Mobinil / Orange Egyptcheating prices on orange stand at marsa alam airport


I have noticed that the orange stand at marsa alam international airport displays incredible prices for internet such as 3 GB internet for 1 euro and 20 GB for 5€ that's equivalent to 100 Egyptian pounds. And a lot of foreign tourists get cheated every day because when they buy the orange sim card they discover that it's only loaded with 50 mb and not 20 GB as displayed and as they've been told by the sales man which is total ripoff and a very bad image for Egypt and brings very bad reputation for orange world wide .
After checking with the airport authorities I discovered that it's an official agent for orange Egypt company and it's called kalemny shokran and run buy a guy called said from elqusier as well all there sim cards are already activated with falce identity with from my undrestanding is highly illegal in Egypt.
I have included a picture of the stand witch clearly shows the falls prices and bundles and will write an official report at the airport police and the morfak elqawmy lel etisalat and the ministry of tourism and several Egyptian newspapers as well as the head office of orange in the UK.
I hope you can take a quick action to save many tourists from being rept off.
Kind regards
Seifein shafik

Mobinil / Orange Egypt

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