Mitsubishi WD-52631 TVbad product, worse service!

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Seeing as how we all have the same problems with the same Mitsubishi TVs and poor service I wanted to see if anyone is or knows and attorney that might have some answers as to what kind of recourse we might have. We've all spent too much money for these TVs to have this many on going problems and costs. This is a large reputable company that people expect to get quality products from, but it doesn't seem that this is the case any longer.

I purchased my 52" DLP in 8/2006, and my lamp went out on the Saturday night before the Super Bowl (2/2/08), for which I had a pretty good sized party planned. When I called Mitsubishi on Monday morning (had to wait until then because the international company of Mitsubishi is closed on the weekends), they told me that while I was out of warranty they would send me a new lamp within two business days if I fax them my proof of purchase, which I did first thing Tuesday morning. I then called on Wednesday to verify that they received my fax and was told that they did and that I would receive my new lamp on Thursday by 5:00 pm. When no lamp arrived on Thursday I called back again and was told that the department that is able to track my shipments closed at 5:00 pm, and that someone would call me back in the morning. Friday afternoon rolled around and still no lamp and no return call, so I called back again making sure it was before 5:00 so that I could talk to someone in America, but they said that the department stops taking inbound calls at 4:00 to make call backs and that I should get a call that evening. Nothing.

Finally this afternoon (Monday) I called at 2:00 to be sure that I got someone, and after getting the run around from another service rep in the Phillipines for 15 minutes even though I told him I wanted to be transferred to an American rep right away, I spoke to someone in the Company's parts department in Irvine, CA. He told me that the best he could do for me is offer me a replacement lamp at a reduced price of $200 which I would then receive 3-5 business days from tomorrow. This is after being told that I would receive a free replacement lamp in 2 business days last Tuesday. After explaining to him that its not my problem that the people over seas are giving out the wrong information he agreed to ship the lamp for free, but it will still take 3-5 days. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said that he'd have to put in a request to have a supervisor review my file and call me back in two days. I've never called somewhere and not been able to talk to a supervisor.


  • Au
    August Hanson Dec 02, 2012

    I have had my TV for 2 years now and I have bought 6 replacement bulbs. I think this would be a good business to get into. We could sell the replacement bulbs. We could make a killing! Now my TV has started with the white little dots on the screen. I here that is the mirrors on a little chip that cost 350.00 dollars for the part alone. Another 200.00 to have it installed. I am going to take the advice of the employee and send a letter of complaint to the president of the company. I may even send it certified. What the hell is going on with this company. I know we quit making TVs in the United States! That's our fault! I bought it so I guess that's my fault! Thanks to the guy or girl that offered up those phone numbers and the address I really do appreciate the information. I'm going to try that and then buy another TV. IT WON'T BE A MITSUBISHI I CAN GURANTEE THAT.

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  • Mr
    Mr Nice Guy 2011 Jun 17, 2011

    Mr MARANA,
    what is the model no. for your tv?
    have you try to talk to a supervisors or team leaders over the phone?

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  • Ma
    Marana, AZ Jun 13, 2011

    I am having an awful time with Mitsubishi. I had no idea that the store that I bought the tv from didn't do repairs. My TV needs a systems upgrade (they think. No one has looked at the tv.) I tried to download the upgrade without success. I have tried for 2 weeks to get them to send me the upgrade by UPS. They out and out lie about it being sent. Their phone system is just the worst and you are never given the option if speaking with a real person. I can sometimes get one by pushing 00. Then, they will transfer me and put me back into the same never ending loop. My tv cost $1800 and I am very unhappy. It is 8 months old.

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  • Glen Yamashita Apr 19, 2011

    Hello everyone
    I would like to post a comment here because i want help all frustrated mitsubishi customer regarding with there tv issues.
    I want you to know that you there are different processes that can help you out.
    -First of all, all customer that are Out of Warranty and tv needs a service, you always need to ask for a FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE because mitusbishi will not offer you that unless you beg and ask for it.
    -Second all tv that needs a lamp replacement needs to ask for a DISCOUNT, again they will not offer you that unless you ask or beg for it
    -Third if the tv can no longer be repair ask for a TV REPLACEMENT because this is a discounted price of mitsubishi tv.
    Opps guys thats all for now i just notice i need to go to my work
    Hope this will help you
    ALWAYS ASK FOR IT or BRG for it

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  • Ks
    Kspann Mar 26, 2011

    I feel so sorry for all you folks with these Mitsubishi TV's. My company performs the in-warranty repairs for Mitsubishi and we can attest to the fact that they are the most disorganized, dishonest and obnoxious people we have ever done business with.
    They routinely lie about their warranty policy and constantly deceive the customer which only serves to embarrass the legitimate servicer who ends up taking the blame for needless delays.
    I would never recommend this product to anyone, the manufacturer and it's employees are of the same quality... Extremely Poor.

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  • Al
    aliciae7 Feb 25, 2011

    We have the wd-52631 tv also, only been operating for two years (Had it three or four, but been sitting for two in a bedroom) and the lamp has burned out FOUR times now! Twice was within two weeks of eachother but was within like 6 months of purchase so the store we bought it from said it was under warranty and replaced for free. After it sat for a few years, we started using it, for about four months, then it burned out again! We replaced it at a cost of a good $150 or so for the bulb...ridiculous in itself!...and now about five months later it's burned out again. This is just beyond ridiculous! I see all these complaints on the internet about the same tvs too and makes me really mad because we paid $2500 for this piece of garbage! Plus another $300 for the custom made stand that fits the base of this. Mitsubishi sucks.

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  • Ka
    Kathy in San Diego Jun 01, 2010

    Bought 52631 at Circuit City in 10/06 for $2200.

    First lamp went in 5 months. Had to jump thru hoops for a replacement, which is a 1 time deal.

    Since then, I've replaced the lamp at least 7 times, ranging from $100 - $150 each. Some last only 1- 2 months, the longest less than a year.

    My boyfriend (who I bought the TV for his 50th bday) bought a Phillips lamp from a San Diego dealer for $15o - it lasted a month.

    Then I ordered 2 on-line from L.A. - when I said I lived in SanDiego they told me I could pick them up from the warehouse. It turned out to be the same place my bf got the one that lasted a month. The first one lasted 10 months, the 2nd burnt out tonight, 2 months later, after very little use.

    I would have never bought this TV if I knew there'd be inconvenient & expensive maintenance issues. There's no valid explanation for the major time variances. I've even been frugal about leaving the TV on to save the bulb life, to no avail.

    Too many people have the same complaint. In some cases, Mitsu has admitted to a design flaw & made a fix. I think I'll take the former employee's (above) advice & write to the president.

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  • Fo
    formeremploy-e Sep 29, 2009

    As a former Mitsubishi employee I spent 1 year there as a temporary employee, well 99% of consumer relations are temps. When you call in, you first get ventus which is located in Manila Phillipines. They are reading from a script and are instucted NOT to transfer the call to the U.S. unless they cannot handle the issue. When you do get the U.S. office, the consumer relations advisors are not properly trained for assisting with trouble shooting, yet reading from the instruction manual, or given answers from the technical advisor Curtis Gentry. He can be reached at [protected], his DIRECT line. He will not take transfers from advisors, only answer questions from advisors by asking three more questions. Please call his extension with any technical problems you may experience. In regards to chassis repairs, that is the rule, NO REPLACEMENTS, ONLY REPAIR, advisors are given no choice but to relay that information. When you ask to speak to a supervisor, there are two of them, Arjun Sheth AKA AJ, and David Ratinoff. When you customers ask to speak to them, there only job is to monitor what each advisor is doing, let me tell you it's like working in prison over there and we commonly joked about that. When a supervisor is approached with a question, they all have different answers hence the lack of training and the fact they are complete idiots. A trained Monkey can do there job, LITERALLY. All they do is look to see who is doing what from there double monitored desk. When a customer asks to speak to a supervisor, we are INSTRUCTED to say they will call back in 1-2 business days, and if the customer is irrate, which most are with the product, they say "Tell the customer we'll call them back before the end of the day." Which they have no intention on doing, and then a week will go by. Advisors have a breakdown sheet regarding what they can do to help the customer for repair, depending on the age of the unit. They will repair the unit untill repair exceeds the value of the set, but not what you paid for it, DEALERSHIP cost when there have been multiple repairs in a short period of time. After your Mitsubishi 1 yr manufactorer warranty runs out, you are referred to you extended warranty company, if you have none, they will assist and cover up to 18 months from purchase date accompanied by a receipt, if not then the day the t.v. was shipped to the dealer. Oh and for your info, Arjun Sheth AKA AJ's DIRECT number is [protected], David Ratinoff's DIRECT number is [protected]. When assisting customers, they are not instructed to do what is right for the customer, but how much we can save the company including flat out denying the customer assistance right after the 1 yr factory warranty was completed. Then we have AJ and David's supervisor, Vigil White, his DIRECT number is 1-[protected]. His job is to do nothing but sit in his chair and pretend he is running the department like he was General Douglas MacArthur due to his extensive war commendations while fighting wars in Playstations 1, 2, and 3 as well as X Box. This is his first real job and has been there for about 20 years as skilled as a well trained ninja in the arts of "How not to supervise" and "How to know nothing about your product and rise the ranks", remember, we are dealing with a honorary war hero. He won't speak to ANY customer UNLESS the President of Mitsubishi has been written a letter about the customers disatisfaction of there product, and that is the BEST way to get your t.v. replaced. After that was done, he will just assign the file to some advisor who already has 100+ files to work on in his 8 hour day, THEN will hound them until the issue is resolved and he will offer no support to the advisor. It is LITERALLY the deaf leading the blind. The corporate address is 9351 Jeronimo Rd., Irvine Ca., 92618, but let me tell you the highest person to speak to is Vigil White. His boss is Glen Yamashita, his DIRECT number is [protected]. All these phone numbers will be helpful to you, ESPECIALLY Curtis Gentry techincal advisor who is the ONLY employee in consumer relations that half way understands how to trouble shoot the t.v.'s. If you need to complain about Vigil White, I STRONGLY advise you to call Glen Yamashita, and if you want your t.v. replaced, write the president of the company Yashi Moriyama. Good luck with your issues.

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  • Th
    Thinjake Jan 05, 2009 brothers (and sisters) in disarray! Same problems here. Bought 52631 on 12/23/06. 1st lamp went 1/08...less than a month after warranty expired. Luckily, I had the 5 year extended warranty. Got it fixed within a week...not that big a deal.

    However, 2nd lamp went last week. Warranty only covers ONE lap in 5 years...which is ANOTHER load of crap! I fought with them for hours over this. Finally got Mitsubishi to send a new lamp for free...hasnt arrived yet. We'll see if I get one.

    It's too bad last Mitzubishi big screen lasted for 12-14 years. This one? 2 lamps in 25 months.

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  • Tr
    tri_le Dec 26, 2008

    I bought model W52825G diamond series. I've been told this "top of the line" on Feb18, 2006. The lamp is out on Jun, 2006 even we hardly use the TV (work and small baby). The lamp supposed to last thousand of hrs !!! Because of my gut feeling, I bought extended warranty for 5yrs. So i don't have to pay the service. Now today, we have the family gathering the TV quits working again the Timer light keeps blinking ! I can't even reset it. I've been reading few forums, there're many complains on Mits TVproducts anf it's surprisesdme that no one can do anything with them. Now, tomorrow I've to deal with my TV warranty again. I really hate it with the amount of money we've paid for even "top lop the line" product. I think probably top of the line complain. I'm glad I did the right thing that I've told my brother stay away from this produt today when he's on the market to get the big screen TV today.

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  • Da
    Dale Oct 27, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You guys are getting off cheap! I purchased a WD-52725 in November 2004 for $4500 with NSI extended 5 yr warranty. 1-2-08 the repair shop took the tv and repaired capacitors on the power supply board. On 6-2-08 the timer light kept blinking and the reset button would not reset the tv, so it would not turn on. Repair took it and had to send the chassis to Misubishi for rebuild. It took 10 weeks to get it returned. On 9-23-08 the same non-reset problem reoccurred. Repair took the set and this time got Mitsubishi to send a replacement chassis. Set was returned in 1 week. This morning, the same non-reset problem occurred.
    Mitsubishi's customer service is a joke! I got the run around and asked for a supervisor. Reply was get repair documentation and all other documentation of previous problems to them and a supervisor will review the case.
    As I have extended warranty, the company couldn't care less about this set. So far NSI has been very cooperative, but they won't replace the set until 4 identical problems occur and they don't know about the second reset problem because the repair shop had to eat the work because it was the same failure within 90 days of the first non-reset problem.
    NSI has again issued a repair authorization number and it will be picked up tomorrow.
    This warranty runs out next year and this set is a real lemon! Repair each time is almost $700. The set has little use by only 2 adults! Total junk!
    I would never buy anything with the name Mitsubishi connected to it. Do the same and save lots of grief and money! Their cars have to be junk too!

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  • Sa
    Samm A. Jun 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought the wd-52631 from cicute on oct 12th 07 and my lamp went out like 4 months later, i called a service center and the guy got me a lamp after coming over and telling me its burnt!!! like i didnt know, now only a few months later my lamp goes out again, this time i did research and i see sooooo many forums with guys like my self that have nothing but ish to talk about this dang company, i mean wtf now i have to wait a week before i can get a new lamp???? i have to get off my couch go to a fax machine and fax them my receipt wtf happened to my first 2 work orders??????? the air flow bs, now the lamp only weeks later, im so frustrated, i paid for this pos straight cash, circut city tell me to call mistu and the indian breezys on the phone lie to me like crazy, about how they redesigned the lamp and now it "SHOULD" not go out as often!!! f u c k that s h it, i will invest twice what i paid for the damn tv of there are lawsuits involved!!! AAGGRRRRRRR.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Hagerty May 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As I was searching tonight for answers to my WD52631's problem YET again I came across this site. I'm so close to selling this tv on craigslist and buying a new one from a better company. We bought are tv in September 2005 and only 5 months later the bulb died...we got a new one under warranty from Mitsu *after doing the back and forth faxing receipts, going to UPS to switch the old/new bulbs out, etc*...It took almost a week and a half for my tv to be "fixed"...soon after I got the "air flow blocked" message...we did everything from changing around our living room for "better airflow" as I was told on the phone by the HORRIFIC "customer relations" dept., to having a box fan blowing on it to cool it down!!!

    So after fighting with them yet again, they send a tech out to fix the "sensor" and all is well...until 8 months later *Feb'08*, and only 2 days past the one year warranty on our bulb, it dies again. This time I try to order one online, totally bypassing all the bullcrap with customer relations, only to find it's on backorder. So I order it from another online company. Since then my tv has been "good"...until tonight..I'm in the MIDDLE of watching a show and without any warning it just shuts off, the lamp indicator goes red for a second then it's off...I'm thinking no way is that bulb bad already!...after studying the owner's guide for 10 minutes and doing the System Reset twice, I now get the tv on for 30 seconds, with audio but NO picture...then it turns itself off again. I'm so frustrated since we paid 2200 bucks for this thing, and it has only given me headaches! I would love to sue them!

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  • Ri
    Richard S. Gilman Mar 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a WD 62825, and it has been in the repair shop for over 3 months waiting for a DM and a Formatter board, and every board (5 of them) that was shipped to the repair service was defective and inoperative. And calling Customer Service is like "spitting into the wind". Customer service is totally useless/worthless and they lie like there is no tomorrow. I will never purchae another Mitsubishi because of this. Their quality control is ineffective; they never test their boards before shipping them, so it''s a form of Russian Roulette! And believe it or not, the boards went out after replacing the bulb, which if you're lucky last only one year at most. I don't know if a class action would be suitable, but if enough people complained, maybe they would wake up to their substandard treatment of customers. Good luck!

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  • Ro
    Ron Pall Feb 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree with this complaint against Mitsubishi. I also purchased a 52631 in August of 2006. I did not get the extended warranty though as I get an extended warranty through Amex (may not cover bulbs, but I don't care). I already had one bulb blow out and get replaced about 6 months ago under warranty. You have to go to a UPS store and follow all of these directions just to get it so that takes time. Now, I recently heard about the sensor problem and was going to call to have that service when all of a sudden my TV shuts off during a show. I tried some troubleshooting and cleaning and worked with the Mitsubishi rep who put me in touch with service companies in my area. The 1st one was the rudest person I've ever spoken to so I found another who was very nice. He thought the problem was probably the bulb and wanted to send he tech out to do the sensor repair (which is covered for free) and also bring a bulb to see if it is the bulb or something else. Well....the authorized repair shop can't get a bulb either as they are backordered at Mitsubishi, so the guys came up. changed the sensor, and it is still out. He looked at the bulb right away and told me it was blown, (I have no idea how he knew it), so I had to backorder a bulb from Mitsubishi. As of now the TV does not work, the bulb is backordered, and I won't even know if there is another problem until the bulb comes in (and then I'll have to go through the whole service crap again). I'd love a class action suit, as this is ridiculous.

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