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L Nov 18, 2019

I have had to reconnect my old decoder due to the fact that when I moved to my new place the xplora did not work due to signal issues on the 1st of September I then called in I think in the 10 of September to connect my old decoder which they did. I made payment as normal for only one decoder seeing that only one was working. Your finance department "allegedly" kept disconnecting my services saying that I owe for the other decoder. Long story I have had to make numerous calls every 3 days to connect my services and explain that only one decoder is working. They have picked up that I have a third active decoder which has easy view of which I know nothing about but I have been paying for and I have been told by all agents that they will escalate that matter.
They say payment is pro-rata but why must I pay for two decoders where as one is active. I have had to wait on calls for 8- 15 minutes at a time to explain the same story.
I paid for my services why don't they keep them active why aren't they so passionate about removing that easy view decoder that has been activated without my consent? And your agents aren't consistent others can understand the problem but others don't
I have been told I would receive call within 24-48hrs after wasting my airtime calling for something I paid for why must I beg if I paid.
My details are [protected]

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