got from dstv now there are additional amounts added in the middle of the month!!! this is unethical and truly not fair as when DSTV staff make errors we the consumers are responsible for it and everytime I ask for my account balance it changes.

I just need proper assistance and I need to deal with one person.
Unfortunately I have a budget and I stick by it so you can keep my dstv suspended as it is 17th April - my payment date is the 30th and I have paid what I was told to pay, so unfortunately with you mistakes I can only afford to pay on the 30th April.

My contact number is [protected]
email is [protected]

bad service payments

Good day

I normally pay on the 10th of May. Ones a year so I can get the 12th month free. I paid late last year because I was not warned early via decoder. Then DSTV change me to a monthly client without telling me and not on the 17th of April not 10th of May I now have to pay meaning my 12th month I am loosing out on as everyone can see I always pay ones a year.
Please call or contact me
Cedric Masella

dstv upgrade call centre

ID [protected] I phoned the call centre to upgrade from access to the compact package. Agent assured me that my new installment will only be due on the 25th of April 2018. She even confirmed that the amount would be R525. 00. On the morning of 14 April 2018 my connection was switched off. I visited the nearest office to query this and they said there's nothing they could do we have to pay first. I am very unhappy with the service as at this moment I do not have money to pay the amount they requested. I spent R50 airtime and spoke to 3 different agents on 14/04/18. I need my services to be reconnected and someone to call me to apologize for this inconvenience asap

  • Updated by [email protected] · Apr 14, 2018

    Very unhappy about dstv switching me off after they told me my payments is only due on 25/04/2018. I have to sit without dstv due to their incompetence

dstv account id: [protected]

Good day,

I am very frustrated at this point my dstv was disconnected two times in the last week. I have send yoy a proof of payment of R290 that was not allocated to my account and its still not allocated!!! My account due end March was R284 I paid R290.. I added a explora on 3 April amount to connect was R348 and I paid R350. So do I do not know who cant do maths but I do not owe anything on my dstv account.

Please do fix this as soon as possible!! I am going to the media if you dont fix this very soon!! As I said its been a week since Ive send you proof of payment and still it doesnt show!!!

Please fix this and contact me urgently!!!

Petro de Lange

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incorrect billing for explora

Good Day, I contacted DSTV to please make arrangements to come and fetch the explora and dish and cancel the...

Port Elizabeth Satellite & Cable TV

[Resolved] refund

I overpayed my subscription on the 31st March 2018 and 3rd April respectively. I was advised to send proof of payment, copy of ID, and proof of account. I could not access the bank or my internet banking at the time. After the bank sent me the proof of payment, I forwarded the following on Saturday 7th April 2018, 11h28:
1. Payslip as proof of banking.
2. Proof of payment (which was Unfortunately privacy locked)
3. The two sides of my ID card.

I received no message from the consultant acknowledging receipt of the documents. Which I followed up on Monday, 9th April 2018, 6h56.

She responded on the same Mondat at 7h02 with a simple "Please be advised I did not receive any documents!"

I resubmitted on Monday at 7h09.

7h27, Her response was that please be advised your email reflects as blocked to receive my email. (I didn't make any sense to me since we were communicating via email)!

I frustratingly asked what is it that I must do at 19h39.

17h51, She advised me to resend the docs.

At 20h05, I realised the proof of payment was locked which cleared what she meant by emails blocked. I apologised for the oversight and re submitted.

09 April 2018, 20h48: please be advised the documents were received and processed the refund. I responded and said my THANK YOU's and was advised to check on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 15h37, I informed the Consultant that the funds are not reflecting as yet.

Thursay, 12th April 2018, 7h57: Please be advised I re submitted tbe refund as it was not approved! I will check it for you or will receive a call if there is something wrong!

I acknowledge that I am not your only customer, and that your consultants are not working on my query alone. Not to mention that I do not know when is she at work or not!

I need my refund and it is long overdue.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

price lock account

ID Nr: [protected] Delmanique Pfister Die Riffel Mondplaas Jeffreys Bay Tel Nr +[protected] To...

Port Elizabeth Satellite & Cable TV

faulty installation

My dstv was installed on the 12th January this year by DSTV Agent & Digital Cable Solutions multichoice accredited 11162MC and it gave me problems about the signal and I went back to them to acknowledge them they first told me about the weather but I kept going back to them to to prove that this is an ongoing issue all they say is that they will come back to me until now when I try to call them the phone is answered once then ignored even now I'm still struggling to watch tv

hd decoder installation

My name is Pumza... I bought a decoder at game and was advertised to go to the DSTV agency in Gugulethu to have it installed which I did. I was told it is going to be installed in 5days and that passed on the 7th day I decided to call the call centre to get the Gugulethu installers number which happened to be a wrong number, I then called again and got another number, I called and they managed to get to my house only to tell me they can't install my decoder because they only install exploration, he then gave another number I called and they told me they don't install in Gugulethu

Frustrated at this I googled the number for the DSTV agency in Gugulethu and called them, a lady answered and asked my name and surname and told me she will look into it and put the phone aside without even telling me to hold and after minutes she dropped the line, I then called severally after they didn't answer, then later called again a lady answered again and before I finished or explained anything she shouted that my installation will be done today the 11/04/2018... when I asked of her name she put the phone aside and dropped

DSTV consultants are very rude and unproffeasional... they need proper customer service training
I wrote the date because I want Multichoice to identify those who were on duty in Gugulethu DSTV agendy


I called dstv agency at thorntree soshanguve blk xxthe phone was answered by a male consultant whom was so rude.I wanted to ask if they can assist me with a change of ownership. He replied by saying only if the system is not slow. Decided to go to the store. I had the main acc holders id as well as my certified id copy and the change of ownership template signed by owner but did not get any help. Instead i was told to get an avidavitt from the police station or letter from the main acc holder.petrol and my time was wasted.because i called customer service and asked what was required to change ownership and the lady from customer service said template signed by owner and certified id copies. Decided to go to wonderpark i was assisted effectively without any problems. Had to travel from soshanguve to wonderpark to get assistance.poor service.

removal of glow tv

As a dstv premium client, I am also very outraged by the removal of glow tv. There's a very interesting content we loved and followed unlike watching repeats of movies and series and sports channel which we don't watch in my house. There main reason I stayed on premium was because of glow tv and because it is nor removed will go back to compact or access. I am very very upset and dissapointed.

  • Ph
    Philile Zungu Apr 10, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DSTV is so boring without glow adn we are tied of all repeats on Zeeworld, its so pathetic we are having the increase every year just to watch the repeat of everything. something needs to be done, it looks like multichoice has been also captured.

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incorrect program schedule

The program schedule shows Wrestlemania playing from 1:00 until 8:00, it is now 6:34 and the next program has already started playing. It is not only on my device but on many people's devices and we are very upset as this is a problem we face frequently, the event that should be playing is not playing on any other channel and we are missing out on one of the most amazing experiences in our lives. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible and let there be no further complications

incorrect program schedule

dstv explora decoder

I have purchased a brand new decoder at the end of last year that came with a free installation. The installers came and installed it after which it worked for a day and then stopped working. I kept phoning and the installer kept revisiting to sort out the problem. Eventually I was told to swap my decoder in Randburg however, I am still having a problem with the decoder and it is now April.

multichoice promotion bonuses

I received a message from the local multichoice DSTV office on the 2nd of March this year, 2018, that any customer who paid any packages until the 7th of the same month of March 2018 would receive an extra one month of the same package. I did pay on the 3rd of March 2018 and on the 3rd of April 2018, my connection was terminated. I ran to the local office and informed them. They reconnected. A day later it disconnected. I tried to call the customers' line, but without success. I then went to the same local office and informed them. They reactivated and was told that if it disconnected again they would not be able to connected me to multichoice. Unfortunately it disconnected again. Now I wonder if it is something done internally or a scam to cause clients have motivation to pay, which would be considered stilling from your own customers. What should be done. My connection was to run until 3rd of May 2018.

cancellation of glow tv

I am highly disappointed that Glow TV has been discontinued.
Glow TV's content has millions of viewers hooked, compared to the other channels that are offered on DSTV which only air repeats. There are many other useless channels that can be cancelled without us even noticing.
Furthermore the channels that DSTV suggests Indian viewers change to, broadcasts content that is dubbed.
If DSTV's aim is to please Indian Viewers, I suggest that the series they broadcast be in the original Indian language & not dubbed in English. There are millions of movies that are broadcast in English so I don't understand why the Indian content has to be in English as well. What's the point??
Also we should be given the option to change the language as Glow Tv offered its viewers or there should be subtitles. In doing so it caters for viewers that prefer watching in English or in Hindi. I find it very irritating to watch the soapies wherein there are lip-sync errors.
Lastly for the premium viewers pay every month, we should be offered content that is new and appeals to all viewers and we should not be paying to watch repeats.
In due time DSTV will lose most of their customers to OV HD and the Switch decoder.
Well Done To Multi choice Africa DSTV for having a complaints forum and not doing anything to ensure that their viewers are satisfied.

  • Ho
    HopeLove Apr 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am with you Fahima worse no warning at all. My family and I thou we have a Dstv but we are so lost now we do not know what to watch because that was our channel, totally disappointed.

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dstv extra view

1 am extremely dissapointed I had a free to air decoder for religious channels installed then my extra view didnt pick up. I then asked the installer to remove it and put the cables back where it should be then my extraview is stil off. I then called in after. My emails was ignored I received one email which didnt help I wasted more airtime to call my extraview is still not working and the person supposed to help clyde caused my primary decoder to stop working giving an error msg it didnt before he asked me to switch my decoder. Please help!!!

account department

From 18 August 2017, until today the 4th of April 2018, my account is so messed up. I had 2 family packages, one in Pretoria and one in KZN, on the 18th August 2017, I cancelled the one family package and upgraded to the premium package, and cancelled the family package. I used the pricelock feature, with a explora, and purchased a second explora, with extra view. I am using 2 exploras and one normal decoder.

I've got dates and names I spoke to on various occassions, and finally I agreed to pay the extra money they said I am behind.

Today I went again, and paid. I recieved two sms's one stating they recieved my payment, but I am still R700 and odd change, I phoned and spoke to Sipho, who said that he gets a different amount. I recieved an sms bow stating I owe R2088-00. Sipho never phoned me back, as most of them promised to do so.
I just need someone that can explain to me, what is the problem. I am really fed up with this response, and no one that can tell me, what is actually the problem. Please help, I am a pensioner, and monies is'nt raining, so I beg for a quick response.

billing & collection

Can someone please explain to me how much exactly I am owing and why, I keep calling the call centre agents and they all give me different answers and I seem to be getting different figures of what I owe and I am honestly getting frustrated. Another thing I would like to understand is why exactly the account between pricelock and residential arent linked and that I have to always call to allocate costs on multichoice's behalf.

20 January 2018 @09:20 - Thanks for getting your DSTV Explora on Price Lock! Your final payment for this contract is on 2018.03.01. After this, your monthly subscription will change to R789 for DSTV Premium plus R85 for the Access Fee.

07 February [protected]@13:53 - Your debit order for DSTV has been cancelled. To update your banking details go to My DSTV on

07 February [protected]@13:53 - Your debit order for DSTV was returned by your bank. Please pay R2659.91 asap. Click[protected] for payment options.

14 February [protected]@11:20 - Weve stopped your DSTV as youve not paid. To reconnect, pay R1909.91, using ref no.[protected]. Once paid, well reconnect you. To pay:[protected]

01 March [protected]@07:16 - Your DSTV Price Lock contract ends today. your new payment of R1005.81 will be deducted on 2018.04.01. Thanks for taking your DSTV Explora on DSTV Price Lock. If you'd like to take out insurance on your DSTV Explora, reply YES and well call you back.

26 March [protected]@11:51 - Weve stopped your DStv as you've not paid. to reconnect, pay R1029.56, using ref no.[protected]. Once paid, well reconnect you. To pay:[protected]

28 March [protected]@16:03 - Weve stopped your DStv as you've not paid. to reconnect, pay R435.20, using ref no.[protected]. Once paid, well reconnect you. To pay:[protected]

31 March [protected]@10:43 - Weve stopped your DStv as you've not paid. to reconnect, pay R412.13, using ref no.[protected]. Once paid, well reconnect you. To pay:[protected]

03 April [protected]@16:20 - Weve stopped your DStv as you've not paid. to reconnect, pay R2148.47, using ref no.[protected]. Once paid, well reconnect you. To pay:[protected]

  • Ba
    Batsile Kiara Dec 18, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did pay my Dstv account today at pick n pay but right now my channel still blocked why .my ref no .11970772 Batsile Tshidi . And even last month Dstv cimpany did the same not opening my chanel until i complain

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repetition of movies

This is ridiculous the amount of movies that is repeated. Also channels that we have no interest in but it i...

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