Moe's Southwest Grillno food available 40 minutes before closing

L Jul 15, 2019 Review updated:

I don't think I have ever written a formal complaint but I am extremely frustrated with the Moe's I'm Windsor, CT. They close at 8pm. Tonight I went in at 8:20 and was told they were out of rice, out of beans, out of tofu, and out of sautéed vegetables. This is not the first time this has happened. I understand needing to prep to close but being out of half of the items on the menu 40 min before closing seems a bit ridiculous. I have experienced this at least 3-4 other times and the last time it happened another couple was angry and walked out in frustration. I have always just worked with what was there and modified my order but there wasn't much to work with tonight so I came home hungry and very disappointed. If they are going to start closing so early maybe they should just modify their closing time to 8pm. Just wanted you to be aware because I don't think this particular establishment reflects well on the Moe's brand.

Thank You
Leisa Cleveland


  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019

    Errr, “They close at 8pm. Tonight I went in at 8:20 and”. You went in after closing and complained about no food available?

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 16, 2019

    I know. I wanted to see their reaction to my comment and teach them about proofreading. Plus I’m curious if a restaurant closes at nine pm.

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