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Aug 08, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - dstv

I made contact with MultiChoice to reconnect my package and also upgrade it. I was told that I have an amount of R330 that is outstanding due to a discount that was given to me incorrectly during the month of March and April. I received the SMS confirming that I qualified for a discount. I paid the difference due for my subscription at that time. Now 4 months down the line I am told that I need to pay that difference from March and April, because I was given the discount incorrectly. Why must I as a consumer suffer because of your so called system error? I refuse to make this payment and need this rectified ASAP.

Aug 08, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - poor service

On the 2nd August I paid via EFT but on the 7th the service was suspended, I sent prove of payment on the 7th but now I'm still not helped. Instead I'm told I owe R99 n from the money I payed on the 2nd a lot has been deducted buy .I'm now told I paid on the 7th while on the 7th I only sent proof of it stands now I spent more than 200 calling the customer service, the people there are all incompetent.

Aug 08, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - account been deactivated

on the 25th of July I paid my account via EFT, last night my account was deactivated I called in to find out what the problem was, I was told that I did not pay. This morning I called again I spoke to Zinhle Kalatile she says she can see that it has been paid problem is that I paid early and that I have been charged for that. now I am not happy at all we the service I recently got from you guys.

Aug 08, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - dstv select is closing - kyknet

I am very disappointed that you are discontinuing DStv Select. I have been a loyal DStv client for more than 10 years.

I only have the Select package for KykNet. I am not willing to pay more than double for Compact Plus just in order to have Kyknet.

Could you please offer me KykNet as a stand-alone channel on the current Select price? I am a loyal client who have have paid my subscription a year in advance until April 2020 and it is unfair that you are taking away what I already have paid for.

If you cannot offer me the same, I will have to cancel my package because I won't be able to afford to pay a higher subscription fee.

Aug 07, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - repayment

Last month I had renews the DSTV package and through the mobile banking, through the IZI banking system transferred the amount for 11 months but the amount was cut for 11 years. I filed a complaint...

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Aug 07, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - unethical service


I have always been a loyal client and pay my dstv on time, for the past year I pay my dstv over the counter, pick n pay or pep. I don't recall doing a debit on my account.

I pay r399 every month! I went to pick n pay on the 30th of july I paid r399 as usual, the following day 31 july I received an sms saying i'm owing r293, I called the call centre to enquire as I don't understand where the r293 is coming from.

I spoke to ellin japhtor who advised me that the sms was sent in error actually the amount of r293 is what i'm supposed to pay as @ 27 august 2019. She went further to say its coz I have credit of r155.99 in my account meaning I was paying ahead.
Great, this morning to my horror my services were off!

I called the call centre I spoke to thuleleni mafuleka who was pretty much rude! Doesn't listen 2 what i'm saying! Shes too quick to answer wrong things that i'm not even asking!

She went further wasting my airtime saying dstv offered me a discount cz of debit n den it was reversed? What debit is that? I have over 2 yrs not using a debit order!

I went on to ask her what shes talking about and she put the damn phone down on me!
I mean whats that? Why would I call the call centre n receive such bad service with my airtime! Am I not allowed to ask questions?
I cannot just go pay for nothing! Where does the r239 come from? Why did dstv offer me a discount & then take it? Why offer it anyway cz I never opt for discount?

I called again spoke to mpho who put me on hold for good 10 minutes! After that he told me his supervisor will call back which was 09:30! Its fricken 12:00 and I had to call back spoke to xolisa who advised agents don't have email addresses! Who is fooling who here? Why am I getting different answers?

Can u explain why my services are oooooooooooooofffffffffffffff!

Pathetic liar! Xolisa tokota from multichoice call centre! He is such a liar and I don't understand y ppl like him even get supervisory positions if they give clients wrong info! I have sent him emails several times n no response from him! He provided me with wrong info n promised 2 get back to me 5 days ago!

I'm calling again after 5days n a consultant by the name of slindile puts m on hold for great 20 minutes cz she doesn't know y my query was escalated and I haven't received feedback... Dstv u really treating clients like nonsense!

Aug 07, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - reversed discount led to disconnection

In April 2019 Multichoice gave me a discount which I appreciated and was glad. May month-end I paid the full amount for both my Compact and Access account. Then in June month I also paid the full amount for both Compact and Access account.

I then received an sms to pay R231 more and when queried they said the issue is escalated and will receive a call within 48hrs which has passed without a call or email. I then phoned again for multichoice to fix their mistake and nothing.

This morning(07/08/2019) my services are disconnected because of their mistake and no response to my escalated 2 queries.

Kindly assist by returning the R231 discount that was given to me or at least give me enough time to can go and borrow R231 because it was not my mistake and was not budgeted for.

Acc: [protected]
cell" [protected]
email: [protected]

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - disgusting programs and serieses on dstv, channel 121 discovery

I, as a premium user is very disgusted with Discovery (Channel 121) latest presentation.
DSTV in the past, normaly repeats Sat & Sun, but from this week each day is just repeats with VERY VERY little new episodes.
Instead of seeing a serie or new serieses, with a new episode once a week with repeats, we now see old serieses almost the FULL day with no other programs or serieses for the whole day.
So we are seeing old, second hand serieses each day.
This is ridiculous and very unfair for me paying almost R1000-00 a month!
What happend to latest serieses of:
Gold Dust
Akaskan Bush People
Alaska: The Last Frontier
Edge of Alaska
Outback Truckers
Whe were used to watched series after series for months.
The only New Series now on Discovery is :
Into Alaska and Deadliest Catch.
Even American Chopper is an old season?
My complaint is that our Discovery program now look like this and this is UNACCEPTABLE:
Tuesday 6Aug
22h00 Fast &Loud till 6h00
- 8 hours
we are seeing season 5 and latest available is season 15
Wednesday 7 Aug
6h00 Unique rides till 20h00
- 14 hour
We are seeing season 1/2/3 and latest is season 4 where season 5 is also available
Thursday 8 Aug
Wed 22h00 Wheeler Dealers till Thu 6h00
- 8 hours
We are seeing season 15 where 19 is avaliable
6h00 Kundig Customs till 20h00
- 14 hour
We are seeing season 4 where season 5 is available
22h00 Unique rides till 6h00
- 8 hours
We are seeing season 1/2/3 AGAIN where season 4 is available
Friday 9 Aug
6h00 Street Outlaws till 20h00
- 14 hours
We are seeing season 5 where latest series available is season 13

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - dstv subscription

The arrogance coupled with the incompetence of the Multichoice/ DSTV staff is sickening. How can one be frustrated and sent from pillar to post from Sunday, 5th August up to now to get services paid for? What is so difficult to reconnect a package? What did I pay for? I have been sending the proof of payment since the 5th of August and calling but still no services. Everytime one is made to hold the line for over 30 minutes and then, you get dropped. When you call back, the same story repeating itself. It is really sickening.

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - repeatedly airing of the same movies

It's so manotinesd how we pay alot of money to watch continues replay of indain movies on starlife channel. The same movies repeatedly over and over again. Please there are some many movies new and old but months on end the same movies it's sick I feel like cancelling DStv subscription. This is why people go for OVI. All the movies played on starlife has already been played it's months on end the same movies there are so many old Indian Movies like Baghban of Abitha Bachan that can be aired if there are no new movies to air. I've watched Jai Ho, Shivaay, Akira and Neerja I don't know how many times already. O and most people work during the day so who watches the repeats at 15H00 in the afternoon. Then air old Indian Movies example Kalona Ho, Kuch Kuch HOTA Hai, Boothnaat and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Main hoon Na then there's PINK, Ghajini KK that Tiger, Bodyguard, Tezz these are examples that people would like to see some old some news but continues repeatedly annoyingly aired movies is a no go. Before these kinda complaints go viral please do something.


MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - multichoice dstv

On the 01/07/2019 i change my notmal decoder to an explorah. O called multichoice to transfer my details and the consultant who was helping me just put me in a premium service of which my service wa...

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MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - finance not in order

On 31 March 2019, I paid the annual subscription of my DSTV for both DSTV Premium/Explora as well as the yearly insurance. For the last 3 months, I keep receiving a notice from the insurance company that my insurance for the decoder is going to be cancelled as my account is in arrears.

How can this be if I paid a yearly fee?

Every time, 3 times now, today will be the 4th, I contact DSTV and they inform me there is incorrect billings on my account to June 2019 and they will reverse it. Every time this does not happen.

How difficult is this to rectify an account? Not once, not twice, THREE TIMES? And not 1 time has this been corrected. Thus I am without insurance on my Decoder because DSTV ignores my phone calls and requests o fix this problem month after month after month.

The DSTV account number: [protected].

This is not acceptable practice from a listed company.

One can understand why everyone is cancelling their subscriptions. If mine was not paid in advance, I would surely cancel my subscription with service delivery like this.

Every month I spend money on phoning them - the call is not just a minute or 2 and I waste my precious time on a company who apparently just does not give a damn about their consumers.

Aug 05, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - service

I have been struggling with DSTV for more than a week. Apparently I was given an incorrect discount in April..I spoke to 3 supervisors... simone...which activated my decoder because I paid my premium and escalated it to the finance department, whom never called me regarding this. All this happened on the 28 or 29 of July. Sunday they disconnected my DSTV AGAIN! I called and spoke to supervisor Vuyo..whom promised her manager would call me at 12h00. Which they never called me. I called this morning AGAIN and spoke to Ludwe whom advised that he will sort it out by end of business and even sent me an email. Ive been emailing him the whole day with no response. I called the call center and I was advised that all the managers and supervisors have left...which is [censored]! If this is the service you get from supervisors you should re-think about your management because it is pathetic! I dont knw what to do anymore to get my dstv activated as I already paid my premium.

Aug 06, 2019

This is so disturbing honestly about how Multichoice treat clients. I dont think they have finance department cause they always say the finance department will call, and they dont at all. They dont heave reapect for clients at all.

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - refund

Good Day

I disconnected my DSTV decorder and called and requested that I will not be using DSTV. I was debited the same month. I called the call centre on the 22 Julu 2019 on the [protected] and I was given a reference number which was [protected]-c1 and I was promised that that my refund will be sent to me in 24 hours. I then called on the 01 August 2019 and I promised that the refund will be credited into my account in the next 48hrs. I called again today and I was given another reference number which was [protected]-CL-C2. I wish to put on record that I am utterly disappointed with service

My name is Clive Baloo
My Cell Number is [protected]
Email address is Clive.[protected]

Aug 05, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - incorrect information given

Good Day

I called your contact centre yesterday to find out how much is due to pay for my service to be reconnected. And your automatic voice prompt inform me i must pay R230.00 i then clicked 9 to speak to a consultant and guess what she informed me the same. I asked her twice and she said yes.After getting in my car and going to pay my service is still blocked and i decide to call again and now i am being told a different story. Your calls are recorded right? I want my service active as you consultant provided me with wrong information. I work in costumer service and i know all about honoring a price

Please get back to me as i will escalate on social media platform

Aug 04, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - dstv package change to exclude kyknet

Goeie dag DSTV,

As ʼn getroue klient van meer as 10 jaar van DSTV voel ek ontevrede en wil ʼn klagte lê oor die feit dat my huidige DSTV paket DSTV Select met KYKNET nie meer gaan bestaan van 29 Oktober 2019 af nie.

Dit wat my meer onstel is dat daar geen KYKNET op die nuwe paket (DSTV Family) sal wees waar julle my heen gaan skyf nie, die rede dat ek destyd die DSTV SELECT Paket gevat het is oor die KYKNET opsie wat ek kon gekies het.
As ek KyKNET as ʼn kanaal na 29 Oktober 2019 wil kyk doong julle my om na ʼn ander paket toe te skyf. Finansieel is dit nie moontlik nie omdat die paket wat KYKNET beval dubbel is as die prys van my huidige DSTV Paket.

As julle klient vra ek julle om my huidige DSTV Paket wat KYKNET bevat teeen R265 uit te los,
anders sal ek die besluit moet maak om julle as DSTV klient te verlaat,
Sou ek en ander kliente met die selfde DSTV SELECT Paket en met die selfde rede ons DSTV paket beëindig sien ek ʼn groot verlies in inkomste vir julle DSTV.

Vriendelike Groete
Mnr C Els

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - installation

I have purchased a decoder that comes with installation yesterday at Pep in Cosmo City Mall and I was told that it will be done yesterday and since then no one contacted me or install the decoder and I am unhappy with the service. I have sent the company 2 emails already and you keep saying 8 hours it will be resolved. I have been waiting for 24 hours already I don't like the service I am getting I need this to be resolved immediately.

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - why is my mother overpriced so much

Stop exploiting our elders Multichoice. Your financial woes should not be implicates on defendless, unguarded local customers. You are over pricing my mother for a mistake that was internally created and you expecting my mother to be held liable for your incompetence. You shall not and you will never treat my mother as such. I better get a response ASAP or else we moving forward.


MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - gay related movies, tv soapies, drama or reality tv shows

Dear MultiChoice. I'm a premium subscriber. I would like to request that you reduce playing movies, tv series, drama that have gays! That is not good at all! I just cannot stand the sight. Almost every of my favorite channel I turn to, there's always gays! There is now a sudden rise in gay related movies, tv soapies, drama or reality tv shows. Please try and adjust this! I hate it!

Aug 03, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV - activation and payments

Multichoice stop abusing your customers.
i called customer service for help they told me they'll log a complain since they cannot solve my issue and in 48 hours someone from multichoice will give me a call to solve my matter(that was 27th July) but till today 03 August they ddnt bother.

I called them again yesterday 02 August for the total due payment, I was told R288, 79 including insurance, last month grace period access and activation. After making payment I asked the consultant to activate my service, surprisingly she told me that I still owe another R35 for activation. I challenged her based on her previous statements but she told me there's nothing she can do simply because she's at work, to avoid consuming my airtime for nothing I paid that amount but my service was not activated. I had to call them again for activation the Consultant now came with new excuse which was their system is down she cannot help me, then I had to be furious and challenged her statement based on all the calls I made since the 27th then she said please hold line I'll get back to you but she never came back till I hug up.

Honestly I'm angry.
My service is still off and if we skip our payment due date you guys charge us but if your system it's down and we can't receive your service you guys does not refund us. Your customer service is poor

Therefore I demand answers.

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