Mr. Tireafter diagnostic charge, fuel pump was replaced

# 1...After a very quick, expensive diagnostic test, determined fuel pump was bad.
#2..."Brandi"...the service writer...said it would be 2 days getting the part...I had no choice as vehicle would not start and had been towed to shop. I said order the part knowing that in our area within 5 miles there are at least 4 different parts stores. Made arrangements to be picked up and borrowed a friend's car. On the way home I stopped at 3 national brand parts stores in the are and each one said they either had one in stock or could have the part by noon of that same day. This was on Thursday morning Sept. 26 at 10 am. I called Mr. Tire and spoke with a service writer and was told it was their policy to order parts on line. I didn't have time to argue the fact as I had appts. elsewhere that day and the next day. Was called Saturday morning the 28th around 10 am that my vehicle was ready for pickup. Went to the shop around noon paid over $900.00 and drove home. Drove the vehicle less than 30 miles total and on Sunday Sept. 29 around 1pm as I was driving the vehicle stopped running and was forced to pull over. Same symptoms as originally diagnosed. So I paid to have it towed back to Mr. Tire and again am without my vehicle. The service writer said he would call me on the 30th after diagnosis but that it ran fine when they finished original work. So I can only expect bad news and further expenses by what he told me over the phone. I have used this location over the years for various reasons but always with different employees. Very satisfied in the past but not this time with current staff. So we will see tomorrow. Not expecting a good outcome based on conversations over the past 3 days with current service writing staff. Wish me luck as I am on a fixed income and am really concerned about this situation.
I hope thank you for reading this.

Sep 29, 2019

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