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I normally service my cars at Mr.Lube. Mr.Lube has 3 lots and people wait with their cars in Queue and they service First come First serve basis Lot by Lot. My second last service I was waiting in Bay # 1, when Station Manager came and asked to shift to Bay # 3 (I was not choosing that Line, as there was an RV doing service inside). Assuming that RV will finish soon, I obeyed his instruction. I waited there for about 1.30 hours, and 2 sets of cars gone inside from Line 1 and 2. Now let me talk about my last time experience. I was waiting in Bay # 3 behind 2 cars and after 40 min I reach first. Unfortunately, Bay 1 and 2 got delayed. The same Manger came to me and asked to move behind and wait behind 3 cars, so that they can bring the other cars inside. I asked him, what about last time I was waiting here for long and you never showed any consideration to me. He told me, this is our rule, First come First serve... But truth is that, its not... If its First come First Serve, they should be asking us to wait in 1 queue and take cars to any Bay when the bay is free, like other service centres do.. We are visiting Lube express to get our service done fast, and who has time to spend the whole day there.. if the Manage might have made request telling the problem he faced in Bay 1 and 2, I might have moved my car without any argument. Here he told its there rule... Anyway, I have taken my car to Eastside Doge and done my service for $55 where Mr.Lube might have charged more... I took only 30 min total in Eastside and they told me they are doing the same way Mr.Lube is doing is you bring your car to Express service lane... Mr.Lube is not going to loose anything if I stopped servicing there, but I can stop few of my friends who is doing service at Mr.Lube.


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    SMARTCARLADY Mar 11, 2011

    I went to this Mr Lube for "approved warranty service" on my 2010 Smart Car.
    They changed the oil, but didn't check the tires, or fill the fluids as they state in their advertising.
    They DIDN'T know how to reset the service required indicator.
    I still had to pay the full price of $99 !!!
    I was told to come back & someone would do it.
    Upon my return, the individual who supposedly knew how, wasnt there.
    No one ever contacted me to follow up
    I complained to the owner by telephone & months later still haven't received any service to the indicator or a partial refund on the services NOT performed !!
    AVOID this Mr. Lube !!!

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    desertstorm Feb 24, 2012

    Eastside is always better

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    unlimitedskillz Mar 23, 2012

    everyone that use to work in that shop has been changed so now there is new people working at that location and there is a new manager and everything

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