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+1 866 550 6382(Cards And Accounts) 13 2
+1 866 559 5037(Personal / Business Banking) 3 1
+1 605 692 2314(Brookings, SD) 1 0
+1 515 288 4866(Des Moines - Highland Park) 1 0
+1 515 274 9674(Des Moines - Ingersoll Ave.) 1 0
+1 605 338 0059(Sioux Falls, SD) 1 0
+1 605 977 7500(Sioux Falls - S. Minnesota Ave.) 1 0
+1 605 336 8900(Sioux Falls - West 12th St.) 1 0
+1 712 732 4117(Storm Lake, IA) 1 1
+1 712 732 6655(Storm Lake Plaza) 1 1
+1 515 309 9800(Urbandale, IA) 2 0
+1 515 226 8474(West Des Moines, IA) 1 0
+1 605 692 7059(Brookings, SD) 0 0
+1 515 288 3104(Des Moines - Highland Park) 0 0
+1 515 274 9675(Des Moines - Ingersoll Ave.) 0 0
+1 605 338 0155(Sioux Falls, SD) 1 0
+1 605 977 7501(Sioux Falls - S. Minnesota Ave.) 0 0
+1 605 336 8901(Sioux Falls - West 12th St.) 0 0
+1 712 749 7502(Storm Lake, IA) 0 0
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Brookings, SD 
600 Main Ave., P.O. Box 98, Brookings, SD 57006
Des Moines - Highland Park
3624 Sixth Ave., Des Moines, IA 50313
Des Moines - Ingersoll Ave.
3455 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312
Sioux Falls, SD
4900 S. Western Ave., P.O. Box 520, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Sioux Falls - South Minnesota Ave.
2500 S. Minnesota Ave., P.O. Box 520, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Sioux Falls - West 12th
2104 W. 12th St., P.O. Box 520, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Storm Lake, IA
121 E. Fifth St., P.O. Box 1307, Storm Lake, IA 50588
Storm Lake Plaza
1413 N. Lake Ave., P.O. Box 1307, Storm Lake, IA 50588
Swiftel Center
824 32nd Avenue, Brookings, SD 57006

Urbandale, IA
4848 86th St., Urbandale, IA 50322
West Des Moines, IA
3448 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266

MetaBank Complaints & Reviews

MetaBank / global cash card

Jun 30, 2019

i have a pay card from my job, they took 200.00 of my income and will not return it! i called customer service and tried to talk to a supervisor many times and they keep telling me their system is down!you can not spend more than what is in your account, it is a job pay card i could not...

MetaBank / refund to card not applied

Jun 19, 2019

An adjustment was made for a return from Bed Bath and Beyond to this card in the amount of $54.60 on June 12. It showed as returned on the credit card but they have failed to show it in the credit card balance. This is very unprofessional. Also, contacting Cardholder Services is impossible...

MetaBank / debit card walmart pay card

May 17, 2019

On May 2 they let someone in Florida charge in my account all day at 7 /11 and Exxon I called them crying and they sent me another card But it's been 2 weeks and they won't send me a disputed letter even though I filed a disputed that day. It's hurting me financially and I can't even...

MetaBank / ral

Jan 31, 2019

I was unjustly denied through Metabank for not being able to verify my identity. However upon calling Metabank customer service I verified my information for the agent to speak to me to give me to tell me I was denied! That made no sense because I asked the agent did my tax preparer send...

MetaBank / business financials

Jan 20, 2019

Please help...…. I have no idea, why I have or how long I have been target with the misuse of information and identity theft from a group of people that I have no idea what has happen ……. I met a guy online back in 2002 or just before... We made plans to move together, including signing...

MetaBank / direct deposti 2 days early

Oct 16, 2018

I Have A Prepaid Netspend Card Through Metabank & Its My Pay Period Time And I Have Bills To Pay My Money Through My Job Come Every Other Thursday So I've Been Getting Paid On Tuesdays At Around 12:10 pm & Today My Money Hasent Came And Here It Is Damn Near 5:30 And Still No Updates No...

MetaBank / direct deposit

Oct 16, 2018

I've been waiting for 48 hours for my money from my job because I have bills that NEED 2be paid. I NEED MY MONEY. People trust in y'all to provide us with our money and we can't get it when we need it!!! What is gonna be done with us having to wait and push our bill collectors off? Any...

MetaBank / money network exceed card

Sep 22, 2018

This is Walmart, Money Network card the new Exceed with a chip.backed by Metabank. Took me the entire day to dispute all the charges that the boogyman made. Took me longer to dispute them than it did for the assholes to spend it. They had more rights to my money than I did. Bank does not...

MetaBank / card info

Jul 16, 2018

I went to an Ace cash store got my temporarily card they said my card would get to my home in 7-10buissness days it took them 3 weeks now i received a card they said it's only a temporarily because they had my wrong address but than they searched my address. How? 🤔If they didnt call me to...

MetaBank / national institutes of health

Jun 09, 2018

I have spoken to two rep. James Wilson and Adam B. In regards to government grants I was promised on receiving this money directly from the government.. I gave them my bank info so that they can direct deposit the money into my account.. They had me on the phone for 1hr and 30min.. They...

MetaBank / prepaid visa card

May 14, 2018

These people stole my money and won't tell me how to get it back they tell you to write a affidavit saying which transactions are not mine I did that and they won't respond everytime I called they say the disputes office is closed, everytime I send email I get no answer this company i...

MetaBank / money network/ metabank payroll card

Apr 29, 2018

My son got a job when I was sick with cancer. He is a minor child. His work put his pay on the Money Network/ Metabank card. Once he quit this job his account was frozen. We called the number on the back on the card and was routed outside the U.S. During the phone call we were instruced to...

MetaBank / somebody took my paycheck

Dec 16, 2017

On 11-30-2017 I faxed my first dispute paper, somebody took $503.00 out of an atm, bought $300.00 worth of groceries at winn dixie, spent less than $2 at mcdonalds, and $3 at checkers. Not sure what checkers is, since these places are 2300 miles away in miami florida! I faxed, I emaled I...

MetaBank / banking

Dec 06, 2017

Money is not made available when it's pose to be customer service don't have no knowledge of what's going on and can't offer services to better help me find out why my money is missing i'm decided to close my account immediately I felt like they was stealing from me because of how the...

MetaBank / I am complaining that my check was rejected by netspend

Oct 29, 2017

My old account was closed but I have an active account that is new. The bank has no authorization to reject a check. I am on a fixed income now I don't have my money. Also I would like to speak to someone who understands english which would prevent something like this from happening in the...

MetaBank / the reward for refer a friend

Aug 08, 2017

Employer ID# 423267 I spoke with this rep Raven he gave me this employer ID. I call in today asking about my direct deposit from my employer Wells Fargo. So I am a customer service rep for a bank FYI. First I ask the rep about my deposit and then I asked him about when would I receive my...

MetaBank / money network

Jul 06, 2017

I use an ATM at a local store the machine did not disperse my cash so I mediately called the customer service number to let them know that the money did not disperse but my account was deducted this the money plus the ATM fee the lady told me give it 24 hours and it will be returned to my...

MetaBank / metabank prepaid card

Jun 05, 2017

I rented a car on Tuesday May 30, the 2017 and used this card to make a $500 deposit for the car which was to be returned up the return of the car. Metabank mistakenly credited my account $1000 and then placed a block on my card instead of correcting my balance. It's been 4 days and I've...

MetaBank / prepaid visa gift card

May 03, 2017

The metabank paypower visa gift card is unusable & it doesn't expire till 03/20. so clearly this company is in litigation & could give me no explanation to why this debit card cant be accessed. I called paypower & they neglected to resolve this issue & repeatedly told me that they could...

Metabank AAA prepaid Visa travel card / travel card hacked

Oct 11, 2016

My daughter is on a four month ship based educational tour. When she got to Morocco her AAA secure prepaid travel card would not work. I called the local AAA and they said well she's out of money. She should have still had $700. on that card. They referred me to the bank that services the...

MetaBank / fraud check, theft, and unable to refund me

Jun 10, 2016

In order to save money, I decided to sublease my room in Iowa City, IA this summer, so I posted an add on Craigslist. An email from Christina Schumacher

MetaBank / my account balance, rushcard issue

Nov 21, 2015

October 6th 2015 my account is not up to date and I would like to have my money posted I had money deposited on October 20th that is not showing to date I would like to see my money as soon as possible .We spoke to a supervisor name Mary she was suppose to do so and did not!!Please put my...

MetaBank / gift card

Oct 19, 2015

I received a Meta Bank gift card as a birthday card. It was purchased at Meijer in Essexville, Mi. The card was worth $50. The card was purchased for $54.95. I used it the following day at a restaurant. The bill was 53.12 so I used the card and cash that included tip. The waitress returned...

Meta Bank / fraud loan offers

Nov 19, 2014

My son, david, was called by michael steven kennedy in texas offering him a loan working through our bank (meta bank). He asked for our acct. No. And routing no. To transfer the money into. First we needed a green dot card as insurance since my son doesn't have much credit. He was under...

MetaBank / pre-paid discover gift card

Jul 09, 2013

I have a pre-paid 50.00 discover gift card with a 0.72 balance left on it. None of the participating retailers can get the.72 cents off of the card. When I called the toll free number on the card, they told me that there had to be at least a 1.00 balance left on the card to be used. That...

Meta Bank / fraud

Nov 10, 2012

My mother is a victim of ID theft. Her SS and retirement were both hijacked and sent to Meta Bank of SDak. We've been trying to get their cooperation to freeze accounts and return funds, ect. They have been stalling and untruthful. They are in league with scam artists!!! So far, over 3...

Upside Meta Bank / terrible stuff

Aug 08, 2012

Few months ago I opened an account in upside meta bank. They have terrible stuff. They don’t know how to work! I put money on my account and when I received the credit card I noticed that my name was written with error. I called them to order another card and they froze my account!

Metabank/fingerhut Credit Account / issues I had

Mar 27, 2012

I have been faithful to fingerhut. This is ironic, in trying to resolve and issue with the bill. I paid a balance on mar 7th, 2012 and it was cleared at my bank. They have a no record of it. My complaint Is this, to tell the truth about my company and how I might be able to use there...

Upside Card Services/metabank/visa / bad services, unauthorized charges

Mar 09, 2012

On 03/06/2012 I was charge 132.27 on my credit card for restraunt order. The charge was 110.23 at the restraunt. I reported it to upside who told me I would have to wait for it to be out of pending transaction in order to dispute it and they would credit my account "same day". On...

MetaBank / ripping off consumers

Dec 27, 2011

I received a $50 prepaid visa card as a gift from a parent of one of my students. The card is issued by metabank. The receipt, which the parent taped to the packaging showed $50 purchased on 12/14/11. On the packaging, it is stated that there is a $4.95 purchase fee and 'no fees after...

MetaBank / pre-paid rip off

Mar 24, 2011

I would strongly advise against purchasing pre-paid cards issued by this institution. I purchased a pre-paid debit card. And while using the card for an online purchase, I typed in the wrong address and submitted the charge for payment. After the payment was declined, I re-entered the...

MetaBank / stay away

Mar 22, 2011

I purchased this prepaid debit card, placing $200 on it june 2010. Everything went fine for a few weeks - my transactions went through, until one day I tried to purchase something on it. Metabank had placed a hold on my account. When I called them, they said that needed further information...

MetaBank / iadvance loan

On oct 13th metabank supposely stopped there iadvance and supposely gave notice but the notice of termination was only visible if you log in your account. So me being that I dont log in that often to check my account only when my funds are available didnt know that this was happening so...

Meta Bank iAdvance / no email warning of discontinuance of service


Well, the iadvance program was cancelled and now they took out the full amount owed them. If I had known in advance that they were going to do this, perhaps I could have made other plans to borrow back the money I usually repay to them. I cannot do anything. I am short this month.. Left...

MetaBank / iadvance credit


I had a iadvance loan and it was due october 14th. I had an ealy payday and got payed on the 13th. When I logged on to myiadvance to take another loan to get bye I saw the notice from metabank. Stating due to the office of thrift supervision had instructed them to stop on the 13th with no...

Iadvance Metabank / without notice


I was a prepaid card user of account now.. I had been with the company for a yr, because of the offers they had to rebuilding credit and creditline with meta bank to borrow money then pay it back with a very high interest rate, it's been hard these past few months so ive been doing the...

Metabank Iadvance / shutdown


Learned that with no warning metabank stoped iadvance lending which is auto deduct from bank. So for a long standing customer you get screwed and in their web they say sorry we do not want to lose your busness. Haha they say that they put the customer first rubish cash first. So im her to...

Iadvance/metabank / office of thrift supervision discontinue


Like many people tonight I discovered that my Netspend card's loan product has been discontinued. I now had $580 taken from my paycheck today. With an Iadvance loan through MetaBank the payment is taken out each time you are paid. You get paid typically2 days prior to when the paycheck i...

Metabank Fingerhut Credit Card / safe line account protection services


Does anyone know how I can get into contact with the execs regarding the Safeline Account Protection? Seems like it's just another rotten scam for good customers. I have been paying for a service that does not help yet it almost penalizes you for having the protection. I'm a great customer to...

Metabank AAA prepaid Visa travel card / travel card was never reloaded, meta bank kept my money from me so I had no access to it at all during my travels


I had a very similar experience using the meta bank aaa prepaid visa travel card that I have read about on the complaints board regarding meta bank's customer service in regard to iadvance, only1 prepaid card, netspend, the freedom card by meta bank that is marketed to college student...