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Complaints & Reviews

Cares act payment deposit

The irs issued my cares act payment to my account on april 15, 2020. It is now a month later and ace flare is saying that they never recieved my deposit. They are saying that there are alot of customers who are saying the same thing. I have read the reviews online. People are really upset... Especially at this time... During covid. People are out of jobs, hungry, and barely have a roof over their heads and they are not doing anything about it. Just telling us to be patient and wait... Easier said then done.

My name is: calvin boatwright
My phone number is: [protected]


I been trying to get in touch with y'all for 3days now and haven't heard from y'all and y'all got me waiting...

refund advance loan

I have filed my taxes two years n a row what th Jackson Hewitt I received the loan last year and for what ever reason I did not this year I would like to know why There was no changes and I received my taxes last year please contact me at [protected] [protected]@gmail.com I should be able to know Considering there is no credit check I dont understand?

atm and money is negative

When using Metabank ATM they charge u 1.00$ then and extra 2.50$ that u don't know about until u hear your transactions so u might as well go to the corner store atm machine. Then u sign up for overdraft protection they limit u to maybe 100$ then tell u it's up to them to decide to let u get that much but u sending in your direct deposit to they account so you should be able to get more because when your check post they will get they money right out and your check might be over 1200 but I can only get 100 and to think this the bank that your income tax uses which I hope they don't this year n how can u have pending when u use debit so money should be taken out right then you charging me the same as corner store fees atm so why use yours. My direct deposit will be going to a Real Bank starting next pay day Metabank Sucks


Your bank is full of false statements. 1st of all I have always had my check post 7pm for the night before payday, when I called customer service I got some run around it would post by midnight I need my money no later then 7 pm bank of America can deposit my check by midnight so why should I use your bank anymore. You promise up to 2 days early, I don't even get it a day early now, why the change

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global cash card

i have a pay card from my job, they took 200.00 of my income and will not return it! i called customer service and tried to talk to a supervisor many times and they keep telling me their system is down!you can not spend more than what is in your account, it is a job pay card i could not have an overdraft of any kind
plus they keep taking many .80 and 50cent fees when their system is the 1 messing up i get charged over and over every few times a month for going on 2 years now!

refund to card not applied

An adjustment was made for a return from Bed Bath and Beyond to this card in the amount of $54.60 on June 12. It showed as returned on the credit card but they have failed to show it in the credit card balance. This is very unprofessional. Also, contacting Cardholder Services is impossible because they only give you acount balance there are no one to talk to. I see they say pending transactions cannot be disputed. Will be settled withi seven days or could take up to 30 days. What the heck does this mean?

I am attachind what balance and transaction credit is shown on this card to clarify.

Thanks you for any help. Sandra Selle Rodriguez

refund to card not applied

debit card walmart pay card

On May 2 they let someone in Florida charge in my account all day at 7 /11 and Exxon I called them crying and they sent me another card But it's been 2 weeks and they won't send me a disputed letter even though I filed a disputed that day. It's hurting me financially and I can't even understand their English !! Frustrating I want my money . Their are multiple charges on that day and they said I couldn't even find a complaint til all the charges posted even though I could clearly see the money was gone. I've contacted them multiple times now . They say they are mailing a new complaint form and I'll have to fill it out and wait another 30-90 days. Please help


I was unjustly denied through Metabank for not being able to verify my identity. However upon calling Metabank customer service I verified my information for the agent to speak to me to give me to tell me I was denied! That made no sense because I asked the agent did my tax preparer send in everything, the agent stated yes. I have always used my GOVERNMENT issued Department of Defense ID! All wanted someone to be forthcoming and transparency. The reason as to why I was denied made no sense! And yes I am a government employee, I have always gotten the small loan and looking for it to pay on bill Metabank this has been horrible experience to the least!

business financials

Please help...…. I have no idea, why I have or how long I have been target with the misuse of information and identity theft from a group of people that I have no idea what has happen ……. I met a guy online back in 2002 or just before... We made plans to move together, including signing documents with my personal data copies and signed and dated, notarized documents maybe have expried in 2010 by notarty... That I am aware of by james rucker, I have never was able to move or relocate due to my immediate family memebers injury and pregnancy that was unexpected, asked the gentleman to return all my personals including id's birth certificate copies and socials that end in 2136... My tdl [protected] & [protected] ….. I have never applied for anything, chiristine e milner and adrian keith & letitia drayton with his childrens mother and others ….. Is a group of people that maybe also now under the moors national flag with el... Or eil ….. Micheal wiley and many other names he with james and the females are doing the same in the carolinas, ny or anywhere. Including texas and lousiana ….. Please help me... And flag these the police told me until they see from me that a crime has been committed then there is nothing they can do?? How would I know.. I tried to report to them what has occured at this female house and that the house she is in maybe one of the houses of fraud with usuing fake names …... She vanished... On october 23, 2017 and that is when I tried to reach my ex who I had also had not seen for years to ask him about this female... Due to she was from up state, had a california tag of a bmw and also went to ft. Bend court in favor of a guy name micheal wiley …... Aka same guy who phone data that came across mines... From another guy by the name of kelly... Who was online that last contacted me with a micheal wiley phone …. [protected]@yahoo.com was one of my emails and the last knows opelousas, la address is 8594 hwy 182 and now 2501 …. I have never applied for any credit, loans or mortgages... They must be doing all this mess online.. Please help they are hackers and pc savy …. Possibly.. These are nationals & they not stopping …. Please flag anything with shield(s), (davis) or (fontenette) you may see a pattern.. That is because they have my birth certificate as well ….. Or my daughter s social …. Who was a child when that card disappeared from his home at 41 dutches street
In roosevelt, ny..in which is one of this past housese that he recently signed over to his relative …... Reginal singleton and his mother gloria puritt lived there when I met him. But these people ih ave no idea, but reggie state that they used to meet females on line all the time ….. I am not sure what he meant by that, allah shabazz did nt give me that kind of intent his birth name is adrain keith donoghue, aka using michael wright, wiely, jones, drayton and etc... You will see the pattern he is along the coast with real estate with ladonna & letitia drayton and his 1st 4 born children who lived @ 39 cedar and kathy harris that has many other names as well …. Within the last 3 to 5 years these people financial increase did not just come off of real estate they used other people credit or information to get some type of leverage, credit and homes or etc... So they can open and establish companies and organizations and ministries... On and offline... I have never applied for any online banking or any loans ……. My credit access had been giving me issues to get in and I have no idea why...[protected] or that email that has been there that is listed and they took over my emails ….. And business names and my birth names and e-blast them since october more publicly since she left and he had been contacted in regards to her

direct deposti 2 days early

I Have A Prepaid Netspend Card Through Metabank & Its My Pay Period Time And I Have Bills To Pay My Money...

direct deposit

I've been waiting for 48 hours for my money from my job because I have bills that NEED 2be paid. I NEED MY...

money network exceed card

This is Walmart, Money Network card the new Exceed with a chip.backed by Metabank. Took me the entire day to...

card info

I went to an Ace cash store got my temporarily card they said my card would get to my home in 7-10buissness days it took them 3 weeks now i received a card they said it's only a temporarily because they had my wrong address but than they searched my address. How? 🤔If they didnt call me to ask for my address now why didn't they call ot sent a mail or something and let me know about the error they made now my direct deposit hits tomorrow so now i have to call back so they can transfer my funds to my new card but that's not my official card. I am just cancelling everything now i am definitely NOT happy with their services its only been 1 month and already having so much trouble with them. I'm wondering how did they do it to get my official address if they didn't call ? 🤔 oh and besided that i have a fee of $2.50 to take out my money from them. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE SERVICES.

card info

national institutes of health

I have spoken to two rep. James Wilson and Adam B. In regards to government grants I was promised on...

prepaid visa card

These people stole my money and won't tell me how to get it back they tell you to write a affidavit saying...

money network/ metabank payroll card

My son got a job when I was sick with cancer. He is a minor child. His work put his pay on the Money Network/ Metabank card. Once he quit this job his account was frozen. We called the number on the back on the card and was routed outside the U.S. During the phone call we were instruced to fax a copy of his school i.d. We went to our bank and faxed it the next day. We were informed that the account would be unfroze within 72 hours. Still the account was not unfroze we made several attempts to call and faxed numerous documenets and waited one day for 5 hours at the bank. During which we faxed his W2 with his social secuity number and his school id. The mananger said he would call us back and to wait there he was unfreezing it. Nope, still not unfroze. We then were told he need a state issued id. We went to DMV and got his state id, faxed and emailed that. Still froze. This has been going on for a month now of waisting our time and money in gas and faxing and waiting and phone calls, and emails. We are asking that his account be unfroze asap. We have been more than patient. Otherwise we will file a lawsuit. We hate to do this, however he worked hard for HIS money and HE has a right to HIS money!!

somebody took my paycheck

On 11-30-2017 I faxed my first dispute paper, somebody took $503.00 out of an atm, bought $300.00 worth of...

Sioux Center Banks


Money is not made available when it's pose to be customer service don't have no knowledge of what's going on and can't offer services to better help me find out why my money is missing i'm decided to close my account immediately I felt like they was stealing from me because of how the customer service is avoiding questions about my account and offer no real world solutions to fix any issues i'm completely lost how a bank can operate like that please help

I am complaining that my check was rejected by netspend

My old account was closed but I have an active account that is new. The bank has no authorization to reject a...