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I took a cell phone on fixed contract of R139 for 24 months from August 2016. On December 2016 they debited me twice. Here is my email to them-"I was debited twice this month, on 16/12/2016 R158 and on the 18/12/2016 R148. Calling your call centre today I was not happy with the teller she hang on me. I want somebody explain to me what happened. during my communication with first sale Rep before getting my phone I have explain clearly that I don't need any extras for my phone. I wanted only fixed monthly debit of R148. I need my money that was debited from my account.I not happy with your service actually I now regret the date I received your phone."

The on August they debited R600, I call them ask why, they say I have an open account I denied and ask them to refer to all calls and had with them. I also warn them that should they debit more than we agree I will deny them access to my account. they said I should wait for 41 working days I denied. Then on September they debit me R700 that when I reverse the money. then on October 12 they call me saying my account is behind I disagree explain to them about call I made with them about my previous issue he hang on me.


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      Nov 06, 2017

    They are full of sh**, They phoned me and offer me a cellphone contract, I asked them if the monthly airtime I receive is convertable to Datas', that sh** consultant said yes, they sent a phone I tried they billed me at end of the month, I found myself paying R600 on my first installment, I had to let it go, secondly they started sending unknown debit orders I called them only to tell me that they work Monday to Friday whereas they sold me that piece of shi* on Saturday on my work Telephone not on my cell.

    I wish I could send a message to stop all people from buying at their store, especially their cellphones.

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