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My wife and I were looking for dinner and decided to go to Moes located in Northampton Massachusetts. When we arrived it was roughly 8:15pm and there were two heavier set woman working the counter who had zero customer service skills. Throughout our order we were not able to get all the fixings we wanted as a great deal of them were being thrown out by a heavier set woman with a tattoo on her left arm. I quickly Checked the closing time which was 9 and realized they were breaking down.
I'm a District manager for Chili's and totally understand breaking down at the end of the night but ALL product is still available until we are officially closed. (Not 45 minutes before close) It was easily noticeable they were not super excited we were in super late (they also chose to speak Spanish amongst each other while we ordered which is very disrespectful)

We were never asked if we wanted a beverage and all our food was put in takeout boxes and bags rather than asking if it was for here or Togo. (Clearly hoping we'd get the hint and take it togo) Being in the industry, I can say that togoware cost money. Your employees should ask if it's for here before handing out togo wear. It's also terrible as it gives your customer the Impression you're being booted out.

My wife and I went to sit down and more than half the tables had a small signs on them saying "closed" the ones that didn't have the signs were dirty!! Very poor impression. My wife and I wiped a table off with napkins and sat as we were hungry. For a good 5 minutes the two woman shouted loudly back and forth in Spanish to each other ( A lot of swears) the heavier set woman with a tattoo on her left arm took her phone out of her pocket and did something on it then proceeded to touch food and utensils with her hands (Thats a health code violation)

At approximately 8:25 two customers walked in the door. They were not greeted but rather the woman kept talking in Spanish to one another. The customers then said "are you still open" the employees said yes but we have a very limited menu. The two customers said "uhh ok" and order a limited menu but were visibly thrown off.

At approximately 8:35 two customers walked in and again were not greeted. They asked if they were still open and again where told yes but they had a limited menu. These customers walked out.
Two minutes later another two customers walked in and were told right away the menu was "very" limited. These customers then walked out.

A minute or so later an individual customer walked in and asked if they were still open. He was told it was a limited menu. He said he wanted tacos and the woman with the tattoo said "NO" she then said we are pretty much out of everything. This customer then walked out.

For me this was horrible customer service and as business practice. I'm writing to you because my experience was terrible and I want someone to know customers are walking out and money is being lost as employees are getting rid of most product by 8:15 and basically pushing customers out the door. We will never be back.

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    Bad service

Sep 27, 2019
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  •   Sep 27, 2019

    Two employees who didn’t want to work and hoped people would leave rather than stay. I hope your tip reflected your service. I also hope you called the next day and told a manager about this issue.

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