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I work for Michael's Arts & Crafts and they have enforced a new cash handling rule. Up to three people can run a register and any over/shortages, etc, all three people are held accountable & wrote up!! One person can only get three write ups before termination. I, along with other employees think this is straighbull...!!! How can others be held accountable for someone else's mistakes and/or sticky fingers? I am surely on a mission to get this rule changed.


  • mollyemt Aug 12, 2012

    personally, i would not follow anybody else on the same register drawer. i would demand a freshly counted and verified drawer. this would positively protect you against somebody else's sticky fingers.

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  • Fr
    friend of associates Oct 02, 2012

    This is most definatly not the company policy. On your next shift look for the number to your area Lp. Añd tell them. This will get corrected. This is a rogue manager

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  • Ja
    jangel Jul 03, 2013

    If the Support Specialist is reading over the report cards correctly, only the cashier(s) that took cash will be held accountable. In other words, if you only took credit/debit and check transactions then you should not be given a report card to sign.
    If you still continue to have issues then I suggest you speak with your store manager about this issue,
    Now for the comment from "Friend of associates", It is company policy to have 3 cashiers use the same register. No more than 3 or it is a violation.

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  • En
    enigma37 Jul 03, 2013

    That is sorry retail for you. I have to be a cashier at my current job. Somehow I end up over. I know I give the customers only the change I'm suppose to. Find it weird to come up more then a $1 over. I miss working night shift stocking. You have a stupid crooked manager.

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