6 W 83rd Pl, Denver, CO, 80221, US

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Motel 6 verified

cancelled rooms without notice! rude customer service

I booked two rooms for one night through a few days prior to us staying at this motel. Got confirmation. We arrived at the motel after a 5 hours drive a little after 9pm on 7/16/19 and were told by a very rude front desk lady that our rooms were cancelled at 6pm due to an issue with the credit card provided. No call or email! Not even was informed that they cancelled our reservation! To top it off they were completely booked out and were rudely told to leave since there is no available rooms! Be aware that if you arrive after 6pm and something went wrong that they will cancel your reservation! We still haven't been told what went wrong with the credit card as has not been able to get an answer from that motel! This is unacceptable!