Motel 6assistant manager/ staff

J Jul 22, 2019

I have stayed here numerous times over the years but the last two I stayed here we were accused stealing their blankets (like I want a$5 blanket that a million people have slept on) the reason for this is because of the ASSISTANT MANAGER no she is NOT owner regardless of what she tells you. The owner actually a very nice respectful man!!! My husband and her had words months ago about the smell of a room and ever since then she has been nothing but flat out rude and mean!! She accused us of stealing her blankets EVEN AFTER I had the owner check the room the last time before we checked out!!! So this time I am Not there and my husband stayed again after I told him not to mind you and he didn't let them in to clean during the week while he was at work due to our pets in the room so he finally let them in Saturday while he had the dogs out doing laundry. Well when he returned there were 2 bags of weed sticking out from in between the mattresses. Needless to say he flushed them because neither of us do drugs or drink. He went to tell her and she actually got angry he flushed them and told him that maybe his wife left them there. Well guess what I am in South Carolina 1587 miles away and I do not smoke weed or any drug for that matter!!! They really need to get rid of this hateful person! He (my husband).told her to call they police and he had no problem what so ever talking to them and would be happy to take any kind of drug test they asked him to take including hair follicle. He is there to work not put up with bull!! I will be contacting the main motel 6 and my attorney Mr. Limon' they need to do something about how people are treated there by her!!! it is ridiculous!! Needless to say we will not ever stay there again. People beware!!! This could be a nice motel if the redid the infrastructure of their employees!! Oh also the last time I myself stayed there in a room two doors down and selling crack out of his room and I know it was crack because one of the housekeeping's staff told me they threw it away. It had been left on the window sill!! Of course this lady calling herself the owner did NOTHING about it. I am sure that me leaving this review before he leaves isn't a good idea and she will try and get retribution for this but the truth is the truth. She needs to remember GOD DOESN'T LIKE UGLY and it all comes around! You can't go around accusing innocent people of things just because you don't like them!!! It's a lawsuit waiting to happen!!! And I have contacted an attorney. I'm very disappointed the corporate motel 6 office approves of these things happening!!!

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