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payment not received from atm

Sir, This is Smt. Savita Shivaji More, from Bijapur, Karnataka State. I am having S.B. Account in ICICI...

Bijapur Banks

Delay in communication - interest rate revision etc

Account No - 041/[protected], Swapnil Naik (Mumbai)

This is to bring to your kind notice on delays in receipt of letters/communication from your bank. The revised interest home loan rate letter dated 02.08.11 is being received today, whereas is applicable WEF 01.08.11.

To my knowledge, I have raised this matter previously, but hasn't gone to the right ears. The mail sent is untraceable & hence lack of documentary evidence is stopping to raise/escalate.

Under no circumstances, a document dispatched from any part of the country would take 24 days even though it is sent by post (IPO). But the document you send are throufgh courier companies.

What fun is it to know about incremental ROI ( 11.50 to 12.25) after 24 days of being implemented? Will ever a cheque deposited by me with a previous date be considered WEF cheque date?

There can be number of reasons at your end like dispatch to all customers together, dispatch from H.O or regional office, etc. But all them are of least importance to me.


I have applied for Home Loan six months Back after hearing good reports of IDBI BANK as it is specialized in Home loans. But the pain and torture I went through is enormous. They delayed sanctioning my loan for almost six months. After that they deducted my EMI before my possession. This only shows non-professionalism of Bank. I was just calling bank people and no reply from them. Being a semi-govt bank i thought it to be better than other banks in increasing interest rates. But it's equally bad as any private bank. Therefore I would suggest do not go for Home Loan from IDBI bank or just be prepared for unforseen trouble.

Harassment meted out by IDBI Home Finance

I had applied for a home loan from IDBI Home Finance, Thane branch and the loan was declined on the selected property because the property was initially purchased and registered by a person in the year 2002 from the builder who later on changed his mind and canceled it and purchased another flat in the same building. Later on the same property is sold to another person by the builder who is now the present owner from whom I have decided to purchase. Now IDBI Home Finance is asking for the original canceled deed but the original canceled deed is misplaced by the builder. The lawyer in IDBI panel has stated that the flat can be mortgaged by that person and the canceled deed is needed. How can a person mortgage a flat after canceling a deed. When a property is mortgaged the original documents lies in the custody of bank and hence cannot be canceled and if canceled the bank won’t provide that person a loan and hence it cannot be mortgaged. Now the question raised by their lawyer is very illogical considering this matter. Also IDBI Home Finance is not making the matter clear and harassing me unnecessarily. First they told me to file and FIR with police for the lost deed and to get indemnity bond signed from the builder and present flat owner that there is no mortgage on it and then they will disburse the loan. Now after filing FIR they asked for the certified copy of canceled deed which was not told to me earlier and even after giving that now they again backtracked saying that nothing will work but I have to give them the canceled deed only after which they will disburse the loan amount. I request you to please advise me on this matter.

Home Loan - Missed Originial Papers bY IDBI Bank India

Note: With the below issue I am trying to get it resolved with IDBI Bank, India ( Mumbai / Bangalore Branch) since last 1.5 months. Please help asap.

Dear Sir/Madam,

As per our discussion and your suggestion I am dropping this email with below details.

I have taken loan from IDBI Bank for my house and loan was being transferred from the previous Owner ( Suman Kundu ) from IDBI Bank only.
The loan was sanctioned from IDBI Home loan Dept of Bangalore only.

Now, the problem is the Original Documents from Suman Kundu which is still available with the IDBI Bank are not being transferred to my home loan account ( IDBI Bank ).

There are documents attached with this email which shows the Original documents of Suman Kundu's home loan account are still attached to Suman Kundu's account no. and not been attached to my new home loan account no.

The details of both the accounts are as below.

Name : Hardik Oza ( Myself )
IDBI Home Loan A/C no : [protected]

Previous Owner's Details ( From Whom I purchased the House )
Name : Suman Kundu
IDBI Home Loan A/C no : [protected]

1.) Please transfer those documents to my IDBI Home loan account no so that it reflects in my IDBI Home loan account mentioned above.

2.) Mr. Sudipt Rakhit is planning to purchase my house and we are interested in transferring my home loan account to his new home loan account.
So, request you to please initiate the transfer ASAP.
This transfer case is handled by IDBI Bank, Indiranagar Brach, Bangalore by Mr. Anand ( COPIED IN THIS EMAIL. )

3.) Most important and urgent thing is, request you to please send a letter to Mr. Sudipt stating that all above documents ( Suman Kundu docs + My original Docs ) are available with IDBI Bank,
henceforth you can initiate the home loan transfer process and house registration process.

Request you to please help in above area ASAP so that we can close your deal in couple of days.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Hardik Oza

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EMI before possesion

Myself Santosh Guddala and my wife Vijaya Balivada applied for home loan Sanction number: 115/Kukatpally/Feb 2010 (Attached document). Hearing about IDBI from close friends and Builder we approached IDBI without any hesitation whatsoever.
But unfortunately we have had gone through so much of trouble and our expectations are lowered now. We would like to bring multiple issues to your notice

1. Primary concern is that our EMI cheques have been credited from our account before possession, this isn't Pre-EMI but actual EMI we also came to know that only 1200000 has been disbursed to the builder out of 2999990/-
2. Our loan amount has been disbursed no communication has been made to us regarding loan account number.
3. Some staff members in Kukatpally Hyderabad branch are unprofessional . I was asking information on why we have to present blank cheques, person was unwilling to give the answer and also trying to intimidate.

It really concerns me on why customers are so neglected, the whole experience made us feel that the bank is only interested in its business but not understanding the fact that it is a mutual business, considering the interests and possessing fees to support the infrastructure you build for your customers. Unfortunately we didn't find this happening.

I have called the concern person before writing this mail but a very cold response and negligence has been shown again. With such a bad experience and we can't resist I request you take appropriate action.
Please let me know on how we can proceed with this issues I would be willing to share any additional information you require. If no action has been taken I will make stop payment on all my EMI cheques to avoid further loss.


  • An
    Anonymous_consumer Jun 22, 2010

    I have gone through a very similar bad experience for my education loan with IDBI. They are highly incompetent and unprofessional. I would not recommend anyone to take loans from IDBI Bank.

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home loan

Dear sir,
I have applied for a home loan (BT) and diposit processing fees in IDBIbank branch prithaviraj road Jaipur but bank have not disbursed home loan with out sufficient ground and any information to me . I have dipsit PF and all documents to bank in month of oct.2009
it is my humbel request to disburdse the Home loan early, please help me to save from higher interest rate of my existing bank(HDFC BANK).

  • Di
    Dileep Raghavan Sep 23, 2011

    i transferred some money to SBI account. that money is deducted from my account but it is not reached up to now.(3 Hour completed) what i have to do.

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not transperant with consumer and taking a side of banks

i have an saving a/c [protected]) in idbi bank wadala naka branch nasik maharashtra 422101. and i got atm dispute is not entertaining me as i am 4 months late to lodge a complaint and harassing me as a begger.then i lodged a complaint to banking ombudsman.the idbi section of banking ombudsman is runned by ###y mr william wilson tigga.he also harasse me lot.then after 9 months i got my money but bank is not compensate me.and ###y mr tigga taking their side.mrs kiran s balwani (nodal officer idbi bank ) gives a bribe to mr tigga to close the case.and mr tigga closed my case.please hlep me.

  • Vg
    vglakhotia1 May 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Banking Ombudsman

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  • Vg
    vglakhotia1 May 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1. I am having a Credit Card, bearing no. 5176 5336 0349 5000 with ICICI Bank, since year 2006. At the time of issuing credit card, the concerned officer has stated me that if I uses the said credit card, then the bank will not charge any interest on any count under any head, on the other hand the bank will apply service charges, as the same was a promotion offer. That relying upon the representation of the concern officer, I got the said credit card, however, from the first day, the bank has applied service charges and also applied interest that too in exorbitant rate. That I am in service with Info Edge India Ltd. Previously I as at Mumbai Office, and at present I have been transferred to the Dubai (U.A.E.) Office, as such, I could not able to visit personally and meet with the concern officer.

    2. That I am having a Saving Bank A/c. bearing No. 001101519080, with Icici Bank and my monthly salary used to credit in the said a/c. and as the said Credit Card is linked with my Salary A/c., the amount withdrawal by me through credit card, automatically got deducted from my salary saving bank a/c.

    3. That, I like to invite your attention on the point that the Bank officers had never given any criteria about the applicable rate of interest, inspite of several request made by me from time to time. Apart from this, there has been certain fraud, mischiefs and mistakes played by the bank officers in issuing bills to me. The said fact can be gathered from the several e-mails, reply e-mail by the officer's of the bank categorically, telephonic conversation recording, etc., which is with me. That as per the statement for Nov. 2007, the amount of Rs. 55, 098.63 was due and payable by me wherein there was a mistake that the bank have illegally or either by mistake or mischief, get incorrect charge of Rs. 900/-. That the Bank had not prescribed that what rate of interest Bank had charged on the balance amount as well as What is the criteria of charging service taxes and other hidden charges. Furthermore it was duty of the bank to specify the schedule of late payment fee charges. That in the reply email's it was admitted by the officer of the bank, that some of the credit card bills were not forwarded and in one of the bill there was mistake of Rs. 900/-, which got accumulated to Rs. 12, 000/- till Nov. 2009.

    4. So admittedly, there was a default as well as deficiency in services on a part of the bank, without there been my mistake. I have suffered and suffering a lot for the deficiency in services made by the officer of the bank.

    5. That from the e-mail's, some of the bills of the credit card, which the bank has issued, it can be clearly gathered that as on 18.11.2007, the amount of Rs. 55, 084.33 was due and since then admittedly not a single transaction has been done by me through the said credit card till this date. As my saving bank a/c. is linked with the said credit card, the concerned credit card officers has withdrawal the following amounts -
    Date Amount Deducted
    12.03.08 14, 400.00
    10.04.08 56.00
    13.05.08 56.00
    08.07.08 7, 760.00
    06.08.08 56.00
    06.09.08 56.00
    10.10.08 56.00
    06.11.08 56.00
    17.01.09 22, 168.00
    07.05.09 55.00
    17.07.09 12, 237.22
    03.08.09 5, 370.00
    19.03.10 2, 540.25
    20.04.10 12, 354.25

    Total Amount 77, 220.72

    It is clearly gathered that as on Nov. 07, the amount of Rs. 55, 098.63 was balance and against this Bank have withdrawn Rs. 62, 346.22 as on 3.8.2009 and Rs.77, 220.72 as on 20.4.2010 as per above statement. So now what’s remaining? That the officers of bankers are threatening and misusing, as the said credit card is linked with my salary a/c. That I am in great apprehension that the bankers may withdraw the amount more than the balance amount by contending otherwise on any head on any count whatsoever which is admittedly not permissible under law or under any fact and is offence punishable under the Indian Penal Code. That as per email dated 25 Sept, 2009 issued by one of the officer, the Bank was ready to settle the matter at Rs.30, 000/- if I remit the amount till 16 Oct, 2009, thereafter said offer was revised to Rs.53, 200/-, sometime Rs.56, 000/- and Rs.45, 500/-. so on.

    6. I was ready to settle the matter and persuading since last more then two years, either by telephonic talk for hours together from Dubai to India or correspondence through email either by me or by my wife, but previously the officer of the Bank has not given any response and thereafter due to adamant behavior of the officers the said matter has not been settled till now.

    7. That after going through the above facts and circumstances, it is the perfect case wherein the Bank has provided deficiency in services either on one or other ground and cheated to me by charging additional amount under the different head, in order to cause wrongful loss to me and wrongful gain to the said bank, so also the said Bank has committed breach of trust. However to avoid further unnecessary litigation, without prejudice to my rights and remedies I was still ready to settle the matter at Rs.10, 000/- till 25.10.2009, which would be deposited to the Bank forthwith upon confirmation from the Bank, however after issuing notice through my Advocate on 25.10.2009 the bankers had not given any response, on the other side had not deducted any amount for 3 months, but surprisely deducted an amount of Rs.2, 540.25 in March, 2010 and Rs.12, 354.25 deducted in the month of April, 2010.

    8. In view of the above facts I humbly request you to take my grievances to resolve and suggest me what should I do. In my opinion the Banking license of The ICICI bank is immediately cancelled, in order to avoid a fraud, which is goes on playing by this bank officers by taking undue advantage of people like me.

    For Kashyap Kabra
    by Vinod

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money dispute

my name is ranjeet singh, i have saving a/c state bank india my a/c no is [protected] . i was withdrawing rs.500 from idbi bank atm at bangalore near the kaveri theater in ptrol pump, at 16/2/2010 but cash didn't come out but 500 rs deducted from a/c .what to do now i dont know anything..please help me
my contect no..90357065o1..please massage me ...too...
my email ranjeetsingh.[protected]

atm dispute & rs.100/-/day compensation


  • Pr
    Prabir Ghoshal Aug 12, 2014

    Dont worry, I have gone through similar instance and ultimately received the compensation amount. Continue your fight in time with next higher authority, i.e. most probably Dy. Governor, RBI.
    Wish u all the best

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Processing fee IDBI Home Loan

I had applied for IDBI Home Loans as they offered me 85% LTV ( which was more than 80% LTV from other bank, from where i got the sanction letter). I submitted my documents and asked them to check for my eligibility if i would get 85% of LTV or not, if not than i'll go with my existing sanction letter from other bank. They persuaded me that it will be through and i should also give processing fee cheque of 0.5% in advance ( Rs 16800), so that they could login my file. I categorically mentioned that first let me know my eligibility and then i'll ask you to process it. I gave a PDC for a date 6 days hence.

In spite of my repeated follow up with them i never got any call from them and then i found that they had deposited my cheque without informing me. There was insufficient fund in my account and it was dishonored. When i inquired about it they said since NO ONE CALLED UP FROM IDBI BANK SO IT IS UNDERSTOOD that you are going to get loan and hence they put the cheque. Even though it was a case of false promise from IDBI I quickly transferd the fund and asked them to represent the cheque and sent them a request letter explaining the same, they rejected my loan stating cheque bounce.

Now the other bank from which I have got sanction letter denied to disburse loan as i had a cheque bounce in latest statement. I never had any cheque bounce and clean banking transaction in last 5 years, my CIBIL record is positive, have worked with multinational banks and companies, but because of this incident with IDBI Bank, I'm not getting home loan from any other bank. I have to wait for 6 months for clean banking records to avail housing loan. I would strongly recommend don't deal with IDBI bank as when at the beginning of any relationship if they can fool you than in future it would be more painful to deal with them.

  • Pa
    pallabika Ganguly Nov 26, 2009

    hey, it is so apthetic. Even I am applying, I want to urgently talk to u.

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  • Pa
    pallabika Ganguly Nov 26, 2009

    This is my email Id - [email protected] If you leave ur no I will contact u back plz.

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  • Vi
    Vive Jan 12, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    I wish to inform that, I applied for Home loan of amount 9.90 lacs, through your Bank DSA " Home credit Services " Swasthya Vihar, Delhi. At the time of applying i cleared all situtation such as my income, Auto loan, Home on rent etc. Beside of these thing they assure me very confidently that your loan will approve without any issue and they ask me for processing fee cheque of amount Rs 2500/-. they also put my cheque and it is also cleared. Now they are Dennie to issue Loan as much i required and i refuse it bcoz that amount not fulfill my requirement.
    Now I feel this is preplanned cheating with me becouse my self cleared all things before submit my papers.
    This is my request to you that in such conditions please return my all papers as well as processing fee also as soon as possible but they don, t do such.



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wrong deduction of amount from the A/c

i had opened an A/c as Student A/c and the executive from IDBI bank saket Branch, Delhi took my documents and their forms signed by me and told that they would complete rest of the formalities on their end.

So on the trust I gave them the consent for the above stated action
I got busy with my studies and did not look over it
I gave an advance of Rs.1000/- and a cheque amounting to Rs.2800 aprox.
When the statement at the year end came, I came to know that the title of my A/c was not matching they had frudlently given me Women Shakti A/c in which min of Rs.5000/- as balance need to be maintained but this kind of information was never ever provided to me because being the student they told me that I can maintain the A/c with zero or no balance

They deducted all my funds
I filed several complaints to them but they never responded to my complaint instaed they rudely told me that we can do nothing about it
Being diappointed I again filed a complaint with them and they promised me to correct my A/c and refund me the maount wrongly deducted but till now they have never reverted me back

I want you to kindly print this article so that no other consumer like me could be cheated as well as it could put pressure on them towards my complaint

Sunita Bhatia


The Quality of Service is very very poor.I have obtained a Loan against Shares.But when The loan is being repaid and the shares are being asked back, they take their own sweet time--giving reasons as shortage of staff, overloading of work to staff etc.
As a customer, I am not concerned with the problems of the Bank-the Bank has to sort it out on its own.
The Bank is prompt in taking Interest and I see no reason why they cannot be equally prompt in providing service.

  • Jo
    johnlovesall Sep 24, 2009


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Cheque refund!

I had applied for 3 in 1 account with IDBI 3 months back, and I have given 2 cheque of amount Rs.1110/- and...

Pathetic customer service

I have taken home loan from this Company in the year 2005. My days of distree had started just after 6 months. All the time they are charging some amount for overdue payment.
The harassment reached its height when I was issued a letter from Mumbai stating that my EMI has been increased by around Rs. 2000/-.

I was eager to give the new EMIs & after speaking to their official at collection department by visiting their office who confirmed that they will be sending the collection man to take the new EMIs cheques.Now when I asked them to send the person they are not only reluctant to send someone, none of their officials are speaking to me over phone.

I do not know whether the bank really cares for their customers. Being a customer I feel that I have been put into a trap by taking loan from this bank.

  • Vi
    vikas jain Jan 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got the gift card but when I'm trying to get the balance information in any ATM it's displaying Invalid transaction.

    Even I went to shop and paying htrough the card, it's declining the card.

    Please help me out.

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  • Lu
    LUHAR MOHSIN Feb 11, 2009

    I am your account holder at himmatnagar branch in gujarat.I am reguler customer but i am not satishfied withe your branch team .I think thay have not intresting in any customer give them service.Many time i have very bad experiyance in your bank but now i think i close my account in your bank.Realy no body care withe the customer.Please requed good staf otherwaise in the fucher your branch will not get susses.

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  • Ba
    Balan Oct 05, 2009

    I too got trapped due to Home loan with IDBI. I will recommend NOT selecting this Bank for Home loan they suck in service and not cooperate with builder and harass us like anything.

    My loan approval process is hectic making us run here and there and for grantor they asked it has to working with salary so & so and should be living in certain area of Chennai. I can't believe how come they can run a home loan division like this.

    Now I am asking them to generate EMI for last 1 yr but they are refusing as my builder has not completed the last stage. Keep on paying and paying. These people suck money and money from us.

    Recommend not to use IDBI Homefinance ltd. Chennai (Nandanam)

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Poor service!

IDBI Bank (Bangalore Indira Nagar Branch) provides top up loan for existing customers and i always beleived that private bank will "behave good" with existing customers(now i realised that it was big mistake). I applied for Rs 13 lakh for loan for house extention. Loans are taken care by DST(Direct Sales Team), which is the "ONLY" interface to customer, i tired reaching many times behind this layr to talk to some one from IDBI(DST is not employed by IDBI, they are agents). But structure of IDBI never allow you to reach there , so fially you fate is decided by DST.

DST took more than 2 months to collect requirement documents from me. They keep coming back with additional document. so processes which started in april 2007 , loan could be filed on 31st May 2007.

During processing first agent (lets call executive) resigned and he handed over file to some one else but this i came to know only when i called the executive, he said that he already resigned. THERE IS NO PROCESS TO INFORM CUSTOMER THAT EXECUTIVE PROCESSING HSI FILE HAS LEFT THE BANK.

New executive pushed the file to next level (now loan is sanctioned) and he resigned too. AGAIN NO COMMUNICATION FROM BANK. Finally file went to a "SR EXECUTIVE" working since last 2 and half years. He did show all sympathy with me about what happened. but asked for all document which are now old due to 3 mots long processing. So I had to get bank statement s, EC once again till date from April.

Now comes the FINAL DAY when Sr executive promised that today Payorder will be ready. Suddenly collection department wakes up and says that you have Rs 305 as over due( Should that be checked very very early stages of TOP UP loan processing?)

Payorder is stopped , so i had to rush to bank to clear over due to Rs 305. Now once again i was assured that payroll will be ready by friday late afternoon. And will be directly deposited tomy bank(ICICI). I kept checking CICI account till saturday night but nothing happened. I called the executive sunday morning (apoligising for calling on sunday and asked about status. Very confidently he said its weekend thats why its late done worry monday morning ti will be ready.

Monday morning suddenly Sr executive calls and say " Sir there is error in pay order so it has come back from ICICI. I will correct and deposit again in half an hour".

Nothing happen till monday evening. Again I called up , Sr executive asking my my ICICI a/c (though he has 36 checque leaves from ICICI bank, authorization letter mentioning a/c). Then he realize that one digit is missing in Pay order(he was supposed to correct this mistake in morning which he is doing in evening after i approached him). He went back with a promise to correct the error in 5 minutes.

It 30 minutes , i am waiting for his call if he has corrected the error. Wish me good luck and BEWARE OF IBDI bank sales team.


  • Ph
    Phiroze Dungore Aug 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IDBI is the most unprofessional and disgusting bank to do business with. The staff is rude, abrasive and arrogant. Loan takers are humilited and made to run to run from pillar to post to look like beggars. The himiliation one suffers at IDBI cannot be described in words and as their slogan says "What can i do for you" actually means "What can i do to f*** you"

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  • Gk
    G.K.PATEL Mar 26, 2009

    start with IDBI BANK is good but END is worst.poor staff presence, passing time in personnel talks . least care about coustomer.

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  • Ug
    uguyg Feb 11, 2010

    i totally agree with what the others have written.
    its definitely the worst bank nobody in the staff cares wht problem the customer is facing.
    take my advice try not to get into any business with IDBI bank

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  • Te
    Tejesh Nov 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IDBI is the WORST bank in terms of customer satisfaction, delayed processing, communicating to the customer and also provides the least loan with additional [censor] which is home loan insurance and other screwed up things. The agents are rude and highly irresponsible. They make false commitments and make you run here and there for some unwanted documents just to delay time. The worst possible thing is the agents promise one particular sanction amount and after process completion that amount would be 30 percent less . All this would be communicated at the last moment[may be after 2.5months] leaving the customer in despair and rage. Approaching IDBI for any sort of loan is huge waste of time, energy and money. If you have got plenty of those then you can try this hell!!!

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The worst bank to deal with

I have transferred some amount to another bank via internet banking. The money is immediately debited from my IDBI account but the amount is not transferred in 10 working days. The customer care people seems to be least bothered and forwards the case to the so called "concerned department". It i s the worst bank to deal with.

  • Ph
    Phiroze Dungore Aug 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IDBI is the most unprofessional and disgusting bank to do business with. The staff is rude, abrasive and arrogant. Loan takers are humilited and made to run to run from pillar to post to look like beggars. The himiliation one suffers at IDBI cannot be described in words and as their slogan says "What can i do for you" actually means "What can i do to f*** you"

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Password reset takes forever

IDBI freezes your online account if you type wrong password 3 times in a row. No warning, nothing, the 4th time you will get the message that your account is frozen.

There is online form to request reset of the password. So I submitted a request on March 25 2007. Absolutely no response what so ever. After 3 weeks I sent a reminder e-mail to [protected] (that is the customer service e-mail for this). They said :

"We wish to inform you that your password had already been dispatched to your mailing address which is registered with us on 28th March, 2007 Kindly confirm your mailing address."

I reply to the e-mail and confirm my mailing address. The customer service representative didn't bother to read the complete mail and she sends a std response saying:

"We wish to inform you that the internet login password is case sensitive. Therefore, while logging in, kindly ensure that the password is entered in exactly the same format as was forwarded to you. "

What the heck? Are you drunk or what? Aren't you paid to read the e-mail? I am already at the edge of breaking down. Anyway, I reply to the e-mail asking them to clarify that e-mail. Then the representative replies saying that my password will be dispatched to my mailing address.

So today (may 21) I send a mail that I have not got any response. So the person replies with the following:

"We wish to inform you that the Password was destroyed for the reason consignee not available and therefore, we request you that, kindly inform us whether you can collect your Password from your home branch, so that we regenerate a new set of log in & transaction Password and dispatch it to your home branch for you".

What the heck? Consignee not available? I have not got a single notification. I am 100% sure no registered post was sent to my home address. So I have sent a mail asking for the tracking number for the mail which I was supposed to have lost. I will keep you updated of the progress. I want to receive the password by mail to my home address and I am going to see how long more this is going to take. IDBI: you are incredibly stupid! This is why some stupid m***ns in singapore and hongkong are overtaking us in banking in our own land. What a shame.

Multiple EMIs deposited in the same month!

I have taken a home Loan from IDBI Bank and have had a horrible customer experience right through my association since January 2006.

In the last incident the Bank deposited two posted EMI cheques in the same month i.e. in the month of March 2007 instead of one and as a result the second cheque bounced due to insufficient amount due to no fault of mine. I as a result have incurred a penal charge and moreover my financial rating with my Savings Bank is marred.

On complaints to the collection agencies I have not had any response nor any redressal.


  • Na
    Nachiappan May 29, 2009

    Dear Sirs,

    Ref : Home Loan Account No : 194675100000824 – Sanction Letter
    No:HL/LE/1681 - DT: 19th Feb ‘09
    Sub : Clarification Required – Regarding

    This has reference to the above cited that, you have sanctioned an amount of Rs.20, 00, 000/- (Rupees Twenty Lacks only) for us to construct a house at Kattupakkam, Chennai. From the day first you (IDBI) have not disclosed any thing clearly about the loan and disbursement of sanctioned amount to us. Being a Nationalised Bank, IDBI fails to give required information to the customer like us for sanctioned of huge amount i.e. two million. The reason behind us to approach IDBI, because IDBI is Nationalised Bank none other reason. But we are having a feeling that we are dealing with private and proprietorship firm. In my personal experience with IDBI, the bank is not interested to satisfy the customer needs on time.

    As per the sanction letter, we no need to pay the Commitment Charges, Processing fee and Administration fee. But before issuing the sanction letter to us, you have collected Rs.12, 000/- as administration and processing charges from us. The other confusion is Homesurance. Your representatives have not clearly disclosed the terms and conditions of the insurance instead they forced us to opt the same because the Homesurance (life insurance) is mandatory.

    When we contacted IDBI customer care to know about the same, they replied that the Homesurance is not mandatory also they suggest us to give a letter for cancel the policy after returning the original policy to IDBI. At last we have decided to continue the same. Still the premium amount levied not clear. As per the Insurance premium receipt an amount of (Rs.30, 842/- and 23, 090/-) Rs.53, 934/- should be debited from the sanctioned loan amount as one time premium. But there is a surprise that, the bank deducted Rs.55, 215/- from our sanctioned loan amount without our knowledge. This makes us to very big confusion because the IDBI levied invisible charges like private financiers, though the IDBI is a Nationalised Bank.

    Presently the bank requesting us to pay the interest difference amount Rs.531/- for pre EMI interest for the month of April ’09 even we have given blank post dated cheque to IDBI.

    In this regards, we have contacted IDBI customer care many time that has not yielded any result but in vain. Hence we request you to submit the clarification about the sanctioned amount, Insurance Premium and Subsequent disbursement details with immediate effect for us to make clear about our Loan Sanctioned and Disbursement.

    Loan Sanctioned Letter Issued By :
    Mr. Manoj Kumar (EIN 633720) :
    Asst. Manager – Credit :
    IDBI Ltd :
    Commercial Banking SBU :
    Murugesa Naicker Complex – 3rd Floor :
    68 Greams Road :
    Chennai – 600 006 :

    M. Shanthi
    P.N. Nachiappan

    "Success Will Not Come To Us, We Have To Go To It"

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  • Hi
    him232323 Sep 22, 2009

    Complaint is genuine and should be addressed properly by the bank.

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  • Av
    Avinash Padmakar Repal Nov 16, 2010

    My name is Avinash Padmakar Repal & My Home loan account no is 250/250675100000709.I am requesting to you to send amorpization on my e-mail id [email protected]

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  • Av
    Avinash Padmakar Repal Nov 16, 2010

    I am Avinash Padmakar Repal, My Home loan account no 250/2506751000000709, Please send amorpization on my email id [email protected]

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  • An
    Anoop 02 p Dec 09, 2010

    I'm totally agreed that IDBI bank is not serious about the customer. Even I send so many emails to show the Floating interest rate on customer account website page but I'. quite surpise why such imortant information is not showing by IDBI bank.

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  • Vi
    Virendra1964 Mar 22, 2011

    I'm totally agreed that IDBI bank is not serious about the customer

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  • Ks
    ksp_12 May 06, 2011

    I completely agree with this IDBI Bank is not taking care of their customer's need and forced all their services and charges unlike it is necessary or not to customer

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Worst bank to deal with!

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