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When I rarely go to an oil change place, I want to go in, get my oil change and leave. In the past it normally takes 10-15 minutes to do so. I've tried a number of oil change chains here in Canada over the last 20 years and they've consistently provided 10-15 minute service. On 10/02/07 at Mr. Lube on Fraser Highway in Abbotsford, BC, I was essentially held hostage and exposed to a 30 minute sales pitch while waiting for my oil to be changed. It took 25 minutes for my oil to drain before they put in new oil. I wanted an oil change but they tried to sell me a, high-end oil, a deluxe air filter, new battery, engine flush and more. Every few minutes I was told by the pimply faced kid that they had checked something and recommended it be replaced. It didn't stop. I told the kid that I didn't have that much money and only wanted an oil change but that wasn't good enough, he didn't believe me. Every time he addressed me, he called me sir. Two or three time is enough but over a dozen times, give me a break! I've been charged with assault in the past and this was one of those rare occasions since that I wanted to beat somebody so bad. It's as if Mr. Lube employees follow a script for selling to customers, I don't know. An e-mail to the company e-mail went unanswered.


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    terry Jan 07, 2008

    I have been to Mr lube and had the same issue. Except I have noticed that a few times that I have been to two of the mr lube in the Ottawa area ( bells corners and another at baseline and merivale I have found that they have deliberately tampered with me radiator. When I called and complained the manager suggested I purchase rad flush from them. Im all for a quick oil change but with Mr lube I think im better off at the dealership or doing my self.

    If anyone has the same complaint feel free to contact me [email protected]

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    Sid Saran Feb 09, 2008

    I agree, these people are rude and they will try to sell their whole shop to you. As a matter of fact they are expensive too. I called in for rust proofing they said $ 69.99 after saving $20 and @ other outlets its some where between $50-$60 including tax.

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    matt holms May 26, 2008

    Yes Mr.lube is a total SCAM. I have a friend that works at MR.lube, He tells me he talks people into services and parts they don't need. The other day he told me he talked a woman into $900. of services. They should be shut down. I recommend doing it your self or go to the dealer.

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    Brian Goguen Jun 21, 2017

    @matt holms I was in to get an emissions test.They tried to sell me me everything under the sun.The girl tried to tell me that my undercoating was totally shot & that I need a new one.I totally busted her & left her speechless.I said to her" Wow! You are talented.To do that without looking under my car or putting it up on the hoist. "It would be nice if they gave you a newspaper worth reading.The Financial Post? !!

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    dave Jun 16, 2008

    I too was "held hostage" at a Mr.Lube in New Westminster BC. Instead of trying to argue my way out of an obnoxiously aggressive sales pitch, I had the young guy make a list of all the "items" that need replacing so I could double check his recommendations with a qualified mechanic. This move really silenced my solicitor.

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  • Cj
    CJ Oct 01, 2008

    I work at Mr lube. I recently was hired there. I have been around cars my entire life. I agree that it is over priced. Some people do push too hard. My thoughts are that if the customer says no, just leave it. There are some things we are required to tell you so we dont get fired, but a lot of us will laugh about it with you. I do all my work on my car myself at home. But this is a job to save up money for college. I understand all your thoughts, and I apologize. I just wish I could have served you. I am a very upbeat girl and I dont like unhappy customers. I do all I can to cheer people up.

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  • Ga
    gab Oct 08, 2008

    Mr lube provides a good service.. Im a manager there and i tell you right now that we are not here to f**K you over.. just to do are job man..

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    Nick Oct 15, 2008

    i went there today and they tried to sell me everything and anything i just wanted to get a tranny flush, boy was that a big mistake they try to charge me a 140 dollars so i just told them were they can go, and also the guys who was working there were all young teenagers and i couldnt see one adult in the whole place also when they changed my oil they stripped the oil plug bolt and charged me i really dont know what else to say but dont ever go to the Mr.Lube at Victoria park and Lawrence in toronto.

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  • Jo
    John Nov 19, 2008

    I was a previous employee of Mr Lube i worked at all the locations in Ottawa, I must say that what may seem to be a scam is not really just poor workman ship with lack of professional training AND BIG EGOS. And no quilty check the system that is put in place to protect the customer from for example a bad employee that really doesnt know what they are doing only benifits the company then it your word against theirs especially if the problem occured down in the bay no one is there to double check what he is doing. This is where the majority of major issues arise. AND be sure he aint fessing up he so threated to lose his job your ###ed in court, got to the newest locations on terry fox as they have cameras to check every inch of your car up and down, avoid bells corner and baseline at all costs. Its great place to work and if you dont fall in to there highly competitve comission based sales and get only what you need you will be fine. And remeber that maintence is costly. So when they say a major engine compontent like the transmission or differential needs servicing 10/10 they arent lying they jsut get you on the expensive syntec oil and fancy fuel cleaning and additives the base oil is bargin for you TIME if you havbe time do it yourself . ANd if you want to be sure your protected go to the dealer. But i have worked there and i had things happen and i like mister lube but remeber KIDS are working on your 30, 000 car HA over my dead body!

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    camaro Nov 30, 2008

    I read these posts with disapointment and disgust. It's really too bad all you people have had such negative Mr.Lube experiences. I am a supervisor at a Mr.Lube in Alberta and have worked at a couple other Mr.Lubes in other provinces as well. First of all, people who have commented on "being held hostage", that should not be so because it is strictly against Mr.Lube policy to be doing pressure sales. I understand that a lot of people go to Mr.Lube with the intent of getting "just an oil change" but it is the employee's job to bring services to your attention. And maybe you don't agree but day in and day out I see people that go thousands of kilometres overdue for services and don't even have a clue what this can do to their vehicles!! So even if you don't trust these teenaged workers to flush your transmission, at least it's been brought to your attention and you can go somewhere else even. The reason you pay so much for an oil change is because you're paying for that! You pay for fluid top-ups, visual inspections and for service recommendations. If you don't want that then get your oil changed at a gas station for cheap! Mr.Lube is not a bad company and it's too bad you people, as customers, have let a pimply faced teenager who stripped your oil pan drain plug be the face of Mr.Lube as a whole. Better luck with future services!

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    Brian Goguen Jun 21, 2017

    @camaro It`s a scam.I think you`re biased.

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  • Gi
    Gilbert Feb 15, 2009

    What Services and recommendations?
    $90 fuel filters? which can be bought for 5-10 dollars
    $75 cabin air filter? Outside price is 10-15 dollars
    $40 wipers?
    $11 taillight bulb

    Mr lube is overpriced.

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  • Ol
    olivier Mar 01, 2009

    ive had the same problems over the past i mean i just bought a 2009 honda civic so after about 5000km i take it for an oil change at mr lube in orleans ottawa and they give me this huge pitch sale about all the maintenance that should be done they even buged me with getting a tranny flush i mean the car dosent even have 10 000km it retarted and they price too much i think ill stick with oil changers thanks they dont derserve my business

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  • Lu
    Luberiffic Mar 09, 2009

    I have worked for Mr. Lube for almost 5 years now. I don't know how all the locations operate but I am certain that the owner I work for runs an honest business. At all his locations the formula is simple. Following the guidelines in the customers owners manual make recommendations based on time and mileage for products and services that enhance the vehicles performance or help prevent costly repairs. Anyone caught misleading a customer or misrepresenting the need for replaceable items gets fired.

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  • Sl
    SLD Apr 05, 2009

    Today I brought my vehicle to Mr Lube on Douglas St in Victoria, BC. I would have preferred to go elsewhere, because of the hard sell and scare tactics the last time I was in, but I had left the oil change to the last minute and needed it done today. Previously, they had tried to sell me a $90 fuel filter change and $200 fuel injection flush on a vehicle with 24, 000 km on it. Overall, I was satisfied with the oil change itself, however, I could have lived without the pressure to replace the fuel and air filters at inflated prices. After I assured them I would take care of things at my next oil change in 3 months, they let off. However, I will be taking my vehicle to another service station for a second opinion instead of Mr. Lube.

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  • Mr
    Mr.lube Operations Manager May 01, 2009

    Actual compliment letters from happy Mr Lube customers...posted by a Mr.Lube Operations Manager...
    Hello ****,
    I absolutely love the service I get with you guys! *** and ****** were great, I know I had a few other people rotated in to do stuff and they were great but I couldn't catch their names. They explain things that they notice that needs to be done, and if it's something that isn't an immediate danger they tell me what the cost to expect would be which is great. I specifically get up early on Saturday mornings and take the car by myself rather then waiting for my partner to wake up because I know I can trust what your staff is telling. We don't have any services like this in Nova Scotia, where I came from, you may want to look into opening a location there!!! :)
    Thanks for the great service

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  • Gr
    greg May 01, 2009

    I work at mr lube in victoria and Need to correct last comment.
    Fuel system service is 99. not 200. and it is less than any place around,
    Also dealer guidelines for this service is 25 k so if you do not choose to clean your car that is your decision but it is offered properly.
    also fuel filters have to be changed regularly otherwise they plug up with deposits.You can probably buy one cheaper but then you will pay your mechanic another 50.00 to put it in.So stop complaining about the prices.Everything is expensive.Be happy that someone is looking after your car and if you want to do the service somewhere else, that's fine, At least you know when and what to do

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  • De
    Derek May 07, 2009

    We're here for an oil change. A relatively simple procedure to complete. Do your jobs and hush with the extra services. Your sales tactics are highly annoying, let alone very uninformed and borderline unethical. I do not take advice from a pimply faced teenager. I only take advice from a certified mechanic. The fact of the matter is, I don't trust Mr. Lube, Jiffy Lube, Quick Lube, Active Green & Ross etc. There have been numerous complaints about unethical & sloppy procedures carried out at each one of these businesses. I'd rather pay the higher labour rates at a dealership and know that at least there, I am receiving quality recommendations. I keep my own database of work that has been performed on my vehicle. I'm well aware of what needs servicing and when I'm being improperly advised by oil change facilities. My own disappointing experience comes from Mr. Lube and Canadian Tire, both very unprofessional auto servicing facilities. It's unfortunate that oil changes are very expensive nowadays but unless you're interested in changing your own oil, quality options are limited.

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  • Mo
    molotov62 May 30, 2009

    Yeah. Those pimply faced kids did a courtesy check on my cabin air filter and and told me that wasn't any filter present at all. Now I had bought my car (certified) used @ 22500 km and serviced it at 25600km at an authorized Subaru dealership service shop. Both service records indicated that the filter had been changed. That sly son of a B**** must have removed it and slid it in their underground service bay when I wasn't looking. He charged me $89.99 for a new one when they cost only 16.99 at my local Canadian Tire. I went in there for a $65 oil change and wound up paying $ 356 in total. I've vowed that never in my life will I ever go to these scamming centers again.
    And to you Mr. Greg of Victoria, an uncertified unqualified employee has no right to suggest what a customer really needs. We are the kind of patients that walk into a medical clinic with a simple cold and you guys are kinds of unqualified doctors who suggest a FU***** 'Brain TRANSPLANT'. All us victims ought to get together and launch a class action lawsuit against your scamming corporation.

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  • Te
    tech1234 Jun 01, 2009

    so... im a tech that works at the store in victoria im just going to say a coulpe things first of all im currently in school to be a mechanic im a first year apprentice we have a second year and also a 3rd year now before you say that nono of us are not certified the mr lube training program once it is finished gives you the ability to chalange the second year apprinticship so to let you know i know for a fact that we actually know what were doing cause the store in victoria is the number one store in canada it is the number one for customer service, product knowledge, service knowledge and we take pride in that now for some one to go and lie and say that we are over priced and are lacking knowledge i worked at a dealership for a period of time and i would never take my vehical to them cause they dont know what there doing and the take so many short cuts at doing everything. now another thing. were not scamming anyone and im sorry to let you know that most subaru cars come un equiped with a cabin air filter and dealerships are known for charging for services that we never done so i belive you were ripped of at the dealer ship and i do not appriciate being slammed for some person some place in another part of the country and! and! and to boot the services we do are better services than most other garages do and also if you plan on slamming us aka molotov62 i belive you need the FU**ING brain transplant because first of all you have no right cause you dont know if someone is qualified or not i can tell you that greg is actually fully certified technician now before anyone responds to my post i just want you guys to think before and dont fu**ing rag on us for just trying to pay for either school or being able to make a living cause were not the bad guys.the bad guys are the ones who try to rag on us for us telling them a fully informed peice of information to maintain a vehical but anyways another thing to think about there are about about atleast a million customers that come to mr lube a year and on this page there are 10 people trying to rag on us so i think that you guys need to regive mr lube a chance cause apparently you had a bad tech now thanks for the time

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  • Da
    DavidMG Jun 02, 2009

    My experience with Mr. Lube has been a steady decline to the point where I won't go anywhere near it. It's a shame, but I really can't trust them to do even simple oil changes now.
    I used to be perfectly happy with Mr. Lube as far as doing simple work, just oil changes, anything else seemed to be beyond their scope now that I think back to the many times I was in.
    I was doing all my oil changes on my 92 Nissan 240SX when I got it, my first car. The first time I went to Mr. Lube, was for a coolant flush. Messy job, didn't want to deal with it. Bubbles were left in the system and it started overheating the following day, went back and got it sorted out. Didn't think much of it at the time, small thing, engine was never in any danger.
    Next time I was in was to change the transmission oil. I inquired about doing the VLSD oil and got a puzzled face from the manager because he wasn't sure if a viscous LSD required a different type of oil versus a plain LSD. At the time I also didn't think much of this, but this should have been a sign.
    I found a great mechanic to do all the work on my 240SX and I kept doing my own regular maintenance stuff.
    I bough a second car, an 05 Toyota Echo Hatchback. This one I decided to have serviced by Mr. Lube in order to have records to back the warranty. Probably into my 3rd year of owning the car, after many visits to Mr. Lube and getting increasingly aggravated by recommendations on fuel injection cleaning and such things, it was pointed out to me that I was due for a coolant system flush. I thought it might have been a bit premature, but I didn't have the maintenance schedule with me so I thanked the kid for the heads up and told him I'd get it next time since I was in a rush to get out.
    The car was suddenly louder after that visit. Always during wide open throttle. I figured it was the air box not properly closed. Verified this as soon as I got home. While checking the air filter as part of the routine, the kid hadn't closed the air box properly. Yet an other unheeded warning.
    Next time I'm in I get a different guy, a noticeably more knowledgeable bloke and I asked about doing the coolant flush. He looked in his manual and told me the car wasn't due for that for a very long time, something I confirmed on the Toyota manual. These cars came with an extremely long lasting coolant mix. This kind guy told me he would put a note on my file about this.
    Next visit was my last one. Plain oil change for the Echo. The kid this time, while looking through his files, spotted the note I was told about on my previous visit and read to me what it said. "Do NOT lie to customer about coolant flush!" I had even more respect for the last guy after knowing he wrote that into my file. I was happy so far as long as long as I just stuck to oil changes. Got my oil change and a few days later I gave the car to my dad and went back to my 240SX.
    Two weeks later my father asked me if I had noticed a rattle in the car coming from the engine bay. This didn't sound right to me as I'd been driving it for close to 4 years by that point, not noticing anything unusual. I drove it the next day after he mentioned that and sure enough, there was a distinct rattle that rose and fell with the rpm's. At the end of the day I popped the hood to try and spot where the rattle might be coming from and regrettably it sounded like top end, the valve train. I opened the oil filler cap to get a better listen and this time the sound was really bad. I confirmed my worst fears. Valve train noise. Turned the car off and had an other look into the oil filler hole. To my surprise, I found that the oil splash guard that runs underneath the top of the valve cover, above the camshafts, was bent downwards. There was a very noticeable scratch from whatever had been jammed in there and bent the plate down so that it was rubbing against the cam lobes.
    Great way to reduce the engine's life, might as well have thrown a penny in there.
    I repaired this myself and instructed my family and friends to never take their cars to Mr. Lube since they can't be trusted to do something as simple as filling up the engine with oil. This could have been a MAJOR repair down the road if it hadn't been spotted.
    That's the end of my relationship with Mr. Lube. I wish I could go back since it's so convenient, but I really can't trust them with something as basic as an oil change anymore, on a very basic car like the Echo, let alone a more expensive, more complex car. I contemplated writing a letter to Mr. Lube, but until now I hadn't been public about this other than telling my circle of influence to steer clear and find a better place to have their oil change done.

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  • Bl
    Blah Jun 05, 2009

    I was a tech at the Mr. Lube in Abbotsford for a year (06-07), and the prices are not a scam, because it's convenience you pay for. However, while working there we were told to do very unethical things by our manager. At first we weren't but then our first manager got fired and was replaced by a new guy who was there to bring in more revenue for the store (it is a very slow location). These are some things I can remember:

    The bulk 10w30 Castrol Oil that the techs will use the oil gun to fill your car with is not just Castrol 10w30 oil. When we would be overstocked with expired oil in bottles (that were different weight, different brands, different additives, etc.) we were told to dump it in the Castrol 10w30 tank. We would also dump in different brands if we stopped selling a certain one. And any Lube tech will tell you that you shouldn't mix different weights and oil brands together (Mr Lube policy does not recomend this as it will cause the additives to deplete faster and not be as effective in your motor). So if you think you are paying for true Castrol 10w30 oil, your really paying for some knockoff Mr. Lube concoction.

    A couple times our manager would be on the floor and we would replace a persons air filter that was due for a change but still appeared in good shape. Our manager would just put the used one in a new box and throw it back on the shelf. He would instruct us to do the same as well.

    When doing a transmission flush, were supposed to follow strict recomendations from the manufacturer according to Mr. Lube Poilcy. Our manager would just let enough flow through the machine to empty the transmission and fill it back up. This would not change all of the old transmission oil and we would still charge them for a full flush.

    When we wanted to sell a Differential fluid change, we would take the dip stick tool and wipe some old grease on it, or the engine oil and show it to the customer. (If the tech does this, ask to go downstairs and see the fluid for yourself.)

    When we would sell a radiator flush, we would dilute the mixture with way more water than recomended.

    If we did not meet a certain sales quota we were always in trouble and would not make as much commision, so we were always pressured to sell anything, regardless of it being required or not.

    Like I said this only started once we got this new manager (his name was Ryan). He is also Area manager for the Surrey store by King George and Maybe some other one. In any case, I don't think it's the techs fault. You're paid ### there unless you can make some sales, and this manager isn't running all of the stores, mentioned above, so most of them probably don't do this.

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  • Un
    unhappy oiler Aug 26, 2009

    i find them overly aggressive in their sales pitch and they take advantage of unaware customers>>> i would not recommend them to anyone

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  • Ri
    Rishab Madhar Oct 05, 2009

    I was charged $ 67.99 for Air Cabin Filter and $7.99 for bulbs of trunk by Mr. Lube employees at Hamilton. Where could I make a complaint for this over-pricing ?

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  • Du
    duckworth Nov 07, 2009

    Garbage outfit hiring transient workforce with few if any traning except for basic duities, A chain store which works like any other I.E. drive sales and when you get a pin head in that cuts corners and puts his commisons and needs ahead of yhe customer you've got a recipe for disaster. Problem is they are working on your car which desrves the correct care and attention which your investment deserves. I was consideringa coolant flush on my 04 Toyota Highlander. I am going to do it myself.

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  • Li
    live.for.speed Mar 30, 2010

    It seems like there are a few common themes between you guys. In the interest of full disclosure, I used to work for Mr.Lube as a Service Adviser. That means that if you went to my location you'd be talking to me. I've worked for the company for over a year before i got to the position where i'd be able to tell you what you need done. I was the best technician who could explain what i was doing in an accessible way.
    Mr. Lube stores are franchises that are independently owned. Your experience may vary between the locations, something that you have to keep in mind when deciding who should be able to service your car.

    What Mr. Lube gives you is a quick transparent service that is done in front of you. You can be outside the car, you can be under the car - we don't care, as long as its safe, you can watch us do work anywhere. It's untrue that we make you stay in the car. We don't use waiting rooms so we invite you to stay inside the car where we'll give you a free newspaper and coffee, etc.. If you choose to get outside the car and check out what we're doing - you're free to do it.

    As far as services go, you may think that we're only in business to change your oil... somehow people think that this is the only maintenance item they ever have to do. Put basic oil in and some gas and you're good to go. Seems a bit much from people that accuse us of not knowing how to maintain their vehicles. We take care of just about any regular maintenance service that needs to be done on a vehicle, and yes that includes transmission services and radiator flushes and belt changes and fuel filter replacements and so and so on.

    We have a lot more happy customers that appreciate our recommendations then people like a couple of the posters above that go to a place like Mr. Lube and ask it to be done their way.
    When i had a customer like that, I'd be polite and informative, what you might not realize is that i make no money arguing with people that don't want to do anything about their cars. I'll provide you with information why things need to be done and explain what the service does. It makes me more money to abandon your car and get out.. on a $500 dollar receipt i'd be lucky to make $5.. so it's irrelevant to me. My job is to tell you what needs to be done and why, and if you seem unsure i can answer your questions.
    Another aspect of that is trying to sell you services you don't need, how is that useful to me? There are waaay more cars that need things to be done with owners oblivious to the problem, then people that think they know everything but yet can't be bothered to get under the car and get their oil change done.
    I used to love backyard mechanics coming into my store, that was my favorite type of customer - people who know what I'm talking about and understand why things need to be done. We're not afraid of people that know their cars, we want them - they tend to be our best and most loyal customers.
    If you feel like you want a certified mechanic to do your regular maintenance and you don't trust mr. lube, then do it, but don't think you're getting any more expertise or paying less. It's like paying a professional painter to repaint your apartment white. You can if you want to, but it's not the best use of your time and money. Most mechanics and dealerships don't have the business model that can accommodate $10k investment in a rad flush machine, so they'll do it "professionally" - with a garden hose.

    So lets address the 2 main points that were brought up, first being the lack of knowledge and expertise.

    Most technicians at Mr. Lube won't be able to rebuild your transmission but they are very qualified to service it. Those are very different tasks, that require different equipment, staff and qualifications.
    Most regular garages can't afford to spend 10-15 thousand dollars each on radiator flush machines, transmission flush equipment, etc. The reason Mr. Lube can do it is that we do 20-30 transmission flushes a week. Now think about how many of those flushes your dealership does - 3.. maybe.. 5 in a good month. Why you think the dealership is more qualified is beyond me. We have better equipment and we do it more often. Dealerships hire from the same pool of employees. You're sold an illusion of expertise and you gobble it up. We've had a bunch of ex-dealership guys that got fired within their evaluation period for the same reason. I don't understand how you can compare the mistakes you claim to have noticed at Mr. Lube with a total lack of transparency when you go to a dealership. You have no idea how things were done or what was done, and you use that as an argument against Mr. Lube.

    And finally the bottom line - the prices:

    Oil changes with us are expensive - we don't just drop the oil and put some more in. We check just about every regular maintenance item you have. And we do it right in front of you in 10-20 minutes that you're in. You're not bound by anything to accept what we say, we don't force you to stay or come back. We inform you of what needs to be done, "no" is always your option. Compare that to dropping your car off at your dealership, not seeing anything, having to figure out how to get around without your car, etc. If your time is less valuable than $10 extra you have to pay to Mr. Lube, maybe you should do it yourself.

    The business idea is to take care of your regular maintenance for you, we check your car and inform you of what needs to be done. We're not allowed to recommend anything other than what you'd find in your owners manual.

    Finally, to people that complain about being charged 70-90 dollars for fuel filters they can buy for 20.. ok.. so do it - get soaked in gas yourself and fix the problem you've ignored for years. While you're at it, bring your own beef and buns to BurgerKing and ask them to make you a burger for the same price it'd be to do it yourself.
    How do you compare parts prices and the cost to do everything for you is quite ridiculous. If you don't like the convenience and speed of our service vs. part prices and spending hours doing it yourself.. then be our guest.. do it and see if all the mess and time is worth the additional money you pay people to do it for you.

    My main point is that Mr. Lube provides a good service for the time and money, if you don't agree - you have other options. Don't blame the people that have their doors open for you walking in. If you don't want to be there - close your eyes and take it from a dealer.

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  • Ot
    OttawaMan Apr 17, 2010

    I just came back from Mr. Lube.

    Don't go there!!!

    I was sold one item by another... to $150.00. I normally take my car to the dealer and it costs me $40 to do an oil change.

    Also I did a quick research about their Engine Flush... Engine Flush is NOT recommended by the manufactures (Honda, Ford, GM...)

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  • Me
    Mechaniccc111 May 11, 2010

    I go to Mr Lube for all of my services, being a registered mechanic I know exactly what the prices are. Whoever said they are overpriced, they don't know vehicles at all. They don't know anything about automotives, infact, they shouldn't even drive a car if they're going to be like that, Mr Lube has great prices. I go there for my oil changes all the time, although I don't get any major services done (Because I can do them myself) they tell me when everything is due to my wife and I. They do thorow work. Mr Lube does great work. Ottawa, Kanata location is one of the best stores. BTW, whoever says *Dont do this at Mr Lube, Dont do services, blah blah blah* Ahem... YOU DONT KNOW [censor] ABOUT CARS, DONT HAVE A OPINION IDIOT!!!

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  • Jk
    jk778 May 14, 2010

    I have gone to Mr. Lube at a few different locations in the Vancouver lower mainland avenue. Most of my experiences have been positive except for two locations. The location on Abutus and 12th sold me a rear diff flush on one visit and I bought it because my vehicle was due for the service. The second time that I went back to that location, they told me that it was recommended and that I needed it and that the fluid looked dirty and we should get it done again to avoid possible damage to the rear differential. I told the guy there that I had just had it done on my last visit. He went and looked at his computer screen and then said "Oh yeah, thats probably just the additive that we put in it that makes it change colour so that we know it needs to be changed again." The frightening thing here is that only 3000 kms had elapsed between oil changes so I was a little concerned about that. They did give me the full sales pitch on everything but didn't push it when I told them that I only came for an oil change and I found the price reasonable considering it is a pain in the butt to do it yourself if you live in an apartment.

    My second experience was at the location in North Vancouver, BC. I asked for an oil change and nothing else. The guy recommended that I had everything changed one after another, after another, after another. I kept saying no thank you, just the oil change. He kept coming up to my window and recommending stuff that I had just done myself like the air filter which was as clean as fresh linen "Sir it looks dirty we should change it." I told him that I just changed it and he said ok you can probably let it go. It was to the point that I just rolled my window up and waited until I had to pay. I don't think I will return to this one. I did find the service was done properly but holy heck was it annoying being pestered again and again about things that didnt need to be done. While I was there the old lady in the bay beside me had a tranny flush, a rear differential fluid change, new wipers, an oil change, both the cabin and engine air filter changed and her car couldn't have been more than two years old. I just sat there and watched the zero's add on to her bill. So I guess at this location its buyer beware.

    Over all, I probably will keep going back to Mr. Lube because I do find it convenient and many mechanics and businessess do this, not just Mr. Lube its all about educating yourself and understanding that three opinions are better than one. You can't blame people for using sneaky tactics in trying to make money, after all it is the root of all evil!

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  • Sh
    Shikeb Jun 03, 2010

    My 2009 Corolla was given an engine flush at less than 15000k. I knew about a radiator flush but not about the engine one and I bought the car as a used. So that was why Mr. Lube did that favor.
    I read and search every where online and almost all say it is not noly good and recommendable but bad for motors.
    They also tried to change my original Toyota air filters for their low quality ones and charge more but I refused.
    Anybody tell me how much the flush has done to my valuable engine?

    Shikeb from Pickering On

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  • Na
    N/A11 Jun 06, 2010

    Well i just wanna say that i work at the MR.LUBE in Victoria aswell, just reading some of the complaints!!! makes me laugh instead of [censor]in about it among each other like dexters!! maybe get off your [censor] and do the oil change yourself!!! and i would like to also add, that there was another employee at the Victoria Mr.lube with a comment and i would have to totally agree with him!!

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  • Un
    Unpleasant Oil change Jul 23, 2010

    - Mr. Lube is over-priced and very often they don't even ask if you want it or not and just go ahead. (Yes, they are no matter what excuse you Mr. Lube people make up)
    - Mr. Lube is polite with their wordings but very rude with their tone, and gives you intimidating sales stuff, especially towards women. (My wife and her sister don't want to go there anymore. Nice business tactic Mr. Lube)

    I don't know about other places but above 2 lines are very consistence feedback (oh yeah, there are a lot more) I hear from my family and friends here in BC.

    I had really pleasant (yeah, as it should be) oil change at my local shop as well as in a dealer (huh? yeah, a dealer! they were even faster without any sales speech).

    Once Mr. Lube was OK long time ago. But not anymore. I don't think so.

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  • At
    attila1212 Aug 22, 2010

    Mr service advisor you [censor]ing woodbox do you say to yours valiable customers that part you intsalling is well below optimal and well above dealers OEM part price, quality or that guy who is going to install it was working in yours burger king few day back???
    oh and what yours Owner or Manger say when revenue is low???
    greating from former mr lube employee

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  • Vo
    Vortec Sep 03, 2010

    I am a licensed mechanic myself, and took my truck to Mr. Lube today in Calgary, AB.

    My day job is at a local semi truck dealership, and I know first hand the cost of doing business, from both sides of the counter.
    I had a oil change, transmission flush, EFI service, differential & transfer case (4x4) oils all changed.
    They had no problem with me watching what they were doing, they answered all my questions promptly with no hesitation, and had a feel about them that they genuinely were concerned about their work, and their craftsmanship.

    In my job, a customer may come in for an oil change, but I take time to do a quick inspection of their vehicle, and if I spot issues, im going to tell them because that's what i'm trained to do and I personally feel an obligation to inform them as they have made the choice to choose my company and myself to work on their vehicle. Were not all trying to rip you off, sometimes people who are not mechanically inclined get on the defensive a little to quickly, it's true.

    My truck is a 2008, and I have taken it to the GMC dealer, and had more issues their, with booking it in and having to argue with them over a huge list of repairs that I KNOW don't need to be done then my experience at Mr. Lube.

    The cost was high, but being a mechanic I know the cost of maintenance, and it's truly priceless. Total was $750.00

    When a engine can cost $5, 000 and a transmission $7, it really worth $750? I think so...

    I would go back to Mr. Lube again...thanks Dave (Supervisor) from the 16th Ave/Edmonton Trail store!

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  • Pe
    penguin7894 Nov 20, 2010


    Terrible service!!!

    my mom went here today to change the oil or something..
    she only went to mr lube because she has a $8 off coupon.

    she left the car keys with them and they STOLE the coupon!!
    (she left it in the front seat of the car)

    they tried to SCAM her by telling her to fix a bunch of things.. even though nothing wrong w our car!!

    said it would be $24, but in the end, charged $51!!!


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  • Mo
    Mobstar Nov 26, 2010

    I year you guys!!
    I've been to the Terry Fox location Mr.Lube twice and was HOUNDED non stop for over priced services and parts.
    They wanted $25 for a cheap rad cap!! They tried to sell me a cabin air filter for over $100!! The car didn't even come with one!! The second time I went, I brought my brother with me to witness the harassment! He couldn't believe it!
    From now on, I only go to the dealer. It's actually cheaper and I get coffee, wi-fi access and a comfy leather couch while I wait.. No more Mr.Lube for me thank you!

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  • Wa
    warehouseman Dec 06, 2010

    worst over price service and slow. they also broke my car and not told me

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  • Jd
    JDDubb Dec 29, 2010

    Just got back from Mr. Lube at Fairview and Walkers Line in Burlington, Ontario. Went in for a quick oil change... had been there before and had decent service. The young man working on my truck gave me a paper and said if I wanted to stay in the truck, it was okay with him. I actually declined and told him that I would leave the shop for a cigarette, even though he told me I could still smoke in the actual shop (against by-laws in this city).

    Upon returning from my smoke, he began to tell me all the things wrong with my truck. All in all, not THAT bad. He did mention that I needed a few things changed on my NEXT visit. The one thing that really pissed me off was that he told me my wiper blades were shot. Now, I understand that this may seem like a small issue, but at both ends of each wiper blade, there were 3" cuts in the rubber... not something I wouldn't have noticed during my frequent washer fluid filled, 1 hour commute to and from work, every day in a wintery climate. Conveniently, he also informed me that they were having a deal on wiper blades and that this is a common issue for people who don't clear their windshields of snow and ice. I told him to just leave them as is and I would replace them myself... I can get GOOD wiper blades for $40 at Canadian Tire. I complained that the guy tampered with my wipers and they offered to give me $10 off my next oil change. Like this is gonna get me back there??? Sure - I'll take 10 off an overpriced oil change due to the fact you ripped me off for 40 - sounds like a GREAT plan!! I grabbed the manager's card and am going to see him tomorrow. We'll see if he credits my account for at LEAST $40 or gives me a free set of wipers for the next time I need them... which will definitely not be after a trip to Mr. Lube.

    One additional comment to those mechanics who shot back above along the lines of "if you don't like our service/prices... change your oil yourself"... perhaps you should sign your names at the bottom of your snide comments... it would allow Mr. Lube management to know how proud of a mechanic you are and how great your customer service skills are... Don't forget, you are PAID TO CHANGE MY OIL. Yes, Burgar King employees are PAID to make burgers, and dentists are PAID to fill cavaties. There would be just as many complaints against Burgar King and Dentist offices if their customers regularly left with half a diet pepsi and 3 extra cavaties filled for 3 x's the price.

    Stay away from Mr. Lube... or if you must go there... watch those thieves like a hawk.

    Jesse White

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  • To
    tott Jan 26, 2011

    I like how it is always Mr. Lube employees that are recording positive experiences with Mr. Lube. Everyone that reported on this site did so out of their own experiences. They didn't recieve anything for doing so, and seem to all have a similar theme. Overpriced services, and "in your face sales". I worked for a oil change franchise, and I have been told to "sell as much as possibe to each customer". There were bonuses attached for the most profitable stores.

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  • Sa
    Sanjay2 Jan 26, 2011

    They've given me great service so far. Yes, they do have scripts of what to say, but once you see through all that you can get to the meat of why you're there, which is direct, transparent, service while you wait.

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  • Un
    Unhappy In Thornhill Mar 12, 2011

    I went in for an oil change at THORNHILL Mr. Lube, was told i needed a flush and both filters changed...i agreed to the flush and one filter...was also told I needed a new battery and shown...actually SHOWN that i had a broken serpentine belt. I said no to the battery but was worried at what looked like a broken belt on my car but they wanted $100 for that so I opted out telling them i was going to my dealership next week anyway so they could fix it there. Well I went to my dealership (my car had a recall and a part was being replaced) when i asked them to change the belt they wondered why as there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with it, it wasn't even worn. I called Mr. Lube and asked to for a number to contact the owner. I was given the manager and told the owner was out of town. I am pretty sure it was the owner i was speaking with. He told me to bring in the car so he could look. He tried to show me what they consider cracks, i told him I don't see anything and neither had my mechanic and that I was shown what looked like a cracked belt. I wanted my money back for the extras I had payed for which i surely didn't need as I certainly didn't need a new belt but was being tricked into paying for one and he refused, i am now filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as I wish others would do, it's the only way to stop such scamming!!

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